Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Next for MCA?

Finally, Chua Jui Meng decided to join PKR. In a democratic country, we have a freedom of choice and that includes political affiliations. When a senior party leader joins another party, they may have their reasons, some of which may be apparent, some of which may not be so to us. As a MCA leader, I view any senior MCA leaders leaving MCA as a cause for concern. I wish him good luck. Jui Meng says that he left MCA because of his belief in the 2 party system. Within the party, he did not have any problem or pressure that ultimately influenced him to join PKR.

The MCA President talked frequently about external pressure and forces that prevent him from discharging his duties. In politics, leaders are always subjected to pressures from various parties. My pressures are from within the party and also external forces. I take it that it is part of my occupational hazard. I don’t complain openly. I do not try to paint the picture that I am a hero that can face all these pressures. I am just human and regard all these pressures and forces as part of my challenge in the discharge of my duty.

If the President has a lot of external forces that prevent him from discharging his duties effectively, then as the most senior leader in MCA and as a minister, he should know what to do. MCA practices collective leadership and if he faces problem either within the party or outside the party, then he should share with all of us. Together, we will share his burden.

During this difficult time, people want to see leaders solving problems confronting the nation and the party. They want to see us do more work and less talk. The Prime Minister has unveiled a series of new policies in his first 100 days. It is up to the leaders of the component parties to help to realize his 1 Malaysia with priorities to the rakyat, hence, not just talk but do work. After all, we are judged by our performance. Otherwise, we will be condemned.






malayamuda said...

Datuk MACC officials have alleged used the term " stupid chinese" during their interoggation......

whats MCA's stand as a representative of the Chinese in Malaysia on this statement ?

Will MCA protest or will MCA accept this statement and eat the humble pie once again as it has been obediently been doing all this while ?

bslim said...

DOWN THE DRAIN.. that is what's next. All the pretentions, hypocritical actions, always an UMNO mouthpiece etc. It is already so obvious lah Datuk. MCA is a useless and toothless party.

More will leave MCA definately, only people like you with no morals, greedy and no self dignity will not leave.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...






vinci said...

Talk Talk Talk...

Why don't you(MCA) comment about Teoh Beng Hock Case? Oh... I forget he is an opposition... so, zzz?

What about Zainul Ariffin column in Berita Harian? Oh... I forget again, he work for your master... so, zzz?

Mmm... then what's the point to have MCA?

SK said...

Dr. Chua,

Though I've never been a MCA supporter, however among the MCA leadership, you're one among the very few leaders whom I respect.

Have you read Zainul Arrifin's piece titled "Kematian Teoh timbulkan pelbagai spekulasi politik", what's your stance on that? As a deputy president of MCA, I hope you'll speak with your conscience and does something about this.

kenny said...

Dear Datuk Seri.

This is leadership.

As for what is next for MCA? Chua Jui Meng said 16th July as the tipping point. He probably felt the anger when he got the sad news on that day.

I am not sure how you felt when you were told that news of the death in MACC.

This was tipping point for many people. This was the day MCA died.
My wife who still had hope for BN and MCA, just gave up. She was angry when she heard the news. I dont think se will vote MCA.

I think there is no next for MCA.

有情 said...

Your article really makes sense!
Our President should know what collective leadership and collective decision-making mean!
Otherwise, talks remain talks!

春天 said...

Datuk Sri,
We need a leadfrog in MCA. I don't think MCA still having any luxury to negotiate this and that. Always remember NIKE.

Just Do It !

Greenbug said...

Dato Seri, why waste your time suffering the pressures? Do something concrete and join Pakatan to help us achieve a more just Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Tan said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Would like to see you comments on Mr Teoh Beng Hock's issue.
I really can't imaging such incident can happen in our country today..

I already gave up to see Mr President will do anything, but as his deputy you at least let us know MCA's stand point.

Instead of giving some very general and useless statement

Huang said...

Dr. Chua Choi Lek,

You are right: you are judged by the people on DEEDS , not mere words.

Many leaders used and use words to sway the people; but, they mean NOTHING to the ordianry people.Finally, it is ACTIOBNS that speak volumes.

Though the PM had made "1 Malaysia: People FIRST, Performance NOW " as his clarion call,he would be tested by his DEEDS , starting with the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Setting a Royal Commission of Enquiry is just the starting point but if nothing happens like the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Lingam Tape , then people at large would not trust him.

Trust will make or break him, sooner or later. Will he pass the acid test?

May I wish you the best of luck as co-ordinator of BN .Do what is right; and damn all those detractors who want to bring you down.

Best regards.

S.H. Huang

Oscar said...

When Beng Hock incident happened, my aunt told me this; To have reforms for her beloved country, it will have many sacrificed. Many agree that Malaysia is in need for a full scale reform. Does MCA have that idea too? Many years ago, Dr.Chua wanted reforms of that scale too. From within the party to the Chinese community, he strived for a fairer party and the freedom of Chinese press to exist. Now that he left MCA and who should implement or continue his ideas? He left MCA just about Beng Hock incident and it look to many that both are not accidentally coincident but a stronger message to our leaders that our country in need for a full scale reform more than just our Prime Minister's 1malaysia concept.

shltplnk said...

We all need to work together to fight for a brighter future for Malaysia. No matter which party you are, we all should serve our nation and not ourselves!! God bless...

charles said...


Can you please tell us if the non Malays must 'squad' to show the Malays to look 'taller' and those who can run faster be denied a place in the race just to ensure the Malays win the race ?
But really are they 'taller' or can run 'faster' ?
Is this what the NEP is all about ?
Also has a non Chinese ever been given two or even one senior role in the cabinet since Tun Tan Siew Sin in the first cabinet ?
Even the ministries given to MCA the Director Generals ,who run the daily affairs, are always Malays. What is that the policy all about ?
As one of the leaders of MCA have you ever asked why ? Or the Chinese have no leaders who are capable enough to do the those jobs mentioned above ?
As expected you will erase this posting but you will have these questions asked one day.

Pearls said...

The question is not What's next for MCA? It is what MCA want to do next?

When you say What's next for MCA it gives the impression that MCA is waiting..not taking charge.. MCA is just going to succumb to fate. Is this what a political party is all about?

MCA need to take charge and not be a sissy pussy! MCA need to decide what and where it want to go and do. WHAT DOES MCA WANT TO DO NEXT!?

DPM and MCA president can have all the opinion in the world about Chua Jui Meng leaving but when an old fart leaves a party that he has been squatting for nearly quarter of a century, no matter how insignificant he might be, in this case, he is not, it does scream something. And, it's screaming loud!

No doubt, after March '08, MCA has shown significant improvement but I must say it is not enough to move and shake the people, especially the chinese. MCA need to do much more.

Issues like Teoh Beng Hock, MACC, Kugan, education, PAS&BN unity talk, etc need to be addressed with a firm stand. Not just say some cordial statement and let it die down!! MCA has to show it has bolas and will not tolerate rubbish from anyone!

How can MCA allow BN, their partner in a cooalition, to even have ideas of unity talk with PAS all in the name of islamic unity? It is like a wife who is a big time feminist allowing her husband to court another woman all in the name of love!! All the bad mouthing of PAS all these while come to what if this unity talk is successful? How can MCA allow UMNO to make a fool of them in the event this unity talk comes thru? How could MCA not make a very firm stand on this? I expect MCA to say YOU TALK WE WALK! to UMNO on this!

What has MCA done for Kugan, Teoh and the many who has perished under the tyrany of aunthorities? How can MCA not push to stop such abuse? For the love of GOD, we are in the 21st century and aiming to achieve developed status by 2020 and yet we dont have some form of rules on basic things like interrogation! What is that!? How can there be no camera recordings when an interview or interrogation takes place? How can authorities be allowed to use racist remarks and get away with it!? What is MCA going to do about this? Just issue statements of regret and disappointment? A human life was snubbed and all it got from MCA was a statement of regret or disappointment? What is that?!

So, if you ask me, I will tell you this, MCA will come down flat on its face in the next election if it is not able to reform fast and firmly. MCA need to take charge and not be bullied. If MCA can do that, I am sure the swing of votes MCA so desperately need will happen.

Gopeng said...

Dato' Seri,

Frog Leaders who had enjoyed so many perks and benefits from the very party who gave them so many opportunities as an MP, Deputy Minister, Minister or whatsoever which even now they are enjoying pensions should be condemned to the fullest by the party and NOT wishing them well when they jump to another party! If they join another party, they should STOP collecting their pensions or should donate ALL to charity!! These frog leaders have NO SHAME! Ordinary members ( who have no such posts or benefits) who stayed with the party through good and bad times deserve more respect than these ugly frogs. I think the party should come out with a policy where all leaders who are drawing any pensions through govt. posts given by the party should give up their pensions and perks when they join another party. They should be made to sign this agreement when they they take up posts like MPs, Excos, Adun, Minister or even political sec. I hope Dato' Seri will propose this to the CC.

Kopi Kau Kau said...


All the nation is now talking about Teoh Beng Hock's and MACC...

We have also noted that the honourable Chua Jui Meng had joined PKR.... HE is at least a Gentleman in thought and deed. He has BALLS..
real balls and not like you who is now considered as 'reserve' and you still want to shoulder on ???

We needs to know you stand on this disturbing death of Teoh.... Are you trying to comment something that would go into the good Book of Najis ??? Come on lah...

We are waiting... and meanwhile as usual sipping away a cuppa of kopi kau kau chi piu.

kenny said...

Gopeng. You are a bloody MCA fool.

Meng said...

UMNO and their newspapers and even the old man continue to make racsist statements. Why ISA is not used on them, I do not know but their statements can incite hatred and violence!

It is beyond me how anyone can continue to be a part of MCA, MIC or even UMNO? Seperating the nation by racial makeups just goes against any efforts to unite this country. What is MCA going to do about Nazri's coments and the Berita Mingguan??

To me, as long as you are a member of any of these 3 component party, you are a racsist.

the observer said...

i watched the OTK speech last night. he is sincere in getting the job done right for the sake of other people.

not many politician like him in this land. good luck to OTK.

imho, dr csl - as a doctor trained by professional, u know how to take care of ur ownself well. i.e. u r a selfish person.

Bosco Philip Anthony said...


I feel sorry for you, and hope that one day you will be able to get out of your self imposed "well."

Marn said...

If a cook puts sand into the rice will you still eat it? So collective responsibilty in this case should be removing the cook and not having all to eat by force. In your case it is 'if you can't beat them, join them' while Jui Meng is leaving/avoiding them. Yours is art of war while the other is art of tao. In a 2-party system, we don't want MCA, Gerakan and MIC admitted into Pakatan BUT we want the remaining good people in BN to join in the noble cause in saving our beloved Malaysia from rotting further. Please continue to eat your tainted food.

malayamuda said...

whats Ong Tee Keat and you got to say about Mamak Mahathirs recent racist statement about the Chinese ?

You guys say u represent the Chinese but when Chinese are rediculed we dont hear a word from you ?

Who do you represent actually ? Cant you guys stand up and tell the racist to shut up ?

kb said...

Datuk Seri

You have no place in MCA so all the talk is just a waste of time.

If MCA spends a major portion of their time fighting among themselves, where is there time left to fight for the chinese community?

I too feel that a party like MCA and the rest are becoming increasingly obsolete in this new generation.

I am of the opinion that a two party system is the way forward and for that i would welcome CJM's decision to join PR !

Change we must and change we will !

呉 和豪 said...

Comrade Dato Seri Dato Chua Soi Lek
美国的Newsweek(新闻周刊),Life(生活杂志),Life(老爷)等都是1930年代经济不景气时创办的,要应付经济不景气,必须找到别人想不到的方繁荣壮大。所以说不景气的年代是[伪装的祝福] (blessing in disguise),表面上看来是满倒霉的,实际上是可以激发出可长可久经营智慧好机会。对企业是如此,对政党政府也是何尝不是如此。(引自杨照之书-理性的人)希望在总会长翁诗杰领导下的马华公会能像美国的Newsweek(新闻周刊),Life(生活杂志),Life(老爷)等的企业一样,以创意的方法克服国内种种的难题后,继续壮大,在国阵扮演更重要的角色。我对希望马华的期望非常高, 我希望马华党员所关注的问题不只是马华党内的问题而已,跟应关注国内外的课题,同时也能关注环球性的问题如人权问题,环保问题.Perhaps We can emulate the second largest party in Japan Kou Min Tou(NEW CLEAN GOVERNMENT PARTY) who excersise their influence through SOFT POWER and wisdom and not through violence.Sorry I have to type in English due to technical problema I faced.

Anonymous said...

Break up unless the desires of the grassroots are met which include seeing peace among the leaders of MCA and solving the everyday problems of the Chineses in Malaysia. Chineses are different. They do not wait forever. Go anywhere in the world. Most Chineses are hardworking and on the go. Nothing stops them. If one cannot work in the East, there is always the West to go to. If MCA is irrelevant, there are other parties to go to. Life goes on. Life does not begin in MCA and stops in MCA alone.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.