Friday, June 6, 2008

Local councilors in PR-controlled states

Both the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak and Selangor have not finalized the appointment of local authority councillors. No major decisions have been made by the local authorities since 308 election. I hope that they are not fighting over allocations of councillors among the component parties.

Other than highlighting the weaknesses of previous state administrator and some minor popular policies, I’ve not seen any significant major policy changes or improvement by PR state government. PR must remember that they are now the ruling party in the state and they should execute policies that are of benefit to the rakyat rather than just criticizing over issues by the previous administrator and doing nothing about it. Therefore, they should appoint local councillors as soon as possible to avoid delays to the solve rakyat’s problem.


NEIL said...

Hi Dr, PM has been in office for 4yrs and he has got everything flip flog.Now PR is in for only 3mths so I think it's still early.It's like first time driver,have some difficulties getting the right gear or driving in a straight line.In selangor some are trying to sabotage the PR vehicle to prevent it from having a smooth ride.Have faith and they will do alright.

zorro said...

What do you expect them to do in less than 100 days what your BN faialed to do in 30 years. It is housekeeping they are doing, cleaning up all the shit that hit the fan pre308. Time will tell. Meantime you can keep on haranguing and harassing them like all running dogs do.

I had some respect for you, but of late you are pretty bland with your contributions.

KIMHO8 said...







KIMHO8 said...

No to Local Government election, says Ka Chuan

8 Mei 2008

Tuan Chow Kon Yeow (Tanjong) minta Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan menyatakan adakah kerajaan bercadang untuk memulihkan sistem pilihanraya kepada kerajaan tempatan. Jika ya, beri butir. Jika tidak, mengapa.


Short and Sweet. That is the reply from the Federal Government.

GoodIdea said...

One need to open one's eyes to see.

Anak Muar said...

MCA should stop looking at what Pakatan "did not do" but instead DO WHAT IT SHOULD DO to regain the confidence of the Chinese in particular and Malaysians in general. Tell us what MCA and its deputy minister has done for BMC case! Chor's ignorance is very disturbing. Now Penang is no longer Gerakan's, what steps have MCA taken to win over Penang in 4 to 5 years' time? Dr. Chua, you have done well to keep Johor as MCA and BN stronghold. But how long more it will last? Johor MB is not very co-operative with oppositions! Be dare to extract opposition ideas to move forward. While two Pakatan States are appointing capable BN members to high office, will MCA at least have capable neutral community leader be appointed to important public service positions? In short, what I am saying is MCA has to reform to think outside the box. Continue to be brave Dr. Chua, you will be awarded as a honest leader at the end of the day. I have heard your speeches and examine your service records. It will be MCA loss not to have you replaced Ong as the next President. Way to go Dr. Chua.

jamos said...

Come on, Dr Chua
Do you move into a new house to live before you do the thorough cleaning of the house, whatmore if it is a used house? Don't tell me you don't, right? So, what the PR state govt is doing now is to make a good thorough cleansing of the mess and dirt left behind by the previous corrupted state govt, the Barisan Natang govt. Please don't just simply shoot beforehand without logical thoughts. If you continue to speak through your ass, you don't fit to have the 'DR' infront of your initial. Respect has to be earned. If you think this is a humiliating comment, don't publish it. Then, you don't fit to be a blogger as weel. I admire you all this while for your straight forward attitude in dealing with political issues. I still do but don't welcome your foolish critism.

Anonymous said...


agreed with u.

i hv commented and reminded Jeff Ooi when his article titled 'Desperate Housewife' was published in late March where i suggested that PR rep need to change their mentality from as an opposition role to that of a ruling party role. They cannot continue their old trick of blowing the issue big but at the end, no follow-up or cannot take any action whereby they claimed they would be able to do as if they are the ruling government.

Let's go back the BALKIS issue. After the issue was blown up and lots of discussion in the media, especially, the electronic media, until now, i do not hear any follow-up being discussed and any legal action that could be taken by PR government against those parties or individuals involved in what they claimed to have siphoning out the state government money.

The PR government should set up a follow-up mechanism and to update the rakyat on a regular basis on those issues involved irregularities or malpractice of the previous governments instead of periodically publicize those issues for political reason as it will not help in the progress of the PR controlled states.

To the rakyat, they are eager to see changes to the current political and economic climate of the country. However, if the PR state governments cannot show their report card in the first 100 days, they will be in trouble. Especially for the state of Perak. it is the State where DAP garnered most support and has most members in the State Exco. If they would to fail to deliver freehold grant to the new village settlers as their first promise after forming the state government, they are going to get the consequences in the coming election.


To me, to do show at Parliament House will only bring about publicity but will not make an MP a good rep! to the rakyat, what we want to see is positive progress, a check and balance mechanism.

to go on the street to show dissatisfaction is NGO role. DAP & PKR cannot play the opposition role now. They need to do something more constructive.

NEIL said...

Dr, were is my comment?

Pearls said...

What sort of significant major policy changes or improvement do you want to see from PR state government?

Let's be fair, digging and pointing out the previous state administrator is part of their job to ensure that people like me, who pay all sorts of tax to feed these goonies know what the flying fcuk has been going on and where my hard earn money was spent! Yes, for me, I would like to know what that fat pisang goreng fella by the name of Toyol has done during his glory days! Yah, I want him nailed to a cross and thrown out into the sea for all the crap shit he has done and said! Yah, I am vindictive but than again, I am a woman... That is my right!

I think for PR to proof their worth, it will take at least 2 years to see results. Afterall, BN has been running the state for the past 50 years(??) has done nothing but flinch every single one of the residence! Another fact that Jbslowman and you refuse to see is that PR state government has not been getting, shall I say cordial and professional assistance from the Federal government. It is not easy to run a state when you got no experience and on top of that, you got a bunch fcukwit from Federal side giving you shit for every move you make....

Anyway, I think for 3 months, PR State has achieved quite a lot...

Selangor State PR government has gone on to...

1. Solve BMC issue once and for all. Who cares that BN came in at the end of the whole drama to say something.. BN didnt do anything but sit and watch.. From PM to Samy bulu's replacement.. Work Minister.. All was balless and perhaps cockless.. I really dont know and don't care to find out..

2. Got free water from June onwards.. Yippeeee!!! Even if there are going to be water disruption once or twice a month, I will put up with it.... because IT IS FREAKING FREE!!

3. The Selangor Exco meeting is online for all to see and people are encouraged to give their 2 cents worth of opinion. I like this!! No more Rahsia, sulit and kulit for people who pays them! Unlike that BN... plenty of excuses and crapshit. make you feel like burning them alive during their meeting!

Penang State Government has gone on to...

1. Make the mother of all discovery that the mega glam project that was launched by our dumbo bimbo PM is a fake!! Yah.. no approval, no submission, no nothing but a big scam! All the land problems are now cascading out for all to see.. ooo.. so many hanky panky... I wonder who is getting what and how much...

2. Change all leasehold to freehold.

3. All schools need not pay for was it quit rent or assessment..

4. Cut down on all those fancy meetings and courses for all staff. No more wasting money to makan beramai-ramai... GOOD!!

For those who are not happy with PR State government, well, think for a minute if the previous BN gonnies has done as much as these buggers? What is a problem if PR has not appoint or finalise the appointment of local authority councillors? WHAT?? Will it make us die?? NO right.. So, what is the picky icky issue here??

krobo said...

Dear All,

On one hand I concur with Dr. Chua's view that the newly installed Pakatan Rakyat regime should now go down to work and form new policies rather than pinpointing the wrongs of its predecessor. However, on the other, it is also imperative that these wrongs be made known if they are issues which concern the welfare and rights of the rakyat. For example, a case in point was the discovery of a few big wigs from Perak MCA whom alienated a piece of land in Pasir Pinji for their own interests. This particular case also dragged Ka Chuan's name through the mud and till today we have yet to hear if he has been vindicated or villified. This is just one of the many other issues which I believe the newly installed regime had exposed for the rakyat to digest and weigh the dignity and honesty of their former wakil rakyats. It would also make the public be more aware of them in future.

Running a government is not easy and I hope the newly installed regime will do well and bring about more progress to the rakyat. For example, if Penang can be turned into a little Singapore within the next four years it would then show to all and sundry that Pakatan Rakyat has the acknowledgement to govern by the international community.

myenvelope said...

Agree. But Dr, please give PR a little time since I don't think the policy stuffs are three months job.

karepu said...

Come on lah Dr. You should ask your colleague in umno not to use dirty tactics to mess up the state government. People has decided and let's the new government to run the state. "SYABAS" attitude in Selangor is a prove they are taking the instruction from umno to fail the free water project.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

Just like you asking the PR Govt to stop thinking like an Opposition, you (or MCA) should stop thinking like 'Barisan Nasional', meaning, divide-and-rule mentality, tolerating govt abuse, corruption and excess, as long as they are committed by one of your BN cronies.

Come on! Doc, with all honesty, do you still believe in doing things 'In the Spirit of BN' or do you want to make a difference?

Right now, the rakyat need to be convinced that MCA is indeed reforming and transforming, in thought, attitude and action. When can we see some real changes, like taking action (verbal or non-verbal) against errant MCA leaders who continue to behave like they are 'untouchable' as long as they do or say things 'In the Spirit of BN', even though it is so blatantly clear, it is not in the best interest of the rakyat.

Chee Yong said...

Hi there, is it such a pressing issue you're talking about here. Yes, the kickoff has been abit slow, but its better late than never if they are doing it right.MCA has been doing a shoddy job all these years. If you ask me, all MCA candidates should be kicked out. But then again thats the beauty of democracy. Its not a full proof method to weed out incompetents. In fact I think rakyat has been slow to teach MCA a lesson.

If you're back to your old ways Dr Chua, I suggest you better not make a comeback lah. Tak sihat utk politik negara.

Camon said...

Sorry to say that your mouth alway betray you ..... Its flat and when you speak your mouth is not open and it betray your sincerity in your words......
If you needs to boost your political career via blogging your words and action are watch by all of us... intelligent and the silly...
If you have to comment, please be fair to all concern and show your gentleman character in you ( oh .. I doubt any Politican have it... like what Dr. Mathadir famous quote 'stab in the back'')
What do you know about Local Council ? Your comment is elementary and does not worth any comment by us.
You should dwell on 'national important issue' that's what you are here for and not on ikan bilis comment...
You are out of subject for us to view... better learn from Raja Petra ... until then bye bye love

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...






Charlie said...


There are plenty other issues that Dr. Chua had written in his blog. Why pick this one? What is your standard of labeling “national important issues”? As far as I know, Dr. Chua has addressed numerous national issues such as fuel hike, health issues and so on. If your national important issue is much more IMPORTANT than Chua’s, why not just go and start your own blog? Why waste your time here? Hmm, maybe its time to re-evaluate yourself on your immature statement. Go fly kite la, boy!

kiddokit said...

That's where you and your BN fail us terribly. To you and BN, the PR govt is only 'doing something' when they issue new edicts and policies. To you and BN, they are 'doing something' when they can trumpet "Hooray! Growth up 10%, unemployment down 3%". They are only 'doing something' so that you and your BN can then rub your hands in glee when the PR govt, after having made those pronouncements, show signs of failing in their policies.

I'm just glad the people are not as parochial in their expectations of the PR govt as you and your BN. To us, they had already done something when: -

1) they 'forced' the reopening of the closed road in the BMC saga -- with the people solidly backing them. If S'gor hadn't fallen to PR, do you honestly think this would have happened?

2) they gave us, the people of Malaysia, 'live' Internet telecast of the S'gor State Assembly sitting. A significant impetus towards bridging the gap between us and the Yang Berhormats. Would the shameless Toyol had done this if he was still in power? The PM and Info Minister both had to hither dither before agreeing to telecast 'live' the Parliament sitting. But yet to the S'gor PR govt, there's no need to think too hard over this -- just do it! Top marks go to Khalid Ibrahim and gang.

3) they gave us hope again that our hills and environment can be saved. If it had been BN at the helm, we can expect more hill-cutting and the sordid gang-rape of Mother Nature.

4) they revealed to us Malaysians just exactly how much we had been taken for an expensive ride by the previous state govts (be it Penang or S'gor). If BN is still governing, huh! I dare not even fathom what the bill would be.

So, yeah, you and your BN can forever harp that the PR hasn't been so hot in performance since taking over the reins. But to us Malaysians, the PR govts have shown us what can and what is. And that's why you and your BN will never again reign supreme in Malaysia.

Stick around, Dr. Chua. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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