Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong Now/ 陈记光医生事件的省思

Tan Kee Kwong was my college mate in the Medical Faculty in the University of Malaya. A serious and honest worker, however a little poor in his interaction with grassroot members. He should have the right to serve if he thinks that he can contribute. The trouble with the partisan politics in this country is that often there is a clear demarcation of whether you are white or black. So either you’re with us or against us. This is aggravated by infighting within the party. So, if you have a fallout with the leadership, you’re often marginalized in your party unless you make a determined effort to continue to serve and don’t care a damn about what the leadership is trying to do to you.

Datuk Dr. Tan after the Gerakan’s party election felt marginalized and that he had no role to play within Gerakan and since he had a fairly good knowledge on land matters, why not tap into the knowledge by serving in a position set up by the Pakatan Rakyat government? Good luck and best wishes in his new undertakings.

The BN state governments should take a leaf from PR and also set up special committees to resolve long standing land issues, especially among squatters and leasehold landholders. This committee will give room for BN members who are keen to continue to serve.Oother committees which should look into at the state level for issues of transportation, temple development and recreational activities (playground, sports centre). For BN government, the tendency is to appoint EXCOs to such tasks.
They normally have a lot of work and often attended functions but less work is done. Therefore, it is crucial for BN to consider appointing appropriate people in ensuring that work is carried out efficiently so that talented people remain in BN to serve the rakyat.

陈记光医生是我大学医学系系友。他待人诚实、处事认真,唯一的不足是和基层党员缺乏互动。对于他接受雪州民联政府委为土地管理特别委员会主席职,我认为,如果他有能力和强烈意愿继续为社会贡献,他有权力接受这项官委。只是,我国的政治生态黑白分明,你我非友则敌, 而这种现象在党内更加明显。从政者如果与党领导层不咬弦,尽管你才高八斗、实力出众也难逃被边缘化的命运。






Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When it's "Service Above Self"
Then even party politics has to be shelved
For what else is there to really delve
If in national interest we don't offer ourself

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030608
Tue. 3rd June 2008.

KIMHO8 said...
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308 之后,








Robert Teh said...

Such refreshing views coming from an MCA Man!

Keep it up! Doc. Well said.

tc88 said...

As Samuel said, 'such a refreshing views coming from a MCA man", I cannot agree more. In fact, Dr. Chua is not just an ordinary MCA man. He is an extraordinary VP of the party who during his short 4 years as Minister of Health has rationalise the our health policies to be relevant with the changing needs of Malaysians. Your courage to speak out and call a kettle black when it is black is a quality sadly lacking in many of our senior policitians within the BN fold, probably out of fear of being obstracised.

Yes, why should malaysian politics be partisian? I have a dream that one day, our Ministers will not be chosen from amongst those that are elected as MPs and based on allocation to the various component parties of the ruling coalition. I have a dream that one day, the PM can choose any Malaysian irregardless of political affiliation, race, gender or religion or whether he is a politician or an ordinary citizen to be members of his cabinet. Our PM's hands are tied when it comes to selecting his cabinet ministers. How many of our so-called esteemed ministers in the present cabinet are qualified or capable of doing an effective job? 33? certainly not? none? one? five? Your guess is as good as mine, but certainly not 33 nor one.

I think it is a very bold and magnamous part of the PR government in Penang and Selangor in offering Datuk Lee and Datuk Tan specific non-political positions in the state government. It can only bode well for the Rakyat and the country. I do not understand the rationale behind the irritation of DPM who wants Datuk Tan sack from his party. It is ironical that it is a well publicised fact (or is it a myth?) of non-interference in a component BN party by another? Before Gerakan leadership can issue a statement or take action, DPM has voiced his "request" and like an obedient boy, KTK will comply to the letter!


Sun said...

'Tan Kee Kwong and Lee Kah Chuan' incidents proved how narrow minded BN is. Further on, Gerakan's image is also being tarnished. BN and all its component parties still don't get it. People nowaday is looking for a new political landscape and a new ideology of national politic that is more open, transparent and RAKYAT-orientated. DAP, PKR and even PAS are moving swiftly towards 'evolution'of their parties. But, sadly, BN and even MCA are noway near to their current paces. If MCA still intends to play a key role in the future Malaysia politic platform, current culture in MCA must be changed. Otherwise, MCA will definately be wiped away with the wind of change in the next general election.

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