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fywkyip said...


petestop said...

Come on, Dr Chua, not the bogeyman tactics again.
The biggest bogeyman is UMNO, whose pathetic cries are Bangsa, Agama dan Negara, in that order of priority.

You get a double-whammy by voting MCA, which is same as voting for UMNO (since it is demonstrated again and again that UMNO calls the shot), because they places Race and Religion above the country.

Who is the traitor to the country ?

jassngo said...

how to earn support from chinese community? More support mean more political power, more politic power mean more support!

The 80:20 rule.(most people spend 80% of their time and effort on 20% of the things that count)

So,spend 80% of all your MCA effort on 80% of things concerning chinese.
One of my doctor friend commented: "They just think that building some roads and drains can coax me into trading off my children future."

Education, Economy and Equal opportunity.
*in that sequence*

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