Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lesson learnt from Teoh Beng Hock’s case

The incident of Teo Beng Hock who falls down to his death from MACC building has stirred up much anger and emotion from the public. Many speculations have been made towards the MACC with accusations and blame.

This incident definitely does not look good to MACC. This is not the time for the opposition and the government in power to argue about who should be taking the blame, I would rather everyone to be focused on resolving the case. I have said in the press that I agreed for a Royal Commission to be set up to investigate the matter so that a convincing explanation could be given to Teoh’s family as well as to the public.

In the meantime, the MACC should give their fullest cooperation to the police in providing accurate information without any hidden details. MACC has started their operation earlier this year replacing the Anti Corruption Agency in order to increase efficiency in curbing corruption and to improve on transparency in executing MACC tasks. Hence, they should be transparent in their investigation. Unfortunately, transparency is unclear here. There were no CCTV in the MACC building and up till now, no one knows what was the exact interview procedure in Teoh’s case, whether it was taped, recorded, written down in black and white or nothing at all.

Therefore, I see that this case is the reason to call for a review on the interview procedures on suspects and witnesses involving cases of corruption. Jurisdiction and scope of MACC should also be revised.

Apart from that, the police have the responsibility to investigate the case without any prejudice. They have to carry out investigations in a professional manner and be transparent, including the interrogation. Meanwhile, rakyat and politicians from both the political divide should calm down in order to allow the police to carry out their investigation professionally.

I wish to convey my deepest condolence to Teoh’s family and his fiancée.


Vince said...

Dr Chua,

We are not dumb and we are not stupid either. The Malaysian Politics have gone far from Bad to the WORST. It now cost another life and impacts on the future of the family. Please spare us the cover up story telling bull shit, we don't even want to know (Which is why TBH's family is rejecting the second autopsy bull shit, you can always do it right the 1st time). Nobody need to explain why is the "questioning was done at 4.00am in the morning?" (The air is fresher, is it?).
Please don't tell us this is suicide or just because he is too sleepy that he fall off the ledge. No logical human who have bear the responsibility of his 'wife to be' (to be married and be a husband) and his 'children to be' (She is carrying his child); could be so "CARELESS" and involved in an"ACCIDENT". Politics is politics but please do not take people lives, none of any human in this world have the right to take another person's life. Who ever is responsible will never feel guilty (all the evidence will just get LOST some how, very conveniently). But bear in mind life is fair, Justice will prevail in the END (we all will die one day and no one will be exempted). May GOD bless TBH's soul and may his family be guided and protected from all EVIL.
We can now see the price of life in the game of Politics can be so cheap and expendable. May KARMA prevail to whoever that do this, they will suffer when the time comes.

Pearls said...

CALM DOWN!? A MAN DIED!! A MAN WHO IS THE SOLE BREADWINNER IN HIS FAMILY, ABOUT TO GET MARRIED, HAVE A BABY COMING ALONG DIED!! How to calm down?! I am a mama and can just imagine the pain and agony Teoh's mama is going thru. Calm Down? Are you mad?!

What is the point of setting up a Royal Commission when recommendations from such commission are not acted upon? After the squatting in lock up incident, there was a Royal Commission set up but none of their recommendations were seriously looked into or carried out. So, you tell me, how effective is a Royal Commission? Is just another exercise where a group of so called respected over the great hill human sit and talk for days, use up a lot of good quality paper, meaning, plenty of trees have to be chopped down and at the end, nothing change for the better! Dont waste my tax contribution la!!

The government gotta realise that people are smarter (infact, majority are smarter than all the goonies in the cabinet!!) and are not afraid to grill the government if the need arises. So, please, dont give us all these half baked reply and reasons when shit hit the fan. Better have something intelligent to say.

People like Nazri and that MACC goonie in a bright canary yellow shirt are classic examples! They represent their department and government and yet, give the most idiotic response and statements ever! Nazri threatened and that idiot in bright canary yellow shirt responded like he just woke up! WTF la!

As for SOP on interrogation/ interview done by our relevant authorities, sigh.. for the life of me la, I cannot understand how can we not be on par with other Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong. Dont you even dare go near that "we are better than countries like Indonesia what"!!! Dont be a twerp!

Eh, I thought MACC had assistance from Hong Kong counterpart (ICAC) when they revamp last year? If so, than why are we still stuck in 1945in this area? I am very sure Hong Kong ICAC have many CCTVs at all angles on when an interview/ interrogation takes place. So, what happened with us? 1 CCTV pun tadak! Got money to spend on putting candeliers in the PM's home or make buntings and hang all over town to announce his 100 days in office, got no money to put CCTV in interrogation rooms ah? Ridiculous! Insane! Outrageous! Where is the god damn priority with our government!?

Sigh.. anyway, I am waiting to see how our government is going to spin this around and come out smelling like roses. I have full faith BN will be able to spin this.. afterall, they have been spinning for the last 50 years and like my cousin say.. is a professional at this liao! Let's watch..

Mike said...

Vince is absolutely right.

Where is the transparency in this case? We don’t see the same effort or if any effort at all has been placed in case much more severe than this…

The few thousand dollars spent to purchase some flags as compare to the 5 billions West Port shit is nothing….

What about the 24 millions mansion in Shah Alam,,… ?

The fungus infected hospital in Johor,..?

The collapsed roof of a newly build stadium in KT?

The crack and repair and crack again highway in Kepong….. ?

The paid tolls and yet everyday jam privitized LDP ?

The lists are endless…

Vince is absolutely right. We people are not stupid we know what is going on here.

As they always said what go around will come around…eventually.

Just imagine if Beng Hock is your son, brother or future husband to be… how will you feel? !

How will you or can you explain to his son / daughter what happen to a father he / she will never live to see…

History is always a good mirror. But our leaders seem never to learn from it!

Pearls said...


Ya lor.. ya lor.. What about those mega million billion bucks of scam that has happened here? Why MACC have yet to get started on them. Nah.. I list down for their easy reference...

What about Toyol's house? That mere 1.5 years doing business can earn so much mola to buy a mansion ah? Do what that can earn so much money? I can only think of a few things lor and they are all illegal! How come the mansion so cheap ah? Got ghost issit that piece of land?

What about PKFTZ? This is the best! He say, she say, they say, PWC say.. one minute say want to take action against the developer, next minute pay them because their board of directors "cham seong" with the god knows who. Eh, not pay RM10K leh.. pay that RM660 million ok!!

What about the very recent case with Tourism authorities which is helmed by that Teresa Teng wannabe (pretty never mind but.. err...) Apparently, there is something to do with a drug firm by the name of Venturepharm Asia and construction of a Malaysia pavillion at the 2010World Expo in Shanghai estimating to cost RM19over million ok.

What about the collapse of Kuala Terengganu stadium, aquatic center?? Roof also can come down!! Not to say I bad la.. but I wonder whose head will roll if the King was there taking a show off walk and entah apa apa, kena pinned down by the whole roof!

What about the hospital that has fungus and mould? Nah! This one, Uncle Chua here say one thing, Samy yang berbulu say another.. MCA fella say, MIC fella say like some housewives fighting over the fence.. nah!! what happened?

What about the cracked highway? Cost duno how much to build, crack like some failed cake that fell out of the cake tin, than cost duno again how many millions or was it billion to repair. Yack of GOD ah?

What about the ridiculous amount in eng pong (english pounds) spent on trying to converting a piece of land in some farm town in Engkok (UK) into some stupid training center and at the end, pun tak jadi?

What about all those "zook zap zook zap"(P Ramlee's term for dubious) deals that has happened in Kg Buah Pala in Penang and god knows where else that has yet to be discovered?

What happened to the billboard story in Petaling Jaya with MBPJ and Seni Jaya. Got letters and all.. got this and that. Cheque go this account, money transferred to another account like magic show like that. At the end, the bank account muflis, money gone, billboard kena pulled down, Seni Jaya hoping and pissing mad.. Apa maciam to this story?

Ya la.. all these cases can wait because MACC got this big thing with RM2,400 of missing freaking flags!! And.. it is enough to warrant death!

Always think we are some ulu mulu idiots running around with just a piece of cloth string around our arse! I really feel like kicking someone's arse now! Do it like Beckham!

Low C. W. said...

Pearls, Mike & Vince...I like what you said. Suggest you guy should also provide the same feedback to our PM website. He will agree with what you said (to certain extends) and he is the one in power to make the change.

Making full use of Internet.

donplaypuks® said...

“Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was “manhandled and threatened” by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

“When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,”said the source who was not authorized to speak to media.”

Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:



We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
That is all that really matters.

kenny said...


I heard the same thing from a reliable source.

TAN said...

Just joint PKR. You waste alot of time in MCA.

Vince said...

Dr Chua,

I understand that you may not approve my earlier comment; maybe it is for benefit my well being. Thank you.
But this TBH case will always stay as an impact to all. We will remember this case and it is a good example how things can go so wrong. Will this be case closed because we did not see anyone getting arrested and trialed? Justice have not prevail.

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