Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post 308 Election: MCA Division Election and Its Reform

The Batu Pahat Youth, Wanita and MCA AGM went on smoothly over the weekend. Since this is election year, the turnout of the delegate was about 95% for Youth, Wanita and MCA. There was virtually no contest for the Youth and Wanita. For the MCA, there was contest for the deputy, vice chairman and central delegate. I have the opportunity of officiating the Youth, Wanita and MCA AGM. I took the opportunity to thank the Youth, Wanita and MCA members who have supported me unanimously thus, enabling me to be a central delegate and back to my old position as division chairman of Batu Pahat MCA of which I’ve been leading for the last 23 years.

I also took the opportunity to impress upon the members that post 308 election, it is not business as usual. The likely emergence of 2 party system creates a healthy environment of competition and offers rakyat a choice. Political parties have to be competitive in order to survive. Expectation of the rakyat and the Chinese community are high. While we have a good service centre functioning, people expect MCA to deliver more than just looking after longkang, garbage and hawker license. MCA cannot continue to sing old tune of voting for MCA and BN to ensure social and political stability.

Post 308 when PR won convincingly, there are also stabilities. Second, we cannot talk about through MCA, the Chinese has the opportunity for power sharing because through PR, the Chinese also has power sharing at state level. Thirdly, we cannot sing old tune by providing basic services to local community and expect to be voted in. Of course, to be relevant, MCA cannot be everything Chinese. We are a mono-ethnic Chinese based political party and the political reality is that while we have a role to play in the Chinese community, we have to be multiracial in our outlook. On issues confronting Chinese community, MCA should be on the front line to articulate the expectation of the Chinese community, but all other issues from security to corruption, abuse of power, inflation, Hindraf; MCA has to make its position clear. We cannot say that everything is sensitive and that we are within the BN and that we will resolve this behind close doors. People want MCA to put its stand clearly so that the Chinese community and the rest of the other community are aware of what MCA stand for. We have to convince the Chinese community and the rakyat that we are a party that can be counted on when we faced major issues. A good example is the PAS and UMNO issue where MCA ministers must make its stand clear within the cabinet and outside the cabinet that while we have no objection to UMNO and PAS holding dialogue, but they must not forget and neglect the other community that makes up nearly 45% of the population in this country. The end result of their discussion should not encroach on the rights, freedom and the peace enjoyed by the other community. In the same way, MCA should be more vocal in resolving its issue and should not be behind closed door because this is often been construed that MCA has no gut to articulate Chinese fear and frustration and expectation and what is worst is that some Chinese may think that we are out of touch with the Chinese community. Not only we must be more vocal, we must also have the moral courage to accept possibility for our shortcomings, our weaknesses so that we are a party that not only claim to solve problems confronting the Chinese community, but we try to do our best. Of course there is a need to review our relationship within BN that every party is to be treated equal and everybody has equal rights and that BN has to be more multiracial in its outlook, more transparent, democratic and more fair in resolving issues confronting multiracial country like Malaysia.

In order to reform MCA to gain the confidence of Chinese community cannot be dependent on one person. It has to be teamwork. It has to be joint effort of every committed member. It cannot be dependent on empty slogans and false promise. We not only talk but we have to deliver what we promise. It is not going to be an easy job since there is a lot of skepticism towards MCA and also towards the government. We have lost the credibility of the Chinese community and rakyat Malaysia. It is up to us to rebuild the party so that we can restore confidence, our integrity and credibility. Hence, MCA will continue to dedicate itself to help the Chinese community in economic development, competitiveness, Chinese education, culture but not withstanding that it should always be issue-centric rather than all just Chinese. MCA should also be more assertive to ensure government improvement on implementation of government policies so that it could be more fair, transparent and democratic. Hence, educational issue, religious issue and economic opportunity should be resolved without having to bag and petition the government. We also need to monitor the performance of Pakatan Rakyat controlled state government to ensure that they deliver their promises. In these days, we function as opposition members in PR controlled states. Of course I know that this is not going to be easy because we have been in power for the last 50 years and we may not be able to function effectively as an opposition but more as the power in government. There is also the need to maintain the social networking and the goodwill of NGO and Chinese based associations.


ZORO said...

Your blog is always worth reading; it's always an inspiration for me.
The problem of MCA leaders not voicing out on issues affecting the Chinese community is mainly due to fear of losing their political future and the "fortune" that comes with it. If you were in the same situation, would you sacrifice for the Chinese or the peoples? What's your strategies to overcome this problem?

Anonymous said...

"Since this is election year, the turnout of the delegate was about 95% for Youth, Wanita and MCA."

I think 95% turnout indicates something suspicious, probably a large presence of phantoms.

Camon said...


To the reader.... it is a well written essay for your forth coming election propaganda ..... your aspiration, ideals and commitment to the chinese communities...

It is the 'deed' that we are looking for and not essay writing... Remember Pat Lah say ??? WALK YOUR TALK ...... BN have been given 50 years to govern.... to be fair, let give the opposition to rule for awhile 'minta masuk sikit sikit' .... sudah masuk siapa hendak keluar.... Shiok Shiok ......

BN is still the Master,, MCA is still in the government.... Show us you are able to serve the Chinese.... and not appeal/request to be heard and also to see the mood of UMNO.....

Have MCA ever been brave enough to tell the BN Government 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'..... ha ha ha .. sorry I just remember DAP slogan....
Even you are able to sit on highest chair of MCA... your voice would also be subdued and also 'minta dengar sikit sikit tuan'

When we see you or other MCA Minister to request for help .... the usual reply would be ...

1) Please send in your letter ... we shall see about it...
2)You know.. it is a sensitive matter , we have to be careful..
3)Don't worry... it would be taken care of.... (however nothing happen, you go back.. the problems still remains....)
4)Please see my Assistant.. it is a small matter ( the cycle goes round and round )
5) Last but not the least, ...After so-call meeing with you or the Minister..... yeah I remember MCA have so and so function going on... please contribute to the so-called fund...(implying that MONEY come ACTION will begins)... The poor fellows instead of getting your help... end up poorer....
The above is from feedback from frustrated Chinese Men on the Street.... Care to comment ???

I suggest Doc, if you really want to lead the Chinese ..... your slogan this time should also follow Anwar glamour ...
' If I cannot bring down the petrol price.. I resign immediately..' something to that effect that give us a false sense of security ,,,, think !!!

Anyway, you a born a fighter and I wish you all the best...."Soi Lek boleh"

Onekampung said...

First I must refute thesilo’s statement that there was probably large presence of phantoms because he thinks 95% turnout was too high. This means he simply has no knowledge at all how the MCA delegates to the Divisional meetings are elected. Thesilo, the divisional delegates come from the many branches within a certain division, once elected, they are “real persons”, and so the questions of phantoms did not arise here. In fact, even 100% turnout is not surprising.

Dr, coming back to question of MCA representatives spending much of their time checking longkang, street lightings, rubbish collection, this is because in our delivery system, be it local, town or city governments, we simply don’t have an effective government management. If the governments at various levels are efficient themselves, then out MP and state assemblymen will devote their time in debating and formulating policies benefiting the rakyat.

The previous Dewan Speaker did speak his mind once that he regretted out MP were not involved enough in debating policies, instead they spend too much of their time visiting drains and rubbish collection. This should be left to the local councilors.

Over the years, MCA has been too complacent under the BN umbrella, and more often than not, being cowed by UMNO’s arrogance and bullying attitude, so much so it often took an easy way out, believing that everything could be solved internally under the so-called BN spirit. But has UMNO ever treated MCA as equal? We realize MCA and UMNO may not exactly be equal in its strict sense, since both parties have vastly different numbers of MP, and we have also to understand the hard fact that in numbers, the Chinese, even with other non-Malays, we have far smaller population, so we have to raise all issues as issue-centric, while not forgetting to protect the legitimate interests of the community.

Too often, MCA had been echoing UMNO’s thinking to the community, while it should have made clear its stand in many issues. For example, the Lingam Tape issue, we did not hear MCA make it stand very clear why this should be dealt with decisively and without any delay. Look what the government is doing now? The Royal Commission’s final report has been released for a few months now, have we seen any serious effort by the government to prosecute those involved in the scandal? No!

In the past several years, we do find MCA doing more and achieving more results for the community, but we also find may of these were achieved through the so-called BN spirit. But, are we, as the citizens of this country, not deserve to enjoy such benefits from the country? We don’t handouts, we only want what we deserve to get. In fact, ask any Chinese, they will tell you they don’t actually expect the government to treat them special, but it is only fairness we ask for.

Giving of scholarship as an example, what is the big buss about the 45/50 ratio? Are there not thousands of scholarships for others in state governments, GLC, where they non-bumiputras hardly have any chance of getting?

This Sunday’s MCA elections see many of the old guards been replaced by young bloods, we really want to see a REAL CHANGE is MCA within the BN. MCA should be more vocal in highlighting issues facing the nation in general, and the community in particular.

We see strong chance of Ong Tee Kiat successful in the No.1 position. Judging from his track record, if he still maintains his “Lone Ranger” style and not a team player, MCA under his leadership will also not go far.

Currently, we do not see if MCA is going to gain by leaving BN, but we see a two-party system gradually evolving in the country, so MCA still has an effective role to play within the BN, so long UMNO and PAS are not forming a political alliance to safeguard the so-called Malay interests. If this materializes, then it should really think seriously whether it is still relevant within the BN government.

petestop said...

MCA always use PAS as the boogeyman on the Chinese population.

What do you say about UMNO's backstabbing by giving all sort of offers includ MB of Perak to PAS and allowing them on Islamisation of Perak ?

You can write a lot on this blog,
but really, what is MCA stand on this ?

Do you still kow-tow to UMNO and let them off scot-free ?

Pearls said...

Well done!! Ok.. now, let's see MCA do what you have written. IF MCA can do just that, I am sure plenty of Chinese are willing to give MCA a chance. Please note operative word.. IF.

All the best to you and MCA.. you will need it.

Nostradamus said...

From Racism to Satanism

1. If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it comes from UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, Hindraf, PBS, DAP, PPP or whatever new name it’s called racism and whoever supports that party is called a racist. It is no different from apartheid. It dirties and poison your soul.

2. Those who are racists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty etc are even worse than clear cut racists and can only fit into the category of satans.

3. Malaysian racists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other countries ex. nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy etc.

4. Power, Greed and Selfishness rule in Malaysia and now we include Racism and Satanism.

More facts at http://patek1472.wordpress.com

People said...

Now we Rakyat would like to see what's MCA stand on the latest political conspricary against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

Is MCA again going to be in all conscience be a party to the machinations by executive arms of the government to withhold/fabricate evidence against a citizen of our country like what MCA do during 1998?

Pls bear in mind, this is not an issue about UMNO Vs Anwar!
This is an issues about the justice, fairness of our judiciary system as well as transparancy of our country!

We Malaysia are not Zimbawe, Myanmar or Sudan!

Tell us what's MCA stand!
Don't waste time talk nuts!

NEIL said...

DR,For the first time in so many years this is what we and many others would like you to write something that is really constructive and today is a milestone.For the very least you have speak your mind about MCA and the direction it's going to take.So now one part of the hurdle is clear and the next one is a more difficult one.As you have said MCA just cannot keep on hiding behind umno and make promise after promise which are never meant to be kept.MCA must be daring to confront the problems and to stand up,however difficult,to those who dare to mistreat the chinese.To be a partner in the gov't we must be able to speak our mind and not be told what to say and do.How disgracing it is to be a chinese if mca keep quiet on those very issue that affect the chinese especially those that touch on FAIRNESS,EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT .These are the very important issue which are the foundation to our survival and our pride.If MCA cannot tackle these issue by taking the bull by its horn, then may I say it once again,you all will forever be DAMN and never will be able to walk with your head high becos of the way we chinese are been treated.Take for example the keris waving issue,MCA should express in the STRONGEST possible terms to that culprit.Till then may God save MCA

Funniman1965 said...


Good read but at this stage it is a highly academic paper. What we need now is to see actual collaboration deeds or activities in these few months leading to the MCA elections.

Show us your actions in promoting this multi racial outlook. It is the best time to capture the hearts of fellow Malaysians as we are all tired of the wranglings in the other communities.

Come what may on the outcome of the politics, we Chinese have to show that we are ready.

anakmalaysia said...


Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

What wrote are in an ideal situation. However, everything is uncertain and the reality may not be the one that you wanted. Therefore, it is worth to fight for it. But whether it can be achieved or not, nobody know, at least you try, but not just talk only. It is because a loser always talk about it, but a winner does it. Remember, a loser will translate reality into dreams, but a winner will translate dreams into reality.
God Bless..............

ZORO said...

To Nostradamus,
If you may, adding one more to your list : Hypocrite.
What you said about Malaysia is "perfectly" the normal phenomenon, and nothing unusual; in fact that's what we are! No body is clean in the eyes of god, if you believe in god. Some peoples said that God gives us wisdom and our wisdom tells us that someone else is not doing the right thing that god do not condon etc.. Well, who's right?

Robert Teh said...

Well said! Doc Soi Lek.

It is good to know that you still have the will and fighting spirit to reform your party and the Govt. It will be a long, hard and often lonely journey towards a Free, Equitable and Multi-Racial Malaysia - but let me wish you luck and success.

You have indeed taken that very important first step!

NEIL said...

TO camon.well said.Even Sarawak supp is the same if not worst.These chinese politician are all lairs barking the loudest during election when thet can make daring promises but after election they are all having quiet and timid like what Tun famously said'I can't remember'.I tell you these guys skin are so thick that even the bullet can't get through.They even dare to bullshit right under your nose and get away with it.But after march 8,they are getting nervous.This time around people power will show its might.All these supp grey hairs must be shown the door or otherwise they are going to drag down supp to hell.Just why are these people so power crazy is beyond ones imagination.

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. Chua Soi Lek,

Let bygone be bygone-

we can't live in happy or sad memory.

why talk of losing a battle ? concentrate to win the war.

----Chinese say "winner is the king"

my opinion chinese is divided in too many group
1) chinese educated
2) english educated,
3) Association
4) MCA, Gerakan, DAP, PRK....member
5) non member

so are other races.

How can we convience these groups to pool resources to focus on a common goal? ??

i truly hope the 2 party system is good for the people(Malaysian)
----not malay, chinese, indian,........

hope it's the light at the end of a tunnel .

well if you believe in "FUNG SUI"
one hong kong master predict
--- next year is the beginning of good years for malaysia.

cheer up boy. :) ;)

bye, happy journey.

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...




因此,小弟除了坚决反对那些急于要将马华过渡为多元族群政党的言论,也不太赞同您所倡导的 "单元种族政党、多元种族实务" ,这也许还不是马华当下唯一能实施的最佳存在模式或所谓的转型模式(事实上马华原本就是一个单元种族,多族服务的政党,只是未能有效的实践罢了。)。


一个时代人做一个时代的事,政治改革太激进对国家及社会进程决不是一件好事!什么多元种族共治的理想实在不是事实,我们当前必须面对的还不是所谓的全球化共体统合的时代,事实摆在很前:这是一个美国人打回教徒,回教徒打犹太人,犹太人经济侵略全世界,全世界防卫中国人掘起,中国人掘起打击欧洲市场,欧洲联盟欺凌第三世界小国,第三世界小国怨恨美国策略的时代!千万别天真得让互联网带来的世界和平的假象给蒙蔽了!事实上,我们正和一群 "惯性受宪法保护的、占人口绝大多数的、自称处于弱势的、而又宗教情操坚定、绝不妥协的民族" 同在一个屋檐下。

如果说国家必朝向"多元种族路线"发展,我倒希望国家是朝着"无种族主义观念"迈进!以上所述也许可带领马华逐步进化为一个能容纳不同族群的政党,从而为更成熟的马来西亚社会铺路,这是一种非单元种族亦非多元种族的实际政治操作,我姑且称它作 "实体种族政党,零种族主义模式。"

Onekampung said...

We heard lately that Fong Chan Onn may even join the race for the No.1 position. Personally, he may be a nice gentleman and has a clean image, and knows a lot about economiy, but he definitely is not good enough for the No.1 post.

When have we ever heard of him speaking out loudly for the community? He always takes a middle path, for fear of offending UMNO. No doubt, there is no need offend UMNO if we can get things done, but Fong's character will certainly not bring MCA very far.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.