Monday, July 21, 2008

MCA Divisions' Nomination Day

Tomorrow is nomination day for MCA Youth, Wanita and MCA divisions. The Youth and Wanita election is scheduled on 26th July while MCA division election is on 27th July. The dilemma I face is whether I should accept the divisional post or not. To be frank, what is more important is the central delegate post rather than the division chairman’s post. I’ve been the MCA division chairman for Batu Pahat since 1985 until I resigned earlier this year. I do not want to be accused of not giving way. However, like any other political party, each division has its own unique problem. 33 branches under Batu Pahat division have passed resolution supporting me as chairman. I must thank them for their overwhelming support. They have also met me quietly and impress upon me that if I do not accept the chairman’s post, there will be instability and that my presence is to ensure unity and stability at divisional level.

Batu Pahat division has just completed its divisional building and we are supposed to start relocating and they feel that during this process of relocation from the old premise to the new building which was initiated by me, I should be around during this period. Anyway, I’m keeping an open mind and I’ll see what will unfold tomorrow during nomination day.






ZORO said...

Go ahead Datuk! You should be able to garner 80% support from MCA Sabah provided you do something for the transformation of MCA Sabah. Details of which you will know when you visit the State in the near future.Good luck and watch your steps!

petestop said...

Dr Chua,

What do you say to UMNO trying to work out a deal with PAS right after the March 8 election, even relenting for PAS to be the MB ?

UMNO rather work with people of their own skin color, even if they are from opposing political side, just to remain in power.

What is the use of MCA in such situation ?

If you are elected as MCA President, will you have the courage to say "Enough is enough!"

Or do you have to wait till you are like Tan Yee Kew, when you no longer have personal interest to protect, then only you can step out and be counted ?

From whatever you have said in public so far, I believe you are a more man of courage instead of the No'ting OKT.

Onekampung said...

Dr, let go and let them handle the division. No one is indispensable; if you are always there, they will never grow! And how long you are going to stick around?

I don't know who are those people there in your BP division, but as you have said, you have been the chairman far too long, stability in a division is not going to rock the whole party. A senior position in the central committee is something you should go for. Even if you are the BP division chairman, so what?

Personally, I think the deputy position suits you and the party well. OTK is quite a stubborn guy and he needs someone to cool him down. If he maintains his "lone venture" style even when he is the No.1 in the party, it is not going to work.

But if you decide to go head-on with OTK, it is hard to say who will emerge as winner, but the party is going to suffer.

Having said that, don't miscontrue that I am supporting OTK, honestly, like many others, we are concerned that he is not a team player.

Pearls said...

If you think you can revive and make MCA shinning again, why not go try this don't know what nomination? I am sure you will get it without any problem.

KIMHO8 said...
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petestop said...

Wow, this one is even better, Khir Toyol admitted offering not only the Menteri Besar post to PAS in Selangor, but also the Deputy MB and 4 exco position to them, in order to remain in power in Selangor state.

With MCA so faithfully being a lap-dog for UMNO, what have they offered to you in all these years.

Have you even govern a state ?
Have you even been in critical ministry to form the core policies ? Like Finance or Education ?

Even with MCA in BN, you are still Chinese and non-Muslim, you will never be as equal as PAS in the Opposition who are Malay-Muslim.

MCA will always be Haram, and PAS is Halal.

Do MCA still want to continue cheating the Malaysian Chinese or any of you leaders strong enough to take it out of BN and form a 3rd political force ??

Perhaps then MCA will still be relevant.

As it is, I can only say wtf

絕地劍客 said...


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