Friday, May 29, 2009

PKFZ Report

Finally, the much-awaited PKFZ report is now published. This is one development that generated a lot of controversy over the years. Obviously, it involves a lot of politicians and alot of money, hence, the public interest. The initial report was fully discussed in the Cabinet meeting in the year 2007. Since what was discussed in the Cabinet is confidential, I find it difficult to comment on the report. How the government deals with this report is much awaited by the rakyat.



Govinda said...

what confidential? It is a matter of honesty and accountability? If you think what you have discussed in the cabinet will shed some light on the issue you may as well tell the public about it . After all it is the rakyats money that's being swindled to enrich a few unscruplous people.

Chu Kong Ming (朱刚明) said...

I think the government should have the courage to allow government and legal mechanism to work if it wants to stay relevant, now or in the future.
It should tell the world what had gone wrong and what it would do to rectify it quickly, PERFORMANCE NOW!
Otherwise, people would have the 'negative' perception that the government, or BN, is not sincere in its so-called 'CHANGE'.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

We ask of you to give your views and opinion on how public funds are being squandared by greedy politicians and their business cronies.

We didn't ask of you to reveal what was spoken during cabinet meetings.

Be truthful and have the courage to speak the truth! Doc.

Mike said...

What accountability and credibility? If you ask any people on the street, nobody will believe there are not hanky panky on this West Port deal.

How can the government so stupid to sell the land at Rm 3 and buy back at Rm 25? Who in the right mind will do such a crazy things?

A 1.9 billion project is now costing the rakyat > 12 billion and with only <20% occupant rate how to even break even.

I strongly believe this project is dead and to pump in more rakyat money is simply stupidity.

This will be the biggest scandal for MCA as the West Port Authority is under Transport Ministry and previous Chairman are all MCAs including Chow C S (who even dare to come out openly deny responsibility). OTK discount MCA responsibility on this scandal is plain irresponsible. To throw the ball back to MACC is even more irresponsible. PM now instructed him to fully accountable for explanation on all irregularity raised.

This clearly demonstrate to the people, put MCA in government for what? What transparency and accountability are we talking about? Let see how efficient MACC is on this scandal and who will be charged in court for all the foul play.

Donplaypuks® said...


You are in the Govt and ruling party.

We don't want a cop out from you. Just tell us what you think should be done quickly to keep the losses at $5 billion instead of $12 billion.

After you must have known about this fraud for the last 5 years at least?

D'evil said...

Now, you know why we think all MCA ministers are crooked.

Unknown said...

If this was the mistake (clearly it is)done by the previous government, I think it is much better that the current government exposed in total and doing what it take to recover. Even some of the current politician may involved BUT the current government lead by PM must do this separation.Telling/Admit what was wrong is another good way to gain the support.

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