Friday, May 8, 2009

'I still have faith in Barisan Nasional'

Extracted from NST Online

By David Yeow

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said he has not reached a point in his political career in MCA for him to cross over to an opposition party.

Revealing that there were ongoing attempts by the opposition to woo him, the MCA deputy president said he would not accept their offer as he still had faith in Barisan Nasional.

"There have been many attempts by Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders to make me jump ship. But I have not reached the crossroads yet.

"When I am about to jump, I will let you know," he said in a "live" chat with New Straits Times readers yesterday.

"I would leave only when I do not have a proper political platform to function. I still believe that BN, with a track record of 52 years, can lead the nation."

Dr Chua said if he did cross over, it would be done in a democratic spirit. Citing an example, he said if he crossed over and his son, Tee Young, who is BN member of parliament for Labis, were to follow him, Tee Young would have to resign from his position.

The same rule will also apply to any assemblyman who follows him.

Dr Chua hinted that it was not impossible for him to work with the opposition if the end result benefited the people.

The former health minister said the opposition began courting him when it became known that the political platform offered to him in MCA was shrinking and limited by party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

"I really wish I have a bigger and better platform than what I have at present."

When asked if his apparent sidelining by Ong was due to his involvement in a sex scandal last year, Dr Chua replied: "As to whether I am fit to hold any position due to the scandal, I leave it to the public to judge. I have said before, no man is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and that includes me."

Dr Chua also lashed back at Ong for accusing him of creating news for a personal agenda, especially when he came clean about the opposition's attempts to buy him over.

"I am surprised that he (Ong) called me a newsmaker. I was just telling the truth with no personal agenda. If I do not tell the truth, I may be accused of lying.

"All politicians need the newspapers as much as the newspapers need us. So to be called a newsmaker is not as bad as a party breaker. It's up to the rakyat to decide who is the party breaker."

He said he was more than willing to work with Ong if there was sincerity and commitment from the latter.

"I am surprised that he has not taken steps to close ranks within the party."

Dr Chua also answered queries on how BN should be reformed.

"Umno and BN must be more people-friendly in order to regain the support of non-Malays and Malays. We must also reach out to the younger generation and convince them that BN still has hope.

"All this can be accomplished if BN succeeds in overcoming the economic challenges confronting the nation and ending racial politicking. But most importantly, the government must deliver what it promised. Tak boleh cakap tak serupa bikin (not walking the talk).

Dr Chua also defended Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak against those who felt that the three by-elections amounted to a referendum on the new administration.

"It's not fair that the by-elections are considered a referendum on Najib's administration. He became prime minister on April 3 and the by-elections were held on the 7th. Whether he likes it or not, he has to carry the baggage of the previous administration."


Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

shit, the more you talk, the more you more you sound like the desperate Khir Toyol...

and surprise surprise, both of you are doctors....

Let me tell you why you still have 'faith' in BN. The reason is simple, BN still rules the country, so however bad it screws up, you will still be with BN...

it's easy to forgive you for your immorality, but i find it hard to forgive you for your stand on issues...

By the way, if Anwar indeed attempted to bring you over to PR, then many will hold back their support of Anwar.


Unknown said...

Soi Lek, your enemies are out to execute the 'coup de grace' on you. They view you as the 'thorn in the flesh'. Don't waste time on MCA, stay away since you don't even have a small platform. Go back to BP and play golf with your old classmates. Life will be sweeter and meaningful without those people who are constantly out to stab you. Whatever you say or do will come to nothing for to them you are a liability. At the end of the day, when MCA fails(very likely), you will be implicated as the prime reason for the failure.

joenathan said...

Dr Chua,

I am sorry if I am rude here,but I have to say what I feel,so that it would give you an opportunity to know the expectations of the rakyat,ordinary rakyat like me.

First of all I dont give a damn wether you are with BN or not.Secondly I am fighting for 2 party system,in the same breath I and my colleagues will not simply endorse any person in PR to lead us.We want people wth integrity and honesty.We have enough tainted characters in PR too now,if you come in to PR,we will never support you simply because you are an opportunist and a frustrated politician who failed the rakyat when you were in power.

I cant agree more with KaKiaYam.

Ahjamal said...

Dr Chua. I wrote in your block earlier that you are a kind man and need to serve the country. You are not like those dogs in MCA Gerakan or any component parties they are serving the UMNO masters.Back in 1960s in Malacca I was an all out supporter of MCA and Tun Tan was a real leader like you. I hope you have seen what happened in Perak the
style of serving the ppl by force not by popular vote. Do you want to be part of this illegal power grab.?
I am ashamed for being a MCA member
Kindly let be sincere and leave BN for the good of the country. UMNO is getting more daring and evil.

boLanliap said...

As the second man of MCA or so called the biggest Chinese Party in Malaysia, What have you to say about the Perak Assembly Fiasco? Since the top guy of your party is keeping quiet.

amoker said...

If you believe in BN, then speak out. What happen to your wit and your determination?

MCA is so quiet again.

Unknown said...





Suci Dalam Debu said...


Can't you see that the light at the end of the MCA tunnel is that of an on-coming train?

Quit MCA and go join some NGOS or bide your time and go for the top post next time.

Also, I hope you will write about the Perak fiasco and kindly explain why MCA has become mute & deaf on that issue?

Unknown said...

Dr. Chua: I used to have 1% respect for you, but it becomes NEGATIVE when I read this article...

KakiaYam's comments on you is spot-on!! It seems you are just using "hopping" and the name of Pakatan Rakyat to extort your MCA/ BN leadership....

BN committed BIG SIN in Perak on May 7, 2009 and the world saw it with eyes wide open - how could you still have faith in BN and praise the PM to the sky? I think you are just like OTK's close allies - ALL of you in MCA are just apple-polishers, accomplice and YES MEN to UMNO the evil force....

Kasho said...

Dr Chua,

You know very well that you can't perform under your current situation in MCA ! So , you MUST challenge the OTK or LEAVE the MCA ! Do someting now before it is too late ...............

bslim said...

You have faith in BN but does BN component parties and your own MCA party have faith in you or not?

From what we see, all the BN party leaders don't want to have anything to do with you.

If your junior OTK can openly bully you like what he is doing now and you not doing anything about it, it just show that you are desparate. That must be the reason why you are creating news about opposition party wooing you over. We are not stupid, Dr.



Ayam BP

bantiek said...

Dr., you have made the right decision by saying that you still have faith in BN. You have acted on fact and not on feeling. BN is the current government which reigns the country and the future of PR is still uncertain. That is the glaring fact. Anything can happen in the twinkling of an eye. No man is eternal. You could be no 1 man in MCA if .............(I leave it to you to make the guess). A big cheer to you, Dr.Chua!

Poo Ching Loong said...

Dear Dr,

After seeing those messages, not encouraging at all, not telling the truth. From my point of view, in politics, determination is the key. You will not know what will happen in the next few weeks/months or years.

DO what you can in MCA, but you still failed to do so, think about Gerakan seriously. Do not think about Pakatan. The origin of Gerakan is actually Johor.

Sometimes, think about Pakatan, do they really better? I think BN can do a better job if they change thier mind set and serve the rakyat.

NEIL said...

Dr,how can a wife live with his husband if both sleep on a different bed.In your case you are not sharing the same bed with OTK.
If you are not on the same wave length with that Demon,then I can honestly say to you,"pack Up".What is the point of sticking with him when he can use all the sarcastic language and abuse you in all ways.
Come on,you are a educated man and everyone have dignity.For you to lose that is a absolute shame.Stand up,Dr.You are more than what they call you!You have fallen from grace but you are now back again with your son.If you can stand all this abuse by OTK,we the rakyat can't.
I personally think you don't have to look into OTK eyes and follow what he have to tell you.He would be very happy if you would resign and leave quietly.If this is the case then,you must not leave.Try and cause maximun damage to his reputation and leave him to lick his wounds when you leave MCA.You are a learned person and I trust you are more than capable enough to make the right decision.

Keith said...

I'm a member of the public, and I couldn't care less about your sex scandal, the same way I couldn't care less about Eli Wongs scandal.

You moved on by having a blog, and that's good.

But your continued insistence that race-based politics in Malaysia is a main-stay is wrong. Race based politics is coming to an end. By the time our children begin voting, there will be no more race-based parties.

Your line of thought is not aligned to that of PKR, DAP or even PAS (religion does not equal race). Therefore for you to jump ship would clearly indicate you're nothing more than a politician.

resident.wangsamaju said...

The public perception is that MCA conspires against it top stars to keep them in check. That perception goes by the lines of blackmail and so on. How would one have faith in this kind of leadership. How can I count on this party to speak on people's rights, while the leaders go all out to destroy its own people by such gutter means.

MCA pisses me off even more after your sex scandal. To hell with it.

chapchai said...

I am Chinese and I say this of my fellow Chinese : Chinese generally are opportunists and Dr Chua is one of them. I therefore understand why you still have faith in BN!

D'evil said...

I wonder hwy MCA never even put out a squeak about the fiasco in Perak. The silence is so loud that everybody hear it.

The stink from this debacle will stick on to MCA. Keeping quite will not change this perception.

Mike said...









Mike said...

备受瞩目的大臣双包案终于有结果,吉隆坡高庭今日裁决,原任民联霹雳州大臣尼查(Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin)才是合法大臣。


此外高庭也裁决国阵大臣赞比里(Zambry Abd Kadir)及六名受委的州行政议员不合法,应该马上迁离他们的办公室。


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