Sunday, August 8, 2010


---->蔡细历(面向镜头左)与党员握手交流,其身后:马华玻州主席傅子初。 (图:星洲日报)








jassngo said...


when people claimed that you seems to try to challenge their right by commenting on your remark on discount on expensive house, this could be one way to response to these people:
I totally respect the right of Malay since Merdeka. But now we are talking about the right of small group of rich malay (obviously those can afford to buy big house). How about the right of the bigger group of malay out there not even own a low cost house? The developers can channel the money save from discount to rich people to build more and better quality lower cost houses for all including malay, chinese and indian. Most developers are Malay too. If continue to give discount for buying big houses, the margin of profit will be low, guess who are the people suffer? People lower down in the pyramid. Again, these people consist of Malay (majority) chinese and indian.

jassngo said...

About the toilet issue:

MCA 严力槌责任何浪费公款的行为。
In this matter, MCA will help to stop the damage if this plan (toilet) is not showing positive return, and improve it to make the good plan better if this is the original intention of local gov.

1) MCA willing to help to locate the specialists in repair and maintain this very unique toilet- especially those specialists from CHINA.

2)MCA will do a study on what is the intended benefit and actual benefit of the toilet and try to maximize the return especially in tourism growth which the return difficult to quantify.

3)We will not cover up the study findings and ensure all the local govs benefit from the study result in future planning.

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