Friday, August 15, 2008

Business as usual for politicians post 308 election?

Post 308 election, there was a lot of optimism bordering on euphoria that politics in this country has become non-racial.

Politicians from both political divide will be issue-centric rather than ethno-centric.

Unfortunately, it is back to business as usual for the politicians from both political divide. We have the:

1) UMNO and PAS muzakarah for Malay and Muslim unity.

Why talk only of Malay and Muslim unity when Malay leaders suppose to be national leaders in a multiracial country?

Malay dominance in politics is by virtual of numbers and also by the protection provided by the constitution. The Muslim religion as the official religion, Bahasa Melayu as Bahasa Malaysia, special privilege of Malays, all these are enshrined in the constitution. No Malay politicians will ever dream of touching this sacred instrument.

Maybe both the Malay politicial party, UMNO and PAS wants to send a message that “enough is enough” to non-Malay and non-Muslim and that if they unite, there will be force to reckon with come what may.

2) The intrusion in Bar Council’s forum on non-Muslim and problems associated with conversion by one of the spouses are real problem that we have to solve.

There should be no politics involved but unfortunately, it evoke such a strong response from UMNO, PAS and PKR. So, do not think that UMNO politicians are racist; it cuts across both the political divide.

3) Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s suggestion to open up 10% to non-bumi in UiTM causes uproar among bumi students.

I have alluded to this earlier and I will not say this anymore.

So, we have to face the political reality of Malaysian society that race and religion will always be an important party in Malaysia’s political landscape. Policies that are issue-centric and not ethno-centric remain an elusive dream for Malaysians.


陈志昊 Brian Tang Chee Hau said...

Dato Seri,

Can Dato' Seri to add me in your link?

Thanks Dato' Seri first.

Brian Tang

NEIL said...

Dr, for No.3,No thanks,I would rather keep my children at home if there is no universities on this planet left, instead of sending them to this garbage dump.These are low grade uni producing 3rd class mentality so that why we have civil servants who can't read or write properly not to say work.Have you not heard what the PM says the other day regarding civil servants?Leave the country to these people and we all know the end result.

ZORO said...

Abolish the Bumi & non-Bumi practice; abolish the supremacy attitude and mentality; abolish the idea that some peoples are borne being supreme. Only Chinese Malaysian are naive enough to accept their leaders for whatever explanations or reasons not to challenge openly in the past 50 years!

EUNICES Blog said...

Soi Lek,

Why you are so "thick skin" still?
You have done such a big sin and yet you are talking so big.You should go and retire elsewhere, shut you mouth and keep quiet.

Ti Lian Ker said...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
oPRah Pt.5 - MP KULIM...DON'T PLAY PLAY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read NST p.11 with deep regret the tone,manner and arrogance of the statement by Zulklifli Nordin, MP for Kulim Bandar Baru from KeAdilan as follows :

"For me, Islam comes first.I am a Muslim first, a party member second. A Muslim first, a lawyer second. A Muslim first, an MP second.

You attack Islam, I'll be there, even if I have to do it on my own. Whatever it is, Islam comes first," said Zulklifli, looking agitated when asked about the incident at a press conference.

He said "Don't invite any Tom, Dick or Harry. You can talk about Islam but you cannot talk for Islam.

"I don't call any chendol or kacang putih seller to talk about Hinduism, do I?

"Just because some mosquito group of Muslims start talking about Islam, they represent Islam. I don't think that is fair.

" We have authorities, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, Yayasan Dakwah Islam Malaysia, IKIM, UIA. Why invite those mosquitoes?"

"WE Muslims have bee tolerant enough all this while, for so many years we have been asked, forced to live under the law that is not Islam. We have been forced."

The above statements are flawed and shows arrogance and weakness of character. How can our MPs be so egocentric and having no regard or recognition to our multi racial, multi-cultural and multi religious fabric. MOre so from KeAdilan a party who is giving hope to Malaysians at large towards a progressive multi-racial politics or pluralism in our political landscape and dictate.

To me it seems like he comes first before anything else. Dear YANG seems to me you are HUMAN first, MALAY and MUSLiM in this order...Your actions...Your words...Your attempt at justification...shows your EGO! Your WEaKNESS! Your EMOTIONS ! And whatever you do, please don't play God or disregard others entitlement to seek and discuss the right path in a civil, rational and legal manner in the name of GOD too. Who are you to judge? If you have so much respect for the Institutions and Authorities, then you must start by being respectable to the Rule of Law and not act in the name of Religion or God at your whims and fancies ! We are mere mortals with emotions, arrogance, self-importance,greed and lust for power, wealth, etc are part and parcel..etc. HAMBA ALLAH INI KENA LAH 'HUMBLE' SIKIT...DEMI UNTUK MEMBERI GAMBARAN ISLAM YANG SEBENAR....

Back to our arguments...In a mere few hours of discussions , the Organiser had included and invited personalities representative of the institutions cited by him as follows:

1. INSTITUT KEFAHAMAN ISLAM M'SIA (IKIM) -Syariah Law Centre Director Dr.Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad.
2.UIA Law Lecturer Dr. Mehrun Siraj
3.FEDERAL TERRITORY ISLAMIC DEPARTMENT (JAWI) Syariah Prosecutor Dr. Muhamad Naim Mukhtar
4.Ex Syariah Judge Tuan Dr.Hj.Mohd Naim Hj. Mokhtar

The Forum is to discuss the issue of conversion to Islam that had caused and brought about grief and conflicts to members of their families. Your argument that Islam comes first is laudable...ISLAM emphasis on JUSTICE is fundamental and any discussions or MUZAKARAH towards fairness and justice even to Non-Muslims should be encouraged.

The issues to be discussed at the Forum involved the plight and hardship upon Non-Muslims whose rights, interest and welfare have been unfairly encroached or infringed as a result of their spouse or parents conversion without the knowledge of the other spouse, and the conversion of their children by parents without the knowledge and consent of the other. You are talking of disruptions of family life here...the very fundamental and foundation of our society... THE FAMILY UNIT!!!! LOVE YOUR FELLOW MANKIND...I am sure somewhere beyond your 'superior' understanding of ISLAM there are Islamic principles governing these situations such as COMPASSIONS, LOVE not HATRED, PEACE not WAR, JUSTICE and what better way to seek justice in the name of GOD and MANKIND then to have orderly discussions by authorities and representatives of these institutions until there were unwelcome interruptions and disruptions by your kind. Mind you - it is the kacang-puteh seller, the roti canai or chendol proprietor who are frustrated and whose family's life disrupted(don't forget the social vicious circle-masyarakat sudah cukup masalah dah...)....we don't want them to go to the street or turn violent like many of our educated but emotionally distraught protesters or demonstrators....There is a better and more civil way kan?

YANG BERHORMAT AHLI PARLIAMENT DARI KeAdilan! I am waiting to see what actions your party is going to take to show that they walk their talk.... And please....get the basics and fundamentals right before you LEAP!!!!!!!! Or else you are showing the UGLINESS of whatever.....

Let's take another look at the beauty of Islam exemplified by Professor Dr. Mehrun Siraj, my former law lecturer and a good pious Muslim who was also a former SUHAKAM member and a renown International Islamic University law lecturer who has this to say:

"Open discussion is the way to discuss the issues between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Don't insult Islam" she said.

Tan said...

Dear head doctor,
Many mental patients are abandoned in the psychiatric hospitals around the world because they are of no more value to the society.
But if you are a righteous leader who wants to work for the goodness of society you will be persecuted all your life or even assasinated.Many people tried to kill Prophet Mohammed,Buddha and Confucious in their lifetime.They nailed Jesus Christ to the cross.Many politicians from Abraham Lincoln to Benazir Bhutto were assasinated during the prime of their political lives.
Malaysia has also many political victims.
Do the best you can and we will support you with our hearts,minds and souls.

Tan said...

I just deeply hate all these stories of sexual immoralities. There are so many china dolls in Malaysia. They kept coming into our country with a almost empty purse.
They left our country with purses full of USDs converted from ringgits.
Some of you fellows who wrote here on sexual immoralities may be a "secret clients" to them. For housewives who may not know what I am talking about here is a woman mind analogy. Armies of ants will keep on coming to your kitchen when there are plenty of sugar availabe.There are many "Sugar Daddies in town".You know that many of these china dolls are younger than their daughters? What does it mean in Cantonese by
" Kang Tie?" Buy a DVD from Petaling Street !!!!

prisonwithoutwalls said...

1. mosesfoo - January 2, 2008
…and becomes the “shadow” in the darkland behind the scene, making the king and breaking the fools

2. ycg - January 2, 2008
Yesterday - Chua said that he will not resign / give up his post…and that he serves to the pleasure of the PM.

This morning news - ‘BN’ leaders declare their supports for him.

Later today headline - Chua resigned.

hmmm….did the PM push the terminate button? Where is the thunderous support? Another flip-flop decision? will the sandiwara, similar to when Tun M resigned start? will Chua be softhearted and do a Rashid ‘i do this for the ppl’ shit? *sigh*…pening…pening…

Thank you Mr Chua! Kiss byebye to Part 1 of your political career. Better luck in Part 2 (if there is one). Mr Chua, may i suggest ‘revenge’?

3. anonymous dud - January 2, 2008
oh no! how come! He’s forgiven by his family, he almost came out unscathed.

4. anonymous dud - January 2, 2008
actually, he made pm and dpm even look like idiots, he already made known that he has support from the 2 top men to continue for the post but yet not appreciate the gratitude. stupid old man, why the hoohaa yesterday that he will not resign, he let down his kawan-kawan sejati…..

5. Sex scandal - Chua Soi Lek resigns at - January 2, 2008
[...] have seen Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak [...]

6. Alyson - January 2, 2008
I guess every male politician have sex scandal everywhere around the’s just that some get caught and ‘displayed’ in public but some remain discreet…..there will come a time to those who did the dirty job to pull someone down..

7. wattahack? - January 2, 2008
thats it MAN he did the REAL MAN thing in hotel now its time to live it up as a REAL MAN by admitting the folly and resign! now if only Umno & Mic members take note and follow suit we might actually have a better Malaysia in 2008! what a start to the new year…

8. monsterball - January 2, 2008
May he and his family be left alone now.
He must have learn a real bitter lesson at the age of 60.
Never too late to learn….and he is so lucky to have his family support.
So leave him alone.
He is history and failed due to a sex scandal…lets have a generous heart…to leave him alone.
Who does not enjoy sex?
Now he knows free sex has cost him millions of opportunities.
Perhaps….after election…if ever UMNO win again..may forgive him and make him a Senator. Just look at M bin M.

9. monsterball - January 2, 2008
And for some fun…One writer said the woman’s name was Angelia Yam…can be said as A.Yam or Ayam…..hahahhhaha
And the movie was taken 2 years ago…not recent.
This means..the person holding the trump card to finish off Chua waited and waited for the right moment.
Now police need to trace what undesirable remarks made on whom…who is constantly criticizing him…and perhaps the one taping it sold go for at least 10 years jail or more.

10. 5footway - January 2, 2008
Malaysia is managed by a bunch of old dirty sex-maniacs.

Looking at all these sex-maniacs and nymphomaniacs running the nation, no wonder Malaysia is comparable to Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc….

Looking again at this Mr. ‘Clean’, we know it’s only superficially clean from the outside, but inside…. Oh my my!

Now we have this dirty old man ‘Chuah’…. translating from Chinese is literally known as snake. Yes! Some want has caught a real big snake.

Aisehman! Not only this snake should resign, in fact all the Umno/BN crooked snakes are all the same and should bungle off en-bloc. It’s just that they were lucky and escaped from the ‘candid camera’.

Inshallah, only when all these crooked snakes are chucked into Johor Ocean, only then Malaysia and her rakyat has a chance to breathe some fresh air.

All the Umno-Bn crooks are all ignominious to the nation. Only thick skinned crooks would shamelessly cling to their quixotic political power.

11. moomooearth - January 2, 2008
Don’t you just love it. US has Bill Clinton; Malaysia has Chua Soi Lek. Says his family forgive him; my foot. Even his full press conference wasn’t published correctly by the major dailies. “I was just showing some sexual positions that can make one healthier” sort of remarks, but I couldn’t find it in any Malazy papers?! Well, kudos goes to Chua for living up Dr. M’s spirit of “Malaysia Boleh”!!! Wuhoo!!!

12. Sharing - January 3, 2008
As a man he has confessed!
With sympathy, people could forgive but not forget!

If he resigned to keep his “morality” a bit in first place
he could have been spared the same as by his family
with some sympathy from the public.
But, he had challenged PM and MCA that is the worst tactic!
To asked more Politicians to stand together
he had put the question mark on a bigger group to the Public!

It is an awful Political show!
Wisdom and alertness involved!
Is the wave stopped or just begin?
To whose benefits it will mean?

13. alexi04 - January 3, 2008
Let’s not be cruel to the guy, alright? Everybody has done something to be ashamed of but as Alyson mentioned already, he’s simply one of these that get caught. After all, he resigned - a dignant, though a late act.

14. Damocles - January 3, 2008
“Aisehman! Not only this snake should resign, in fact all the Umno/BN crooked snakes are all the same and should bungle off en-bloc.” - 5footway

In fact, this sort of thing is just one aspect of the many misdeeds of the BN; the litany is endless!
Voters should make it a reality this coming GE to dump this party and save our country from certain doom.

15. Manuel - January 3, 2008
What happened to the right to privacy in hotels? Has “Big Brother” also invaded hotel rooms, including toilets? What other scandals are being kept by these hotels? This is dangerous, as crazy individuals with access to the closed-circuit TV systems can blackmail people with similar videos.

16. two-face - January 3, 2008
The parliament should hasten to table the ‘whistle-blower’ act and I am sure the opposition will cross the divide and support it 100%. People are blaming the person who made the shots but I think he should be commended and reimbursed for all the trouble and expenses involved. It’s a dirty job but someone got to do it. Just imagine if CSL becomes the president of MCA and the tape surfaces then and what-if there are more ‘personal friends’?

17. Ancut Nyamai - January 3, 2008
So, Chua Soi Lek, at last has the dignity and honour to resign and I am quite certain that malaysian’s already forgiven him.

Whether he was betrayed but the scandal is clear.

What I hope in 2008 is MORE OF THAT “SPY-CAM-RUNNERS”

18. Gerald_Lee - January 3, 2008
Dr. Chua did well his job so far as a Health Minister, his resignation put us nothing shock to public because oriental society declined naughty “sex scandal’ politician. Huge feedback demand his resignation but I personally think that his immorality act does not deter his credibility as cabinet minister. Anywhere, goobye Dr. Chua!

19. Harrison Bin Hansome - January 3, 2008
Well Ancut Nyamai,

Are u saying that those candid camcoders should be on the loose in ‘running’ others down even ragtags like u and me?

Some say CSL was betrayed by internal enemies? CSL’s infamous act captured probably as some unconfirmed reports say dated 2 years back.

Was this use as a blackmail in threatening CSL when he was the Minister that may compromise, jeopardise national interest?

My inference is that CSL should come out now as a WHISTLEBLOWER
on those who really stole our national treasure BIG TIME or he can choose to be silent of probably A-N-O-T-H-E-R “SCANDAL” that others wanted him to be reticent?

In this world, the everyone’s wants to tell thier truth and obliterates the original truth, isn’t it?

20. Dr.Mohamadon Abdullah - January 3, 2008
The Police should investigate throughly the people behind the video recording and bring them to book. Malaysians should boycott the Hotel.

Chua Soi Lek is a a Gentalman by admitting that it was him in the video. His family has forgiven him. Who are we to condemn him.

This unfortunate episode has not not affected the Country’s economy…but Corruption is bleeding the country dry. We should focus our attention to this instead of a person’s intimate relatioshup.

21. Georgina - January 3, 2008
This old goat couldn’t keep his trouser snake where it belonged all along…with his wife! Instead her choose to mess around with a girl young enough to be his grand daughter (his “personal friend”…did he set her up as a florist?). He didn’t resign straightaway. He was going to leave it to the PM. That was foolish and he only quit when things got too hot for him. No sympathy for him from me.

22. monsterball - January 3, 2008
Enough of Dr..Chua. He has resigned and is like one of us…an ordinary citizen. Let us be more compassionate ..with tolerance and understanding Malaysians…..although such kind gestures to the government must not be given…as they take our kindness as a sign of weakness. Let Chua be with his family in peace. Thanks.
I like to speak of our clown…Samy Vellu…who brags he can gather one million Indians to fight Hindraf 40,000…but some said…it is even 100,000 or more. I was there and from my own eyes.I can see 40,000 more accurate.
Samy will now gather 15,000 Indians..I repeat 15,000 to welcome Pak Lah soon in a rally. .Hahahahahaha…..he is such an idiot. By doing that..he is infact admitting more than 65% Indians are against him. I thought he will say at least 500,000 to prove his worth.
Do you remember….he also said it is impossible to be more than 5000 to gather in K, more than that….the whole of K.Lumpur will jam ……no space to walk…..hahahahaha
Again based on his cow brain logic…his 15,000 will squeezed more than 10,000 to death….hahahahahaha
At last the Indians realized what a great thick skinned bullshitter Samy is. I guess almost all Indians will join up with opposition parties…to give the govt. a taste of their own medicine they will never forget.

23. ycg - January 3, 2008
hmm…i was doing a quick check on the SOPO blogs that i can think of and it seems that the women bloggers are more supportive of Chua (to not resign) by saying that what has happened in the video is private and should be treated as his family affair only. See owner of this blog, Jedyoong, n lucia mental jog. Most of the male bloggers would either say resign with dignity or stay silent.

Just an observation only ya.

24. ck - January 3, 2008
csl was a great statesman and that useless being who ended his
public career by unlawful sneaking into his privacy and fliming his
sexual act need to be punished to the full. Bear in mind without sex
you and I would not have exist inclusive of that being. Its a great
lost to the chinese community specificaly and to all malaysian in
general. Its a sad 2008 new year.

25. 1people1nation - January 3, 2008
This country has gone banana with the dirty BN old boys at the helm.

Today is the first day for the young children going to schools in the nation.

It should be the most happiest day for the school children, especially for those attending schools for the first time.

But here in Damansara Primary school, we have school children attending classes in a small temple instead of an existing and more comfortable school.

These BNputras are in fact inhuman for refusing innocent children to attend in the decent school, thus depriving the innocent school children their most joyous young lives at such tender age.

Yes! Folks! These BNputras are not human. They are ’syaitans’ of the lowest level..

What has Dr. CSL contributed to mankind? Unwanted sperm?

Perhaps Dr. CSL can redeem himself by joining the 1people, 1 nation fighting against those BN terrorists and help reopen the SOSdamansara school.

Come on man! Old cock! Time to convert your sex energy into some useful energy for the sake of humankind…. like fighting for the reopening of the SOSDamansara school and increasing the number of Chinese schools in Malaysia.

Otherwise Dr. CSL will be a rat crossing a street- the subject of common beating by people, especially for next Chinese New Year which is the year of the Rat..

So repent, pull up your socks and zipped up your pant and be a useful man man!

Cheers and adios!

26. simon - January 4, 2008
In my opinion he shud resign coz we expect a higher standard for people in public eye or public office i.e ministers, judges, pastors, imams, suaram people, hakam people, bar council office bearers etc. etc ad nauseam.

Progress is the natural order of things. We all hope to better ourselves. There is no need or position available for ministers who cannot zip up their trousers properly.

IF HE IS SINGLE THEN MAYBE IT’S A GREY AREA. As it would be ptremarital sex then. Still Not a good moral example but he would then not be breaking any marital vows and not cheating.


How can you trust a person who cheats on the person he sleeps with?

Since we all (with exception said lady) dun sleep with him, it’s much easier for him to cheat us, the public, is it not so?

If he is mister no name we will not be bothered if he has tens of thousands of different titled porno dvds circulating around Batu Pahat/Labis/Tangkak for all we care.

If we drive pass an unknown no name porno movie star that we recognise at mamak stall we might even give him/her a thumbs up for managing a 56 minutes performance.

27. vlps - January 4, 2008
cos males didnt get a piece of the action n their hearts made of concrete. as simple as that. as for females, even easier. they have more tender heart n hence r more forgiving thats all.

but it’s all good. one can only hope the rest of them mca eunuchs too pick up n start hainvg their in-house pillow fight now to the point of comatose.

btw, is ong ka ting the main plotter/benefiter behind this? he definitely looks it to me. since he looks so damn ugly.
still, anyone care to shed light on the mystery?

Happy belated New Year to u Eli.

28. Gina - January 4, 2008
Chua doesn’t get it. He is still talking though his anus saying things like the papers killed him by speculating on his political ambitions. He should have kept his animal ambitions in check and reserved them for his wife. That way he would have kept his job and the right to complaint about others. He doesn’t understand that he will have no credibility with UMNO if they know of his sex escapades. That’s something they will always hold over his head if he ever tried to protect or defend Chinese rights in Malaysia. It is best he quit..that’s his final service to the Chinese.

29. Garoupa - January 4, 2008
CSL might have forgotten that rendezvous a long time ago and his wife and family might have known and forgiven him about this far earlier than us. So why don’t we just let him live his own life. He did not even do us any harm at all. Why make it such a big fuss?

Who knows one day we might get caught doing it in another hotel dvd production and the worst part is that we were doing it with our own spouse and everybody gets to watch us. So let’s not think that we are always lucky.

Just mind your own business.

30. anonymous dud - January 4, 2008
that csl, he should follow pak lah using football analogy (remember goreng erikson, still survive after affair but tides turn because he fails to perform), his health minitry portfolio just ngam ngam half time, let him finish the job to provide “better” healthcare in malaysia so that he’ll leave in peace. so stupid he said family, pm, dpm accepted apology - he should say he will fight on (yes, bang the table like clinton, throw the mike to the floor and stomp his foot), unafraid scandal and vow better governance! and spin a bit that his political consprators oppose his grand programs that benefit rakyat, even he’s morally rottened. and cite some political figures that even morally corrupted but still able provide for rakyat…

then after election, ppl will forget the case and he might turn the tide if he “performs” his job exceeds expectation (meaning good healthcare, doctors, service, bla bla). heck even pak lah still continue enjoy as pm after many flipflops.

31. anonymous dud - January 4, 2008
“Bear in mind without sex
you and I would not have exist inclusive of that being” - not true, with advent of technology babies still exist using in-vitro.

even dan brown said pope (fiction) bears a son with in-vitro…..

32. sadday - January 4, 2008
to people who criticised him, have you gone to public hospital at all for the past few years? doubt you have, because if you would, you would have seen the better changes he had made during his tenure. some questions to ponder: yes, he did wrong, was it against the law? no. did his family forgive him? yes. so who are we to judge him? come on guys, holier than thou? give me a break. no transgression of law in our life before? no immoral thoughts/deeds before? or was it just never been found out? who is better to be the health minister? us? any of us have bosses whom we think have personal life that leaves too much to be desired? do we kick up a fuss? the whole issue is a private matter, which shouldn’t have been brought up into the public foray. and now that it has come out in the open, he, at the very least, took up accountability for it and admitted his mistakes. who, among us, would have that courage? i would think not many. and please, criticise when u think someone has not done their job well, like people who brought up nonsensical issues in the parliament. him? i would be sad that he is leaving.

33. MelakaToday - January 5, 2008
Before anything , get all these political hypocrites to sign statutory declarations that they would automatically vacate all public & party post if found to have committed adultery, oral sex, extra-marital affairs etc. a precedent WELL SET by Dr Chua; on the double before this coming general elections or face being boycott and ‘blacklisted ‘ by us rakyat.
Afterall, what better time to demand and prepare a coffin for them, FOC haha!
Why not start distributing the statutory declarations to like of Badawi, Najib, Ong KT, Samy, etc Minister ( not forgetting perfume Dr Ng Yen Yen;
Musa Hassan, Ahmad Pattail, Election Rashid etc………..

When the cabinet is finally empty, why not U and Me file for a Ministerial post, that is off course if we dare to sign the declaration as well , would U?

Bravo Dr Chua, a move well executed where a person on the way down but not out certainly could still master, a true strategist. U should be our next National Leader instead!

34. vlps - January 5, 2008
sadday, he may be ‘good’ as you proclaimed and discharges his duties up to a notch. but bear in mind, he’s obliged to do so. he is put there to do so n his salary is the taxpayer’s money. so whatever you had put forward is a non-issue. save reminding me of candidates of paler qualities from days gone by. we r living in the 21st century. Malaysians deserve better.

the truth is, there are better candidates.not gonna name names here but most of them remains in the opposition party and have yet been given a shot at the administrative pedestal to shine. simply put, better candidates have so far remain in the lurch due in large part to dirty BN politicians n their cohorts. n also, i personally believe tht a large factor of the BN monopoly phenomenon happening is NOT because the oppositions r not qualified or they do not have the credentials to prove to us rakyat tht they can in fact do just as decent a job as any BN goodfellas can do. the oppositions SIMPLY possess WAY MORE integrity and gumption than the dens of deceitful twats to which csl once belong, n enjoyed being a part of so obviously. they refuse to stoop low or betray their conscience to achieve materialistic goal or whatever office perks there is while all along BN took advantage of this “weakness” n push everyones i.e the rakyats’ envelope.

having said so much, i hope u r one to acknowledge the fact that whatever i had put forth in this comment so far is unquestionably true.

if u r attempting damage control for mca or f*cking bn, let me be the first to tell u here there would be no glory in that. of course u can try harder. but i’d still come back with the same thing. in harder fashion perhaps.

sadday, why not change the status quo this coming election? go n tell ur family members, friends n ur circle of influence what is really going on. yur decision will affect not only u, but generations of malaysians to come as well.

good day to u but be conscientious.

35. pn chin - January 5, 2008
What is the full name of the girl?
can anyone mind telling me

36. Fire Breather - January 6, 2008
You truely deserve the Rest and Recreation, YBCSL.
Nothing to be ashamed of as this shows that you are only human.
Could the “personal special friend” be YBNYY who suggested that women, especially wives who intend to turn their spouses on are to wear naughty nighties.
Anyway, heard that the “action” was not recent and so what’s te big fuss all about.

37. mob1900 - January 6, 2008
he did a good job as MOH? c’MON
My friend just had an accident 4 weeks ago, he was brought to UH at PJ, bleeding profusely for an hour, until he beh tahan asked a passing nurse to help stop his bleeding.

“Bandage habis, tak boleh buat apa” - Nurse. My friend bled til he almost passed out then the ‘bandages’ suddenly appear.

Yes, this is a hospital with Trauma ward and it ran out of bandages!

And the ‘kaunter warga emas’ initiated by him?
Go to local hospitals(HUKM) at 6.30am and watch our senior citizens queue up for appointments. The dude who gives numbers will only be coming in at 8.15am.

A head of department who takes credit for even the slightest ‘improvement’ ,well The Nasty Paper made him look like a million bucks with a list of ‘initiatives’ which his former Minitry did.

And oh, isn’t this the same arse who instead of condemning inefficiencies, he said “Medical accidents are unavoidable…”? We all know our public health care system leaves alot to be desired but giving a ‘Tidak Apa’ attitude for public hospitals that it is ok to misdiagnose or giving the wrong medicine is unbecoming of a Leader.

And please we, the people has NEVER been taken seriously by these elites, so do not say we, the rakyat, force him to resign. His party is the culprit. Since when does BN or MaChAi care about what we think?

As for sympathy, spare us the holier than thou attitude as he never did well as MOH. Why do you think these VIPs goes to PRIVATE Medical Centres?

EW: Correct, correct, correct!

38. simon - January 6, 2008
#the truth is, there are better candidates#

Evil men wins coz they have more options.

Good men can only do good hence have limited options.

Evil men has unlimited options, may even kill. Hence the probability for an evil man to win is higher. Mathematics confirms this. Similarly Machiavelli in “The Prince” has also made this observation from his empirical data during his time.

Hence its up to us the rakyat to make sure that the score is evened up and to vote in only the good men.

39. monsterball - January 6, 2008
OK..OK…..OK……CORRECT….CORRECT…CORRECT……but he is gone.
Let it be. Are we all not to be blame indirectly for what the country is ….with our votes?
Why blame them???..blame ourselves.
PS: Lets see Liz say ‘CORRECT” to smart monsterball….hahahahahaha

40. red Faced - January 6, 2008

To enlighten all on the crime committed that fit the evidence.

41. vlps - January 7, 2008
worse still, the religion of ‘peace’ blatantly dictates walking over the weak and the meek.

that is my dilemma when dealing with MOST of them lots. they simply do not respect weaknesses and ‘gentleness’. prime example: the way they treat women.

i had also conducted head on social experiment myself and found out through rather disconcerting ways that this is in fact, their ‘truth’. unwilling subjects my experiments had thus far encompassed nationalities ranging from american, indonesia, turkey, iran, france and lebanon. malaysians are exempted cos i scared.

42. Vagus - January 7, 2008
politics is a dirty game.
it’s pretty obvious he was set up, though some may say he was asking for it.

43. scamboy - January 8, 2008
Well its a good thing that he admitted his mistake and resigned….:=)

Wonder what could have happened if someone else was at his place…Sure we will hear things like “That’s not me!!” or ” Its someone like me…”

Telco Talk Malaysia

44. ykng01 - January 8, 2008
sometime i feel you want good , efficient , you must pay more . But what we going to pay is not money , we may be must accept those leader who have their own way to release stress as long as no law break , more important he or she must intelligent in leading us . what we get , I mean all malaysian get , is the healty body . Perhaps DR Chua really is the leader we ‘re looking for. Just see how he made the health system more organised , if he stay long may be we will get benefit on other area. But Nows he gone. only I advise to those ‘leader’ or ‘friend’ if u know some one is really good in leading a ministry but have some unmoral of hobby , advise them to take care, not plan a trap to destroy them .

45. tan888 - October 4, 2008
Chua the head doctor just lost his head for a few hours and Say YES to “Play,play,play”with some unknown woman in the privacy of a hotel room.He has not reach the foolishness of the early chinese emperor quoted below.Why should we waste his talents and force him to resign?Many VIPs from the other camps did play the same game.
Yang Guifei (719—56)
Renowned beauty of the Tang dynasty (618-906)


Yang Guifei (Yang Kuei-fey) concubine of the Tang emperor Xuanzong (Hsüan-tsung; 685-762). Renowned beauty of Chinese history. Of humble origins, she is said to have won the favor and passion of the emperor to the extent that he eventually began to neglect state affairs. She adopted An Lu-shan, a general of Turkic origin, as her son and helped him win power at court. A power struggle over control of the central government between An Lu-shan and Yang’s brother led to An’s rebellion in 755. Fleeing the capital before the rebels captured it, angry royal guards, who blamed Yang Guifei and her brother for the rebellion, forced Xuanzong to order their execution. The emperor soon abdicated.Yang Guifei’s story and her tragic end have been a favorite theme for Chinese poets and writers.

Bai Juyi (Pai Chu-i, Bo Juyi, Po Chü-i; 772-846) recounts the tragic love story of Yang Guifei in his long poem “Song of Everlasting Sorrow” (C: Chang hen ge; J: Chôgonka). He was one of the most famous poets and men of letters of the mid-Tang period. Born in modern Henan, he held several senior official posts during his life-time, although his outspoken criticisms of government policies resulted in his being exiled from Chang’an in 815. A prolific poet with an international reputation, he strove for clarity in his writings and, with his good friend Yuan Zhen, promoted the new yuefu style of poetry. He was a devout Buddhist and many of his poems are very critical of the society of the time. His long poem “Song of Everlasting Sorrow” was particularly popular among the aristocracy of mid-Heian period Japan as well, which accounts for the numerous references to Bai Juyi and his poems in The Tale of Genji and other works of classical Japanese literature.

Scenes from Mizoguchi Kenji’s film Princess Yang Kwei Fei (Yôkihi; 1955)

Emperor Xuanzong meets Yang Guifei and is moved both by her resemblance to his dead wife and by her sincerity. He installs Yang Guifei as his favorite concubine. We then see An Lushan plotting his rise to power after having lifted Yang Gueifei from her humble origins as a kitchen maid to imperial concubine. Click here to show scene one
Emperor Xuanzong argues with his chief minister concerning the importance of just laws–in accordance with the mandate of heaven. Click here to show scene two

Image gallery

Additional Reading
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The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari) and related study links (maintained by Michael Watson)

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The Song of Everlasting Sorrow

China’s Emperor yearning, for beauty that shakes a kingdom, Reigned for many years, searching but not finding, Until a child of the Yang, hardly yet grown, Raised in the inner chamber, unseen by anybody, But with heavenly graces that could not be hidden, Was chosen one day for the Imperial household. If she turned her head and smiled she cast a deep spell, Beauties of Six Palaces vanished into nothing. Hair’s cloud, pale skin, shimmer of gold moving, Flowered curtains protected on cool spring evenings. Those nights were too short. That sun too quick in rising.
The emperor neglected the world from that moment, Lavished his time on her in endless enjoyment. She was his springtime mistress, and his midnight tyrant. Though there were three thousand ladies all of great beauty, All his gifts were devoted to one person.
Li Palace rose high in the clouds.
The winds carried soft magic notes,
Songs and graceful dances, string and pipe music. He could never stop himself from gazing at her.
But the Earth reels. War drums fill East Pass, Drown out ‘The Feathered Coat and Rainbow Skirt’. Great Swallow Pagoda and Hall of Light, Are bathed in dust - the army fleeing Southwards. Out there Imperial banners, wavering, pausing Until by the river forty miles from West Gate, The army stopped. No one would go forward, Until horses’ hooves trampled willow eyebrows. Flower on a hairpin. No one to save it. Gold and jade phoenix. No one retrieved it. Covering his face the Emperor rode on. Turned to look back at that place of tears, Hidden by a yellow dust whirled by a cold wind.
As Shu waters flow green, Shu mountains show blue, His majesty’s love remained, deeper than the new. White moon of loneliness, cold moon of exile. Bell-chimes in evening rain were bronze-edged heartbeats. So when the dragon-car turned again northwards The Emperor clung to Ma-Wei’s dust, never desiring To leave that place of memories and heartbreak. Where is the white jade in heaven and earth’s turning?
Lakes and gardens are still as they have been, T’ai-yi’s hibiscus, Wei-yang’s willows. A flower-petal was her face, a willow-leaf her eyebrow, How could it not be grief just to see them? Plum and pear blossoms blown on spring winds Maple trees ruined in rains of autumn. Palaces neglected, filled with weeds and grasses, Mounds of red leaves spilled on unswept stairways.
Burning the midnight light he could not sleep, Bells and drums tolled the dark hours, The Ocean of Heaven bright before dawn,
The porcelain mandarin birds frosted white, The chill covers of kingfisher blue, Colder and emptier, year by year.
And the loved spirit never returning.
A Taoist priest of Ling-chun rode the paths of Heaven, He with his powerful mind knew how to reach the Spirits. The Courtiers troubled by the Emperor’s grieving, Asked the Taoist priest if he might find her. He opened the sky-routes, swept the air like lightning, Looked everywhere, on earth and in heaven, Scoured the Great Void, and the Yellow Fountains, But failed in either to find the one he searched for. Then he heard tales of a magic island In the Eastern Seas, enchanted, eternal, High towers and houses in air of five colours, Perfect Immortals walking between them, Among them one they called The Ever Faithful, With her face, of flowers and of snow.
She left her dreams, rose from her pillow, Opened mica blind and crystal screen, Hastening, unfastened, clouded hair hanging, Her light cap unpinned, ran along the pavement. A breeze in her gauze, flowing with her movement, As if she danced ‘Feathered Coat and Rainbow Skirt’. So delicate her jade face, drowned with tears of sadness, Like a spray of pear flowers, veiled with springtime rain.
She asked him to thank her Love, her eyes gleaming, He whose form and voice she lost at parting. Her joy had ended in Courts of the Bright Sun, Moons and dawns were long in Faerie Palace. When she turned her face to look back earthwards And see Ch’ang-an - only mist and dust-clouds. So she found the messenger her lover’s gifts With deep feeling gave him lacquer box, gold hairpin, Keeping one half of the box, one part of the hairpin, Breaking the lacquer, splitting the gold.
‘Our spirits belong together, like these precious fragments, Sometime, in earth or heaven, we shall meet again.’ And she sent these words, by the Taoist, to remind him of their midnight vow, secret between them. ‘On that Seventh night, of the Herdboy and the Weaver, In the silent Palace we declared our dream was To fly together in the sky, two birds on the same wing, To grow together on the earth, two branches of one tree.’
Earth fades, Heaven fades, at the end of days. But Everlasting Sorrow endures always.

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