Friday, July 17, 2009

Notification letter and complaint letter

I have received a notification letter issued by MCA Disciplinary Council. Kindly click into thumbnails below for full size images and detailed information.


bantiek said...

The top gun is all out to destroy you. He knows that you are a threat to him (OTK) in the next party polls in 2011. I predict your membership will be suspended for three years, so that you will have no chance vying for the presidential post. Stay cool, Dr.Chua. Many Central delegates are solidly behind you. We will know what to do in the next course of action.

kenny said...

Dear Datuk Seri

I think it is high time to leave this stinking ship. You have to set a new paradigm. The BN and MCA you knew are no longer there. You are like Peter Pan in Never Never Land. Not growing up and getting old.

It is time you wake up. BN and MCA had become a monster gone amok. The last few days shown that. Some BN fishing expedition gone wild ending with a young man's death.

It is time you leave these skeletons behind.

Richard Cranium said...

I am not a MCA fanboy. In fact, I detest the many pretend-MCA-member-wanting-to-do-good-for-the-chinese I've had the displeasure to meet.

But this disciplinary action sounds like a farce, and is calculated to do one thing only - to "can" you.

What you do in the confines of privacy is your business. The only reason why MCA was supposedly brought into disrepute was that certain people distributed the video. How come nothing was done to catch those culprits?

This is so typical of the government, of which MCA is a weak member of.

MCA is such an embarrassment to the Chinese community. I, for one, certainly don't consider MCA as representative of the Chinese.

anti said...

the letter dated 28/5/08, at that time, OTK is not president yet.

sunnyneh said...

Its just political revenge plain and simple.. The name Ng Cheng Kiat rings a bell.. Wasn't he aligned to OTK's sifu Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai to challenge Tun Ling and got defeated teruk teruk? Now that he is disciplinary chairman... the knives are out for Tun's men?

Suci Dalam Debu said...

I think OTK himself is in a precarious position. He will be destroyed comes GE13. Get rid of OKT and MCA will have a chance. Just that he does not want to know about it because he is all consumed by the thought that his nemesis is Chua Soi Lek and must be destroyed at all costs.

After this bruising battle, MCA will soon be just as irrelevant as GERAKAN. MCA wii be of no use to Chinese Malaysian. So both of you will also be irrelevant.

Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that you you will survive this battle or preempt it if I were you.

wong said...

its more them skinning a cat here..1stly as sdr dato chua put a strong front when the video surface,,couragous to face wrath n seek forgiveness within his family. that is one up!

today sdr chua is squeezed by the balls..within the matter of time he be sacked...that doesnt make him a a hero..this is his own score to settle. to draw fellow members into his private battle is definatly cowardic.
he claimed he been courted by oppositions, was it sounding out...DONT TOUCH ME, I WILL WORK AGAINST YOU.
AFTER HIS APPOINTEMNT BY THE PRIME MINISTER, he shut up..make delcarations he will stay in B.N.

the sword are drawn for his blood..once he is out, he become useless.

he should learn from jimmy chua...if i cant change it..retire. he didnt jump over .he just retired.
our deputy president , think he is a fighter cock...but in the art of politics, is to know when to leave,

learn from lee san choon..he retired at the peak ..

Magpie said...

Please do not waste your time in MCA. Just do what Chua Jui Meng is going to do and move on to make this country a better place

jue said...

that is what politics about.

i don't like mca and mca is irrelevant! however, i do respect u for owning up to your wrongdoing unlike the others who may say, 'he look like me, sound like me but he is not me'.

who are we to judge your morality? if your family can forgive and accepted you back, no one has the right to question u further.

paloi bin mulau said...

csl a threat to otk? hee hee hee

csl please stay active in mca till beend tenggelam

Old Fart said...


Why should I even bother to shed a tear for you when you are unable to say one thing ion condemnation of MACC's killing of Teoh. Why should I bother to see what injustice, as you claim, is done on you by your colleagues in MCA when you did absolutely nothing to ensure the murderers of Kuga were charged in court.

Why should I bother about what happens to you when you have said nothing and done nothing to bring to book those guilty of the PKNZ fiasco? Why should I do anything when you have said nothing to tell the Home Minister that he should be canceling the printing and publication license of Al Islam.

You expect sympathy from me and yet you do nothing for the greater community who you claim to and wish to represent. You and your cohorts gain from being part of MCA, the lapdogs of UMNO and you submit the community you represent to be subservient to them, and now you are looking for sympathy and support? You are sick man!!

Chen said...

Pass the popcorn, good show about to start.

Seriously lah Ah Chua, I can't imagine why you still want to stay on in MCA. What is it that you see in MCA and BN? Please share with us leh.

cheah said...

During the MCA elections, you were given the mandate by the delegates to become Deputy President of MCA. Immediately after the election, OTK started to sideline you which is unprecedented in the history of MCA. What he has done is actually going against the wishes of the delegates who voted you in. His actions has shown that he has shown total disrespect to the delegates and willing to divide the party at the expense of grabbing absolute power. Apparently, power to him and his cronies is more important than the survival of MCA which is still bleeding from the GE12 setback. I do not see that he love the party at all through his actions. For the party to survive, it has come to a stage where there is no alternative but to have a revolution within the party in order to be relevant to the Chinese community. You have to make a decision to either to convene an EGM to kick him out or leave the party. If you do not wish to proceed with the first option, it is better for you to leave MCA and start afresh by setting up or joining another political party where you can still contribute to nation building. In the current MCA, do not hope to play your part in contributing to the Chinese community and Malaysia as a whole unless you take the first option i.e. convene an EGM.

If you love MCA more than anything else, the decision is obvious. If your EGM fails (i.e. the MCA members choose to remain status quo), your conscience will be then clear where you can then consider option 2.

I wish you all the best.

KL Lim said...

Now that your enemy is strong and attacking, RETREAT!

Teo said...

time to leave MCA, MCA will be gone come 13thGE, be an independence or join opp party and still can contribute

Poo Ching Loong said...

For what i see, BN just got a good response and in a good track after the MU election. Why not keep up the good work and work together to win in the next GE? Fighting within each other in any form or reasons is for sure not a good thing. I am really disappointed to see this. God bless.

kenny said...

Dear Datuk Seri

The death of Teoh Beng Hock, my apology to the family, had put the nail in the coffin for MCA. The anger of the community will be directed at MCA like the kamikaze in the next election.

So, Datuk Seri, there is no point for you to be there. I think you can put your talent to use somewhere else.

Tuanku said...

Dear Dato' Dr Chua Soi Lek,

Many foreign Malaysian students and undergraduates were shocked to read the complaint letter and the notification letter issued by MCA Disciplinary Council about your private sex life. We believed that the complaint letter was made by a MCA member with bad intention and bad karma to destroy or finish off your political career forever. Who is the mastermind here ?

We are very proud and respect your gentleman way to admit it, resigned from the corrupted BN govt and walk the talk of a good politician. Bravo! We support Dr Chua to challenge and fight on against your MCA & UMNO enemies.

We are double shocked and anger to read that a Chinese political secretary, Teoh Beng Hock, an aide to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead on the 5th floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam at about 1.30pm yesterday after giving his statement to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). We are very sad on the unethical and unprofessional manners MACC handle their investigations against him and other Chinese Oppositions. We noted that HK ICAC is speechless to comment about our mad MACC officers abused their power against an innocent victim, Teoh, a future good father and husband. The sleeping ANGEL wasn’t stupid to jump down unless some DEMONS at 14th floor did it ?” Do you believe it? Now GOD is a key WITNESS. GOD will bless his peaceful soul!

The entire global Chinese communities were anger and disgusted with MACC for such selective choose and pick on small complaint on corruptions if any and ignored the actual reports against suspected big corruptions like PKFZ scandal and Toyo's 35 million Bali bungalow. MACC and PDRM are becoming deadly weapons and tools for BN goons to tarnish the nation reputation in the eyes of the world based on many ridiculous actions taken against many political rivals, general public and Opposition members.

MCA Taiko Ong Tee Keat is "COWard" man. He dares not voiced out the two subjects mentioned above. Almost 99% Malaysians and overseas Chinese have lost confidence and mistrust BN, MCA and Gerakan after reading the above terrible articles in internet today. We sincerely hope Dr Chua should ignore the notification letter since it is your private sex life has nothing to do with MCA members as well as resign from MCA immediate effect.

Frankly speaking, many Malaysians of all races in foreign soil are "FED UP" with BN goons and disappointed with the police poor performances to combat high crime rates and people lost confidence on MACC integrity and image is gone down to toilets.

We respect your author decision to delete or publish our kind feedback on this subject. We convey our condolence to Teoh's family and sadness to Dr Chua.

Thank you very much. 1 Malaysia Black Day!

Snr Prof. Mike Wang, Dr Sidek Ahmad, Ir. Mohd Ching Abdullah, Snr Ir Kenny Lim, Associate Pro.Iris Kong & Dr Subra Ganesan, students and undergraduates from Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, MIT, Yale, Hull and London Universities.

LohSH said...

Dr Chua

Please alert the Police to raid the inquiry meeting on the said date and at the said time and place for suspected unlawful possession of the said CD by the MCA Disciplinary Board, which understandably must be produced as the core evidence during the inquiry.

It will be interesting to the public to see whether the Board while holding a party inquiry can stay above the law and whether MCA, as a political party, upholds the law.

bantiek said...

Jui Meng's defection to PKR and Soi Lek's notification letter to appear before the party disciplinary board glaringly shows that MCA is in disarray.OTK should be booted out !

Bleh said...

This is a good example of beating a dead horse to death. Why take action now? There were 19 months to do things. Frankly, instead of party building, MCA is trying to commit suicide. Fight fight fight. There will be no MCA left to fight over come next election if the leadership keeps squabbling over petty issues like this.

The party has no absolutely no direction. Look at the issue with PPMSI - vehemently against before the policy reversion but when opinion shows that there ARE chinese parents against the change, start saying "it should be an option in secondary school". Apolitical decision my foot. The decision to go back to the old ways (not revert to BM because if it were, then in vernacular schools it WOULD BE IN BM AS WELL) was to pander towards the chinese education extremists.

Chua Jui Meng jumped ship because he wasn't satisfied without power. I dare him challenge for PKR leadership. Yesterday he say he step down for "younger leaders". Today he say "I still want to be leader". Traitorous thoughts IMHO and untrustworthy.

As it is progressing, MCA is disintegrating.
Dr. CSL - forced to resigned because of old public garbage repeatedly dredged up.
OTK - forced to resign because of his involved in the PKFZ debacle.

And we then have a headless party. This is why as a chinese I hate the chinese mentality - always "me me me" like the imperial mandarins in ancient china.

Wong said...

Dear Dr chua,
I am sick of MCA's politiking on you. Your confession and giving up the honorable Gov. and party posts last year were bold and commendable. I thought MCA would have forgiven you as they nominated you to be the deputy president. The letter of notice showed that they are not.

You should seriously consider either to call an EGM to sack the president and disciplinary committees and try to revamp MCA to regain back the confidence of the Malaysian Chinese or leave MCA and join PR like Dr. Chua JM. PR although young needs people like you. MCA today is actually a tool served for UMNO as its master and for the country and the people. Even the President of MCA many times is still acting as a lap dog to its master UMNO. Thus not qualified to lead the party.

kenny said...

Dear Datuk Seri

Read the news regarding Chua Jui Meng. One Chua gone and one more to go. I hope this is also a tipping point.

crazyElly said...

Dear Dr.Chua,

After reading the documents, I have some conclusions come out from my mind.
It doesnt mean having an affair will lower down a person reputation and his/her ability on leading an organization/society/party etc..

2. It sounds funny on what the fact been outlined on the writer of the document there, cause it is normal activity between lover, no matter whether he/she is your legal partner or not. I doubt that many of males in MCA too do the same thing just they are lucky not being dig out yet.

3. You and that particular woman are both the victim on this case. Perhaps like many people say, it is just a dirty politic-kicking technique of others to lower down your image and too trying to destroy your reputation on the public (Malaysia) since many of the elder/senior Malaysian and even few of the current generation couldnt accept such activity when it has happened to a public political celebrity like you.
But in my case, it is acceptable and understandable. I dont found any critical issues by that when come to your potential on managing the party or leading the people since it is a part of your personal life.

4. Many of the politicians and Malaysians like to take 'sex' as a weapon to lower down a person public image. I found it is a childish way and civilized modern people wont take it when come into account with a person leadership potential if the person really have the quality.

5. If MCA really mind about the image of the party, they should take some reconsideration on those recent side-news they have done these recent decades where they are more severe and really relevant on the matter regarding of 'destroying' the country image.

Dr.chua, all the best.

Thank you.


boLanliap said...

The death of Mr Teoh really anger the people, really feel like spitting on any politician from BN, and i am sorry to say that include you becos you are in MCA ...PTUI!

Ivan Tan said...

Dr Chua,
The discipline board can do nothing towards you. I believe there will be no punishment at the end. The purpose of this is just to raise the awareness of the public towards you.
They just want to dirty up your name in front of rakyat. It's useless. The one who support you will always there for you. While those who against you know, will know they are wrong in future.

Now, peoples out there are laughing at MCA. Dog bite Dog situation. I like your tactic in this problem. You remain silent in problems related to OTK. Yet, OTK keep finding problems on you. As the malays said, Tepuk tangan sebelah tidak akan berbunyi.

I cant understand, why the opposition never take the sex scandal as their threat during GE12 and as well as the by election while MCA keep raising the matters up?
Being an ordinary member and a university student, I can see OTK is worry about your supporters are much more than him! And i believe, this is too late for him to worry. Cause central delegates support you more than him!

Please stay strong in this battle. I don't wish the study end up like what happened to Datuk Jimmy Chua. I give you my highest respect and fullest support in every decision u take.

Die Hard Supporter
From Muar(your strong base)

Ah Chin said...

The MCA leadership, led by the paranoiac Ong, has turned you, from being a victim of the scandal, into a perpetrator. They should haul up those who intruded your privacy instead of you. It is time you take the fight with them now instead of taking the conciliatory approach. You remain a threat to their survival even if you try to appease them. I am sure your grassroots support is strong enough to stage a fight with them. So act now, doc. before you're destroyed by them!

Bleh said...

After more thinking, correct me if I am wrong.

1. Dr. Chua commited no crime under law, as having an affair is legal (except under Syariah law); that it is only *morally* wrong.

2. The person who taped and distributed it has committed the crime of privacy invasion AND distribution of pornographic material. The clip is literally pornography. Therefore a crime which is punishable under law has been commited against Dr. Chua.

So who is the criminal here?

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as a morally just politician. Every politician has dirt on them; it is a matter of how well they cover it up.

dragonfly said...

I don't see the rational your being in MCA though I support your struggle. Even if you are President of MCA, I will still not vote BN. You must be aware that Umno is the one we are against.

chapchai said...

MCA is an out-dated party and has passed its sell-by date. Whatever happens at your disciplinary hearing will have no bearing whatsoever on the many Malaysians who are crying out for justice. At the rate your party is going you are on a self-destruct mission, which is a blessing in disguise. Your party's name suggests you represent the Chinese, but do you really? Whatever, good luck at your hearing if it is that important to you.

kenny said...

Dear Datuk Seri

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941. President Roosevelt came out with his Infamy speech.

16th July 2009, is a day of Infamy that shall be live in history. This is our Pearl Harbour.

OTK is not leading. You have to come out to lead in this dark days.

choo said...

Why can't MCA just settle this issue once and for all. And concentrate on Rakyat! There are more needs out there rather than you guys fighting in there!

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.