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KIMHO8 said...


You have just won your bosses UMNO and some MCA members heart.

Stay foot and continue your revenge. Make yourself a happy old man.

KIMHO8 said...

Personal obsession is the top priority.

koh said...

Ong Ka Chuan, a self acclaimed Buddhist and a vegetarian has remarked that Yee Kew's resignation is "no loss" to the party. At least she didn't cause the party to lose so many seats like in Perak state, which led to Pakatan taking over the state government.

I have gathered views from within and outside the party circles on Ka Chuan's reaction. They are wondering whether Ka Chuan is "fit" for the higher posts. As secretary-general, his numerous press releases and reactions to events have been devastating and showed his "bankruptcy" in statemanship. As principal of the party's political school, the secretary general is completely unfit to be an educated man, in BM, kurang ajar. At least he could have said is to thank Yee Kew for her role and contributions to the party for the past 22 years and finally wish her luck in her new political pastures. Instead this so-called unfit high ranking party official showered his anger on her. It's a shame to the party leadership. Just compare Ka Chuan's remarks with Ong Tee Keat's. Ka Chuan is not fit to be both secretary general and to be deputy president. In fact and truthfully, to many outsiders I interviewed on this matter, majority said that Ka Chuan's should step down, as his disappearance will really be "no loss" to the party.

stanley koh

People said...

hi bro,

When is you and your son turn to quit MCA?

Cow Sense said...

Bro People

That was a good one :)

So uncle .. any news or hints of the latest development in the MCA ah ?

fifth dime said...

Actually we Chinese in Malaysia fail to understand: 团结就是力量。

and we always try to: 助桀为虐
and still: 引于为荣

When fail to help us, the lame excuse always the same: 无能为力

So, you still there?

Onekampung said...

Every one has his or her political aspirations, some think they can achieve this within BN, some think outside the BN, whatever it is, it is a personal choice and belief, no absolute right or wrong. Dr. Tan Yee Kew chose to quit MCA and possibly trying another (greener?) pastures after 20+ plus in MCA, we can only wish her good luck and achieve her political aspiration of bringing greater good to the nation.

Currently many see PKR as an alternative platform where they can realise their political dreams, be it personal or otherwise. This is the only real multiracial party at present, unlike DAP where it claims to be one but actually not. I will only label it a non-Malay party, since there are hardly, and cannot attract any, serious Malay politicians into the party.

MCA is at a difficult time, I sincerely hope that after the party's general election, the party can consolidate, reinforce and reinvent itself as new born, and continue to fight for equality in the ever changing political environment.

Many will criticise MCA and call it to quit BN, but I think this is not the moment, however, it must not stick to the same mentality and succumbing to UMNO's hegemony, it must have the backbone of voicing out clear and loud when it finds thinks wrong, if not, it will soon be washed to the drain.

max said...

the important thing is not fight for who is right? but What is right?

max said...

people always fight for " who is right?"; but the more important is"What is right?"; The Mca need to do the right thing for people!or it will ......

Onekampung said...

Dr Tan Yee Kew says she is not eyeing for any high post in the PR government, but I believe she has her eyes on the Klang Municipality Chairman position. Without a senior position, how is she going to realise her aspirations, as she has mentioned, since MCA is no more a platform for her?

Just watch. Politicians have many faces. But one good thing is that she did not "bad mouth" MCA very much when she left the party.

How much she can achieve remains to be seen, she admitted that even when she was the parliamentary secretary in the ministry of international trades, she was seldom involved in the decision making process; only Rafidah was calling the shots.

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