Thursday, April 9, 2009


I would like to thank Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak for maintaining the size of MCA’s representation in the Cabinet despite the move to streamline the number of ministries. I believe this is an indication of his support and confidence in the party as well as his willingness to embrace all communities in Malaysia.

I am confident that MCA will work hard to support the Prime Minister and help him realize his vision of “One Malaysia’’, a vision which everyone of us who yearns for a just and united country should embrace.

I contested the party election last year out of my desire to continue to serve the community and the party. I must thank all MCA central delegates who have given me this opportunity to serve and who continue to support me in every way possible.

Now that the Cabinet has been named, I hope MCA members remain calm and united. Our duty at this challenging time - as shown by the results of the Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by-elections – is to ensure that the MCA and Barisan Nasional is relevant to the Malaysian electorate.

It is my fervent hope that the MCA representatives in the Cabinet speak without fear and favour and carry with them the unvarnished views from the community.

I would like to congratulate Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Education Minister and all appointed Ministers.









Ivan Tan said...

Dr Chua,
how to remain calm while MCA No2 doesnt have any post in cabinet? I believe the delegates vote for u due to ur dareness to speak the truth! A senator post should given to u to make u as a full minister in any of the 20 ministries! I'm looking forward for any changes, dr chua! I'm always ur full supporter!
MUARIAN(ur strong base)

I swear said...

Again, I still do not understand why Malaysia needs 4 Minsiter in PM's Dept. What does this dept do and why need 4 ministers? This must be the toughest of all ministerial job in the whole wide world that 4 ministers are needed. Absolutely unbelieveable.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua

Thre are positive change hope this trend will persist.Hoevever we must not be complacent , it is time for us to unite and work for rakyat.

[有正面的改变,但不应该自满,应该继续努力, 为人民服务, 为党团结而努力!!!]


the observer said...

as far as average joe is concerned, no changes have been done.

no action ...

nikmj said...

Perhaps the consolation that you could take is that even UMNO Youth Chief also not appointed as minister..

Johnny NGAU said...

Correct, Datuk Seri Panglima! Unity and services come first, otherwise be prepared to close shop!

PutraMerang said...

Dr Chua. No plan to serve the people with Pakatan Rakyat? Still believe in UMNO the Ketuanan? No ball to fight for one Malaysia with PAS and DAP? Feel soory for you, the man with principle.

kangcs said...


Mike said...

What streamlining are you talking about? Blind or what!

The minister posts reduced 2 but deputy minister posts add 3. You do the math. This is like the supermarket discount sale tries to fool the ignorant public.

I also share same though as I Swear, the Prime Minister Department must be one of the busier Department in this world because not only it has 4 Ministers but also FIVE (5) Deputy – total 9 ministers. It must be busier than the White House which only have one Chief of Staff and Press Secretary.

Malaysia has a population of say 26 millions and we have 25 Departments, 28 Ministers, 40 Deputy total 68 ministerial posts not counting all the secretary general etc.

US has a population of > 300 millions. Dr do you know how many Ministers they have? For your info the Federal Government of the US only has a mere 15 Departments.

China population is > 1.2 billions, how many ministers they have? Just look at these facts and tell me about streamlining. People are not stupid you know especially the younger generation now a day.

Each Minister is given 6 months to come out with their job function and Key Performance Index. Do you mean to tell us our Minister work function and responsibilities are not defined until now? And ask anyone, do they define what they should do and performance. Their boss will ask you to go to hell. He will tell you what you should do and the limit of your performance standards. If you don't perform out you go not. He will not remove any imaginary obstacle for you. Some time thing like this really crack me up!

On the side note, MCA appointment of minister posts. Currently MCA only have 15 MPs, minus the two Ong, Fong, your Son, there are only (15-4) 11 candidates for the (4+7) 11 posts. So practically all Tom and Jerry MCA MPs just sitting there or even lying there will get the minister post. You son is an unlucky one because he just happen to be your son and OTK just cannot tolerate him to be even a Deputy.

So is that anything to celebrate?

PR won the by-election and MCA & Gerakan gain more seats in cabinet.

Isn’t that a WIN-WIN situation! Suddenly there are all these silver lining on the cloud. What a beautiful world.

Tony Khoo said...

Dato Seri, you should start working together....................

Team A said...

Dato Seri, with due respect u should start working together with all the team A members including the Ong's brothers to wrest control back form OTK. Long Live Team A.

Mike said...


You see this so-called leader of the 3rd largest Chinese Parties in the world, apparently never been to a supermarket sale and his math is just plain lousy. The minister posts reduced 2 but deputy minister posts add 3 and you end up being? You do that math.



He can appoint CMF through the back door to become a Senator but not you a more qualified Candidate. Why?

I will give me a finger and F him but then again this is your life.

Pak Pandil said...

OTK is too much....His days in MCA are numbered. He is just like Pak Lah; won't last very long.....I'm not a MCA member but I don't think it is fair for MCA No.2 not being given a cabinet post.

Village Boy said...



Loo said...

Najib finally managed to get all his men into the system, one which will face a real challenge from the rakyat.
If we analyse it properly, some of the senators and MPs, including Mukhriz, who were selected to hold a minister’s or deputy minister’s post are basically losers. Meaning to say, they are ‘rejects’. They are already ‘expired’! Please don’t recycle them!
They were either rejected during the 308 political tsunami or during the Umno elections recently. Is this what we call democracy?
Getting someone rejected by the rakyat into the cabinet is totally unwarranted! It becomes a laughing stock! The world is watching us!

jchuash said...

Dato Seri,

I agree with Ivan Tan,Tony Khoo and Team A that you should start working.....
because despite being a Deputy in the party, them No 1 "Bo Coin Lu".

Best of luck

TFC said...

With due respect, Dato Seri u should start working together with your gang esp. Tun Ling, The Ong's bro, Donald Lim etc to resolved the the current dictatorship problem arises in MCA.......................TFC

呉 和豪 said...

To Comrade Dr.Chua and all other comrades

Lebih Kurang 在英文是 More or Less在华文是差不
多, 日文是いい加減。
一念天堂, 一念地狱。有时秋毫之差也能造成天渊之別。
一元的差別, 也可能造成赚与损。翻译的差別也可能造成
卓越文化并不是新的名词,新的概念。儒家提倡[仁民爱物,止于至善]古时候老子也曾经说过 大成若缺,其用不弊。 大盈若冲,其用不穷。 大直若屈,大巧若拙,大辩若讷。 躁胜寒,静胜热,清静为天下正。

所以卓越文化主要的目的是要在有限的人力资源,设备资源, 物

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