Sunday, August 22, 2010

蔡细历:非偏向反对党 年轻人也支持马华





中国报 22-08-2010


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AsiaOnlines said...


You can control newspaper..
You can control radio station..

...but what is the point if you choose not to listen to the voice of rakyat.

The rakyat has voice out but..did you hear?

Now, I am quite worry about MCA now, because there are tones of fb/twitter message go against MCA.. very negative, very strange.

The move of muting 988 will not even give any bonus to MCA, instead, it has caused a damage to it that another 30% (new and young generation) of voters will choose to vote against MCA.

Many of the MCA's members are fan of 988 too,
without 988, many will resort to online portal-fb/twitter, which will be more negative.

I really hope that MCA can resume 988 with Mr Jamal.


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