Wednesday, June 4, 2008

National Service

National Service is a good program and one should not condemn it just because of some incidents including death. When you get a big number of 80000 people undergoing training, accidents and undesirable incidents are bound to occur. It is the people who run the program that should be made more sensitive, sensible and committed. I’ve met many trainees who vouched that they have no hesitation undergoing another training. For many young people, it is an experience leaving house for the first time and it is also an experience meeting and mixing with people from diverse background and races.

I fully agree that the quality of food can be very much improved and there is a need to cater to those who need special diet because of religion or medical condition. Apart from this, the commitment from camp commander will do a lot of good to elevate the suffering of these young trainees.

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Pearls said...

Let me say it 1 more time.. The concept of National Service is good and nobody is doubting this fact. The facts that most people are not happy with are :-

Everything is done in a "fly by night" manner. There is no thorough administrative plans to see things throught as we have witnessed since the beginning of this hulabaloo do. How in God's name do you expect parents to understand or feel assured that their child is going to learn something good when the people running or implementing such programs are running around like headless chickens making a ruckus of things!?

Of course, when shit happens like death or rape or abuse, again, the implementors have time and time again never fail to show that they are very insensitive with their inhuman remarks. We all know that with a big number of youth to handle, there are bound to be trouble but we don't expect or want to hear the insensitive remarks such as, "what is a few deaths compared to the thousands that seem to benefit". I cannot imagine the pain a parent have to go through when their teenage child dies while away in some camp that they, the parents, have very reluctantly allow.. more like arm twisted to allow and to hear such inhuman remarks made by ministers simply is too much to bear. I wonder if Najib's child dies in NS, would he say the same thing? Again, how do ou expect parents to believe that NS is going to help mould their child into someone with compassion and feelings when the implementors talk in such inhuman manner?

Last but not least, most people are disgusted by the corruption that is happening with this NS program. We are not born yesterday and we know how to calculate.. WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON! This is something BN could never understand and I really don't know why! Do we look like idiots to you?

zorro said...

the damages outweigh whatever positive feeback by a minority, How can death in a military-oriented event be taken so lightly...."accidents and undesirable incidents are bound to occur". you wouldnt make this statement if your child met this fate.

yok hoong said...

a few deaths mean nothing to you coz it will never involve your kids.
and how many have spoken to you that NS is great? and how many had said its all bull and a waste of money.
why throw away RM500 a million a year so that some young malaysians will be sent back in body bags every year? or as what your Najib said "there are too many parties involved" which means fat cats must be fed, right?

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I personally like the National Service Program. However, there are still something need to improve in order to make sure the successful program. On the other hand, the authority should make sure the safety of the trainees and also the officers there. Therefore, they need to conduct more study to improve condition, and it is an on-going process.
Hope that, it will be a successful program in the future. God Bless...

Anonymous said...

A meaningful contribution all politicians can make is to increase the life expectancy of their people, ideally, by another five to ten years. This, my friend, is not too much to ask.

The death of our young people in this case is not going to help.

myenvelope said...


Accidents are bound to happen, but death must be ensured to be nil.

I agree it's a good program. However, the person in charge should be very sensitive to the needs of the teenagers. Not to say must pamper them but one thing to take note is they are not soldiers or robots or could be unhealthy as teenagers nowadays rarely excercise during school time.

It would better students are forced to take up at least one sport activities in schools. Better still, everyone must go through a pre-NS trainning for two weeks. Has anyone try climb a mountain without trainning (jogging) before hand and you'll understand what I mean.

jararaca said...

NS. What is the purpose? Impending attack the red dot?
It is flaws from inception. How can we promote integration in 3 months, while discriminations are so entrenched in our schools and daily life?
NS is just a sandiwara, making someone filthy rich. If you are talking about bangsa Malaysia. We seriously removing all systematic oppression of the non bumi.

AmyDoll said...

Dr Chua,

You cannot be serious to think our version of national service does any good to anyone but those people in the Govt and the beneficiaries! It is a DATING CAMP for pete's sake! Singapore ada National Srvcs, Malaysia pun nak National Srcvs. if it is a proper one, by standards of Singapore's NS, then yes, it would be beneficial in the long run and I would support it. Instead, they pick some random mother-son on the street, chuck them in the Dating Camp, and they come out no different, probably with some scars to carry around for life, oh wait, probably without a beating pulse !

Do the Rempits NS trainees nor the Yuppies-Wannabe trainees come out any different (ie being more mature, for one)? Absolutely NOT. 3 months of Dating Camp is not enough to change a person...

It is all about being half-baked all over again. *rolls eyes(

NEIL said...

DR, This is a 3rd class program from a third class brains.I have been there to see it for myself and honestly it's created to benefit the cronies not our children.The kids are been torture and herd around in the sun just to darken the skin so as to show the parents that they are having lots of EXERCISE.If it's good for our children they wouldn't give it to us that easily like JPA.NS is just a cronies money spinning machine.ya!

Chee Yong said...

Again I see another heartless comment from another kuncu BN. If you're a parent sending their child to Msia NS program, I bet you dont feel at ease. Versus our neighbouring country where the NS program there is a success. So its not about the quantity. Its about the amount of responsibility the govt is putting in.

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