Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Denial and Lies/ 谁在撒谎?

I just got back from Indonesia. It is neither a business trip nor a holiday, just a trip with some time to kill; I accompanied a friend to Jakarta, who was on a business trip. Meanwhile back home, accusation, counter accusation, lies and denial continue to dominate the political scene in Malaysia. Even statutory declaration is abused. At the end of the day, people are confused, bored and fed-up.

Since stakes are high, people will continue to deny and since people have doubts about the integrity and professionalism of police force, we will never know the truth. Since we never know the truth as yet, it is grossly unfair to draw any conclusion. It goes to show that politicians are of all stripes, whether BN or PR. In the end, it may be the pot calling the kettle black.

Anwar needs to do more than just denial to convince the public that the accusation was just a frame up. In the same way, Najib needs to do more to prove that he’s not involved and as somebody who worked under Najib before, I’m convinced that he’s not involved. I know readers will condemn me but please allow me to have the freedom of thoughts. I notice that there are people who think that political uncertainty and dirty politics is part of the process of the new political awakening among Malaysians post 308 general election. I hope all these drama-like shows would have some finality and politicians from both political divide should address the issues confronting the nation. At the end of the day, we judge a person by his performance, not the drama enacted.







Nature Admirer said...

Dear DR Chua,
BN said the just concluded demo by PR was a non-event due to poor turn-out. If it is not bcos of high fuel cost, many of us in Johor would have travelled to Kelana to support.

Syed Hamid said:
"The election is over. Now we must carry out the mandate given by the people,", after reading this, l am really curious that have BN been working hard for the people after 308??? or these people have fighting for self-interest???

Pearls said...

This whole drama is so shameful!! Grown men in power have shown to all of us that they are nothing but boys fighting in the playground!! All they ever care about is THEMSELVES! All that talk about welfare of the people or putting the people's interest first has all gone flying out of the window when their own personal interest is at risk.

Come on la... whether Najib did what they say he did or not OR whether Anwar prefers the ass or any other part of a human body may it be male or female, none of us really care la. And, yes, you are correct about we judge a person by his/her performance in office and not by the dramas they are involved in.

So, let's judge Najib's performance... what has he done so far?? So many years in that position, what has he actually done that is beneficial to the country and us, the people??

Come la.. let's be frank about it. I dont see anything besides jumping at the opportunity to implement something that is ridiculous as hell as the failed National Service, buying helicopter that doesnt fly or couldnt be repaired because there are no parts?? Waving the keris and saying that he will bathe it in chinese blood during one of his many mad moments, talking shit when someone's son or daughter died during NS, threatening all at large for being "disobedient", telling all of us to 'UBAH GAYA HIDUP' when he knows shit about how we, the normal people live. WHAT!!?? WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR ANY OF US!? NOTHING!! and that is why he and that goonie boss of his, that good for nothing PM, has to go! These buggers dont live in the world we live in..

I am so freaking fedup!

malayamuda said...

you're right Dr Chua, we base our preseptions on track record and performance.

VERDICT - The racist BN has failed miserably

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Politics on its own is neither clean nor dirty
It's up to politicians to make politics clean or dirty
We must really find out who's making everything filthy
Out of the political scenario which should have been pretty

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080708
Tue. 8th July 2008.

KIMHO8 said...

How can you CONVINCE that he's not involve? Please show us the proof.

I have a very good husband but he might betray me too!

Don't cover him la, you pun dah bocor!

KSCheah said...

Dear Dato' Seri,

In my opinion, I do think you are the best person to take over from that Eunuch OKT, but not meaning to be respectful; was your last line meant to be a pun?

Nordin said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

This BN thing is already corrupted to the core, which almost impossible to be corrected. The only sensible thing to do is just to disband this BN.The longer we wait, it will worsen and the people will suffer.

Lets joins the people out there to reconstruct the nation.

kiddokit said...

Dr. Chua, just to jump in here...You said based on your previous experience having worked with Najib, you are convinced he's not guilty.

Well, I say, and a whole lot of rakyat would say based on our experience of having been led, controlled, commandeered, stepped upon, thumbed down by this sorry excuse of a leader, we are convinced he is guilty.

righteous said...

Dear Dr Chua,

It seems like sex scandal has become the Malaysian political tactic to diminish their opponents due to precedent case of your stepping down. To stop all this nonsense, you should immediately return to the political arena to abolished the precedent case, so that those monkeys that plotted all this dirty tricks know political games in Malaysia is not to be played in such manner, in which the quality of responsibilities performance is what we are looking for in our leadership.

Benjamin said...

kimho8, I believe Dr Chua said he believe Najib "didn't kill Altan" not he didn't "curi makan". That are totally different things.

Najib is not fit to next PM if he murdered someone cruelly. But he still fit if only curi makan.

You may disagree with me because you are given the freedom of thought.

I am not sure how capable is Anwar on managing a country. But from the way he talks without considering consequence/concrete proposal, it simply didn't convince me he is fit to be the next PM. To me, he is more like a big talker, at least currently.

Eventually I will say performance count.

clchan82 said...

Dear Dr Chua,

Your famous quote,
"One is not called theft as long as they are not caught!"
"There's a lots of politician who has female friends, just they are not caught yet!"

I 100% agree with you that most but not all politicians have girl friend. Do you think Ananthuya was Najib GF?

Whether Mr Najib involved in the Ananthuya case, most Malaysian believe HE KNEW HER!

Prachai said...

At least you didn't deny and tried to lie your way through the videotape incident.

I think many people appreciate that. Not like that snake Lingam. You are a politician and I only care whether you can deliver the goods. Hell, I love my privacy too.

But this is Bolehland ... a land full of perverts ...

Politicians will always deny allegations until ironcast proof is shown. Clinton found out the hard way too. But they say politics is about perception, and it is the latter that counts.

I don't think we will ever know the truth, given that the police and judiciary have already prostituted themselves to such an extent that the public have no trust in whatever they want to say. Perception (regrettably) now has an even higher impact than ever.

NEIL said...

Dr,when you say you believe he is not involve then straight away I come to the conclusion you are using this statement as a vehicle to plot your return to MCA/BM.As I have said before ,Dr,if you still need mca then your climb up to the pinnacle will never be that easy.There are too many obstacles to overcome.Anyway WELCOME back.

People said...

hi bro,

For the sodomy allegation against Anwar in 1998 and now is purely a garbage fabrication and for those who are behind these conspiracy should never challenge or undermind the intelligence of the Nation!
In malay what we called 'Jangan sekali-sekala menguji kebijaksanaan rakyat'!

If you believe about the allegation against Anwar, then I would said you are the people with have high education but low mentality.
If you choose to believe and brain wash people to believe the allegation against Anwar, then I would said you are the people who encourage brutality and you are a politician with no personal dignity.

I'm very sympathy Anwar. Pls imagine someone who had never committed that offence but was sentenced to jail! ? Is he deserved all these? What he did wrong?

If this person happen to be your son or your relative, how will you feel?

Pls used the political way to solve the political fighting! Not misused the judiciary which eventually cause the foreign investor hesitate to invest in Malaysia!

The whole nations including your sons, grand sons and grand grand sons are the one who suffer!

Irregardless of BN or PR, the judiciary system of the country should never be destroy for the sake of politician's political interest.

Pearls said...

Ok.. diver sikit..for the sake of gossiping...

I should say that it is mighty hard to imagine that Najib is not involved with Altantuya. The strongest give away is the fact that her entry records with immigration has been deleted. I am sure not every minister can command such power as to delete immigration records. That is something the government has to but yet to explain.

Moreover, the story that has been going on since I was wrinkle free was that Najib is a kaki perempuan. Wahahahaha.. tales of him and god knows which female banging away at Lido beach...so, this Altantuya shouldnt be surprising. Well, if it is not true, nobody will make such stories.. people will instead make stories like he prefers man or animal! Eeeyeewww! as in with animals. Hahahaha..

As for this Bala well, it seems too much of a coincident for him to have disappeared after the 2nd SD and if you asked me, he look like hell when he made the 2nd SD. He looked jovial and at ease when he made the 1st SD but the 2nd.. Hmmm... a bit dodgy right and now! hilang pulak! AHMAH!!! Aiyooo... I hope nothing happens to him or his family, if not, WAHHH.. double, triple, AHMAH!! No.. maybe niamah also.. Hmmm..

So, you say leh.. If don't have so many little Najib stories, nobody will think Najib is guilty ler... His records are not to say clean and bright... Sigh... If I am him, I will volunteerily go on leave. Make like got integrity and BE LIKE A MAN! Ahh.. but than again, that is me lor..got integrity and wont say be like a man but be like human?

Ok.. end of gossip..

Chee Yong said...

Benjamin, if the 15th Jul debate is on, please turn on the tv and watch how Pakatan Rakyat explain how the oil price can be reduced. Thats if the debate is given the green light by the govt.....

Benjamin said...

^_^ Chee Yong, I think I need to give some explanation here. I’m neither Najib nor Anwar supporter.

Hopefully PR able to provide a viable proposal. I hope I won't hear "more tax to be levied on palm oil, IPP and other profitable business". Bear in mind, when the market is poor, govt do nothing for you, but when market turning good. They want a share from you. What will you feel?

Chee Yong said...

Like I said, hear them out come 15Jul and then judge them then.

By the way I agree with you " when the market is poor, govt do nothing for you, but when market turning good."

I am sure alot of people are feeling that now........

company said...

When you were on holiday, some one going to the backyard of your hometown and piss piss.陈 广 才 突 然 间 热 心 帮 翁 诗 杰? 是 不 是 两 者 已 有 默 契. 诗 杰 的 头 被 广 才 摸 一 摸,码 头 弊 案 不 了 了 之 了 吧? 反 正 人 们 的 记 性 也 不 好.

KIMHO8 said...

Denial and Lies, curi makan, sodomy, blowjob, murder & etc, all are guilty in our country.

Cannot be so convincing-lah!

vin said...

Dr Chua,Najib also same interest with you,like to fucking around.I don't understand how come malaysia got such of minister.下流,无耻的蔡细历和纳吉。

Camon said...

Dear Doc,

Welcome back, as the saying goes....
Since I am a mark man in 'Batu Pahat' with video glaring down at me,,,, I think it is safe to do in Indonesia...
with your business friend. How is the game? It is enjoyable?...
BUT I believe you are innocent.... please also allow me some freedom of expression also...
See how your trip could be interpreted as such?? Who to blame?
Because.... as the saying goes again,
'There is no smoke without a fire'
I rest my case.

Benjamin said...

Vin, you have to accept that all male are the same unless his dxxk malfunction.

If you can't accept male fool around, you better keep your bf or husband 24 7 beside you.

In fact I know quite a number of ladies are fooling around behind their bf and husband too, what do you call that? Human only nothing much but just another kind of animal.

Andrew said...

what I can see since 308 is a party trying to rebuilt itself to heed the warning given by the people and the other party taking advantage of the heightened sense of empowerment since that landmark decision, to throw boulders at the others and creating endless chaos so that the eventual winner emerge as saviour. Our country can ill afford these drama now. Politicians and conscience do not mix? if yes then they'd know the mandate given to PR is to live up to their promises, and for BN to buckle up and clear their bad reputation. not to engage in some filthy dog war like now.

Charlie said...


You don't seem to understand the political arena well. Which rich people not have many girls surrounding him? The girls are also to be blamed for their materialisticness.

As for politicians, most of them are rich and when they are rich and powerful, they will be flocked with stupid and materialistic girls.

I don't blame Dr. Chua nor Najib because all politicians are the same. Its their performance of work that we should care. Let me ask you, Vin, do you want a minister who works well or you want a corrupted minister who ate RM4.6 billion of our money!!! Think about it, Vin. Don't be a stupid dodo that knows nothing about politics and yet act like you know a lot! We are here to discuss about issues, not personal attacks! Shame on you!

kiddokit said...

I'm pretty aghast that many Malaysians (and commentators here) think it is okay for leaders to conduct extra-marital affairs under the pretext of as long as they are managing the country well, who gives a shit if they are screwing someone else's wife or daughter in their beds?


Whatever happened to the age-old adage "leaders of integrity, unshaken morality, and incorruptible ethics"? Have we fallen so far behind in our moral take on issues that we can condone these licentious acts?

Just imagine one day in the future, with Najib ass-licker as our PM, and our country has to deal with AIDS from free sex (plus drug abuse, but this isn't my main point in this writing) and high divorce rates due to infidelity. Just imagine now the Govt under Najib has to address these issues. How do you think he can deal with them? Go around the country delivering sermons to married couples on how to stick to one partner? Go around preaching the virtues of a virtuous married lifestyle? Go around spreading the message to not indulge in sex acts that are haram in the eyes of the civil law and Muslim law?

That's right, you guys go figure this out. It is damn shameful because nobody will take him nor his Govt seriously on matters such as these. To take it another level, how are we to explain to our children that the civics lessons on morality and ethical behaviour in the textbooks are prepared by the Najib Govt?

So, it is of paramount importance that Malaysia is lead by a PM who knows when to keep his willy in when things get a bit hairy outside. Please lah...enough of this bull-tahi that it is okay for adulterers Najib and Dr. Chua to lead us into the next decade as long as they keep the economy chugging along. And don't you dare get me started on corruption...

Onekampung said...

Dr, I see the whole episode as a political joke, common folks like us who care about who is poking whose backside? Just like your case, though morally you do not stand at a very high ground, but I care more whether you can deliver the goods to us or not. You have a girl friend besides your wife, and we should not condone that, but if you can do more than Ong Ka Ting, I will still support you.

Back to the Anwar and Saiful episode, really can't say if he had indeed poked Saiful's backside or not. Both of them are muslims, and Islam says each would need 4 witnesses to prove the thing did happen, or did not happen. How Saiful is going to prove? You mean he would have 4 persons watching his backside being poked at that time?

This drama has besieged the nation and Malaysia is becoming a laughing stock. Politicians should do more than just such low level things and go back to work and solve the problems we are facing. Anwar says he will reduce the fuel price the day after he takes power, assuming he does. How? It is easier talk than doing. I may not be an economist, but I really doubt we can get this done without sacrifing other things.

But one aspect I bet Malaysia can save a lot of money, that is if Abdullah is serious and has the resolve to totally rip off the rampant corruption.

veryDL said...

move on people....
Dont you all tired of the topic? Chua has surrendered all his post and being cursed by all of you till now though its not ur problem.

Move on please, be matured and get on something that is constructive. Debates and arguments wouldnt help to change the country. Work more talk less. Everyone deserve a second chance, let them work and we should judge on their performance. Do you want (or your loved one)to be treated in the same way like the way you treat others?

After all his hardwork, what chua left to you was just a dvd?

Camon, I will say your thought reflects your character. 小人之心彰显无遗!

William said...

I think Najib should step down as our DPM soonest possible before more bad news or personal attack from public.Act fast as what you have done before.

Anonymous said...

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