Monday, May 18, 2009


I met up with Datuk Husam Musa, the Vice President of PAS. I was accompanied by YB Chua Tee Yong, the MP of Labis and Loh Seng Kok, the Central Committee of MCA. The main issue discussed was about the current political situation in Perak and also about other national issues.

In the discussion, both of us agreed that protracted politicking in Perak issue will not do anybody any good, especially the rakyat. I conveyed to Husam that, if we practice democracy, then if the court decides that Nizar is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak, then he should convene an emergency state assembly to see whether he enjoys the support of the majority of the state assemblyman. If he fails to command the majority of the state assemblyman, then he should seek an audience with the Sultan to:

1) Resign as the MB and let the party who enjoys the support of the majority of state assemblyman to be the MB or;

2) Dissolve the assembly and call for fresh election with the consent of the Sultan.

However, I pointed out that any party PR or BN forming the state government will not be a stable government, and that if this continues, it will affect not only Perak, but also the whole nation. I also told him maybe at some point in time, there is a need for fresh state election. Meanwhile, there should be some form of cooperation between PR and BN in order to resolve this stalemate.

Beside the Perak issue, we also discussed in general about the political situation in the country. We agree that there is too much politicking presently. The rakyat are tired of politicians. The time has come that we should move forward for the good of the nation and the rakyat. Since Husam and me agreed that some of the sensitive issues we discussed are off the record, then I shall honour the undertaking given. 


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

I appreciate your kind gesture to meet the opposition to talk about this never-ending nonsensical politicking.

JR said...

It's good and such a good move to have talk and seek for solution of the current Perak crisis. Sincerely, it does neither benifit BN nor Pakatan. Simply because of their politicking, the whole agenda for restrengthen the economy is being slowdown... This is totally irritating!!!...

I hope Dr Chua can convince other BN leaders especially the PM to look seriously into this matter, not only comment and discharge from any liability but handle this crisis himself. I disagree with His statement of which was "I left it to Zambry"...

Dr Chua... Change and reform!!!...

Dissolve the DUN no matter the court gives judgment to Zambry or Nizar.

Dr.Alvin Lee Chow Hui said...

The whole problem raised because of party hopping. I think we must have a law the stop MPs or ADUNs from hopping.
I hope Sultan will make a wise decision. The best solution is return the power to people to decide.
Thanks datuk.
Alvin Lee

insah62 said...

Dear Dato.

Well done ,i think wht you did is correct,as a responsible politician we must be able to sit and discuss no matter wht is our diferences.Think abt the rakyat and they has suffered quite a lot because of too much politicking.

Syabas to u Dato !

insah62 said...

Dear Dato ,

Well done,

Wht you did is correct,we must be able to sit and discuss !

Yap Chong Yee said...

1) Resign as the MB and let the party who enjoys the support of the majority of state assemblyman to be the MB or;

Hello Dr Chua Soi Lek, I am one of your supporters because of all the MCA leaders, I find that you are only one of the few Chinese leaders who are independant of the CONTROL OF UMNO; and like thounsands of Chinese I believe it is best for the Chinese if MCA does not give UMNO the pretense that MCA represents the Chinese, and for that role I believe all Chinese now support the DAP.

Please believe me that the struggle of Pakatan Rakyat for the government of Perak is absolutely vital for the preservation of freedom for all Malaysians. I see what goes on in Perak is what UMNO will do when they loose the next General Elections. Therefore for that reason I believe that it is the duty for non UMNO citizens to safe guard the survival of Democracy according to the CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA & PERAK.

I quoted from your speech at the begining of my comment, because I believe that your point of view as stated in your statement above will destroy the rights of Malaysians to defend and safe guard democracy according to the constitution. Let me say that your point of view is too simplistic, because to take a simple vote in the circumstances that you alleged robs the rights of the Pakatan Rakyat. How so, you will ask ? It is so because there are three FROGS VOTING WITH THE BN THAT THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO VOTE AT ALL BECAUSE BY THE RULES OF THE HOUSE STANDING ORDERS, THEY 3 FROGS HAVE RESIGNED AND ZAMBRY BY THE SAME ARGUEMENT AND HIS "EXCO HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED. These are vital issues and they can only be decided by the courts of law. Dr Chua it is so simple as to say that "TAKE A SIMPLE VOTE AND WHOEVER WINS FOR THE GOVERNMENT ! No Sir Dr, Chua, just as the BN is too frightened to go to the polls, Pakatan rakyat too has very good reason to stand their grounds because by the constitution of Perak, all the legal positive advantage rest with the Pakatan Rakyat. The problem that so far has precipated and compounded the crisis in Perak is that the courts are PARTISAN AND THEY WILL NOT ENFORCE THE LAW.

This brings me to my next point and that is that UMNO will not give up government in the next General Election if they loose and that was discussed in thaat article reprinted from the ECONOMIST.COM. What has gone on in Perak is nothing short of a coup d'tate.

As I said I have posted on your bolg a few times and I am one of your supporters, and I hope that you will understand that the welfare of all Chinese lies in supporting the Pakatan rakyat because it was the courage of DSAI who first launched his policy of PAKATAN RAKYAT instead of UMNO's Ketuaan Melayu. Do you remember how UMNO treated you lot in the MCA, just like dogs !

Do somehting for the Chinese people instead of selling our people down the drain for money !

dusunbukit said...

Good move..

How nice if you decided to cross over to PR. They are in dire need of a level-headed and experienced politician like yourself.

BN will forever be monopolized by UMNO and UMNO will never change. They're in dire need of a general overhauling but we cannot wait for another 50 years. Their political culture is no good to the future of this country. Other BN components merely window dressing.

We need changes, we need to reform the whole governing system. I know that you know what the rakyat really want. Shalom..

mangchikla said...

This is above politics and for that i commend u sir

MIGS-SABAH said...

We have an unfortunate 'mirror' impact in Perak and the very big issue is the rigged GEs especially GE2004 and GE 2008 as proven here:-

and the rotten system of profligacy of RM30 trillions
in some 27 Police Reports as ignored:-

Hope the very important fundamental issues are addressed accordingly.

Suci Dalam Debu said...


You have been appointed as what? BN Coordinator in the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states?

Despite all the respect I have for you, that post is surely a "death warrant" for your political career. You just can't push back a tsunami.

Take it up and you'll fall right into the OTK's trap. Just my feelings.

You have been warned.

nur mohd nidzam said...

DR Chua if we practice democracy then the 3 frogs who started this fiasco must resign, the rakyat did not vote them but the party so 3 frogs resign and byelection in 3 area, winner rule.

Sulaiman Hamzah said...

Dr Chua,
I have always given you the benefit of the doubt even when you had your controvesy because what you do outside of politics is between you and your conscience but when it comes to politics and the nation, the people and those who put you in the pedestal should come first...I hope this Press Statement is not to gain political mileage but it's sincere....many so often we've seen politicians giving out statements such as what you did because of falling out and then do the opposite when in power.

JR said...

There mustn't be any laws legislated as to stop MPs and ADUNs from party hopping. This is very simple, we uphold the cause of democracy... we practise democracy in Malaysia. And within the doctrine of democracy, no one is said to be stopped and forced to do something or not to do something PROVIDED unless the such act is harmful to the people. Party hopping has none to do with "harmful" to people. Politically and Morally, It's wrong. But from the view of Law, it's rightful.

JR said...

The supreme law of the land- Constitution. What is so supreme about the constitution??? Lord Denning once said what is so natural about "Natural Justice". When it comes to the circumstances where the court unable to settle this crisis!... It shall return to the Court Of People!!!... Regain a fresh mandate...

cochan said...

ADUN or MP was chosen by the rakyat.
If they jump eg independent as camouflage then is cheating the rakyat. What was their motive? How the rakyat can voice out their voice other than re-election?

JR said...

Congratulate Dr Chua for being appointed as barisan's coordinator in Pakatan States.
Hopfully will regain the trust among the people.
Dr Chua, don't over looked the youngsters' votes.
I do hope u shall focus on the teenagers especially the universities' students. I'm doing Law in UKM and I'm working with Lawyer Ling Yoke Hooi,the candidate contested for federal territory youth chief. I got to have some talks with him. We notice that many of the youg voters are being "sided" to Pakatan. MCA shall not be seen as an oldmen party.
All the best, how good if there is no AUKU I will make myself contribute services by joining MCA.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

What you have done may seem commendable to you and your small band of 'rebels' in MCA, but your President thinks otherwise. He seems to think you should have either seeked his permission or informed him first, before going about your talk with the Opposition.

My opinion is (and was) - you have no place in MCA, thus no place in BN. Just see, what has happened to Murugiah, who out-performed his President! I don't have to mention the many other past BN stalwarts whom had dared to out-perform their bosses.

I rest my case, Doc!

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