Sunday, June 29, 2008

PAS’ social value

Every time when I say that we should be suspicion of PAS, a lot of people will condemn me. Today, I’ll say it again. PAS with its Islamic agenda has not shown its true colours because it is not in control of the federal government. Even then, they will try hard to push for their Islamic value at the state level. First, they objected to the artist performance in Selangor and now they have this directive in Kelantan so that Muslim ladies are not supposed to wear high heels and red lipsticks.

The Muslim ladies are often blamed that such dressing would provoke the men causing rape and illicit sex. PAS leaders seem to forget what will happen to the non-Muslim ladies with red lipsticks and high heels? Are they going to be raped and sexually abused by men who cannot control themselves? While you and I may laugh at their beliefs, some of these Muslim leaders from PAS really believe in control environment and they will be very upset if their value system is challenged. Politicians should not continue to harp that women are the cause for all sexual abuses and have the simplistic view that if all women are in robe, then there will be no cases of rape.


yapchongyee said...

It is ironic that at this crucial time in Malaysian history the wheel of fate has come full circle and the fate of Malaysia hangs in balance by the support or denial of support of the MCA. Who would believe that MCA and not UMNO hold the power to make or break the government of Malaysia. Do you MCA “Malay running dogs” even know that you MCA miscreants hold power today that you have never ever had
experienced ?

It is just as well that OKT and his deputy are not offering to stand for election this time, because whether they know it or not they have created a desirable situation that gives the Chinese in the MCA and indeed opportunity to regain their self respect and the opportunity to act in their own best interests. Here is the opportunity for the Chinese to assess the sincerity of their elected leaders who to show support to those leaders who have been promoting the interests of our people.

MCA has for all of these 50 years been nothing more than the court jesters of UMNO and the Malays do not even care to hide their utter contempt for the MCA, why do you stoop so low that even your so called UMNO allies treat you like the dogs that you are. All of these 50 years the rights of the Chinese have consistently and continuously been eroded and MCA did nothing. It is just right and an awakening for the Chinese that after 50 years of a sell out of the Chinese people, my Chinese brothers & sisters have AWAKENED TO THEMISDEEDS AND ABUSE OF TRUST OF OUR CHINESE PEOPLE TO WHAT A BAG OF SHIT THE MCA HAD BEEN FOR REPRESENTING OUR PEOPLE.

I do not need to say if Dato Seri Anwar is good or bad, BUT HE HAS MADE IT HIS PLATFORM TO MAKE ALL RACES AS TRUE AND EQUAL CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA AND THAT IS JUST WHAT WE WANT. Today, I read (I live in Australia ) that Dato Seri Anwar’s aid has made a report that Anwar had sodomized him, don’t you see how ridiculous this charge is in the face of the previous similar one that Dato Seri had won on Appeal ? Let me say that the UMNO power elite is out to FRAME Anwar. I can and I will write another article how My wife’s case was treated in the same manner. THE JUDGES IN MALAYSIA DO NOT RESPECT THE LAW AND THEY JUST DO WHAT THEY WISHED, EVEN IF NOT SUPPORT BY EVEN A HINT OF A LEGAL BASIS FOR THEIR DECISION. Judges in Malaysia do not make their decision based on the LAW; they decide at THEIR OWN WHIM and their attitude is “SO WHAT IF I DO ? I am the judge and I will do what I like !

I appeal to the future leaders in MCA to exercise their responsibilities with the greatest of care for the protection of the Chinese people. IT IS NOTHING TO BE A TAN SERI OR DATO because those awards are given to the Chinese leaders (so called) WHO WILL BEST SERVE THE INTERESTS OF UMNO. To Me it is an insult if I am awarded a “TAN SERI OR DATO” and by the way if you do not already know ‘YOU CAN FUCKING BUY A DATOSHIP !”

Know this MCA leaders, “THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOYALTY IN POLITICS “. UMNO will piss in your face when it suits them.

I APPEAL TO THIS GENERATION OF MCA LEADERS TO CROSS THE FLOOR OF PARLIAMENT AND JOIN WITH DATO SERI ANWAR TO DEFEAT UMNO GOVERNMENT. UMNO is an evil party and UMNO’s hatred is towards the Chinese. There is no need to elaborate because everybody else in Malaysia knows it as fact; UMNO HATES CHINESE.

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PAS is only one of the component of Pakatan Rakyat and they can be voted out if they do meet approval of the people. PAS is not important; at this time it is MCA is a disgraceful sort of way !

Funniman1965 said...

I would rather change the title to
"PAS Imposing Value". Enough said.

Funniman1965 said...

Mr Yap,

With due respect, I feel your comments do not carry much weight as you are now residing in Australia and not Malaysia. If you care so much for the Chinese in Malaysia, why run away from the problems we have here? Be a man, come back to Malaysia and contribute to the society.

SamWise said...

so you are saying that you can, instead, keep umno from their regime of fanatics? or OR you can keep JJ's hand to himself?? i'm sorry Dr, i'll choose PAS anytime over UMNO. Atleast PAS n DAP stand eye to eye unlike your kowtow MCA.

Chee Yong said...

Soi Lek, it seems like you rather picked PAS on issues such as banning of red lipstick and other small petty issues which PAS try to impose on us. Yes, PAS is rather narrow minded that they cant accept Msia is a multi racial country. But thats all to it about PAS. Lets talk about BN. SO many scandals in the past that involves money billions and billions of ringgit. So who is the lesser of 2 evils here? I believe blunders and corruption and the state of judiciary that we're in today are the bigger of 2 EVILS.

And by thw way, I am happy that PAS is trying to be more white than rather being more black like being involved in a sex scandal before. Thats something which our society doesnt need happening in our own backyard.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

I, for one, do not condemn you each time you critise PAS - I'm posting my personal opinion on the subject raised in your blog. And I don't know of others - I'm sure they have their own reason to 'condemn' you.

Of course PAS at times are a bit 'un-mainstream' as far as we non-Muslims are concerned but I admire the party leaders for their strong commitment and sincerity to fight corruption of the mind and corruption in everyday life, in govt. and in business.

They too are more sincere than any component party in the BN in wanting to uphold a fair, just and clean system of government for all Malaysians.

Let's be honest, Doc, can MCA or any of your leaders stand up to these values - of fairness, justice and integrity? Most in MCA are percieved to be in politics for self-interest and the money!

Anonymous said...

马来选票继续三分, 几成定局. 如果你是诸葛孔明再世, 你会支持谁? 公正党的权谋, 让蓝色眼睛继续壮大, 风云再起? 回教党的道德, 可是阿斗又扶不扶的起来? 巫统的霸气, 或许要司马昭之心, 路人皆知? 天下大势,合久必分,分久必合, 如想要在马来民族暂时的分裂, 从中得利, 必种下恶因, 最终得不到善果.

Pearls said...

If I have to chose between PAS and BN, than I take PAS lor....

Just as Robertteh has pointed out, PAS maybe fanatical about a lot of things but that is for their own kind. So far, I have not heard of PAS enforcing their fanatical rules on non-muslim for one and another, I must say, PAS dont play peek-a-boo with anyone.. unlike BN...

BN is also full of fanatics and what is worse, these fanatics in BN like to play peek-a-boo with everyone.. pretend to be all for multi racial, multi duno what else, all about respect other races but wont have any qualms about standing up and tell the other race to balik Tongshan or India given the chance!! So, what is that?

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