Thursday, July 17, 2008

Class Reunion Informal Night (University of Malaya Medical Faculty 1973)

My wife and I attended the class reunion of MU Medical Faculty Class 1973. If I’m not mistaken, this is the 12th reunion dinner and it was a happy occasion to meet up with all the old friends. We started with a class of 128, but finally graduated with 120. A few actually dropped out by changing course since they lost interest half way through and a few failed their final year examination and were retained for another 6 months. The turnout this year was less compared to last year where a lot of classmates who were practicing overseas come back for the reunion.
This year, only 43 classmates turned up for the event. The main topics for conversation at the informal night were:
1) The fuel hike
2) How all these seniors are unwinding and taking a more relaxed attitude towards their practice
3) The recent political landscape in our country where the rakyat were fed with all sorts of allegations about personal conducts of politicians from sodomy to murder, statutory declaration and retractions. All of them noted personal attack and accusation became the weapon of choice to demolish your opponents. Politicians from both political divide do not compete on performance, but confine to allegations which were rather personal.
Most of the senior doctors, like the rest of rakyat were equally confused on who to believe and who not to believe. In short, they were disappointed with politicians from both sides. Some of my classmates were also equally keen to urge me to stand for party election but I declined to be drawn into any discussion about the party election. Another hot topic among the doctors was the deteriorating standards of junior doctors. They felt that these are the products of poor teaching, poor supervision at the clinical stage and lack of commitment and dedication by the junior doctors.
A lot of junior doctors still believe that medical practice is a gold mine. As in previous year gathering, there were generous serving of food and liquor, singing, dancing and obscene jokes filled the air. Personally, I observed that a lot of my classmates have not changed very much in their mannerism, except of course the tell tale signs of aging, hair loss and balding.
Generally, most of them are healthy and there may be some truth in the saying “Doctors know best when it comes to personal health”.




1) 燃油起价;
2) 学长们如何改变心态,以更轻松的态度行医;
3) 国家最近的政局,人民被种种的政治指控,从有关个人操守如鸡奸到谋杀,提呈宣誓和收回宣誓等所困扰。所有人都察觉到政敌利用人身攻击和指责来攻击对手。两派的政治领袖不是互相竞争表现,而是互相做个人或人身攻击。很多学长都如一般人民,分不清该相信那一方。简单的来说,大家都对双方感到失望。有些同学希望我能再次出来参与党选,但我尽量避开有关党选的话题。




Benjamin said...

sorry dr, one out of topic question, do you know where to complain bad hygiene of restaurant? My family got food poisoning after taken their food.

Genesis said...

I read your article with some kind of disbelief that you could remember some of your course mates who dropped out or who failed their final exam and were retained for another six months, yet did not mention a very special classmate from your childhood days, Lee Choo Choon who passed away in the final year.
We paid tribute and remembered him in our HSBP Class '65 Reunion last year.

as i see it said...

dr ham sap choi ,
i feel very irritated by u , in fact after ur scandal , i have no confidence towards any doctor . Is it fair for the other moral doctor? u set urseft very high standard with high quality of clinical experience and ur contribution to health care in malaysia . and again i feel insulted , bcoz the mess u created is not easy to clear . The methadone project , the multi milionare hospital that dissapear and the non caring medical doctor that injured the yin ying arm , have u put any efford to correct it ?? i again think u should not even become the chair person of batu pahat division , even ur son also .. for what he nominated as BN canditate if not u pull a string with the higher UMNO person . U are the person who ultimately betray the chinese communities . I would give one cent to u if u provide the pimp service /oral service in batu pahat .

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