Monday, June 30, 2008

Expected announcement at an unexpected time

Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting’s announcement that he will not seek re-election as MCA President was not unexpected. However, it was expected to be announced only after division election. Certain events which are not known to me must have precipitated him to make the earlier announcement. I find it difficult to believe that he have planned not to seek re-election 3 months ago. Certain tactical moves undertaken by him within the party after the election in March indicated that he was more inclined to seek re-election. He declined the nomination as a minister in order for the brother to get into cabinet.

He must have encountered many problems in discharging his duty as a MCA President. I understand from reliable sources that he had great difficulty in trying to see the Prime Minister and this has rendered him impotent in trying to solve Chinese community’s problem. This may be one of this reasons that caused his premature announcement rather than agonizing it. His position then becomes untenable as President of MCA without a Cabinet post. He virtually became a lame duck. I respect his decision not to seek re-election and I hope MCA members remain calm and united to face the party election. While he may not seek re-election, I’m sure unseen hands will be at work to ensure members who are allied to him will be voted in at the division, state and national elections.






ctchoolaw said...

Will any MCA leader be any different from OKT in respect of having REAL ACCESS & REAL STANDING as an equal BN partner? Will UMNO forever be the domineering partner?

Will MCA's true relevance for the discourse on Malaysia's future take place OUTSIDE of the BN framework?

Will MCA be more relevant on a multi-racial platform?

You may recall that in MCA's history, there was a pivotal moment when Tan Cheng Lock was on the verge of joining Onn Jaafar's Independence of Malaya Party grouping. Tan's effort was thwarted by TH Tan (the, the, MCA Sec-Gen)who was so enamoured and charmed by Tunku.

This is really a time for a serious stand to be taken on where MCA's future lies.

Being a thinking leader, I am very certain that you must be fully aware that the present relationship between MCA & UMNO leaders is so formalised & in such low ebb that BN is truly a sham & a series of photo-ops.

I am not a cynic as many of your blog's commentators tend to be. I am not an MCA member. I am a M'sian that happens to be of Chinese descent. My father was an MCA Branch Chairman in the 1970s.

MCA has had a key role in M'sia's history & development. But History is irrelevant if the present & future leaders of MCA do not seriously consider a multiracial platform AND seriously review MCA's subservient relationship vis-a-vis UMNO.

Josephine said...

If your analysis is correct, you should not even dream of seeking for election as you will also be a lame duck who will compromise the interest of the chinese community. in addition to that, you are a person with 'tainted' moral value and your should not use your 'tainted standard' to judge OKT's principal. He has definitely more principal than you and we know for a fact that he has considered that decision 3 months ago. If you are man enough, post this comment on your blog.

NEIL said...

Dr, not a bit of surprise,infact it was expected.He is openly grooming his brother to take over the job.

CW said...


johnny cheah said...

OKT decision to not contest the MCA presidency is no lost to the Chinese community. In the last election he was a candidate in Johore. He won because Johoreans have yet to wake up. If he had stood in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor not forgetting Kelantan, he would have lost his pants. You politicians are so smart that you will choose a safe seat to contest. For your info, even after the 12th GE, even after MCA lost so many seats that you guys contested in. The majority of the Chinese community are still not with MCA. You should know better. You were politically terminated by MCA. At the way things are going, it's going to be a long long time before the Chinese community will vote MCA.

Truth said...

There is a chinese saying 'using small man's heart to judge a gentleman's intention' This is indeed a very apt description of you.

Don't pretend to be a man of such high integrity and you are really in no position to judge others. Your sex scandal and your admission have clearly demonstrated that you have no sense of what is right and wrong (The only mistake I have made is to use the same room in the same hotel!) You don't even think what you have done is morally wrong and you have insulted all our intelligence.

I dare you to post my comments. I notice that so far you have also posted good comments about you. What a hypocrite

ipohboy said...

I prefer you show us the evidence rather than saying something without any concrete supports.

During this hard time, we should help MCA to gain the supports from the public, especially chinese. The comments you made would just deteriorate such effort, and it wouldn't bring any positive feedback or impacts(perhaps).

Probably we all have known the situation of MCA in BN. As such, our supports are needed in order to help MCA to stand in front, to help us raise our voices. I think this is even more important at this stage.

dranony said...

No doubt many people will be questioning the timing, if not the motive, behind this declaration (of the top two in not seeking reelection).

The PR claim that they will be in power before Sept 16, seems to be getting more credible.
Previously, Anwar Ibrahim had claimed that several MCA MPs had indicated that they might hop over to PR.

You had, in this blog, contended that this is unlikely, given that many of the elected MPs in MCA, are holding Cabinet posts.
Does this move by Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy in not seeking reelection, seem to suggest that the MCA 'ship' is sinking, and that these two top leaders realise it too?
"Why bother to seek leadership to helm a vessel that is going to sink? Let someone else be credited (cursed) as being the leader when the ship sinks?"
Could this perception be on the minds of the rakyat?

KIMHO8 said...



Anonymous said...

The question is Dr. Chua will do? Do we want a new MCA or an old MCA? Isn't it good to have a new team whether it is for better or worse.

hongkie123 said...

Dr Chua should run for party president. Be there be sabotage by Oo Kooi Toh ("OKT") dan rakan rakan or lack of support by certain party members but still, give it a try. You never know until you try. There is almost Zero good men in MCA now. Tainted image is still better than robbers, thieves and spineless scums. If MCA members cannot understand this, MCA is definitely doomed. And if Dr ever helm Health Minister post again, pls do not ever let the E-diots buy ambulance at RM1 mil each.

Dr pls consider and reflect how the below has "contributed (Ho See Toh Wai - done too much good deeds)" to Chinese and Malaysians:-

1) Oo Kooi Toh ("OKT") - do not ever let this man play behind the curtain.
2) Oo Ka Chuan (OKT's relative).
3) Ling Hee Leong
4) Donald Lim
5) Ng Yen Yen and her protege, Carol
6) Lee Hwa Beng
7) the whole bunch goons from Ipoh Timur
8) current MCA Treasurer

Lastly, I urge Dr to overcome your tainted image to save Malaysia from the scums of Malaysia. We all have to answer to our grandchildren.

Funniman1965 said...

As much as I respect you as a man who do not minced your words, you are not qualified to judge others using your own standards. It would not gain you any political points.

I would prefer you to set aside all your small talk and work on the bigger issue. We are all looking for a leader who is strategic rather than a leader who is petty. Please do not belittle others to make yourself look good.

Let's walk the talk and show us the MCA way forward.

Pearls said...

Tak habis habis this MCA pasal.... Sigh... Ish!

Seriously, how relevant is MCA to the Chinese community at this present moment? If I am not wrong, in the urban area, MCA is not relevant anymore to the Chinese community. Blame it on whatever you like, education, electronic media, influence of western culture, yadda, yadda, yadda... but let's face it, this trend is irreversible at this moment in time unless...

Perhaps MCA still have little relevance in suburb area but that is fast diminishing especially after the recent "mother of all defeat and humiliation" GE, I doubt MCA can hold on to whatever little relevance they have in suburb area.

So, bulat bulat, I don't know what is all the hulabaloo about MCA given what I have said...dah la, PM dont give 2 shit about MCA and it wont be just OKT that will find it hard to meet the PM, it will be anyone from MCA..that spells DOOMED with the capital D!

Of course, if you are talking about making MCA relevant to the Chinese community again, than that is a whole new chapter all together la. I believe MCA can be relevant again... BUT.. a lot need to be done and definitely, most definitely, the old recipes and method, machineries have gotta go... thrown out, brunt, burried, bring in new recipe, methods and machines! ARE THOSE OLD BIRDS AND HENS CURRENTLY SQUATTING IN MCA WILLING TO HAVE THEIR FEATHERS TRIMMED, CLIPPED AND STYLED to be relevant once again? I doubt it lor... so, there goes the vicious cycle lor...

Chia said...

I joined MCA last 2 years because i believe in OKT's leadership, I didn't join any activity because I sense the members arround have with different interest.

OKT must be very upset with MCA's members, majority come to politic with selfish interest, not for the community.

Frankly, I know you are capable, but you have not shown your care for Chinese community. example you mentioned that other component parties (except umno) should be join together to counter BN's political power imbalance, so far, what have you done to achieve that? or just talk only?

Onekampung said...

Dr. given the same analogy, if an MCA president without a cabinet post will become untenable and literally a lame duck, then you had better think twice before seeking election as the MCA president. We all know that you harbour this ambition, whether for wanting to do something for the Chinese or otherwise.

What will, and what can you do if you are the MCA president, since you are also not a cabinet minister, not even an elected MP?

How would you propose to achieve your objectives in bringing the Chinese community to a higher level?

Have you ever thought about it? We also don't want someone who says he represents us but in the end can't do much for us.

Rachel said...


我有一句话想对你说,假如您真的要竞选马华总会长一职的话,我劝您还是要三思而行。可能,受英文教育与中文教育的人思想不同吧,你们可能认为一个人的品德操守并不重要。但是,我告诉你,私德不良,如何领导群众? 因为,为君者的一言一行都会直接或间接影响您的属下。不是有 句话这么说吗?“上梁不正,下梁歪”。假如我是马华党员的话,我可不想被别人指指点点 “喂!xxx 人就是你的总会长噢!那个曾经有性丑闻的人噢!”那时,我肯定抬不起头。可能你会认为,时间会慢慢冲淡一切。那,你错了。至今,还是有人还会提起日军的暴行。已经发生的事情,它已经成为了历史的一部分,就好像伤口,还是会留下疤痕一样的道理。无论如何,这是民主的国家,没有人能阻止您身为马华党员,有竞选的权利。但是,还是要三思。


Onekampung said...

I fully agree with Rachel, being an ex MCA VP, you really should not have said those words on Ong Ka Ting.

Tell us how and what you would do if you were the MCA president. Tell us your policies. As an MCA heavy weight, you have the moral duty to ensure the party performs too.

Charlie said...

Well, I dont really agree with Onekampung, I think everyone has right and freedom to speak and criticise.

And if you have followed the series of Chua's downfall, you will be surprised since Chua has stepped out of political arena, he actually comes forward offering himself to help in GE and to MCA but no one seemed to bother.

Besides Chua, few other MCA leaders have also brought up attention to MCA internal problems. What's wrong with that to point out weaknesses so the leadership are aware of the real problem?

If MCA is fighting for a true democracy let it begins from home by allowing leaders and members speak in different languages.

Charlie said...

I totally agree with Charlie. While MCA starts to promote healthy political culture and democracy, why are we not allowed to give contructive ideas and criticized the wrong decisions made earlier by OKT? Why? I don't think OKT will be upset if Dr. Chua criticized him of being a lame president. He himself has admitted his failure and therefore, step down. I believe what Dr. Chua said is true. If OKT really has the guts to stand up and shout at UMNO, maybe he'll be a successful President and not a lame duck.

Well, now he's gone and the next person who is coming in will have a tough time picking up OKT's s*#@ before he can start doing things. Ong Tee Keat is no doubt a good leader but then again, he's just a scholar, do we need another scholar at this hour? A scholar of whom his statement are often blur and hard to understand. I don't want another OKT.

The best choice here is still Dr. Chua. No doubt that his image is tainted but at this crucial time, I think that MCA members should think critically. Do they want another OKT (cakap sahaja tapi tak tahu buat) or a real macho leader whose image is tainted but do things real good. The ball has started rolling and MCA party members, its now up to you to decide MCA and Chinese community's future!!! Get real, people!

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

dear Ms.rachel,
上面那个亲爱的 Racheal 小姐:


蔡医生所谓的 lame duck (某人帮他直译的"跛脚鸭")其实是一句英文俗语,指的是即将去职的官员:也就是说,那些竞选失败而在获胜者尚未上任前继续留任的民选官员或其集团。

这种语言文化上的差异,造成您的误解,实在是沟通的一大遗憾... 小弟也是受十二年华文教育长大的,不难体谅您对蔡医生有”小人”这样的评语,而这个误会又引起了其他网友的各种猜臆和讨伐... 我想这可能是大家所不愿见到的小误会吧?? 今晚有点无聊,顺便鸡婆帮忙解读一下,如有得罪,还请见谅...

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