Tuesday, August 19, 2008


After its unprecedented poor showing in the 12th General Election, many calls are going out from all quarters and corners within the MCA calling for the need to re-engineer, re-organise, rebuild, re-invent and re-vitalise the party.

Reformation is crucial. MCA shall remain the same as the founding father of MCA has clearly lain out. However, it needs to be fine-tuned and taken into consideration to the political reality of Malaysia in a globalised world.

MCA has to do some soul searching and to make changes in order for the party to going forward based on 3 platforms:-
1) Real Politics. Real Influence.
2) Real Equality. Real Rights
3) Real Socio-economic Growth


The way forward for MCA is to be a real political party, which can fit into the new political landscape, and to reflect the political reality. How?

1.1 Change to think National

  • MCA as a mono ethnic party shall exercise multi-racial approach in championing the rights and cause of the rakyat and the nation.
  • MCA shall be issue centric rather than just ethno centric.
  • MCA will continue to be a Chinese-based political party but it will champion not only Chinese interest but also national issue: corruption, judiciary, security, green environment, gender sensitivity, civil liberties and poverty.
  • MCA will continue to dedicate itself to help the Chinese community in economic development and competitiveness, Chinese education, culture not withstanding that, it should always be issue centric rather than all just Chinese.

    1.2 Change to real partnership without dominance
  • MCA needs to re-look its relationship with its component party, especially UMNO. The perception of a master-servant relationship should be removed. Every component partner should have equal right, then only MCA can deliver the Chinese vote and stay competitive in the new political landscape.
  • MCA seeks to have a meaningful and effective partnership. Therefore we shall ensure BN as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition, does not serve only one race, one creed, one religion. Hence, the voice of rakyat will always be heard in the corridors of power and that we will always be valued partners in the coalition.
  • There is no ‘big brother’ within the Barisan Nasional, only leadership by UMNO but not dominance (as we need leadership for stability, even the PR have leadership because of Anwar Ibrahim).
  • Every component party should be treated equal and fairly with the same rights of status as the rakyat of Malaysia, bearing in mind the Malay forms majority in this multi-racial society.
  • It is therefore pertinent for MCA to sit down with the component parties in BN, to lay down new and clear ground rules for the future direction of the coalition. MCA needs to speak out more and vocalize their concerns publicly and respectfully, without being threatening or antagonistic.
  • Each of the main component parties of BN have jealously and zealously fought and guarded the continuity and propagation of principal political agendas. However, championing of the communities rights and privileges should be less communal by way of adopting a constant, consistent and systematic approach in development planning, distribution of these rights and privileges.
  • We want to make MCA a political party that will reflect the changed political landscape in Malaysia. We must have clear and unequivocal values such as love and care for the rakyat, fairness, justice, integrity, discipline, courage in our convictions and tolerance for different opinions.
  • MCA should be more assertive to ensure government improves the implementation of government policies (projects) should be more transparent, fair and democratic. Hence, educational issues, religious issues and economic opportunities should be resolved without having to beg and petition the government.



1 )真正的政治。真正的影响力















Datuk said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I respect yr viewpoint as outlined in this article. In fact, it shown a fairly progressive of your thinking and hoped it marked the paradigm from your ownself. After all, it representing the masses view subsequent to the 8/March political tsunami in Malaysia.

My question are:

1)What will be your stand if UMNO does not depart from the current dominance or big brother "status" and continuing to show it cocky attitute when come to critical issues like education, relogion etc ?

2) I think you have missed out one of the main problem facing by our country i.e. how to revive the competitiness of Malaysia in the wake of globalization. This is critical and deciding factor to the harmony of society as without the growing of economic cake at the rate than the growth in population, there will be backwardation and cause an instability in our country.

We have enough wisdon to reviving our growth. The key stumbling block is the absence of meritocracy policy.

How to have a real implementation of this policy within the current BN political framework remained as (nearly impossible) big question to be resolve. How ?

Oink OInk said...

Dr Chua,

Can it be achieved at all for as long as MCA remains under the BN umbrella bullied and pushed around by the racist UMNO?

At the same time, Dr Chua, do you know that the dark blue canton in Jalur Gemilang represents Malaysian Unity?

Yes, this is what Malaysians want. Discard all the adjectives and just allow the noun to remain. We don't need race classifications as to Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and the sorts.

Can MCA help achieve this aspirations of many Malaysians while being a lapdog of UMNO?

BTW, are you aware that the MCA flag carries no meaning? I've scoured the websites of all political websites and MCA is the only political party with a flag without assigned meanings?

This also lend credence that MCA is a party without relevance!

MYblog said...

This will never happen and you know it. UMNO will continue as it is, they didnt even learn from the last GE, what more you think they will listen to MCA?

There is only one choice now, join Pakatan Rakyat (the true voice of the nation), and you will receive what you ask for. Or be obliterated forever.

Hope you have the sincerity of a blogger to publish this OR you should stop blogging

陈志昊 Brian Tang Chee Hau said...


CP Waterman said...

Dear Dr. Chua,
Talking real and walking real are 2different things.
What MCA has really projected an image to the public community over the last 50 years is a running dog of UMNO, willing abiding to all their racist agendas.
If MCA really wants to get real & have real influence, the 1st most important step is to get out of BN and not be seen as an UMNO dog anymore.
But who is the REALLY brave among you MCA would dare to take that step? Until then, one thing remains real, MCA is going down down & down...

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

CP Waterman, only the coward will run away during the fight! mca MUST NOT out from BN to be a political lamster, we are the one who form it up and we always failed on negotiation table without fighting historical, we have to found back our self-respect at the place we lost! out from BN can only be a option if we can come back with proud and glory, even BN become a opposition party! today, i saw that dr.chua's manifesto provide us such a platform, it make more possibilities for the future of mca.

colorless said...

When Ezam mentioned that Anwar is courting the non-malays to be popular and ignoring the malays will be considered a traitor. With such goon in Umno, do you think MCA could influence any policy for the betterment of all Malaysian? What's wrong with Anwar treating everyone equally especially the non-Malays whom had been discriminated for 50 years. Hasn't the NEP caused enough damage to the economy.

Janitor said...

You sound so constructive with your views. My question is can MCA achieve all that you have outlined by continuing to be a member of BN?

You have the biggest member party which is most corrupted and determined to be systematically corrupt for years to come. Just take a look what they have done to poor UiTM students? How they have indoctrinated their minds?

UMNO says

1) No to UiTM to accept non-Malays.
2) No forum can be allowed if it involves race and religion- PM's instruction
3) An UMNO that could negotiate with another party for the sake of Malay and Islam without the knowledge of component parties.
4) A pig farm which could be a necessity for Malaysian Chinese was politicized by UMNO, knowing very well it has two Chinese based parties in BN and it could hurt their feelings- What does it imply? Do you call this tolerance or pure dominance?

UMNO has engineered this master political system to ensure they continue rule Malaysia forever. They have made sure the ordinary and poor Malays receive only sub-standard education so that they can never match the rich and powerful in Malaysia.

The founding members of BN formed their respective parties to raise the standards of Malaysians. But over the years the real objectives have been overshadowed by greed and corruption by BN. If you are sincere to help Malaysians, please revisit your position.

Can you be an active leader when you are surrounded by corrupt who constantly remind you to toe your line? Think again Doctor. Perhaps you should put your doctor’s mind to work instead of politician’s mind to make a wise decision.

I believe a doctor always makes decision placing his patient’s interest as utmost. “Imagine for a moment the rakyat is your patients.”

Kopi Kau Kau said...


Your write-up reminds me of the
Seventy when the Medicine Man would sing and shout to attract pedestrians to watch their show....
meanwhile trying to hoodwink them to buy their useless products etc...

All the ho-ha ha... the show is over .... everybody leave the scene..some, happy for the free entertainment and some sad after buying useless cure-all medicine.

Doc, all your ho-ha ha is the figment of your imagination .... It only for the eyes only... to implement your ideas ??? God bless you .....

Sometime you should also ponder why should you waste your time and energy when you are not being appreciated for all the sacrifices
done by you ..... Better 'la kopi' at the Kopitiam with your old buddies .... I will join you. Kopi kau kau chi pui....

ZORO said...

To Kopi Kau Kau,
If you think Dr. Chua's idea is "useless" and wasting his time, why bother to leave your comment here? Aren't you wasting your time here too? You're just trying to "demoralize" Datuk Chua who's been trying to help the Chinese and his beloved MCA, Who're you then? You should receive a lesson from his comrade Dtk. Ong TK who is very particular about morality and good behaviour, he'll love to teach you a lesson or two.

keykok said...












keykok said...



NEIL said...

Dr, I have only one question which I think need to be answered.Ask yourself is it wrong to be ask to be treated FAIRLY.Why stay in the same house when the parent treated their children differently.Even animals have SSPCA.

JT said...

At times you probably, almost certainly may have some ideas or visions.

BUT without an engine to let you drive the path, what is the point? all talk cok....I hav visions too does tht mean I can be the president of MCA?

MCA had its chance, we have seen it, been through it and lived with the shitty consequences for how long now?

MCA has a cancer, doc! what do u do when u see a malignant tumour? even a lay person knows what to do....so, stop treating we r like fools.

get rid of the BN obstacle, lets see if U can stand with your own balls, then your shoutings probably will get heard more!

this blog is slowly becoming a clone of MCA website, trying to paint a beautiful wall but all talk cok..... and I too have become tired of these garbage.

dun worry abt me as this will be the last time I leave a comment.


What do you think about the DNA Bill. Is MCA going to toe the party line again or is MCA going to vote against it?

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

This time round you should focus on how to settle the current relationship with not only UMNO but also the rest of the parties in BN. I know it is a very critical issue especially dealing with UMNO. Most of the time, all the parties in Malaysia only focus on argument and other non-important issue, but forget about the progress of the country as a whole. After 308 election, i don't any decision or policy that come out to tackle with the current economy situation. As other country in the world already progress so fast but we still stop at the current situation. When debate in the parliment, most of the MPs always argue with all the nonsence issue which they should focus on the important issues. Hey, i think they forgotten that what are the duties & responsibilities. What is the role of MP? I think they worse than a secondary student!!! At least, a secondary student knows his/her duties & responsibilities. If they keep acting like this, i don't know what will happen to Malaysia.

God Bless.......................

kiddokit said...

I have to agree with some comments here that it's easy to talk, but where is the action? You have listed out some nice points on how to reform MCA on your march to become its President.

Now, now, you already know how I feel about having you as the President (what with your sex video and all), but let's just pretend for a moment that the MCA delegates overwhelmingly love you and are willing to ignore your past misdeeds. So, you may yet get to be their President afterall.

Alright, that's fine with me, actually. But now, how about showing us what you write is for real? You have specifically mentioned MCA must be issue-centric and not ethnic-centric. So, right now, as many Malaysians are aware, we are faced with a great host of contentious issues. Why not choose this moment to translate your words into meaningful actions so as to gauge how people would react to you? You can call Press Conferences to opine your thoughts on the DNA Bill (against human rights? timed nicely to force DNA from Anwar to set him up?).

Or how about the UiTM's blunt refusal to change? Or Saiful's blatant attempt to besmirch Anwar from more than one direction? MCA really has nothing to offer on these issues? If Ong Ka Ting has nothing to say, then why don't you step in? Like I've said, this presents good opportunities for you to test your REFORMIST points on the public and see how they'd deal with you. If you succeed in mustering positive reaction, then by all means go ahead and fight to be the next MCA President.

But what happens should UMNO tells you to shut up too on the UiTM issue? You gonna let them? Now, that would be the real test of your reformation and revival of MCA, ain't it?

Kopi Kau Kau said...

Dear Zoro,

Thanks and no thanks for your comment....

If what kopi kau kau comment could demoralize Dr, Chua.... Ha ha ha.. his enemy would be very happy to use my service.... I have a feeling that Zoro and Dr. Chua is in cohort.. anyway it ok...

Do you think Dr. Chua could be easily demoralize by me !!! A leader of his calibre could withstand all criticism and still held his head high as though nothing had happen ... Heard of 'thick skin' ?... or you want his blog to hear all the praises and good atmosphere around as though nothing has happen ?? (carrying his balls?.. not me lah)

The best Dr. can do is to challenge himself that he shall fulfill all his so call MCA's reform .... like what Anwar say
Petrol price down ... if not I resign...

We comment, criticize or praise is what we persist to be our feeling of what is being written by Dr.
If you follow my comment, I do praise him sometime ... but not all time... sorry lah... I am not a party member so I do not need to be in his good book

Anyway it goooood that at least there is a response to my comment... I will show to my kopitiam buddies .. Zoro boleh

Funniman1965 said...

Talk is cheap, especially to garner votes and I respect that you are doing that to get yourself elected.

Question is: Do you have the guts to do all these?

Todate I still have not seen any indication that MCA is moving in that direction. Show us that you can move against UMNO being the bully boy and you get the votes.

Kenny Gan said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I salute you for speaking out fearlessly on the real problems facing MCA. This is something which the Ongs cannot and will not do, preferring to apple polish their Umno masters.

MCA has lost support among the Chinese community because it is seen as being suservient to Umno instead of standing up for the community. This is clear to all and sundry except MCA leaders. If MCA cannot change it will become a political dinosaur.

I wish you luck in your bid to move up the party but frankly, I do not support MCA in its present form as a one race party. I believe the way forward is multi-racial parties which fights for issues not on the narrow interest of race which always leads back to the Umno racial trap.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.