Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Re-engineering and Reinvention of MCA

After nomination, I’m now the division chairman for Batu Pahat again. I will not be making announcement as to what post I’m contesting at the National MCA election. I need to get the feedback from MCA central delegates and to gauge their support from the delegates. These feedbacks are important in order for me to make an informed decision. Whatever position I contest, it is important whether I can play an important role in helping to re-engineer and reinvent MCA to meet the post 308 political scenarios. If I contest, I believe that the re-engineering and reinvention of MCA cannot be dependant on one person. There’s a need for teamwork and collective responsibility in order to reinvent MCA. If I cannot contribute to this role, I will not contest.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to gather feedback on the expectation of MCA members and Chinese community towards MCA to ensure that MCA remains relevant in the new political landscape post 308 election. Often, I heard of people that MCA should leave BN. This is a major decision that needs a lot of deliberation. If MCA leaves BN;

1. No political party can claim to represent the Chinese at the federal level. I understand many will dismiss the role of MCA as mere playing the second fiddle to UMNO. But right now can any party claim to represent the Chinese in the government?

2. If MCA leaves BN, can MCA stand alone? Even DAP who solely dependant on Chinese votes have to join Pakatan Rakyat to ensure its long term survival.

Meanwhile, UMNO and PAS have openly admitted that they have some serious discussion at the highest possible level to talk about Islam and Malay unity. This once again demonstrates that politics in this country will always be influenced by race and religion. I understand that post 308, a lot of people were thinking and in fact some were euphoric that we’ll see some multiracial politics. I’ll always have my doubts and that race and religion will continue to play a prominent role in our political system. Ideally, we all accept that political party should be issue centric rather than ethnic centric. To me, it’s still a long time to go before we achieve this.





1. 华社将失去中央政府的代表权。我知道很多人都觉得马华地位次于巫统,所以很不屑马华的角色。但目前除了马华,中央政府里还有其他华社的代表吗?
2. 如果退出,马华可以单独生存吗?依仗华人选票的行动党也必须和公正党结盟,才能确保长期存活



iammi said...

It is still a long way to go if UMNO is still behaving arrogantly with MCA and MIC continue to cheer it on.

kiddokit said...

Firstly, many congrats on being the Chairman of BP MCA.

As to your other points about MCA leaving BN and your doubts about politics not dominated by race or religion, I say here to you that's why it is imperative that you need to change your mind-set before all else, Dr. Chua.

You said you don't see the overturning of race-based politics any time soon. But that statement is made because you yourself refuse to be the catalyst for that change. If you won't be the precursor to a better Malaysia, then which MCA person will? If you won't play the role of reinforcer of wholesome multiracial politics, then definitely Malaysia will never be able to get out of the nefarious race-based politics we are in.

You want to stay in MCA and fight the fight? Well, I wish you good luck. You want MCA to stay in BN and fight as well? Well, I wish you would exert your influence (and power, perhaps) to initiate a better political environment along the lines of multiracial-centric politics instead of the parochial I-fight-for-my-own-race mentality that pervades BN now.

CT Choo said...

Dr Chua, MCA should NOT leave BN. But MCA should be multiracial. That is the best route to take. I hope that you will offer yourself as candidate for presidency of MCA. Although I feel Ong Tee Keat is a good leadership choice, I feel even more strongly that MCA should have a healthy choice of leadership candidates. You are one of the good leaders that have appeared from the ranks of MCA.

Please do not allow any suggestion of "no-contest". This is the type of arrangement that is killing UMNO today.

ScorpionStar said...


You can re-engineer, re-invent, or stand head over heel. Nothing is going to change the ever elusive and aspired racial harmony, economic excellence, lightning speed delivery system, quality education and FAIR governance as long as UMNO=BN rules Malaysia. It is very obvious they are RACIST and the component parties "running dogs" to collect votes.

Don't waste your time...we are not impressed. The country is in autopilot mode and we have a DUMBASS MORON as Prime Minister and a bunch of "criminals" as Ministers.

Psst...I know you are not dare enough to allow this. Anyway letting you know how the layman feels.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! - saw on TV the jubilation of your victorious nomination. Happy to see that you are ready to come back into the fray. There is no doubt you are one of the leaders who can bring credibility back to the MCA.

It is unfortunate that there are many among the Chinese populace who is of the opinion that the MCA and the MIC are like timid, obsequious eunuchs to the haughty and arrogant UMNO emperor.

A.S said...

congratulation for the division chairman for Batu Pahat again...

chong said...

morning Dr. and congra to you.

i would like to know what is MCA stand and what you gonna say to UMNO regarding UMNO inviting PAS and offering lucrative offers to form the Paksi Melayu?

will MCA keep on pretending 'tak tau' just as perviously for keeping in power and money regardless its ideology?

sam said...

hey good dr. ,




sam said...

hey good dr. ,




Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

It's a fact the grassroots in MCA (esp. in Johor) want you back. But the question is can you make a difference in MCA (or BN)? Can you bring about serious reforms in the govt?

I know, it takes a team effort to bring about reforms, as you mentioned but considering the latest "meek" comments from Youth Chief, Liow Tiong Lai, on PAS-UMNO Malay Unity talks, I see not much hope in MCA. We should be brave enough to demand that we want talks on Multi-racial or truly Malaysian Unity. What's so wrong with that? Why can't MCA leaders voice strongly this wish of all peace loving Malaysians? Why Tiong Lai has to beat around the bush, skirting the question posed to him, trying to be nice and accommodating? As the Youth Chief, he has failed very miserably.

How do we support MCA with such leadership qualities? Don't post March 08 elections show that Malaysians are sick and tired of racial politics, especially at the highest level of the Govt.

Can you sincerely say by talking about Malay Unity, the non-Malays will not feel left out? What if MCA and DAP start talks on Chinese Unity? Will our Malay brothers not feel left out (similarly)?

Think! Doc, think.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Good to hear that and feel glad for you. So, wait for your next good news. Cheers!!!
God Bless........

Chee Yong said...

Dr Chua, if you're making a comeback in politics, and then having MCA elected representatives raising their hands in Parliment saying "saya sokong" to BN unjust policies, well then I suggest you can say we dont need you back. We already have a lot of Yes men in MCA. Plus again DAP fights for all races. Please dont equal DAP with MCA. Do I see any non Chinese members in MCA? I dont think so. Do I see Indian representatives from DAP in Parliment and ADUN? Yes I do see it. Long live Pakatan Rakyat! MCA is yesterday's news. And I am glad it is.

Pearls said...

Division Chairman,

You gotta remember that everything starts with that first step. So, if this country is to have politics based on issues and not race, it has to start somewhere and someone has to start.

I dont think the chinese in Malaysia will object to MCA leaving BN. Infact, I should think MCA will redeem its lost dignity! It is time to shift that paradigm. MCA can always be included in Pakatan Rakyat. I am sure it will further strengthen the Chinese representation (if it is to be relevant)and if we are to make politics based on issues a reality, PR is the party to go with.

How long it will take for all of us to achieve politics based on issues depends solely on all of us. If we want it bad enough, we can speed it up. We just gotta take that bold step and for the love god, stop procrasinating!

Francis said...

Dear Doctor,

Please learn to sing this song, WHY MCA... and then rethink how to re-engineer and reinvent. Otherwise stay back to the backlane of chow kit road.

Why MCA; http://youtube.com/watch?v=hQkMtd0wWOc

John said...

"No Chinese party can claim to represent Chinese at the Federal level". What about Gerakan and SUPP? They are Chinese parties as well.

max said...

Congratulations!hope that you can make a different to MCA, The MCA need a Vision for all members. Vision --Mission--role--Goals--planning--Action management.

Funniman1965 said...

If Umno can talk to PAS, I do not see why MCA cannot talk to DAP.
What we really need is Chinese unity.

Re engineering takes total abolishment of current mindset and recharged with a totally new concept and policies.

Chinese are well known for "if it does not afeect me personally, I do not want to interfere" type of attitude. Time to change this mindset. Let's look macro. Let's do it for Malaysia starting with all Chinese Malaysians UNITE.

Politics has gone beyond just political parties already. While it is good to respect our forefathers who forged this very political party MCA, it is time to change. Time to be matured. Time to face reality.

Whether MCA's actions goes down well with BN or not, it does not matter. Most important is that we stay relevant. We stay for the purpose to represent and serve Malaysia and the Chinese in Malaysia.

Prachai said...

The myth that Chinese need MCA to survive was finally broken during the last election.

If MCA still wish to remain as part of the "broken myth", it does so at its own peril. I can tell you that most of the young Chinese I come across with have nothing good to say about MCA. They just see it as a party where the towkay join in order to garner connection with UMNO people to do business.

There are many possibilities how MCA can make a comeback if they entertain the risky idea of "Abandon ship!". Only this way will the new MCA gain respect and start attract new followers. If you haven't already noticed ... how many young people are making a beeline to DAP, PKR.

ZORO said...

Congratulation for your overwhelming victory in Batu Pahat. I agree totally with your "Re-engineering and Reinvention of MCA" and I can see that you're extremely cautious in deciding your next move before all the team mates are eligible and ready for the central election.

collosos said...

Dr.Chua Soi Lek

It is very very easy to become rich and famous in capitalism democracy government system such as in Malaysia.

Just remember this, Bankers-businessmen and property developers are at the top of human food chain in this system.

As long as you pump in billions into infrastructure construction and property development industry. You will have populace support.

As long as you pump in billions for IT project, you will have more party members to support you, but of course, first you must ensure they all have education background in IT.Cinta IT, Suka IT, Belajar IT.

As long as you spend money in buying Mercedes,BMWs and other luxury cars, you will garner the support of the businessmen’ class since they are doing the job as importers and distributors.These businessmen then will pay money to promoters to sing praises on you and increase your popularity level so that you can continue to become a politician.

Remember this, the 3 golden rule of democracy:
Majority wins
Majority rules
Majority always right!

So dance!!you doctor turned politician!Dance you must!

Dance to capitalists' tunes.
Speak against capitalism, you will be bundle out of office in a blink of eyes.

kiddokit said...

Dr. Chua,

You know what I find most troubling with MCA and MIC generally these days? Their deafening silence on matters of national interest based on past events these couple of weeks. Not a pip squeak.

You really want MCA to be so inward-looking and fighting for Chinese rights that you forgot MCA actually resides in Malaysia? Aren't national issues and the rape of Anwar's rights (and by juxtaposition, all Malaysians' rights) of importance to you and MCA? You guys really have no opinion at all or simply dare not say it? Or busy concentrating on getting nominated for party elections?

C'mon, Dr. Chua! You want to make a comeback (although I still have my misgivings of a porn star representing the Chinese race in Malaysia) then you have got to show some gumption by issuing statements on Anwar's case. But please, enough of academic treatise on DNA!

jararaca said...

i dont like MCA, i dont like your association with the racist UMNO.

Among of the leaders, I believe ur still the better one. U speaks ur mind and open to crictism. the foundation of a good leader.

semoga berjaya in your party election.

Marsha said...

Firstly, congratulations to you Dr. Chua.

Secondly, I wish you all the luck in wanting to change MCA from within. But I sincerely hope that you can see MCA move from being a Chinese representation at the Federal level (which I do not see it happening anyway...) to being a representative of a Malaysian race.

That would mean accepting other races into the party as they believe in the values and the vision and mission of that party - not by race. I am from the Chinese race but rather call myself a Malaysian, plain and simple. If I call myself Chinese, then I would have to say I am from China right?

That is why so many of the younger generation choose to go to DAP or PKR as they see themselves differently. I hope that you would be able to band those who thinks along like yourself in wanting to reinvent and change the MCA party to one that is more of Bangsa Malaysia - that is the only way to go.

Leok Soo said...

Hi, Soi Lek,
MU medical Class73 wish you all the best in whatever you are undertaking.

Majority of your classmates are apolitical but we are proud to see what you had done thru MCA in the past.

Afer you left the recent reunion dinner at Malacca, our after dinner chat (until 2 am !) was about your future as a politician in Malaysia.

Some bright spark in class73 suggested that you should perhaps join Pakatan Rakyat, which many of us agree. May be is is time to leave a sinking ship while you still have the zeal and energy to serve.

Son Ma Chai said...

DAP got more seats than MCA, on this basis, logically DAP may be able to replace MCA and represent the Chinese.

Perhaps Datuk Chua can join DAP and have a try, 50 years already tried with MCA, why not try something fresh with DAP:)

Semua pun boleh di Malaysia

penyokong PR said...

dr chua .please explain
before the election MCA hantam
DAP for cooperating with PAS.
Now UMNO is cooperating with PAS
but MCA dare not criticise UMNO.
I think it is true MCA is just a
kaki ampu party , got no balls
to hantam UMNO.
I suggest MCA be dissolved bcoz
this party serve no purpose at all.

colorless said...

Congratulation on your win, Dr.Chua

Regardless on who leads MCA, it will be difficult for him to advice the racists Umno what’s fair for all Malaysian which what MCA is propagating at this moment. As long as Umno keep harping on the racist agenda, BN components has no choice but to do the same to survive in BN. Datuk Ong Tee Keat has been trying to voice for all Malaysian recently but Umno couldn't care less as it is of no benefit to them. Either MCA leaves BN or you leave MCA. I strongly believe you can contribute more to society by joining DAP or PKR.

vinci said...

Not many politician can have chance to "Take Two", so congrats on being the Chairman of BP MCA.

Now, I'll tell you why MCA won't get my family vote. We dislike (if not hate) a racist people (or party). UMNO is obviously racist. MCA? not much different.

You know why? Anak Malaysia need a party that protect anak Malaysia. We don't need someone to protect our race, we want someone to protect us as a citizen.

Lastly, Good luck on your coming election. You need that.

Fishhook said...

I hope you don't win; in fact I hope you are not even in politics anymore!

If UMNO can accuse Anwar of sodomy without any convincing proof given to the public, I don't see how someone who has been caught with his pants down and have clearly committed the crime of oral *** with proof can stand up against them.

In my opinion, if you were to lead the chinese component in BN, the Malaysian Chinese would be a laughing stock!!

Frankly, I find your act and your arrogance by using the excuse of "holier than thou" an insult to people who have the discipline to be faithful in their marriage. If you don't even have the discipline to be faithful to your wife, why should you be trusted with the fate of Malaysian chinese?

eddiekoh said...

Re-engineering MCA ?Forget about it.When UMNO and PAS hold secret talk what is MCA response?why not a squek and yet OKT says it is UMNO rights aren't MCA part of BN?
I rather believe PAs than BN member,aleast they call a spade a spade maybe it doesn.t sound good to our ears ,they still tell the truth .Stop being a dog for once and show us that MCA can bite if not better join PR.It will do us more good in the long run as UMNO is a "goner"no hope ,incapable of changing its mindset.

Kenny Gan said...

"1. No political party can claim to represent the Chinese at the federal level. I understand many will dismiss the role of MCA as mere playing the second fiddle to UMNO. But right now can any party claim to represent the Chinese in the government?"

What do you mean by represent, Dr. Chua? If it is just to stand up and say "saya sokong" to anything from Umno, I don't call it representation at all. In Parliament, MCA and other component party MPs are unable to speak up even when racist slurs are spoken in their faces by Umno MPs and even have to vote for any bill which sidelines the very communities which they claim to represent.

"2. If MCA leaves BN, can MCA stand alone? Even DAP who solely dependant on Chinese votes have to join Pakatan Rakyat to ensure its long term survival."

Why does MCA have to stand alone? Why not join Pakatan Rakyat for the betterment of all Malaysians? Frankly, the old model of race based politics is broken and only succeeds in polarizing the races. I don't want a party to fight solely for Chinese, I want a party to fight for social issues irrespective of race.

DO you read your readers' comments in your blog Dr. Chua? What are the majority of voices telling you? They are telling you that they have lost confidence in MCA and even suggest that MCA embrace multi-racial politics and join PR.

Yet you are talking about jostling for a place in a pointless and powerless party. I don't think MCA can change. If you want to do something worthwhile with the limited time you have left, then please follow Dr. Tan Kee Yew's example and join PKR.

The eminent biologist Charles Darwin said that it is not the strongest or most intelligent organism which survives but the one most adaptable to change.

I see MCA and its companion MIC as pathetic political dinosaurs staring at their own irrelevancy in the face but unable to adapt to the new political environment to save themselves. Both will soon become extinct like the dinosaurs.

NEIL said...

Dr, can't you be a new leadership by example.Since you resign from all post,you have all the chances in the whole world to start afresh and take MCA by it's horn.It would be in your best interest when you hit mca as a outsider but as I have said earlier Dr,you are too timid to offend mca becos your motive is to use mca as a bridge to perpetuate your dream to be mca president.I will say Dr,it will be a disaster if you step into a crumbling mca only to crushed to death.Mca is no more a party that we all trust anymore.The only hope to save this perishing party is for someone to give it a buoy so as to stay afloat.But you chose to jump in to be with 'sink and die' party.I wish you luck but I think you will be fighting a losing battle.MARK MY WORDS.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chua,

Many congratulations on winning the BP Division.

I'm a 30+ lawyer by training although I was never a practicing lawyer. I was never a supporter of any politician nor political party. However I may have a change of heart if and only if you go for the highest post in the coming party elections and become MCA's new president.

My plan to join MCA is not for political gains bt rather I am more interested in doing things along the lines of what Michael Chong is presently doing.

I also feel that I can be of little help in your effort to re-engineer and reinvent MCA.

stev4n said...

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