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Sex scandal complaint against Soi Lek dropped/三大理由撤销针对蔡细历控状, 黄清源:事过境迁,不合时宜

Extracted from New Straits Times, 31.07.09

Kuala Lumpur: The MCA division chief who lodged a complaint against party deputy president Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek over his DVD sex scandal, has withdrawn it.

In the wake of the withdrawal, it was not immediately known if the party’s disciplinary board hearing on the former minister’s case scheduled for Aug 4 will go ahead.

Simpang Rengam MCA division chief Eng Cheng Guang, who lodged the complaint with the disciplinary board gave thre reasons for his sudden change of mind.

They are:

  • He was upset that his anonymity has been compromised as the panel had revealed his identity to Dr. Chua;
  • The complaint was submitted in May last year to the board previously headed by former deputy president Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy; and
  • The board had sat on the complaint for more than a year without any action being taken.

"I had filed my complaint with the previous disciplinary panel and I decided to drop it now because I do not agree with the way the current panel is doing things," he told the New Straits Times.

Eng denied that he was pressured into withdrawing his complaint, saying that it had been more than a year since the scandal and circumstances had changed since.

Dr Chua was caught on hidden camera having a tryst with a woman at a hotel in Johor early last year. Subsequently, he quit his government and party posts. 

Last October, he was elected as MCA's deputy president in the party polls.

Eng said he had faxed his request to the panel last Tuesday (July 28) to withdraw his complaint but had yet to receive any response from them.

In his two-page letter lodged with the former disciplinary panel in May last year, Eng had complained that Dr Chua had committed adultery and oral sex.

He had also called the panel to take disciplinary action against Dr Chua for tarnishing the party's image.

When contacted, disciplinary board deputy chairman Datuk Jimmy Low said he had "just found out about" this development.

"It is news to me but I do not know the reason (for Eng's withdrawal of his complaint)."

Low declined to elaborate further, or on whether the board would continue its investigations.

Dr Chua was scheduled to appear before the board on Aug 4 at 2.30pm.

He said he had yet to receive any word from the board regarding this development.

"Until I receive something in black and white, I am prepared to attend the hearing. I am a party man and spent 25 years in MCA. 

"I am ready to appear before the board because I feel they will make a decision based on party interests," he said, adding that he had accepted the fact that his scandal would be continually raised to discredit him.

He called on members not to speculate, remain calm and united and continue serving the party.

"I hope the party can really close ranks and move forward. 

"People are watching us and we have bigger issues con fronting MCA and the nation.

"Leaders' behaviour should not be totally absorbed into party conflicts that we forget the bigger picture of helping the prime minister to achieve his 1Malaysia slogan."


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bantiek said...

Leave aside the three reasons given by Eng, it is a glaring fact that he is under duress to withdraw his complaint from the top BN leader, so to speak.

David Lee said... cartoon la........stupid.

Clare said...

Hi Datuk,

This Eng guy must be under preasure by you. What a coward he is ? This is the true colour of MCA members.

What a shame...... with giving all sort of stupid reason.

Anonymous said...

Is MCA suffering from obsessive compulsive personality disorder ? May be even a chronic form ?

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