Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAP, PAS and PKR’s Political Sandiwara

One year 4 months after the 308 election, crack seems to be appearing between DAP, PAS and PKR. In a multiracial country like ours, politicians in the government will often realize that it is a difficult act of balancing in order to govern and function effectively. To begin with, you have to balance the expectations and the needs of your own party members. In meeting their needs and expectations, you have to make sure that you do not upset your political partners. Having met all these conditions, you have to ensure that the decision that you make will not upset the political balance of the component parties and also the various races in this country. Finally, whatever decision you made should be acceptable to the majority of the various races in this country. Ideally, solution to any problem should be based on merit. In other words, in the sterile world of medicine, we say that it is ‘clinically correct’. Here, in the context of Malaysia, we say that it is ‘politically correct’.

First, we are entertained to PAS’ unity talk with UMNO that seems to provoke an outcry from DAP, PKR and also its own leader within PAS. Honestly, I don’t think this unity talk is settled within PAS. Now, it is PAS Youth that is pursuing this unity talk agenda with the UMNO Youth. UMNO Youth has decided that it will seek the views of their counterpart in BN before announcing a decision on any issues.

Then, we have in Kedah where PAS and DAP have a very high profile fallout over the demolition of the pig abattoir and purported demolition of Indian and Chinese temple. At the end, we are told that it is happy ending. Question is if the abattoir, Indian and Chinese temple are destroyed, what kind of happy ending could it be? Politically, PAS and DAP could have smoked the peace pipe but the problem remains. As I’ve written earlier, it is a crisis that will only serve to make DAP leaders in Kedah looks good. This is a case where there is a lot of political mileage with no work done. Earlier in my posting, I even congratulated the DAP state leader for his political posturing and spinning since it is a case of more to gain and nothing to lose. At the end of the day, Kedah DAP looks good, PAS is the bad boy.

Coming to the state government of Penang, we have a case of a PKR councilor been sacked for leading a boycott for the swearing in of a senior state official. After he apologized, everything seems to be normal. Then came the infamous Kg. Buah Pala incident where PKR members openly condemned the state government. Meanwhile, the state government tries to solve the problem by avoidance and starting a blame game. The state government has forgotten that they are in power and not in opposition. Whatever problem they have, it is incumbent for the power-to-be to solve the problem.

Now we have the MP Wee Choo Keong, (some calls him the ‘katak’ politician since he has switched from one party to another) accusing a DAP executive councilor of working hand in glove with the underworld. This is a serious allegation, more so coming from a MP who is also a trained lawyer. As expected, there is a round of denial by DAP leaders. Some felt it is cheap publicity, others may find it amusing, yet there are others who feel that such allegation should be investigated. If Wee Choo Keong has the evidence, then he should cooperate with the police. Otherwise, it is grossly unfair to the accused state EXCO. With no names been mentioned, your guess is as good as mine. For the sake of his credibility, he should prove that there is basis for his allegation; otherwise he will not look good with the credibility gap hanging over him.

They say politics is not for the faint hearted. If you are the type that worries easily and lose your sleep over any issue, then you should avoid politics. The politics of balancing in this country makes it harder for all politicians irrespective of their political divide to function effectively. Often, the rakyat looks at problem from their own mental box. It is a case of never stop learning if you want to be a good politician. A generous dose of common sense will do you a lot of good.

As I’ll be out of the country from Tuesday till Thursday, I will not be doing any postings.


I swear said...

Sandiwara or not, isn't this a good time for MCA to win back the Chinese? I have no doubt about YB Wee's allegations. Certain people in DAP are involved with gangsters. Likewise, certain MCA people are also involved with gangsters. On this, I am puzzled why won't these MCA and DAP fella just quit and form "Hoong Hing" gang or similar.

The people know and just because many people are silent doesn't mean people condon it.

Let DAP resolve their gangsters problem. Likewise I hope Dr Chua can resolve the gangsters problem in MCA.

yatim said...

Dear Dr.,
Atleast we the rakyat know what is going on with DAP, PKR and PAS. But in BN, no one knew what a hell went on. The Chinese and Indians lost the basic rights as citizen of this country, with you BN guys hiding everything from the rakyat. So your claim of BN being harmonius is a myth.

simon said...

Datuk Seri,

you can say whatever you want lah....

your party and your president are just a lot of sandiwara....easy to point finger at others.

one PKFZ issue, and everyone in MCA are involved. how can we go out to convince the people, especially the CHinese?

you can say whatever you want, you have your own issue to settle, and i wish you good luck.

how about your president? still enjoying the private jets ride and 10mil which he took from some big mouth sarawakian?

there is no secret in politics. so please stop sandiwara each other. 50 steps is no greater than 100 steps. remember that.

l藍海 said...
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l藍海 said...


noyawns said...

Ya..MCA, UMNO & BN...really CON-vincing the rakyat! You all just keep quiet and let UMNO run all over the place while you quietly make money! O...not so quiet now that huge issues like PKFZ bongkar?!
You say BN must change the Perception of the rakyat - you are wrong! BN must change its corrupted ways! Nothing wrong with the rakyat's perception - in fact, Malaysians are just too trusting and patient

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