Friday, July 11, 2008

MCA State Chairman/ 贯彻民主,从州主席开始

I am inclined to agree with Tan Sri Ting Chew Peh’s call that MCA’s state chairman should be by election. MCA needs to re-look at the party constitution and amend the constitution to enable the state liaison chairman to be elected by designated members in the state rather than appointed by the President. This will ensure that the state chairman will reflect the wish of the members in the state through democratic process. Leaders of state Youth and Wanita are also by election. The parent body should follow the same democratic process.

State chairman have considerable influence in recommending at state level with regards to the nomination of councilors for local government and also the candidates for general election.

Hence, it’s only fair that the state chairman is by election that:
i. state chairman shall be elected by the elected committee members of MCA Division, that is Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Vice Chairmen, the 10 elected committee members;
ii. In order for the youth and wanita to have a say in this election, youth and wanita will also participate in this election and will be represented by Chairman, Deputy Chairman and the vice chairmen.

The state liaison committee shall than consist of the state chairman, divisional chairmen, youth and wanita chairman, senators, both the elected people’s representatives at state and federal level.

This will make the leadership more democratic and accountable to its members, rather than this direct appointment by the President.


1. 州主席须由票选的区会执委(即区会主席、署理主席、副主席及10位票选委员)投选
2. 马青州分团和妇女组也应被赋权参与投选,由团长、署理团长、副团长、主席、署理主席和副主席代表投选




NEIL said...

Dr,I agree absolutely your suggestion but even with this type of election the members are bound to create chaos ending in a Team A and B.

leading said...

Dr Chua,


MCA’s state chairman should be by election.

KIMHO8 said...


ZORO said...

Great! Finally, seasoned MCA heavyweights finally admitting it as undemocratic and agreed to do something about it. Why couldn't you see the problems in the past when you were all part of the wrong system? Is it because you all enjoying the advantages of the autocratic rule? You are not forgivable on this matter; nevertheless, should you contest in the party election for the presidency in October, don’t forget to insert this in your manifesto.

Wong Cutting said...


Wong Cutting said...


Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I totally agree with you. In fact, OKT keep emphasize on building a healthy politic, it should start from the very basic, which is the grassroot. Even our PM should also do the same, to be elected by the rakyat. Good luck to you for the upcoming contest. God Bless......

max said...

I totaly agree, this is basic, but we hope that our party can have a Vision in future.

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