Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live @ NST Online

I have been invited by The New Straits Times editorial to the NST live session this coming Thursday at 3pm at as stated as above. It is a brand new interactive platform that enabled the invited guests go "live" to interact with the readers online. As for my session tomorrow, I welcome you to join me at

Here are some information to help you to understand how it works:

  • There's nothing to do during a Live Event other than read, watch and occasionally send in a comment or vote in the polling questions.

  • It's not a chatroom. You go to largely find out what the writer has to say. An open chat with thirty or more readers turns into poor, disjointed content very quickly.

  • Your comments are published at the Writer's discretion. The Writer can view all comments sent to them but only they can publish your comments for everyone to see.

  • Our 'autoscroll' feature ensures you're always shown the newest content without having to refresh or scroll your screen. You can turn this on or off by using the controls at the bottom of the Viewer Window.

  • Subtle sound effects alert you to new content as the writer publishes it. This can also be turned on or off as needed.

(Pic & info courtesy from nst online)


Mike said...

What happen to this West Port shit report. OTK keep promising to release and keep delaying it.

What seem to be the problem. I though the coaliation government is now advocating transparency and accountabiliy. If so just release the damn thing and let the Anticorruption Agency do something. Otherwise they keep busy with petty petty thing like 49 cows, few thousand car repair bill etc. Go and catch some big fish 1.8 billion to 5 billion you thing it is not money?

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dr Chua,

Wished you had commented on the PERAK power grab.

Anyway, please use the opportunity to promote "Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country".

The MCA ship is sinking & listing and it seems you are one of the very few who is still upright and having a good balance.

OpenMIND said...


- best describe the country's authorities and politicians

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

Thank you for being able to acknowledge the changes in younger Malaysian on sensitivity issues in Politics. Last time only "Old Timers chat about politics in coffee shops" (please pardon my expression), that was before the age of the internet and media outburst. Now we (young Malaysians) openly talk about politic and the thing we hate most is "Money politics". Yes, it is true that money can buy votes but the foolish votes does not know that this Money come from the Rakyat (thru taxes) or maybe they are not subjected to taxes yet. But looking at the current state of growth, our community have improved dramatically, we now have more middle and upper class citizen and MORE tax money. These majority of people pay taxes and we want to know what happen to the money. We keep know that our Gov keep loosing money but not thru valid reason. (PKFZ, MAS mineral water, so called 'Petrol subsidy) None of these is a valid reason, if yes please show us the proof. In GOD we trust, all other talk form so called GOV leader must be backed with data else 'Bullshit'.
Thanks again for acknowledging us and to let you know, for sure our number will increase and we are very well informed. BTW: We know your video clip has been edited "that was expected".
Other than talk, maybe you can do something else. You are called the Newsman (Pemberita), but are you really newsman? If not, maybe you should think what you can do. It is ok if the MCA president doesn't like you, we don't care. What we want is to see improvement in our community. You can start deed in Johor (you have strong support) although I am not staying there. Hopefully you will have garnered enough support sweep across Malaysia. Note:
1) We do not need super clean image leaders.
2) We do not need young and handsome leaders.
3) We need leaders who can correct them selves after mistake and continuously improve the Rakyat standard (and i do not mean Increase the tax or necessity price... That was well know capability of past leaders)

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