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PR State Government Sharing the Fruits of Labour

During the 308 general election, PAS, PKR and DAP grouped together to face the general election. This was to ensure that during the general election, in both state and federal level, it would be a one PR against one BN candidate. This strategy was effective and explained the enormous success achieved by PR. It was the charisma and the leadership of Anwar that was able to hold these 3 parties to work together. PR won big, both at the state and federal level, but the acid test is how to administer the states under PR. In politics, the real acid test is not just facing the election, but how after victory; they can sit down and cooperate in the sharing of power, what we call the fruits of their labour. The world is full of examples of countries thrown into turmoil where coalition partners cannot agree how to share their newly acquired power.

In the recent forum where I was invited as the panel speaker, I said that if PR comes to power at the federal government, PAS leaders would claim that they should be the Prime Minister. This is logical considering that it has resources, membership and an organization that are far more superior to that of DAP or PKR. In the general election, PAS will contest more seats. If they win more seats at the federal level, then it is only logical that they want to claim the Prime Ministership. Nik Aziz, the MB of Kelantan is the most senior and the most respected within the party. If we think out of the box, Nik Aziz can always claim the Prime Ministership.

Malaysiakini wrote that during the forum, a Chinese audience stood up and said that he supported Nik Aziz. This was the same man who criticized me for not fulfilling some of the promises I made as the Health Minister. This was enough to stir the audience who reacted immediately by yelling at him not to raise personal issues in the Question and Answer session during the forum. I found out later that this gentleman is one of the most active members of the PAS’ Supporters club and his job is to attend all forums so that during the Q and A session, he can promote PAS. I raise this to show how PAS is committed in its propaganda war compared to all other parties. No wonder PAS never stop doing ceramah since the general election. You can see PAS leaders crisscrossing the whole country doing ceramah all the time. I wonder how they find the time to do administrative work if they happen to be EXCO members or for that matter MP.

Kedah DAP decided to be politically correct by threatening to quit the coalition. I must congratulate the Kedah DAP state chairman that politically, he has nothing to lose and more to gain by quitting. After all, DAP has no EXCO in the Kedah government and staging this political drama will boost up DAP’s image in Kedah without at the same time causing the fall of the state government since they only have one DAP ADUN. The PAS Kedah MB had stuck to his gun on the 50% quota for bumiputras in housing development. Tearing down the pig abattoir became the proverbial last straw that broke the DAP’s back. To survive politically, DAP needs to quit, at least for a short while. Nothing to lose, more to gain, politically. Congratulations to the leadership of Kedah DAP.

Coming to Penang, I fail to understand why Guan Eng or any of the senior Penang leaders refused to meet with the residents of Kampung Buah Pala village. This will only give them more ammunition to condemn Penang state government. Not meeting them and not doing anything in a case like this will not do. It will be a great PR disaster to the state government. Blaming the previous state administration will not resolve the issue.


Tuanku said...

Hello! Dr Chua,

I agree and disagree with your comments on PR Govt Sharing the Fruits of Labor. In fact, PR Govt is similar like BN coalition now where PAS is showing their real true colors to bully the minority multiracial leaders in DAP and PKR. The PAS leaders have their extreme hidden agendas behind PR coalition.

The political conflict in Kedah caused DAP to pull out from PAS state govt. The back door unity talks between PAS Youth and UMNO Youth without the consent of PR coalition. These two good examples indicated that PAS is not sincere in PR pact and PAS failed to respect DAP and PR leaders.

We,non-Malay voters felt betrayed by PAS actions today. It is indeed shameful for PAS to hurt the feelings of many non-Malay voters and supporters of DAP & PKR to support and vote for PAS candidates in 12 GE.

Well, BN image was spoilt and tarnished by many corruptions and scandals that the Rakyat has no choice but acid test on alternative PR in 12GE.

Yes, Chinese and non-Malay voters rejected BN for 3 simple reasons:-

1. MCA , MIC and Gerakan leaders have failed their duties and honors to protect the fundamental rights of Chinese and Indian people over 50 years because of high erosion of their constitution rights in many fields like education, business, religion, scholarship,equity participation, civil services and etc.

2. High crime rate, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power, poor governance, mismanagement, injustice and many other scandals in BN govt and civil servants have caused the minority races like Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Dayak and Orang Asli been victimised, bullied and marginalised in many years.

3. The greedy and corrupted UMNO goons have bullied small BN component parties for many years. Salute to ex-MCA Taiko, Ong Ka Tin was brave to voice out his displeasure over the big bully UMNO.

Yes, my dad was a strong MCA member and supporter in the 60s to
80s. He persuaded our family members and friends to vote for MCA in many past GEs. He told us that PERIKATAN/BN govts sharing the fruits of labor to secure independent from British govt. Finally, he changeed his mind on
9thGE to vote ROCKET party and abandoned MCA for one good reason.
He told us that the Chinese people never share the same fruits of labour anymore when the Perikatan party changed to BN because many Chinese constitution rights are "rampas" away, marginalised and victimised by NEP and UMNO dominance in BN. Many poor chinese villagers lost their ancestor agri lands, TOL lands and properties to greedy MCA traitors and UMNO goons over many years.

Last but not least, before my dad passed away peacefully and he predicted that MCA and MIC faced biggest disaster in year 2000 onwards because it was "the last straw which broke the camel's back".

He wrote his last WILL & TRUST to tell us :-


Thank you for publishing my feedback in your good blog website.

Best regards,


Low C. W. said...

I am no good in analysing/undersatnding what to be done politically to gain support, BUT it is easy to undersatand and agree with "tuanku" comments of the three reasons wjy people rejected BN in the 12 GE, specially on the item 2 "High crime rate, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, abuse of power, poor governance, mismanagement, injustice and many other scandals in BN govt and civil servants have caused the minority races like Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Dayak and Orang Asli been victimised, bullied and marginalised in many years".
I guess BN do not need to care too much of what PKR,DAP or PAS has been doing to gain the people suport, BN just needed to focus on their own weakness and improve accordingly to gain back people support.

sm_alkaff said...

dear dr chua,

i still believed that BN has the right recipe to govern a multiracial country like Malaysia..although the holes are anywhere, we need to fine tune to make sure it does not spread everywhere..& i believed that u can (as a BN coordinator) do a good job..

as for Tuanku..i understand u r fighting 4 the chinese rights...before that u should thank to God that all races are living peacefully in Malaysia..but i really disagree on chinese been marginalised here..

the late Tun Razak initiated DEB to help the Malays in education, enterpreneur & asset holding was a good step at that time & the result was our economy flourish tremendously...

but up to certain stage DEB need to be revised...the malays has to stand on thier own feet...thanks to our PM Najib taking one step ahead on liberasation..

but remember...its all about 'BALANCE'...if the chinese doingwell but the malays are weak...than its not good 4 the country...same it goes vis a vis..

towards building up 1malaysia & respect each other..

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