Tuesday, August 17, 2010


MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's statement - MCA will not run away from speaking up for the Chinese community

Umno Vice-President Dato' Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein's statement yesterday that MCA should not forget the struggle of Barisan Nasional when fighting for the Chinse's demands, shows that some Barisan Nasional leaders have yet to learn from the 308 General Election and do not understand the urge of the people to reform.

The results of the 308 General Election had clearly reflected the change in people's thinking, the new MCA leadership also understands that it must change to regain the people's support and trust. If some Barisan Nasional leaders continue to live in their own world, they will certainly push MCA to its doom and it will not bring the ruling coalition any good.

MCA respects the view of Dato' Seri Hishammuddin but he cannot blame MCA for deviating from the objectives and struggles of Barisan Nasional simply because MCA has a different voice from him or other component party leaders.

The new MCA leadership strongly believe that its political struggle is totally reasonable and legal. MCA will not be afraid for sharing similar views with DAP in terms of the benefit of the community and choose to run away from making a stand.

MCA will push hard for the implementation of the 13 resolutions passed during the Chinese Economic Congress held on Saturday because the resolutions are not only related to the Chinese community but also the future of the country's economic development.

MCA reckons that it has the responsibility to reflect the wishes of the Chinese community due to globalisation.Otherwise, not only MCA will lose the community's support, it will not be able to also justify its political existence.








Neoh Then Hock said...

Please fight for the Chinese Community rights

Neoh Then Hock said...

Dato Seri, I have seen and spoken about my daughter transferation (from Ipoh Hospital to Taiping Hospital) BUT her problem can't be solved and look into. There are a number of CABINET Ministers but this minor appeal can't be throughly look into and a big disappointment for me. Who else is going to help me, my daughter, my family, my relatives and friends. I support MCA is the only relevent party fighting for the Community BUT how come this small problem can't be look into by MCA. NEOH THEN HOCK (012-5783822) or email neohthenhock@yahoo.com

Pearls said...

Keep it up! MCA is looking good... You might just change people's mind about whimpy MCA. Yup, let's hope you keep it up and "un-whimp" MCA...

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