Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fuel increase and inflation

Talking about the increase of oil prices, it is an unpopular move by the government, more so with the sudden steep increase that cut across and affects everybody. I’ve always said that the BN government should do more to help the poor and the service industries. If the BN government is unable to control inflation, then I am sure it is difficult to be able to get the support of the rakyat. It is a difficult job trying to control inflation. There are many forces at play outside of the control of the government. Meanwhile, the PR leaders will continue to play on these dissatisfactions without offering any concrete proposal. Not to increase the price of oil is not the solution in the long term


NEIL said...

DrThe gov't must take every possible measure and political will to help to curb the rising cost of living.The gov't must come up with a stimulus packages as well as new measures to tackle this problem.They must focus on the lower income groups,who would be more affected by the increase in the food and fuel prices.Gov't should updates the general public on the current scenario.

sebol said...

Saya sudah nyatakan dengan jelas tuntutan yang saya rasa dituntut oleh semua rakyat Malaysia

Pearls said...

Are you sure there are many forces at play outside our government's control?? If that is the case... I see it as..

Number 1, our government is NO GOOD... cannot manage and control internal and EXTERNAL forces. Cannot anything. Tutups kedai and balik kampung is the way to go for our government.

Number 2, although, this whole economics and subsidy mumbo jumbo is simply confusing and complex, you dont need to be very clever to know that Malaysia is a very wealthy country and the figures fed to us just don't add up. Something or rather someone is telling or rather feeding us, the by the road joes and janes a lot of crapshit. That is what piss most people off.

COME ON!! who the hell is the government trying to bluff here?? Themselves? If so, they are doing a terrific job. If it is us, most of us are not buying it!! Don't even go near that worldwide price of crude oil is going up theory. Yah, so is production in Petronas. Dont even go near that storyline of telling us all that sob stories about how little Petronas makes or how Petronas will go bust by duno what year.. or how much the government have to subsidize for this and that..That trick works 10 years ago.. but not anymore. WE ARE NOT STUPID AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, GIVE US SOME CREDIT!

CP Waterman said...

Dr Chua
You have said it so well that it is very difficult to control inflation and if I may add it is also every government's top most endevour to keep inflation at bay.

But here in Malaysia,the BN government has just made itself the biggest laughing stock in the whole world - an oil producing country has suddenly increased petrol price by a HEFTY 42%!!!

Common sense will tell that this STUPID move will eventually send infation spinning off its tangent and who knows what instability will be installed for all Malaysians in the near future.

We can understand UMNO is cracking up in pieces and is hehaving like headless chicken, but don't you fellow component parties stand in the gap to warn them of the dire consequences of such STUPID SUDDEN STIFF petrol price hike??????? Or you all are still behaving like you have always been - muted running DOGS!

lovemalaysia said...

Few things to do if rakyat were to comply to the fuel hike for country's benefit:

1. Abolish all Toll Charges. We don't mind to pay for higher road taxs.

2. Abolish all private parking meter charges because we would like to use less petrol in our daily tasks or even perhaps to take more LRTs.

3. Upgrade the service of LRTs to engage more DBKL officers to strengthen the stations to reduce pick pockets and crime rates. DBKL officer's should do this security rather than issue summons to meter parking.

4. Upgrade more out station buses service as now we can still see Selangor Omnibus are so old and rusty even with no air-cond. How do you expect people to use more bus. Somemore alot of pick pockets cases upon it. Can't they look into these matter's too? I wonder what happens to those 1000 newly buses are all throw in the Palm Oil Estates recently?? What a wasteful..

Please upgrade all bus stations and terminals wider and provide more parking spaces and make it more logistic.

4.Goverment to provide public vehicles maintainance service rebates.

5.Goverment to impose imported and luxury cars to higher road taxes.

6.Goverment to provide bicycle lanes for school children in most housing areas.

7.Goverment to efficient promote, subsidies support to handle more recycle use projects. Provide more recycle bins especially to condominums and apartments.

8.Goverment to inject financial support and promote more agriculturals projects.

9.Impose higher tax to Alcohols, Cigarretes and Entertainments Charges like night clubs, discos, pubs and lounges for healthier livings.

10.Provide more free and lower fees medicals health check ups for school children and old age people and women especially mothers after giving birth.

11.Upgrade and maintain more recreations areas and activities for greener life.

12.Cukai pintu and tanah to be lower.

13. Goverment to provide nursery and kindergartens schools. As pre-school expenses are really high now adays.

14. Goverment to provide free milk or yogurt daily to school childrens. Free meals and uniforms for poor childrens.

15. Goverment to abolish or to reduce monthly telephone rental charges from RM26 to RM5.

16. Goverment to revise and reduce internet broadband and access fees (streamyx).

17. Goverment to provide and allow food allowance exemptions in our income tax.

18. Goverment to provide the usage of public transportation tax redemptions from our income tax.

19. Goverment to operate more price control unit for daily inspections to our grocery supplies. Switch more DBKL staffs to do this rather to cari makan in busy issueing summons to hawker centers.

20. Goverment to develope and promote more Solar Panes to our public usage and amenities.

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