Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Petrol price/ 早日敲定燃油价格以安民心

It’s good to hear that the Malaysia government will finally announce a new petrol price for foreigners. This decision has been long overdue. Meanwhile, I’m given to understand that many Singaporeans are hesitant to come into JB due to the new ruling. However, Singaporeans just have to accept the fact that they have to pay petrol at market prices while in Malaysia, just like what they do in Singapore. Any delay by the government in announcing their new fuel scheme will send a wrong message and affect the tourism, investment climate and economic activities in Malaysia, more so in the Iskandar Development Region. Hopefully, Datuk Shahrir Samad, coming from JB should understand this problem more than anyone else.







笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. Chua,

i am against control petrol price.

i think
singaporean come to johore bahru

1) lower cost of living, because of strong singapore currency.
2) Cheaper Land cost.
3) easy and fast to go back to singaore.
4) common language or dialog
5)short period for holiday

Not so many singaporean come just to pump petrol.--- 1/3 tank???
Rm 30=== S$13.

safe and friendly society is more important.--- we must improve

it better to sell petrol at market cost , then waste the $$ on mismanagement or mulpratice.---- a monopolise controler can charge MILLIONS for services to check illegal petrol/ diesel purchase.

i rather gave 80%or 100% from illegal petrol $$ to informers.( no serves charges) and impose very heavy fine + jail for those who break the law.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me the sudden shock policy that led to the collapse of Soviet Union. Yes, Dato Sharir has the stroke of brilliance just likes Gorbachev. This time, he will bring down Pak Lah in the short term and the BN in a longer time frame. What is on his mind, double the price of petrol.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think if the government can think before they do, if would be glad. As policy cannot be any how implemented as suka-suka and it will affect lot of things.
Government should implemented a different price for foreigners and Malaysians. Hope that this time the government will think twice before they do. God bless.....

KIMHO8 said...




ZORO said...

This is a serious matter that, if not implemented appropriately, would cause havocs to the society. On one hand, we have to adjust the petrol price according to market price and on the other hand, the government has to do it without causing social instability. The only way is reducing the nation dependent on fossil fuel - oil. Government should immediately "force" the industry to use bio-diesel or any other alternative energy resources such as solar power, wind power, coal, nuclear, and hydro etc... Everybody start to use less oil and always think of alternative energy sources instead.

Those who use bigger capacity engine motor vehicles must prepare to pay more via road taxation.

It’s inevitable that we have to pay higher price for oil as the economic equation of world demand & supply comes into play. Our oil production is not even enough for our own consumption as we are led to believe. That means we are all at the mercy of bigger oil players like the Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Russia etc... We are also at the mercy of big oil users like U.S.A., China, India, and Europe. The best way forward for Malaysia is adopting aggressively on high efficient engines running on green and alternative energy sources. In order word, get out of the “curse” of oil. The oil is the mother of modern civilization. Can you imagine your life without oil or electricity?

Meanwhile, the pressing step is to make sure whatever schemes to be introduced by the BN government must come with very efficient governmental delivery system without which can cause even more pains and misery to the peoples at large. The BN government future is at stake if the oil & oil-related economy not tackled properly. The whole nation is now facing a crisis that unity and great understanding in handling the situation is important.

profit said...

Dear Dr.
Apa dah jadi dengan kerajaan BN ni???Pagi tadi saya ke Pejabat Tanah Kuantan untuk bayar cukai tanah,dulu hanya RM45.00 tapi sekarang kena bayar RM200.00.Kedai saya hanya 31sq mtr saja.Nampak gaya kerajaan BN langsung tak membela rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah.Dalam kiraan mere setiap 1 mt padu dikena kan RM0.25 atau Rm200 mana lebih rendah.Mati lah kami golongan peniaga warung,alamat tak nampak saya nak sokong BN lagi pada PRU13

iamataxpayer said...

terima kasih atas usaha mengatasi inflasion. kita perlu terima dengan hati besar kerana kenaikan petrol ini supaya masalah inflasion akan dikawal.


inn said...

I'm concerned with the middle and low income group of people adapting to this sudden change.

It's quite surprising to see that the government suddenly came to announce that they will abolish the fuel subsidy. I hope the government really think carefully about the outcome and all the ministry will come together to come up with new policies to control price hiking in other affected items.

Poor management is not accepted.

Pearls said...

We are all tricked by our ever famous kitchen cabinet government!!! Woo Hoo!!

Did you people see the price of petrol today? Did you people read that foreign cars are now able to pump petrol at boarder because the price of petrol has been increased? What the flying fcuk is that??!! Whoever in our famous kitchen cabinet thought of such rationale is a confirmed dumbfcuk!

The increased petrol price is still a subsidized price am I right or am I right?? If that is the case, then why are foreign cars allowed such Malaysian privilleges? What is so hard to have a different petrol price tag for foreign cars? WHAT!?? Too lazy to calculate??

The government must be thinking we, the tax payers are stupid or idiots to think that their logic for the petrol price increase is acceptable!

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