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東方新聞網 17-08-2010


nckeat88 said...

Today the 988 DJ Jamaluddin got 'axed'. I can see this is not constructive and MCA will take a further hit judging from the response in the facebook.

Anonymous said...


petestop said...

So, axing Jamaluddin Ibrahim from MCA-owned 988 radio station is you way of doing cyber-war against "opposition lies" ?

If, so, you should axe yourself from being MCA President for speaking up for the Chinese community for once ?

It is so obvious who is running 988, it is not MCA, but UMNO.

So, why would we vote for MCA ?
A vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO.

Adn we need to bury UMNO to put them in their place.

nckeat88 said...

Action was taken against Jamaluddin from FM988 for speaking the truth. This was done highhanded. Compare to what happen to the racist principal. Nothing was done against her except just try to cover up. This just show MCA is impotent. Despite that MCA held the post of deputy education minister but actually he had no power at all to do anything. How to support MCA to help us the Chinese?
When Ridhuan Tee was giving extremist opinion and stir the racial tension, what MCA had done? Nothing!

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