Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MCA MPs crossing over? Very unlikely!

With regard to Anwar’s comment that MCA MPs crossing over to PR, I think Anwar is behaving in his usual self. He’s trying to pull a fast one and he is bluffing. Reason is simple, there are only 15 MPs in MCA, 10 of them have position in the government, 4 as Ministers and 6 as deputy minister and it is unlikely that any of these with government position would defect to PR. The remaining 5 MPs from MCA who are backbencher includes the President, the vice President Dr. Fong, my son Chua Tee Yong and 2 other senior MCA MPs, and the 5 backbenchers are unlikely to defect to PR. Imagine the President of MCA crossing over to PR, which is unlikely, very, very unlikely.

Anwar has been feeding the rumour mile of BN MPs crossing over to PR. If this occurs, it will be unlikely to be from MPs in Peninsular Malaysia. If there is, it is very likely (with due respect to Sabah and Sarawak) to be from the smaller coalition partners of BN in Sabah and Sarawak.

As for me, I have been with MCA for nearly 30 years. There is no reason for me to crossover to PR. I feel that PR which is a marriage of 3 political parties is able to be together, basically because of Anwar Ibrahim. Any form of cooperation, especially in a multiracial country which is dependent on one person is a very dangerous form of cooperation.

We have not seen the real PAS with its Islamic agenda. Personally, I am suspicious of PAS leader. I feel that they are not talking about the Islamic agenda because they know it will be a waste of time since they are not in control of the federal government. Any changes that can be done at the state level is more likely to be cosmetic, unlikely to be substantial and it will only drive away the non Muslim from supporting PAS and PR. PAS, which has a bigger organization, more resources and also with better experience in running the state government is not foolish to talk about Islamic agenda openly until they are ready to do so when they are in the federal government.


karepu said...

Good mor Dr. All this while BN run the propaganda message to make opposition sleepless but then now BN leaders are having sleepless night. Wish you good luck Dr. in your party poll.

Uchu Keling said...

Hi Dr., Welcome to the blogging world!

Uchu Keling

Pearls said...

Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!.. nothing is impossible!

As you have mentioned, President of MCA crossing over to PR is unlikely... very, very unlikely. The operative word here is UNLIKELY.. it is not absolute. Anyway, if it is to happen, it will happen. By then, it will not be just you but also, all of us will be feeling the earth under our feet move! ROCK IT BABE!

Seriously, BN has never been in so much trouble and this round, I doubt BN will survive the next 4.5 years. I will not be surprised if there is a change in government and I can only hope that it will not be Anwar. That bugger gives me the chill... something very evil about him....

Infact, I am not as fearful of PAS as I am of Anwar. So, I dont think it is going to be as bad if PAS takes over.. yah.. yah.. yah.. I will have to give up wearing my halter tops and tubes and shorts but hey! perhaps my old man at home can sigh a sigh of relief and get off my back about being too fleshy and that I make him worry.

But seriously, if I have to chose between PAS and Anwar, I rather take PAS as I can see that they have taken in younger, more dynamic, educated and polished people to run their show. Perak MB is a very good example. Quite good I must say. Try going to Kelantan and have a peep.. really, it is not that bad.. infact, it is very good taking into consideration our perception of PAS as an extremist. Ya, PAS in Kelantan is better than BN in Selangor.

So... are we all ready to ROCK? I know I am...but I am still keeping my fingers and toes cross that it will not be Anwar.. Anyone or any party but not Anwar and that bunch of goonies in UMNO!!

Chee Yong said...

Yes PAS is foolish talking about their agenda which runs against Pakatan Rakyat manifesto but at least they speak up for what they believe. Elsewhere for MCA, before the 08-Mar, MCA just cowers in the dark afraid of UMNO.With the exception of Ong Tee Kiat which is quite vocal, the rest of MCA members are cowering in fear. Anwar is lying? Only time will tell. BN also said that Anwar was lying when he said he will deny BN 2/3 majority. Who had thought this would happen? Please dont digress from the issue and try to point the fingers on PAS. The problem of Malaysia today is not caused by PAS but by BN incl MCA. I will see if you're still a MCA champion when the day comes when BN is no longer in power. I will want to see if you turn your back and applaud Pakatan Rakyat then.

PL said...

Well, the country is currently run by one person as well, the Sleeping One....the very reason the country in dire straits. Not surprising in all major BN controlled newspaper today spinning about what's going to happen in Sabah today. The word "crack" is a taboo in BN. If it happen in PR, the MSM will have a merry day. When will BN learn the rakyat sudah bosan. How worse can we get as compared presently should there be a new government soon.

hhkopub said...

it is no surprise to hear this from Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. lies is one of his greatest weapon. he just trying to play with peoples mind, a psychological approach to weakens his enemy..

alvin lee said...

Hi dr, i fully agree with ur statement. After all, it is foolish to assume that those who have benefited from the old order will want to change !!!!!!!!

NEIL said...

Dr, The sky is the limit. When there is smoke there is fire.I personally think there is a possibility that the BM gov't is heading for a collapse. Remember before the march 8 election BM say they will have a landslide but it turn out that they have being fed with outdated information, so I won't be surprise if turn out to be what Anwar is saying.Do not be arrogant,go down to the roots yourself to hear the latest.What you hear is different from what I hear.

meiyen said...

Anwar Ibrahim is the king of the rumor monger mill and a liar. Keeps talking about people jumping ship is shameless and trying to connect MCA with it is and act of desperation.

If he was a man he would have rebuffed PAS for even trying to suggest that PR States should have Islamic administrations and he should also have made a statement on the protest by the youths on July 6. Keeping quiet proves only one thing, that he approves of their agenda to make this country into an Islamic state.

Non-malays make up only 5% of the population of Kelantan so using that as an example does not mean a thing as they are a negligible lot. Just a small group of people who are blending in just to survive.

hongkie123 said...

Oo Kooi Tok (OKT), his brother and rakan rakan not crossing is expected. However Dr Chua cannot say the same for others who are not agreeable with OKT and rakan rakan. Seriously I do not wish MCA MP to cross over because they might bring over the culture of stealing, robbing and corruption over to Pakatan. Pakatan needs honourable people. So far, theye are very few honourable people in MCA. And I think Dr Chua is one of the few. I think many Chinese has forgiven Dr Chua on the infamous video.

Carling said...

I doubt PKR wants MCA anyway. MCA is run along race politics and has lost its relevance to the educated and middle income Chineses. Its used to be the mum and dad party. Nowadays, you tend to find more branch chairmen who maybe involved in Ah Long businesses than true honest politicians. All this started when OKT was the deputy Home Minister.
Last election, my mum tried to vote for MCA/BN but my brother refused to drive her there if she wants to vote for MCA. He suggested MCA to send a driver to pick her up since MCA is filthy rich and only listen to Umno, Hisham, KJ etc, which are hated very much by us for their racial slants.
I would think Gerakan fits PKR more and Lim Chang Boo has already joined Keadilan in Penang. Gerakan has more professinals that can serve PKR better rather than MCA's gutless and greedy members.
So, DR. you are right, MCA will not crossover bcos PKR dont want MCA!

Ah Chin said...

I honestly hope that Anwar could bring about a two-party system in this country, like in USA, UK or Taiwan. It has been virtually one-party in the last fifty years, and look how badly the party has messed up the country. Until GE12, BN had thought that it was invincible and could screw up the country in whatever ways it liked. I shudder to think what it will be like with BN in power for another 50 years and with not a second party strong enough to check its excesses. PR has to be given a chance to prove its worth. It is better to work with the devils we don't know than the devils we have known for fifty years. If any of the MCA MP has any conscience at all, he/she should just get out of BN and help to speed up the two-party system in the country.

Anonymous said...

马华应固本培元, 阴阳相济, 成立马华内阁十个部门协调委员会 (内阁中的内阁) , 为执政做准备 (民联没经验, 国阵没平起平坐的诚意) , 联合政府时代将来临, 马华将是不可缺的伙伴.

malayamuda said...

you are right Dr Chua, MCA is unlikely to cross over

Like MIC and Gerakan, MCA has sold its race to UMNO for the crumbs dished out to its leaders by UMNO.

For most of us, MCA,MIC, Gerakan and PPP have prostituted themselves to UMNO for money and wealth !!

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

I would put my money on Anwar. Why?

Because MCA ministers are ministers today as BN is the Govt. What happen when BN becomes the Oppposition when the party-hopping party begins?

MCA ministers know that there is a strong possibilty that they may end up being jobless (like you, beg your pardon! Doc) if PR gets to form the Govt. So why reject this offer of getting to keep your job with a new Govt. (should the party hopping party is well-received)?

After all, MCA ministers are only 'yes-men' in BN. By taking a chance with PR, they might end up getting back their integrity and dignity!

Think about that! Doc.

Ivan said...

Dear Dr. now that u are in the blogging fraternity, i hope u also realise that u shud not be stuck in the in the same old manner of thought. The world has changed so much with the advent of the internet. The entire world is moving towards transparency.. nothing can be hidden anymore.. and i dun mean your episode! With the present gomen that we are in.. we shud all the more strife to correct the wrongs..., failing which change the adminstration, and in order to do that, we need every right thinking human to do what is right together. Unity...! if u know what i mean.

Onekampung said...

Will any of the MCA MP cross over to PR? I really doubt so. There are currently 4 ministers and 6 deputy ministers, leaving 5 behind, who are either new MP or those not so vocal or popular as far as the Chinese community is concerned.

Anwar Ibrahim is good in psychology and strategy, but he has overblown himself to the extent of saying even one MCA minister is going to jump ship. Notwithstanding he is mounting a psychological warfare, but he has overdone in this instance, and people would just call him bluff, though we cannot rule out the possibility that some MP in East Malaysian will jump ship.

Just see how the East Malaysians are treated by BN. You think they are treated as Bumiputra? You are dead wrong! The UMNO will only treat some (note “some”) of the East Malaysians, excluding Chinese and Indians, who are Muslims, as Bumiputra, and only as second class Bumiputra if compared with the real Malay Bumiputra, because the BN-UMNO believes only the Malays who are Muslims are true Bumiputra.

Don’t believe what I say? Go to any coffee shops and see how many of the East Malaysian Bumiputra work and earn a meager income of RM300-400 p.m.

East Malaysians, especially those in Sabah, have long been frustrated and angry with the central government’s attitude in closing one eye when dealing with the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the state, especially those who are Muslim, from Philippines, and also many from Indonesia. BN, under the “Big Brother” attitude of UMNO, has long been taking a bullying tactic in Sabah. See the petroleum royalty for the state, when did BN ever cares to return some of these to the state. Now everybody rushes to Sabah to salvage the situation. But I think eventually, not many will leave BN and cross over to PR as yet; they will wait and see what will benefit them most.

Abdullah will have some tough decision to do.

The coalition by PK, DAP and PAS is only a marriage of convenience, loosely bonded together because of Anwar Ibrahim. But Anwar is a dangerous man; look at his background (he was formerly head of ABIM) and what he had done to the Chinese schools when he was the minister of education. Has he repented and turned over a new leaf? If he does, he should waste no time in telling off PAS to forget about the Islamic state in a multiracial country like Malaysia. Just read today’s paper, even the Sultan of Selangor is fed up with PAS in calling a protest against 2 artistes performing for the Selangor Cup, and described PAS as “hypocritical and trivial”.

MCA has done a great deal of things for the Chinese, and we are grateful of that. But MCA cannot not live in history and nostalgic of its glorious days. Take stock of what needs to be done for the community in particular, and Malaysia in general, raise your head, and fight on!

Camon said...

hello charlie angel,
This is what I meant by 'important national issue'
With Dr. former Ministerial post, it not befitting him to waste time talking small issue like councillars posts and what not!
This is what we would like to read and see his commment on interesting BIG issues like this want.
OK lah... Personally I feel MCA is being treated like 3rd Class member in BN .
If what is rumoured is true or otherwise, I think MCA should take a daring step to change our Malaysian Chinese's future by joining PKR..
With 15 MP... you could as well be the king maker in the said coalition...
WE chinese are supposed to be shrewd and cunning in our dealing esp. with Dr. around .... State your terms and conditions to Anwar. Anwar have nothing to lose and would alway agrees to reasonable demand (not appeal) from MCA and then the chinese would support MCA again. Think hard.... our future is in your hand.... We cannot our timid MCA President alway sabar sabar sabar .... until when?????

NEIL said...

Dr, I just heard that Sabah Yong T.L is withdrawing his support to PM. WOW, DR. Tell me what you think will be the next move.May be Sarawak is next.Don't count the chicken before they are hatch. cinabaru,wake up! MCA is no longer a party that we chinese can trust.

Funniman1965 said...

Good morning,

Many of us say that MCA is corrupted and it seemd to me that Pakatan Raayat are all very clean and fair.

Let's face the real world. Who doesn't make money when in power? Name me one politician who does it for free? All of us do make $$$ as we need to survive and also out supporters also have their families to take care of. With RM 3000 monthly allowance, do you think a MP can make a living? If there's anyone of us who do think of our own career escalation to earn more to care for our families, I do not blame any other politicians. Make hay while you can, just remember don't go overboard. No one work for free.

And why would not MCA cross over? Do you think that OKT can guarantee to its MPs that life under BN/ Najib / ABB would be rosy in future? Here we are talking about Chinese's future and MCA's future which is totally different.

To switch would be too risky but to remain would be stagnant and be cursed by generations that MCA did not do anything for its people except lining their own pockets.

The middle path is to remain but to build up the representation as a grouping be it Chinese grouping or a Malaysian grouping so that it can command better bargaining power in BN.

If DSAI can do it, I am sure MCA or its proxies can also do it.

To be honest, I don't trust DSAI. He is too cunning. He changes goalpost far too often. He spreads rumours too much and loses all credibilities. The saying goes...If he see human, he speaks like a person, if he see devil, he speaks hell's language.

Chee Yong said...

I can see alot of MCA apologists here. Do not forget that MCA has failed to deliver its duties to the Chinese citizens. Not that it does matter anyway since for a Malaysian to keep harping on race race race, is still living in a backward society. Please think as Malaysian. And let me remind all of you again, Soi Lek and MCA didnt do much when they were in power. Now that they have lost uch political clout, only now they start to speak up.

chaptokam said...

Oh Yes I heard of them . Starting from some MPs from Johore and I heard they are align to the Ka Ting faction . Also Ka Chuan is getting those align to him to start joining PKR by doing a diversionary tactic . To create a diversion , certain branches have to be suspended or frozen so as to get their members to fill in forms to join PKR en bloc.That was the purpose to suspend branches for no obvious reasons recently .They are also telling their supporters that both of them OKT and OKC will not be defending their positions in the party , in other words OKT I am told will not be defending his Party's President post paving the way for Ong Tee Keat to move up . That move gave credence to a rumour among MCA circles that Ong Tee Keat will now go for the Party Presidency instead of going for the number two slot as announced earlier by him that he will contest the Deputy Presidents post if it is vacant and theres every indication that Kong Choy would not be defending his position.
I would NOT be writing off this news as knowing the ONG brothers they will do anything to hold on to power . On analysis , knowing that they are losing hold on the party and majority of the MCA memebers want them out, there's very likely hood that they are going to lose in the coming party elections and this would reduce them to become nobody in the party and become has beens . So to move over to join Anwar , they will be promised positions in the new cabinet .
On a final note , good luck to them and we wish them well as long as they are no longer in the MCA .Good riddance to them however I trust Anwar would not be so stupid as to accept rotten apples whom nobody wants . When Anwar made the declaration in Penang of a few MCA MPs crossing over the first thing that came to mind is the brothers as both of them are MPs and the rest being individuals would set tongues wagging and the rumour mills working the moment they they have some thoughts of doing that whereas the two brothers would consult each other without the rest knowing.
I believe if they were to do so , then Abdullah should waste no time to reopen their thick files accumulated over the years since the time when he was Dep Minister in the Home Ministry and was responsible for releasing 13 hardcore triads from Simpang Renggam .

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