Thursday, July 23, 2009

Letter of Support to MCA President

I was approached by the media in regards to the joint press statement issues by MCA Ministers and Deputy Ministers to support the MCA President Ong Tee Keat in the PKFZ controversy.

The people do not attach much importance to such show of support.

As the President of MCA, he can get all the Ministers and Deputy Ministers to sign the statement. They are all appointed by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the President.

As a political party, the rakyat is more concerned whether we are doing things right.

What is important is that the people wants to see whether the cost of the PKFZ project is justifiable, whether it is viable and whether there have been abuse of public funds. We have to ensure that the rakyat's money is well spent.

In short, how do we move forward so that the PKFZ controversy can be put to an end without affecting the image of the BN government.

The MCA President always emphasize that we must work hard to meet the expectations of the rakyat at all times. This is more important than just fulfilling the needs of MCA members.

I believe that as long as the MCA President does the right thing, all MCA members will fully support him.











指南山人 said...

部長或副部長的支持與否?我想並不重要, 重要的是人民是否接受, 別忘了選票永遠來自群衆,力量永遠來自人民, 部長與副部長的支持只是告訴大家您在黨中有多"權威 "

telur dua said...

The way forward is to tell the truth and reveal everything.

But how, when so many people have got their fingers in the pie?

PKFZ is one big 'family' business.

Anak Merdeka said...

He can have all the support of MCA members but for what purpose - "syiok sendiri"?

Can he get the support of the community at large?

Has he been able to stem the increasing offensive racial taunts by UMNO cohorts and even more so by a former PM against the community?

By not addressing these issues of rife racism, can he still stay relevant to the aspirations of the younger generation's call for Bangsa Malaysia?

Like UMNO, MCA cannot extricate itself from the muck that they are drowning in right now.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...



Chinese said...

Please stop criticizing one and other, yet MCA should find ways to overcome the problems, not just simply pointing finger at each others.

In fact, this problem has been there for such a long time, plase don't just simply point your CANNON onto your brothers/sisters in MCA. You were in the Cabinet before, don't you aware about it??? Why don't you speak out when you were a MINISTER??? You dare to do so when you are holding a POSITION?? Why till the 3rd one only you criticize that much???

As a Malaysia MALAYSIAN CHINESE, we should unite togther and fight againts the enemy, especially in this politic tsunami era. If not, not even MCA, but I would say all the MALAYSIA CHINESE will be the loser in the next coming General Election. At that time, we can only voice out in the PUBLIC Coffice Shop, but not in the PARLIMENT any more.

Ooi Beng Hooi said...



Pak Pandil said...


the truth is:

He is not fighting for PKFZ, but for his own survival....

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