Monday, May 11, 2009

Perak State Government Political Drama

The political drama in Perak has taken its toll on Pakatan and BN. Perakians are disillusioned. A lot of Perakians cannot accept the BN’s government of 28+3. They feel that a state election will be the best to resolve the issue. To BN, they have a simple majority and the right to rule. PR will do all it can to destabilize the BN government. This obviously has affected the image of both parties.

Now, the DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang has been quoted that he is willing to cooperate with the PM over the Perak problem. Anwar has also openly said that he’s willing to discuss with the BN regarding the Perak fiasco. Najib has also said that he keeps an open mind in resolving the crisis and he welcomes any form of cooperation. This augurs well for both the political divide since cooperation will be the first step to resolve the Perak issue. Let’s hope good sense prevails over our national leaders. Remember, it takes 2 to tango. Starting the blame game will never resolve the Perak issue. I doubt the Perak state government can function properly right now. Let’s hope the national leaders can meet soon with the interest of the rakyat and the Perak state be top priorities.

I notice a lot of online readers like to blame the BN government for the fall of the PR government. They have forgotten who started this game of ‘katak’ politics. Online readers must also be willing to accept new ideas and new thinking before having a closed mindset. To them, everything is either white or black. They have forgotten what people say about politics. They say politics is the art of making the possible impossible, and the impossible possible. 


Jefferi Chang said...

wrong, katak politics was started by BN during the take over of the democratically elected sabah state government from the hand of PBS.

zamry and its associate should be taken to ISA because they create unrest to the perak state assembly and now with the high court decision, proven zamry and associate has broken the constitution and law and mocking the people of perak voices.

people not as ignorance as most politician want them to be. we can cross check the fact with many source. when majority say BN wrong they're really wrong. it look more like the politician in the state of ignorance and illusion.

Vince said...

Hi Dr Chua,

We all remember how you walked into a trap and was sacked and we know you learn the lesson well too.
Looks like BN walked right into it.
The old Chinese saying goes " cheng yan chut hou, pan yan chut sau". Don't you agree.

Personal views taken from my Blog:
Finally something that does show that we are no longer live in the stone age which the BIGGER Club (he can bash anyone he likes) holder wins. I was hoping our PM is not interfering. If the does, he will loose all the salvaged creditability that he has right now. The funny thing is the BN team is still delusional on this, can not accept the fact that they have more seat but their MB is not legal. The way I see this is that, this whole episode was a trap laid by DSAI (he only talked but not done anything) and BN took the bait. This event nearly crippled the entire legal system, the royal house and the image of BN in the eyes of the people in the world. If you have read new online from other countries, you will know what i am speaking about. We are being laughed at like a clown on the stage by the whole world. Please never belittle the Rakyat, we know our rights.
Nizar had won very much of the trust in the People of Perak in this episode of power grabbing. I remembered that how skeptical was many of us when Nizar was elected as MB of Perak and not DAP. But now, our view changes when we see his wisdom and knowledge. His creditability now supersedes DSAI, and in the world of politic the person who owns the heart of the people will be successful. He has shown much diplomacy by wanting to have the RE-election instead of using his power to fire everyone (except the Back stabbing SOB state legal advisor, i will sack the state sectary too if i were him .
Now HYF, where do you want to go? Have you buy ticket for your entire family to Canada/Australia/New Zealand perhaps? Have fun! LOL

D'evil said...

Dear Datuk Seri. We dont who started the fight. But the high handed way and the corruption of the govt institutions to go about grabbing power is too much for people to bear.

If you cannot understand this, then MCA has no hope in the next election. It is the recalcitrant attitudes of BN that make it disconnected from the people.

I am sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Despite the drama that is going on, Datuk Nizar still want the people to decide who should lead the state. This sort of unselfish attitude is commendable. Just like you Dr. Chua. You left all the posts you once held. Then you wanted the people to vote again. They voted for you. This is a sure way of knowing that you are needed and it is also the most acceptable and legal way. The Barisan Nasional should be happy that Malaysians are growing more and more matured in politics. The education it gives cause the young to think more deeply. You cannot stop an inevitable change. As for the frogs, well, they can hop as much as they like. But they will see for themselves what the rakyat wants. If the politicians care for the rakyat, then they should be very wise in their political manouvers. Online readers should read from all angles. If they read a PR's blog, they should also read a BN's blog.This will give them a more balanced judgement. But what the politicians do everyday which can be seen is also a decisive factor in the voting process. What do you expect the voter to think if he sees so and so playing golf away while his subordinates are hard at work ? Back to the case, in the end, the law acts as it should be. It is the votes of the people that decide who is the winner. The law reinforces the true meaning of a voting process.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua - Please look at the statement below by Gerakan Youth - Even Gerakan Youth has balls and courage to face the reality and agree with RAKYAT (at least on surface it is so) compared to MCA Youth and MCA as a whole, what say you, Dr?????


Where is the hypocrite OTK and his general Liow, Wee, Chew Mei Fun etc etc..they have been dead quiet since the crap acts of BN happened on May 7.

For the MCA supporters and recalcitrant - let's be clear here, Anwar only mentioned about getting BN fella to hop over, that's just political gimmick, anyone can do that! BUT BN has done it so crude and so brutal in Perak that the WHOLE WORLD saw it....

And the best director of "katak" drama traced back to Dr. Mahathir's days...WHO WAS THE ORIGINATOR of katak show, Barisan Nasional la!!!!!

Unknown said...

I think the main problem is you and your BN goons never learn from the lesson!

When you and your BN goons talking about Democracy, then why are you guys fear to face the voters by dissolve the state assembly?

You and your BN goons should walk the talk! Not just talk the cock!

What make you BN guys fear for fresh election?

On the other side, Pakatan Rakyat and MB Nizar are more willing to dissolve the state legislative assembly and return the mandate to the Perakians!

Give you BN goons another 50 years of rulling, I bet you BN goons will still never learn from the lesson!

The key word here is Democracy!
Back to the People!

3 said...

All these Gerakan kah CSL kah are "Si How Gong Ming" - they know that all the dust has settled down and they talk like expert and appear to be on the Rakyat's side. Typical of Malaysian politicians. Low class.

Unknown said...

Dr Chua:

I think u shud stop "apple-polishing" and defending for the PM before people lose their last respect on u!!!

Najib is the big boss of BN - without his silent consent or approval...u think Zamry dare to orchestrate all the crap, brutal, and unconstitutional acts on May 7? Now he tries to salvage his broken image by trying to appear "cooperative" and "friendly" and wants to resolve the issues "amicably" with PR? Come on!! we can see through Najib's WAYANG KULIT la!!

Rakyat are not stupid nowadays...BN's old dirty tricks cannot work well anymore...DUN TREAT RAKYAT like Idiot ok!!

sinleong said...

BN people have selective memory... and an ability to be in denial. That includes you.

kiddokit said...

Your last few words where you conveniently blamed DSAI for starting the hopping business smacks of puerile attitude -- totally unbecoming of a senior leader. For all your ealier posturing where you articulated valuable points on good governance and systematic democracy, those last few words totally undone you, Dr. Chua.

You truly think BN is blameless in this fiasco? It really was PR who started it? As YB Hanna Yeoh so eloquently put it in an article a couple of months ago, there is indeed a vast difference between what DSAI did and what Najib pulled out of the hat.

Big shame on you, Dr. Chua, if you couldn't tell the difference nor understood YB Hannah's message!

Mike said...

This article is so far the shallow one among all. Real disappointed with you Dr.

Who start the frog jumping game is irrelevant to the people. What’s most important is who place the people interest first before their own. The two corrupted katak what happen to them after the power grap? Suddenly no mention at all of the corruption charge. What if they were proven to be corrupted? Or will the truth ever be revealed.

If you still think the people are bias towards certain group, then I am real sorry to say, you have lost touch with the grass root and relevance to the people.

Just walk down the market and talk to any hawkers, you will fell the disgust and resentment of the common people.

Many believe the 308 tsunami is not the end but the beginning of another bigger one.

For you and the bunch of so called MCA leaders keep living in your denial world. If you all don’t know what the people want then you have no place in the next GE.

Incidentally what happen to the West Port Shit report, OTK still dare not release..Huh?

Unknown said...

Dr Chua:

For a while, I thought u r somewhat different from the coward n hypocrite Ong Tee Keat.....

BUT, BUT, after I read this article, it proved that all clowns in MCA are of the similar breed, including guys are good at "infighting", but will kow tow and support UMNO blindly when come to personal interest..Rakyat's interest has never been in MCA mind..

The way you praise and defend for Najib, as if he is the most sacred and innocent leader on earth...I really vomit and faint!!!!! - God knows, who is the BIGGEST CULPRIT behind the Perak incident and a series of other unconstitutional stuff...Zamry is just a small fry in this incident, his BIG BOSS is the mastermind la!

By the way, WHERE IS THE PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) report? Ong Tee Keat should resign for his inability to even publish a simple report already prepared by PriceWaterhouseCoopers..may be the scandals have too many MCA fella involved and he dare not release ?(Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy are the main culprits behind this scandals, reportedly..).

rahsia said...

It's the constitution that is flawed. It doesn't mention things in a clear manner. Whichever government who's willing to change the blur part, I'll support.

Sure I'd like for Perak to go into elections. Heck, I vote in Jelapang.

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