Friday, July 18, 2008

Anwar’s DNA

Allegation against Anwar for sodomy continues to dominate the headlines of local press. It is surprising that Anwar had refused lab test to be conducted in order for the DNA profile to be constructed. Normally this will be the easiest way to prove his innocence. DNA profiles do not lie. So, I do not understand why Anwar deny himself of this opportunity to clear his name. If you’re worried about fabrication, then you should get an independent medical team to supervise the collection of blood and the profiling of DNA. If you do not avail yourself of this opportunity to prove your innocence, then it is not convincing to prove your innocence. It is not easy to fabricate DNA evidence.



conscience said...

If he is acting within the frame work of the law, that is his right. It is people like you in MCA that has encouraged the police and judiciary to be to be untrusted. What is the point of measuring his prick, to put it nicely into your mouth?
You gays never change, still a** licking!

MYblog said...

I expected you to be a little bit more intelligent. Frankly you have disappointed me.

Why isn’t the police report of Saiful released, what are they afraid off if they don’t intend to manipulate or change it.

They have Anwar’s DNA profile, it must be on the database, use that to make a comparison, why do they need a new sample (As a medical doctor I would expect that you of all people will know this, please do your homework before posting). What happened to the old sample, with todays technology (mitochondrial), even a ten year old sample can yield a DNA profile. But then again, they have the DNA profile on record. What is going on, why so desperate for sample till the point that the Deputy IGP does not even want to address this question

What a mockery, I think someone should get a proper foreign forensic expert to give report on this to show that all of this is bull?

Or alternatively send the evidence and Anwar’s DNA to an acceptable foreign agency like UK to do the comparison, this will at least result in exclusion.

You see Dr., DNA is a signature, who put it there is another story. This is probably what bothers Anwar and his reluctance to give a DNA sample.

Lets see if you allow this to be published on your blog and if you are able to defend it

Jeeivan said...

I have nothing against you. In fact I admired your guts when you admitted your extra marital affair. You could go into history as far as Malaysian politicians are concerned for being the one and only one who showed that much honesty. I did not see the alleged CD of yours like many others as I believe it is so cheap to sneak into someone’s private life so long his professional life is intact.
In Anwar's case I would agree with you should the police have conducted their case professionally 1998. We all know the amount of discrepancies and corruptions taken place during then and also now. If you were victimized like Anwar, would you agree to this amount of torture against Anwar? Come we Doc, we do not need to see Anwar, you or Najib but there must be fairness and I believe it is not seen in Anwar's case at all.
In fact as outspoken politician you should speak out against injustice done to any individuals be them from opposition or BN or even an ordinary layman in this country. The younger generation needs people of this quality not someone who just echoes any sound like farting.
Please doctor... You stood up as man in your most trying times and you are expected to do that in whatever circumstances and I salute you and anyone a1000 times for being a man.

khlaw said...

Dr Chua,
It is not the DNA itself, it is the investigation and collection of evidence.
Lab DNA technician only run the sample of evidence against the supplier DNA but Lab technician is not the one who collect and supplier the evidence. Actually, when HKL check/examine Anwar, they already indirectly get his DNA from dropping hair from his cloth. I strongly believe, the DNA thing is a govt rubbish to fool the uneducated.

KIMHO8 said...

Hello Old man,

Too late for you to angkat bosses la!!!

Ah Lai already did it in all the press like the most famous popular star such as Andy Lau & Rain !!!

I think the clown will give him the dragon seat lo!!!

momsaurus said...

10 years ago, the police had already obtained Anwar's DNA. Supposedly, the DNA matched with the DNA found on the infamous tilam.

The police do not have to take another DNA specimen from Anwar because they should already have his DNA profile. Unless, of course in this country, the police did not save the DNA profile of convicted sex offenders. If that is the case, we really need to change the inefficient the IGP.

In the US, CODIS, the database of DNA profile of convicted sex offenders have been in use since 1994.

Nik Aman said...

Why? Do i ponder, politicians are like diapers, they must be change regularly. Easy said, the election fever has long over, and get over it. So it's now time for you to work not arquing and accusing each other. Opposition and government the like.. do your work and find ways to solve RAKYAT (not kerajaan) problems. You all are wasting much of your time, resources and effort in doing damages..

Rakyat Meluat.

Why said...

Plant new DNA evidence into Saiful's Ass to match similar new DNA sample taken from DSAI.

Boy! They fixed you up so easily, you forgotten ?

Foreign DNA profile taken from Saiful,s Ass on 28-6-2008, did not match DSAI DNA profile dated 1998-1999.

Carmatrograph do not lie ,like you said.

Legaly there is a doubt created.

Sodomy case should have been NFA and throw out by IGP,AG,PM,DPM.

James Tan said...

Yes, it is not easy to fabricate DNA evidence.. and in most other countries except sadly our Malaysia, DNA evidence is the final clearance of the innocent.
Come on, Dr. Chua, a man of your intelligence, surely knows the judiciary, Police and Attorney General are compromised on impartiality at least, and integrity, i would add, but the second you need not agree. On impartiality... unless you would like to please CATEGORICALLY state in writing your full belief, in good conscience.. of such. Dr. Chua, in our times, i as a Malaysian, find it sad, MCA mouths the politics of expediency and political BN-UMNO positions. Perhaps it is this, that has so lost Gerakan and MCA our respect. Tell me you believe the Altantuya trial followed proper legal process, rather than an exercise in diversions. TELL ME THIS.

Crystle said...

I am surprised you display such simplistic and innocent thinking in the mad world of politicians who go sharking one another. You yourself were badly mauled by your own MCA's snoop squad who brought you down mercilessly and shamed you horribly. Don't you think that UMNO politicians would also not stoop low and dirty to bring down DSAI? If Musa Hassan and Gani Patail could fabricate evidence in 1998, would they not do the same in 2008? If TDM could do this dirty low down to DSAI to save his son Mirzan from bankruptcy, could not Najib do the same to DSAI to save his life and his wife from ruination in case DSAI comes to power. I feel sorry for you that you are not smarting from the dirty tricks played on you. You should display righteous indignation that another dirty trick is being foisted on another innocent politician.

bexe said...

What does this tell you Dr Chua?
That the state of credibility of our Law Enforcement and Judiciary has sunk to this low - no one believes them anymore.

I think you should turn your sharp mind towards why the PM, the Min of Interior are joining this chorus of trial by media? Not only is this unbecoming, sub judicial, they seem to be orchestrating the trial.In addition their comments display their ignorance of the science.Not trustworthy, and stupid

Cheng said...

Dear Dr Chua

I did a google search on fabricating DNA evidence.

I noted that even North Korea in the year 2005 criticized Japan for ''fabricating'' DNA test results!

Palmdoc said...

Here are his reasons

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Why are you also falling into the same mind-trap of the PM.

DSAI DID NOT say he will NOT do the DNA. He merely qualified that he has reason to believe that the results may fall into the wrong hands. And as long as that is not guaranteed, he will withhold.

Please Dr. we must stop all these manipulative means.

lawan tetap lawan said... dont have to comment anything, you punya kes lagi teruk, no need DNA the whole nation knew about it...poorah...UMNO and BN are RASCALS, they can do anything to justify their ends, see Altantuya case, who kills her?

Jag said...

You must have been born yesterday Dr Chua. Your child like statements are either for lack of thinking or designed to confuse even younger children.

Peter said...

It is quite easy to get a person's DNA from saliva or hair. The accuser had worked in Anwar's office. There was ample opportunity for the accuser to get Anwar's DNA and plant it in the accuser's body.The foreign DNA in accuser's body will have a perfect match with Anwar's DNA.

Ranger said...

After the previous incident do you think anyone will want to trust the various Govt agencies. They have no credibility. Like you.

Pearls said...

There are cases where DNA are manipulated and nobody can blame Anwar for not wanting to subject himself to the authorities whom, I am sure not just Anwar but the roadside joes and janes have no faith and trust in.

Yes, you have mentioned that it is not easy to fabricate DNA evidence but it is not impossible. The key word here is NOBODY has faith in our authorities and this is something Anwar's refusal has proven beyond doubts. What is worse, the way Polis RAJA di Malaysia acted through out this whole Anwar blockbuster has further compounded the problem. So, my new name for Polis RAJA di Malaysia are THUGS! HOOLIGANS! TRIADS! GANGSTA! all the categories no mama would want their children to be involved in or with!

So, in a nutshell, it is the Polis Hooligan di Malaysia that made all these hulabaloo.. and if you ask me, it is rather impossible for a 60 something old man with a bad back to successfully sodomise a 20 something full of energy GASTON! And..This Gaston has got himself captured coming out of Najib's home... Hmmm... I will never buy that story that anyone of us can turn up at any minister's house and bawl our hearts out to them.

penyokong PR Cina said...

in bolehland guilty can become
innocent and innocent can become
nothing is impossible in bolehland knowing the BN is doing
everything possible to stay in power.
Can you imagine BN not in power after 50 years, can they get used
to it after enjoying such a wonderful life at the rakyat
with due respect DSAI has every right
to decline just as the police
in refusing to disclose a copy of the police report.
we the chinese malaysian want to see changes for the good of this beloved country.
it is a real pity the MCA are still with the BN.

CHee XtheMan said...

Be more neutral dr. the whole system can't be trusted anymore. If you were in Anwar position what would you do ?

raj raman said...

Can i ask you this as follows,
1.If a DNA taken from someone many many moons ago - its the DNA is already expired?

rajraman666.non supporters of any politician or political party or non worshipper of god or satan.

peter said...

Anwar's accuser had worked in Anwar's office. It will be easy to get Anwar's DNA and plant it in accuser's body. The foreign DNA found in accuser's body will match Anwar's DNA. The implication is obvious.

malayamuda said...

DNA profiles do not lie if they are not handled by the corrupt.

A fresh DNA sample may be used to insert into the arse of Saiful Bukhari to prove Anwar " enterd " him through the rear.

An old sample of DNA cant do that. Dont Government hospital preserve these kind of samples for further use ?

Was your DNA sample also taken ?

iammi said...

Simple. There is absolutely no trust anymore in whatever the Police is doing. After several incidences and questionable actions all this while, how can you blame him or the public in general for having complete distrust of the Police, ACA or courts? To add to that the politicians (PM, DPM included) are acting like they are out to get him and out to punish the people. We feel that the Govt is treating us like their enemy, not the people who put them up there. I dont have to elaborate, many of us all out here feel it. And we dont have to join the demos to feel that. If the BN leaders (including Datuk Seri) don't realise or don't understand that, it just show how detached most of you are with us the ordinary Rakyat. To me the significant step to boost our confidence back is to immediately replace the IGP and AG with persons with proven integrity and independence. But of cos, we know that cant be done. The Rakyat's interest and wellbeing have NEVER been more important than the need for BN to protect its leaders' wrongdoings.

lovemalaysia said...

Dr Chua, should let the police do their job and Minister's should not get involve LOL...there are more important issue for all Ministers to focus into rather than a sodomy case isn't it???

Rakyat is suffering due to mis-management of fund by the goverment, many high unproductive spends has been waisted..or sodomy case of one person is so much more important than the nation??? Where is the mind and brain focusing of the Ministers???

Or shall I say rakyat are the one who is sodomised???

Lost trust to goverment totally...

peter said...

Anwar's accuser had worked in Anwar's office. It will be easy to get Anwar's DNA and plant it in accuser's body. The foreign DNA found in accuser's body will match Anwar's DNA. The implication is obvious.

john said...

Anwar's accuser had worked in Anwar's office. It will be easy to get Anwar's DNA and plant it in accuser's body. The foreign DNA found in accuser's body will match Anwar's DNA. The implication is obvious.

lovemalaysia said...

Dr Chua, you yourself should know how you feel being victimised in this political arena aren't you???

Or do you yourself feels good and happy to be circulated??? Did the police investigation solves your case??? We are still waiting to hear from it....don't confuse us...please..

Charlie said...

Yes, I might agree with you Anwar's DNA can't be fabricate easily. The key issue is not about fabrication, but use it to frame other. I'm no scientist and don't know anything about medical, I also can imagine how to use DNA to frame lah. True leaders don't lie, most politicians lie to achieve their personal agenda. May be you don't know. Most people know Malaysia is a bolehland. Anything is possible. Money buys power, position and etc etc in the expense of betterment of the ordinary people and the country as a whole. That's why the so-called - silence ordinary people who are not members of any party denied BN 2/3 majority in PRU12. Why are so many BN ministers are so anxious to get Anwar's DNA ? This is criminal case, none of their biz, it's the duty of PDRM. They've nothing better to do for the people or what ? It's so weird to know the accuser is protected by PDRM, who the hell is he ? How about other accusers/victims of crime not being given this kind of treatment ? We'll wait and see becos' the righteous will always prevail.

Tiger said...

Datuk Seri

May I ask why couldn't the police used the previous DNA?

What about the report lodged by Mohd Saiful - why couldn't the police extend a copy to Anwar?

Ask yourself, are you being objective about the whole issue?

You were a victim of a sex scandal. And now you are standing on the other side to look at Anwar the victim.

HP Looi said...

dear dr. chua,
i am sure you read malaysiakini and not just the mainstream media. if i am dsai i will definitely NOT just give my DNA speciments as demanded.
1. the people who conducted the farcical prosecution on dsai 10 years are still in power and in fact have even more power.
2. the manner and circumstances in which dsai is accused (i.e. charge sheet not made available to him) and arrested, all points to a political conspiracy.
there are just two issues. dr. chua, if you want to be credible please post credible comments and opinions. the malaysian public (at least those regulars in cyber space) are NOT STUPID!!!
much regards,
note: all the best in your effort to reinvent mca!

Ah Chin said...

The point is whether it's justified for Anwar to take the DNA. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can make a police report against anyone, more so if he has something to gain. Anwar has to prove his innocence just becuase of a police report lodged against him by a college drop-out. If another drop-out lodges a similar report against Najib or anyone in power, will he have to take DNA as well to prove his innocence? Moreover, Anwar had his DNA taken before and his previous sodomy case had been thrown out by the court. Is it not a travesty of justice for him to keep taking DNA each time a report is lodged agaist him? If the police report is not a political ploy, then the earth is not round.

max said...

yes, i agree that Anwar should have DNA test to prove his innocence. so the "Drama" will have a good ending.
I don't want my international friends always ask me " what is going on.....

Satria Asia said...

But the gov already have his DNA from the previous case. So go use that ...

Carling said...


No DNA can be too old. If its yours, it cant run away.So, whether it is 10 years or 10 days old, it is still your DNA.
Only issue, I think, AI is worried about is what if the current DNA is planted on the young boy? Why current? Bcos if the police used the old 10 years old DNA and 'planted' it on the boy, it can be proven sciencifically by various tests that it is an old sample, that would throw out the whole case and proven correct that it is a setup.Either way, it looked bad on the PM and his team.
There is no way one can conclude 100% that you were in the tape previously but you honestly admitted that.Similarly, in this case, they need to get something relevant to make the charge stick.
If you have any friends at HKL, check with them how the boy behaved when he walked in that day and you can make your own conclusion. We have friends there and we have made ours from his behaviour that day.

Benjamin said...

Dr, this round I'm not with you.

Police should have kept his DNA 10years ago. Even not the original specimen, should have keep the data. Don't tell us that DNA will change.

If I'm DSAI, I won't have done the DNA test unless more confidence and transparency the police force in our country.

I owned a land in Sabah under small holder scheme, but last year there was a bumi company pop up claiming the ownership of the land. You know what police told me, "itu tanah engkau, awak perlu belajar macam mana jaga harta sendiry!!" This is an unfair land, winner always the one in power. You should understand better than me, especially after the DVD case.

(note: I hope you dare to post up this message.)

ren said...

dont talk about anwar, it is not your matter. You should attention in your party election, i hope you will win it. OTK no power to leading MCA step foward.

Tanpa Kepala said...

What a loser you are, nobody cares to comment on your page. Well, here's one from me: "Get lost!"

Gurmeet said...

Yes it may be hard to fabricate DNA evidence but its not entirely impossible to do so. Afterall, if there is a need for Anwar's DNA, why not use the old samples? Or is it impossible to "fix" him based on the old samples? Sir, as a member / former member of the BN, you should be well aware of their dirty tricks and ways by now.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

This is definitely a very unusual case
When the accused has to first prove his innocent base
Even before being formally charged clearly in court
He's totally stripped of his physical dignity with measurements to court

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190708
Sat. 19th July 2008.

Antares said...

I'm disappointed to note you are still thinking like a BN man who sees Anwar as the face of inevitable doom. In the first place, the archaic laws against various forms of sexual activity between consenting adults must be immediately revoked - or stringently enforced so that at least 50% of our adult population can be arrested and put behind bars where they can no longer criticize the stupid antics of a frightened BN leadership. Why target only the man gunning for the post of PM? And, in the second place, only an utter dimwit will believe ANYTHING the BN leadership says. Their track record of barefaced lying long precedes them. Too bad, but that's how the BN cookie crumbles :-).

Now, why don't you call for Saiful's arrest and investigation for allegedly participating in repeated acts of sodomny - as he himself has confessed to Najib Razak? Ten years ago Sukma Dermawan and Munawar Anees were arrested, tortured and forced to confess to being sodomized by Anwar - and then imprisoned for six months for participating in "unnatural sex." Do you think the public is an amnesiac ass, willing to be buggered over and over again for 25 years? said...

polis sudah memiliki simpanan dna yg lama.

kenapa dna begitu penting dlm penyiasatan kali ini?

mp pun turut mendesak.

polis pula diarah jgn membri laporan polis pelapor.

kenapa rumit sgt?

matkomen said...

Sorry doctor. No one in thier fight frame of mind will and can trust the PDRM. These felloas have such a bad reputation that DSAI's decision not to give any sample is the right one.

Let them just work harder and get mor concrete evidence, hopefully not invented or planted. There are very few in thecountry who beliee in the PDRM's neutrality.

alvin lee said...

ok, u tell me why the previous DNA profile that the police have cannot be used?

Our PM said that it is too old so a new sample is needed. What a stupid statement but then again he only holds a degree in Islamic Studies or something like that (correct me if i am wrong).

So how about u? Pls don't tell me that our human DNA profile can change over time. I understand that u hold a degree in Medicine from UM, right?. Perhaps u can explain to the public why anwar must take another DNA test when the police already have them.

And please do not issue any stupid statement again if you dare not speak the truth.

Dua Gelas said...

As I ( a layman ) see it, Anwar's fear could be that the blood sample could be used to produce more than one set of DNA profile, so that when in court, one set is tendered as the profile from Anwar's blood and the other set "maybe" tendered as the profile obtained from the 'semen' found in Saiful Bukhari's backside.

So, Datuk Seri, is there any possibility that this happens? I.e., there is no way any DNA expert (called by the Accused) is able distinguish the profile collected from the blood and the semen ?


Anonymous said...

If they already have Anwar's DNA profile during the 1998 case, why would they need a fresh sample for then? And the excuse that Anwar's sample is "too old" is ridiculous, unless our government's CSI department has such abysmal know-how on forensic evidence storage.

Why don't they just analyze the samples of semen, saliva or epithelial cells found on Saiful (that is, if there is any in the first place), get the DNA profile of the perpetrator from there, then compare it with Anwar's from the database to see if it matches?

DNA profiles do not lie, true. But planting of a fresh DNA sample at the scene of the crime, or using it to create a false forensic report to implicate someone is possible.

JeyJey said...

Why...does he have to proof himself when there is DNA already of his with them (old one) You are a dr too (if i am not mistaken)You answer..has your DNA changed in 10 years down the road. Not that i know off...our DNA is unique and cannot be replicated (unless you are a mutant!!) Do not take us for fools have you people have been doing la!

vinci said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

May I ask why need Datuk Seri Anwar DNA when 10 years ago. The police already obtain his DNA?

DNA is used to identify (suspect) only. It won't mutated after 10 years. If there's DNA found in saiful "ass", you just compare with Datuk Seri Anwar previous DNA sample. You don't need to ask for a NEW fresh DNA sample.

DSAI lawyer didnt even see the police report yet (till now). Why should DSAI give his DNA then? Beside Oral/Anal sex is illegal in our country. Why defend one (24 police protection) and bully the other one? Both should be prosecuted.

As usual heh. we always have double standard in our law.!

vinci said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

May I ask why need Datuk Seri Anwar DNA when 10 years ago. The police already obtain his DNA?

DNA is used to identify (suspect) only. It won't mutated after 10 years. If there's DNA found in saiful "ass", you just compare with Datuk Seri Anwar previous DNA sample. You don't need to ask for a NEW fresh DNA sample.

DSAI lawyer didnt even see the police report yet (till now). Why should DSAI give his DNA then? Beside Oral/Anal sex is illegal in our country. Why defend one (24 police protection) and bully the other one? Both should be prosecuted.

As usual heh. we always have double standard in our law.!

Pure Faith said...

Dr. Chua,

Does a DNA profile change wuth time?
If I'm not wrong, DSAI's profile was done & presented in court last time around.

I know fingerprint don't change. So, if fresh DNA is needed, this begs the question whether DNA is actually solid proof...

People said...

Hi bro,

U are a Dr. I believe you should have enough mentality to reply the Nations on the below quesitons raise on most Malaysian before talk about the DNA test!

1. Where is the Saiful's police report against Anwar?

2. Why the people being accuesed(Anwar) can't get the Saiful's Police report after 3 weeks of the report being made by Saiful?

Pls do not brain wash innocent citizen like us anymore!

Insaflah sebelum terlambat!
There is life after death!

clchan82 said...


I am surprise with your quote on ANWAR should go for DNA test. Even before I read all the explanation by opposition I knew what GOV might do against ANWAR's DNA sample.

And do you agree with our PM that his quote today that ANWAR's previous DNA is too "OLD"? If yes, then explain to us why does it so?

If the OLD DNA and NEW DNA will be the same, please tell your previous BOSS, study more, read more and have more common sense. If I am wrong, then I will go study more, read more.

While you condemned ANWAR not given DNA sample to police forces, you should condemn that IGP and AG should not be involved in the ANWAR investigation case for the possible conflict of interest.

What I have to admit is IGP n AG already perceptionally guilty against the fabrication of evidence for the ANWAR's case 10 years back.

Foo Yoong said...

BN are stupid to issue such thinking that DNA will prove one's innocence.
What if some culprit use the DNA to taint the evidence as alleged by the accuser?
They should have given the accuser report to Anwar first, then Anwar can have his DNA taken to prove.
This is like the culprit is waiting to lay a trap.
Btw, you have been very irresponsible in siding the BN. Perhaps you should be more objective and give your weighting over the pros and cons. That reminds us of Wee Meng Chee case, where you try to help the poor chap by downplaying it, saying the guy has apologise and naive. Later you retracted it and ask him to face the law. This must be you are under influence by some party.
How to claim to be a leader if MCA becomes UMNO's goon.

Onekampung said...

Honestly no matter what the government does, damage has already been done to BN government that this is a political conspiracy to block Anwar from returning to power.

In this particular instance, my view is neutral, but Anwar has to prove his innocence in court that he did not sodomise Saiful. If his political opponents were to use the same tactic twice, that he really has his brain in his ass.

But we really have to carefully watch this person Anwar and his words. He is turning back and forth, not only not keeping with his words, but very often may not be telling the truth, even telling lie in some instances.

Take the clearest example. He said that he was stripped naked during the medical examination, even had his private organs measured. But the HKL Director Dr. Zaininah Mohd Zain has denied and rebutted his words strongly that Anwar has ever been stripped naked.

In this highly politicised episode, I see no reason for the hospital director to lie, don't forget Anwar's lawyers were present during that time. The last thing she and her specialists want is to be dragged into such controversy.

So what does this mean? It means Anwar is simply telling lie in order to gain public sympathy. There is nothing wrong to harness public sympathy, but to tell lie to gain such support is absolutely despicable.

In the US, a president could have a blow job done in the oval office and still carry on, but the moment he lied, he would be impeached. President Nixon left office in disgrace only because he lied in the Watergate scandal.

How can we trust a leader who lies?

Remember what he said about reducing fuel price? He said he would immediately reduce fuel price to its pre-hike level, now he said he would reduce it by 50 sen.

To judge a person's true colours, you really have to read between the lines.

I am not against Anwar, if he can be fair and treat every Malaysian is equal, treat the non Malays fairly and not like what those UMNO guys, I will still support him if he can form the next government.

Damien said...

Yes, Dr Chua. It is not easy to fabricate DNA evidence, however, it still can be fabricated. In Anwar's situation, he had experienced that and he can't afford even 0.0001% to let others to have a chance to do it. Our country's administration of justice is not independent enough to protect our fellow Malaysians. I really wish to see that Malaysia's judiciary system, administration, parliament and police force will become truly independent. I also wish to say the MPs of BN have to be really trained and debate what Malaysians need. What i have seen that, MPs of BN always personal attack the opposition. They are talking with uncivilised manners. We really can see feel the sincerity of the opposition. We believe our fellow Malaysians are not blind anymore.

Klang Valley Pot Holes said...

The whole issue here is the public has no confidence towards the government machinery. How can we believe in our police force, when even police also rapping a gal under their custody. 10 years ago, evidence was planted on the mattress by police force and AG office against anwar.

nckeat88 said...

What DSAI said is right! The gov / police already had DSAI DNA profile / date. Why they need a new sample? Currently nobody trust the police and their forensic team because the new DNA material maybe implanted on Saiful to frame DSAI.

ces said...

THe issue here is not how the specimen is collected. It is what happen to the specimen after it is collected. The specimen may end up in the accuser's anatomy! How is he going to ensure that? Why are all ministers and ex ministers have difficulties understanding this.

Further more, his DNA sequence had already being analysed in the 1998 trial. Why does he need to provide more specimens? I am not talking about the collected specimen may deteriorated, but the print out of his DNA sequence.

Pure Faith said...

Read this:

SamWise said...

hello chua, is that you speaking? are those words out after it has gone through your brain? Are you saying that you could not think of any reasonable reason(s) for anwar not to give his DNA now? are you minister once for real? no wonder MCA caught your leg doing your little samba.


oh ya, i do not expect you would have the balls to show this comment also. Now, if my brain frequency is tuned just like yours, i would ask 'why ar ah chua cont publish this comment?'


Camon said...


I may not be a Doctor, but I think everyone of us have one thing in common,,, i.e. common sense

Let assume Anwar agrees and allow his own Doctor to do the DNA and pass it on to our Bodowi or Najis,

What happen one of the so called DNA accidentally find its way into Saiful underwear and whacko.... it is hereby proven that Anwar did infact have a relationship with saiful....

It is proven by this piece of so-called DNA....

Now how can Anwar unprove the proven DNA???? It is there and how can Anwar prove that it is planted by his own DNA???? Very confusing lah....

So.... Doctor,, can you please explain to us simple-minded lay-man whether such thing could happen? if yes it is fair to Anwar??

What is the best solution for this complicating issue??

If Hamid the botak can ask Anwar not to fear but to subscribe to the DNA test .... How come he cannot give Saiful's report to Anwar ?? What have he to fear??? ... also very confusing... care to elaborate also on this ???

raj raman said...

I thought u dont have the guts Dr.
You did post the pro and cons.

You really the "hollier than thou" man.I thought you have no guts because your moderation lagging the time.Next time do your moderation fast not after few days.

rajraman666.First time and second time posted in your blogs.

Anonymous said...

A DNA test was done in 1998. Remember the mattress that was carried up and down the court house? So, a DNA profile already exist. That is adequate for matching against evidence, if any. As a doctor, you already know this.

sam said...

halooo good dr,

from your post,
"DNA profiles do not lie. So, I do not understand why Anwar deny himself of this opportunity to clear his name. If you’re worried about fabrication, then you should get an independent medical team to supervise the collection of blood and the profiling of DNA. If you do not avail yourself of this opportunity to prove your innocence, then it is not convincing to prove your innocence. It is not easy to fabricate DNA evidence."

When someone life is on the line here, he/she will pursue necessary action to stay aloft,....sure enough fabrication of DNA is not easy but the use of available DNA (dated DNA) specimen is enough to create truth or story to fabricate an innocent,........

Now, translate this

human is live specimen
dna is dead specimen

do the math, which is more precious

now say it in cantonese.

Lastly, go out there and socialise more with different type of people, don't just sit there and be a guru.


JT said...


did u really think abt this issue before posting? yr claims and reasoning abt this DNA saga is abt the same par as street sweepers (no offense to them, they do do a good job.).

knowing the facts and doing some research is important, do u not agree?

frankly, i expect more of you.

rockster said...

Dr.Chua soi lek, I have nothing against you infact i like your style of leadership and i was very sad to hear that you have resign from your post over a video that your enemies have leaked.

However i have to disagree with you on this.Think Dr.Chua,If you were in Anwars position and have already went through hell in 1998,would you give your DNA too?Would your trust our "efficient" system too?I dont think so,same goes to me.

The government have been exposed mainly by the Lingam video tape and more.Now,If you state that you were wondering why DSAI did not give his DNA,Why not now you start wondering why the POLICE did not release the report to DSAI when it is a must and such a simple thing to do?

Is there a hidden agenda?Do they want to keep modifying it?Go wonder.

One more thing worth thinking about is that if what Saiful said is true,He ought to be jailed and rotan for his acts too.How come he is under such good hands?Look up on it.These are the two things that we should look into first before wondering why DSAI did not give his DNA samples.

Think about it Dr.Chua.

issak said...

You guys still don't get it. under the court of law, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Which means that DSAI does not have to do anything to prove he is innocent; it is up to the AG to prove that he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Our society does not belong in the stone ages where middle-aged aunties huddle around in the market whispering gossips and crude assumptions about the town beauty who chooses to dress differently, while pointing their stained pudgy fingers at her. Remember Mahsuri?

With regards to DNA evidence, don't the police labs have it in file? Or is it another familiar trait of government agencies to lose things?

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