Thursday, June 11, 2009

A response to comments made by Association of Graduates from Universities and Colleges of China, Malaysia

I am given to understand that the chairman of the Association of Graduates from Universities and Colleges of China, Malaysia has commented over my blog posting. One should not be too emotional over this issue and regard it as a Chinese issue. It is an education issue that involves 2 countries, Malaysia and China.

When I was the Minister of health, I persuaded the Cabinet to recognize Nanjing University, Beijing University and Shanghai University’s courses in traditional Chinese medicine. This is to ensure that Malaysian Chinese who are trained in these 3 universities can then practice alongside western trained medical practitioner. This is important to give recognition to a lot of Chinese traditional practitioners in this country and would lay the groundwork if we develop an integrated hospital combining western and traditional Chinese medicine. Today, I am proud that there are traditional Chinese medicine unit in Putrajaya hospital and Kepala Batas hospital.

It was also during the time of Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting and myself as Minister of Health that we persuaded the Cabinet to recognize Chinese language degree from Beijing University and Tsing Hua University.

Whether or not the government recognizes the degree from Chinese universities, Malaysia students will continue to go to China to pursue their education. If the university is well known, students don’t have to worry about their recognition. They can work anywhere and be accepted. There are a lot of Malaysian Chinese having degree from China doing very well in Malaysia and other parts of the world. Do not turn an educational issue of recognition into a racial issue.

Meanwhile, leading universities in China is unlikely to set up branch campus in Malaysia because I understand that the Chinese government does not allow it. In China, there are also restrictions in the number of student intake into leading universities.

Currently, I’m helping two private institutions to set up two branch campus from China in collaboration with local universities. Accusing me that I do not think from the perspective of the Chinese community, I leave it to the Chinese to judge me. Whatever it is, I am not emotional in looking at problems from a narrow racial angle.












近朱者赤 said...

Dr. Chua, please do not deviate from the main issue. If there is an equal ground for non-Malays to compete in the public sector, there will be many of us lining up for the job. Who wants to be Ah Long if they can get a similar role/job in the government service?

This is not a racial issue and you are twisting words to serve your political ambitions.

I used to respect you but seeing how you play your political games in the last few months, I am puzzled.

Chu Kong Ming (朱刚明) said...

Don't worry Datuk, it just happened that your statement could be interpreted either way, that's why the misunderstanding. Your declaration should be good enough to clear the air.

crazyEllysee said...

Dear Dr.Chua,
I don't see any problems for Malaysia to accept some specific of the qualifications for those students who have completed their educations in China especially in TCM (traditional chinese medicine).

We have to admit that these recent years many of our neighboring countries like Brunei Darussalam even our ownself, Malaysia have sent many patients to China for meditation treatments. Many of the patients have recovered and too received standard meditation treatments there.

Another thing which we have to think and take note about is the general reason regarding why our students choose to further their studies there.
I would say the standard of living ,the chance of getting experiences in term of study (especially those who have medical practice), course fees led to this.
Some how the standard of education and those who hold private chinese qualification (secondary school) of our country its own have to take reconsideration again for our gov't.

We have to admit that Malaysia do left out from the advanced technology and some expertise which mastered by China, such as those in technology, bio-engineering , economy-expertise etc...

Perhaps there is some fields of course which our country might need to take reconsideration again toward the qualification of its entry/acceptance to our country,I do agree on this though .
Maybe we can look towards and accept some of those qualifications which do reach the international standard. I would like to strengthen on the fact regarding the knowledge of TCM educations found in china always the top of the nation and ours here need to make some more efforts on.

All the best Mr.chua.

crazyellysee@Hui Ling

ChrisLeong said...

Dr Chua,
Even though you said that Malaysian with a degree not recognize by government still have good jobs, but you fail to address the challenges that those people faced.

There are many universities with a global ranking higher than USM or UM that is not recognized by the government. The students can't even apply for EPF Education withdrawal to get their Master degree's from this university.

So these are really unnecessary "challenges" and obstacles

Unknown said...

Dear Dr Chua,

It is pointless for Dr Chua to play the education issue again for purpose of gaining political mileage and sympathy from all local Chinese to support MCA. Frankly speaking MCA and Gerakan are closed-shop parties in the mind of many Chinese Malaysians today.

Simple reason is many educated Chinese Malaysians are badly discriminated by BN leaders including the many main running dogs in MCA & Gerakan for past 50 years till today. Many good Chinese students are denied their rights for tertiary educations in public universities, scholarships,
jobs in civil services and etc.

Chines people are the main contributors of income tax in Malaysia but yet our Chinese children have been denied their rights for better education and financial assistance from BN govt. In short the public universities in China secured outstanding world ranking positions as compared with the degrading poor ranking of our local universities.

The doctors graduated from Chinese universities are very much smarter and superior than the local doctors in Malaysia today. Malaysians can talk only and shout about Malaysia BOLEH but never walk the talk in their professions today. You can see many foreign patients especially the migrant workers and illegal migrants occupied the govt hospitals because Malaysian public less confidence on the professionalism of local trained doctors working in govt hospitals now.

If MCA leaders continued to fight for their own personal interests at the expenses of Chinese communities , then MCA sinking ship will sink deeper into South China Sea forever. 10 chinese youth and elder voters interviewed today, 90% voters said MCA is a corpse party today, 5% voters said MCA is a cancer party and 5% voters said MCA is an ICU party.

What a great shame to 1Malaysia ?

Gemini said...

MCA president Ong Tee Keat is morally obliged to severe ties with Umno following a survey which revealed that an overwhelming number of Malaysians, especially the Chinese, supported this.
In making the call, DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh said Ong failed to admit that his party has lost its credibility among Chinese Malaysians as demonstrated in the last general election.

"Isn't Ong morally obliged to pull out MCA from BN in line with the survey? Of course, this would be unexpected of Ong.

"He and his cabinet colleagues are only interested in perpetuating their own selfish interests," he charged in a statement today.

Karpal was referring to a recent survey titled ‘Should MCA leave BN?’ featured on the MCA president’s blog.

The survey, which ran since last October, revealed that a staggering 75.8 percent of respondents wanted MCA to severe its political ties with Umno and pull out from the ruling coalition.

The survey was removed from the blog today.

Quoted from Malaysiakini.

wartank said...

Dear Dato Seri,
We should not deviate from the big picture here.
To actually request for something and getting it done are two very different things. One is just to show work done and the other is actually achieving something.
The fact that they are accepted for work, they got them through their own effort with no help from the government.
This also reflected the bargaining power of other component parties in BN. With the 'unity government' between UMNO and PAS being negotiated, one wonders what hope there is for the coalition's other races.
It's obvious we, the 'other communities' might have to bail ship!

KW Tan

呉 和豪 said...


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