Tuesday, August 26, 2008


ONE would think that when the only man running for the post of MCA president says the party may have to pull out of the Barisan Nasional if Umno continues to champion the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu," it should make the front page of all newspapers.

Instead, it was only reported in Sunday's Nanyang Siangpau.

The rest of the Chinese dailies offered up only today some muted reaction to the candidate's suggestion.

Bahasa Malaysia and English newspapers have steered clear of reporting his statements for now.

Some people have labeled me a "political has-been", but even I can see the orchestration by my party's leaders to show the party's grassroots, the bulk of whom read the Chinese newspapers, that the endorsed candidate for the MCA presidency is indeed a man with the courage to speak out against Umno.

But has he really spoken out and articulated the frustrations of the Chinese community?

The MCA needs to break away from the old way of politics.

It is time for change. Last week, I openly pointed out that the MCA will first have to review its relationship with Umno.

I pointed out that the perception of a master-servant relationship should be removed.

The candidate endorsed by the current party leadership now says the MCA should consider leaving BN.

That may well be a logical conclusion of what I proposed.

But what is the reaction of Umno towards such a strong statement from an MCA vice-president and Cabinet Minister?

We may never know because it appears the statement so far is meant for the eyes of only the Chinese community.

This is posturing that serves no purpose except to boost the ego of the endorsed candidate for president.

There is no doubt that Umno and MCA's inability to effectively speak out for the Chinese community was a major factor in BN's poor performance in the March general elections.

The endorsed candidate's "performance" for the Chinese community is a continuation of policies which have lost the MCA crucial support from voters.

We do not need someone who only pretends to speak out for the Chinese.

We need the next MCA president to be someone who will speak out for all Malaysians.

We need the next MCA president to be someone who will speak out against all injustices.

I am so sad that the endorsed candidate still has no real or concrete manifesto as to how he wants to save MCA. It only serves as a platform for him to crusade on the issue for morality.

He is purely a leader who reacts, while what I feel the grassroots want is a leader who will lead.

It is really insulting to members to think that in this age of multi-culturalism that anyone would choose to put on a show in the Chinese newspapers for the Chinese community.

But perhaps I am wrong and I wish I am.

In that case, my request to the endorsed candidate is for him to send a letter to Umno, repeating his statement that MCA may pull out of BN if Umno does not shed its "Ketuanan Melayu" policies.

He should also officially issue statements that that will be MCA's policy should he become president.

If he does not write a letter to Umno or have a private chat with the PM about what he said, then he would be very rude issuing a threat without letting the other party know.

If he does not do any of these things then it would appear that he was just hoping to get political support to attain his ambition without actually intending to walk the talk.




















Datuk said...

In my opinion.....The MCA leaders of today and tomorrow have too little space to move when operate in the house of BN, the dominance one will never listen to their requests.

Any attempt to make them understand is an act of equal to daydreaming !

One of the option for solution is to consider pull out from BN after DSAI won in Permatang Pauh....never never zero out this option as in the politic frontier, nothing is impossible ! After all, a good politician is a mater of pionnering of new art !

Be a realist, be a pragmatist, be a futurist !

Ahjamal said...

MCA has good leaders but sad to say they are under the UMNO whip non that I can see dare to speak up. This party was set up by great leaders working on share potion of the nation. Today it is gone my suggestion is this party be a service organization and change policy to be a social party. Those can want to serve the ppl should stand on other multi race parties.

Dont waste your effort to champion the chinese in MCA it is as good as RIP .

ZORO said...

It's all up to MCA members whether they want to be relevant in National politic or not. The new leadership, hopefully, to be led by Datuk Seri Chua should make it possible. Lets see if Central Delegates of the coming party election has the determination or not to make the change. It's all up to the 2,100 degates.

CP Waterman said...

Good one Dr.Chua.
Now the whole nation can see why UMNO is so desperate to frame Anwar by way of DNA, at least this is the general perception of the rakyat.If not, why the hurry????

If MCA do not wish to be seen as mere UMNO servant(dog, this is the general perception of the public),this is the moment to speak up against the pushing of the DNA bill at this point in time.

Lets put MCA to the test now!


Not only you should speak up, but you should also not toe the party line in the parliament. What is the use of putting you in the parliament if you only vote for the party but neglect the wish of the people who voted you in. (example, the fuel price hike motion.) We need real wakil rakyat, not wakil party. MCA knows how to talk, but when come to action, I see none, except doing charity work.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri,

i tend to agree with the opinion of datuk. In the current political scene, it is a triangle of power situation exactly described in THE ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOM i.e. BN(dominated by UMNO)vs PR (DAP-PKR-PAS)vs East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak).

if my hypothesis is correct, Malaysia politics has entered into an era of instability and a revamp is definitely foreseeable. worst still within BN, there is also foreseeable change whereby some of the component parties will leave due to the above scenario simply because these smaller parties felt that they are not treasured or their direction does not synchronize with those UMNO-putras. Naturally, there will be voice from the grass-root to urge the leaders to consider forming new alliance with other powers in the 'power triangle' as described above.

let us do not zero out the possibility of forming a new political frontier with PR, what the new MCA President should consider is how to strategize and express their opinion frankly with UMNO. i think, it is a matter of who to lead the voice as the other component parties like MIC would definitely follow suite. within BN, the component party members can create a situation to boycott UMNO like PR leaving PAS to one corner.

do not worry about these two brothers, they cannot stand together and form a strong opposition! they have two different philosophy of a socialist and the other one an extreme capitalist.

do not shut down any option to create a new political scene for Malaysia after 51 years of independence!

for the chinese community and indian community, to keep present relationship in BN = to die slowly. if you change the present political landscape now, there is always a chance of forming a better place for our future.


for siewkhim, PR front may create history. but...but...but...what if that does not happen or after the history created and it does not match your expectation? do not place high hope and show hand in the present situation. we do not know what will happen tomorrow. always remember: neither are angels as yet......

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think you should stop those people who used vulgar language. People can cristise you but the basic thing is respect people and mind the language used.
God Bless........................

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think a good MCA leader should not only speak out for chinese, but also the Malaysians. With current situation, whatever thing happen, it is not only will affect chinese, but also all the Malaysians. Therefore, a good leader should have a wider vision rather than just focus on one community. Since UMNO just focus on the Malay community, so for MCA should do more than UMNO. The vision should wider than UMNO. But dr. Chua, it is a tough mission ahead, but never try we never know. God Bless.............

Stanley said...

Dr, Even the next captain of this rusty leaking MCA ship will find it not sea worthy.This ship have to be pull to a scrap yard for good.I personally think Dr,you have get on a new ship which not only can be lasting but will carry all the chinese into the next century.The ship will be better equip with all the latest technologies and the ship will have stronger hull to with stand any hit from umno .Don't taint your name again by getting on that sinking ship,mca.

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...




Victor Chan said...

The MCA leader shouid be the special one to lead the teams to walk out from the swamp.Do you think that UMNO will pity on MCA?Dr. you got nothing to lose ,just go for it,just do whatever you said,keep your promise.

shan said...

Hope you achieve the Ketuanan Rakyat, as opposed to the racist Umnoputras.

Stanley said...

Dear Readers,Go and see Mahathir's blog,'Affirmative action' at test.chedet.com .I like paragraph 28,31,34,36 and 37.If the malays are stupid why should we be make to look stupid inorder to be equal?If they are slow why should we be make to wait for them?Ponder guys!

max said...

Yes, I agree "the Leader" must let
the UMNo know what we are thinking?
Not just because of election....
Hope that Dr. Chua will do the same as your talk when you become the leader!!!

Oink OInk said...

siewkhim: Pls be civilised and not act like UMNO. Shame on you!

Anyway Datuk Seri Dr Chua,

In your best opinion, do you seriously believe that MCA can have its real say in BN? That's taken into account, historical account, that it is IMPOSSIBLE.

The voice of conscience in Gerakan has left the party. I believe if there's any such other voices left, they should stand up and act accordingly.

51 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman gave the nation Merdeka and freed the nation from the British. Then UMNO colonised the nation.

51 years later, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim brings out its meaning as envisioned by Tunku - Malaysian Unity.

Merdeka to us must simply mean Malaysian Unity or otherwise there will never be Merdeka!

Now, Permatang Pauh has spoken ...

The people have spoken ....

burdeb said...

Datuk, if you are referring to Ong Tee Keat, sorry to say, I do not think he is pretentious as you try to paint him. His conduct and actions all these while have given the chinese community the hope and believe in MCA. I think this was the main reason why he was the only MCA candidate in Selangor survived during the last general election. He spoke out on the corruption issue relating to the chinese school at SEgamat and was sanctioned by Cabinet. Where were you then Datuk? Not forgetting you was a member of Cabinet at that time. Being his comrade, did you defend him? You did not speak out for him and allowed him to be ridiculed, shamed and sanctioned. Who is pretentious? Please look into the mirror before you comment on others.

DAtuk, I may advise, please go for retirement and let your young, able and not morally tainted leaders to lead your Party. This will give more time to comment on Bill to be passed in Parliament as your blog have shown you are presently keen in commenting on the DNA Bill. If you are really interest in the welfare of your Party, you can still help by giving advice or be a consultant.

Datuk, I think your Party is a sinking ship, if you having nothing good to say about your party please don't say it or esle it ship faster. At this moment, I beleive the chinese community still need a stongly MCA to be around for a while until the political turmoil in Malaysia has settled down.

Datuk, if you have the time, you may want to do some research on Section 377A and 377B of the Penal Code. Section 377A states: "Any person who has sexual intercourse with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature." and Section 377B of the Penal Code states "whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty years, and shall also be liable for whipping". I have sympathy for DSAI.

Good luck and God Bless You Datuk.

Anonymous said...

It looks like this candidate does not use his brain. This ia a very critical issue, it should be first discussed among the leaders and grassroot, only after a consensus, then a statement is issued. This is purely a cheap publicity to be the folk hero.

Charlie said...

Dear Datuk Seri,
As I have observed all the while; the problem with MCA leadership is that they have no whatsoever clear directions what they want to take within the political interest of the Chinese community nor the Malaysian rakyat in general.
Statements were always made as knee-jerk response to contending issues that crop up without any consistent in MCA stand.
Perhaps you are right; whatever is said by the MCA presidential candidate is just to 'window-dress' himself. Nothing less, nothing more...
Has this become the culture within MCA? If this is so, I would say this is a sad thing for the Chinese community in Malaysia...

Kenny Gan said...

The proposed DNA bill is ill conceived and has so little safeguard from abuse that it will literally turn Malaysia into a Police State.

For example, the police will be one of the parties designated to take the DNA sample. Isn't it dangerous to have the same party tasked with looking for evidence to be in control of the DNA sample?

Also, the court will be unable to question the integrity of the DNA evidence.

If this bill is passed, no Malaysian is safe from trumped up prosecution if they run foul of the establishment.

Will MCA MPs vote for this bill which is as draconian as the ISA?

Will the MCA President have the guts to instruct his MPs to vote against the bill?

I leave that to your imagination.


I always think that MPs should represent the people, not the party, after they are elected. Now that your son is an MP for Labis, I wonder how you would coach your son to be the Wakil Rakyat. Do you think he should toe the party line in the parliament? How would he vote if a motion of no confidence on PM is tabled? Will your son speak or vote for the people or current corrupt regime? I think you should touch on this matter on your up coming post.

Ti Lian Ker said...

The political sandiwara is over....AnWar emerged the victor...no amount of swearing...oath-taking...Quran-swearing...CARROTS...STICKS...and...CHINAMAN BOGEYMAN can change the people's political craving for a change...

It is not about AnWar's personality, sexuality, morality or affinity...It's not about PKr , PAS or the DAP...Remember CONGRESS and GOLKAR in their fifty...It is about the people looking for a new ENTITY...A different political identity and a new political destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for BN in particular UMNO to wake up to the political reality of today. The gambus, ghazal,boria,dikir-barat....and the ghoyat-ghoyat lama is no longer attractive and the audience sudah tak mau bermuka-muka dah...The Ramayana is too long...The Chinese Opera ends here....the political Sandiwara of UMNO must know when to stop before they are being stopped and game over for us all...The Wayang Kulit had been banned???

We have had used all the same tricks in the political manuals of the sixties and from thereon for the past fifty years...orang Melayu, Cina dan India sudah cemuh, cemuih, jemu, bosan dan luat...Time for more honesty, sincerity, integrity towards real popularity...Clear the munafiks , hipokrits and parasits that have been killing our party to the extend that people are no longer interested to see our contributions to the country and her rakyat but instead focus on our ugliness such as greed, arrogance, complacence and loudness. They had had enough of our opera, sandiwara , Ramayana and Sita...They are crying out loud for honesty,transparency,sincerity and good governance...and they want to see and feel that we are seriously walking this way and not paying lip service. The promise of development, Chinese National Schools, Hindu temples...grants, peruntukan, gifts ,land and rewards are no longer attractive carrots to the men in the street...the instigations,provocations and instillations of fear of the Chinaman Bogeyman does not work anymore. The threat of force, arrest or imprisonment nor the threat of political instability is not effective anymore. The underground buggers...oops BLOGGERS are now HEROES in the making( for they are seen to be speaking out loud..the truth that touches the heart of the silent majority...) in a time of near political chaos and the process of political transition from race based politics to a thirst and hunger for political maturity, good governance and towards universal values over the trappings and bottle neck of race ,religion , language or culture. The QUEEN sings "I Wanna BReak fREE" and the ROLLING STONES are singing "I Can't GeT No SaTisFactioN".

UMNO, MCA, MIC etc must seriously change and be seen to have started changing from their feet, body , face and their head and not only talking of the need to rebrand....We must show our body, heart and soul are with the people...for the people...and not on the people!!! Over the years we have evolved into an elitist party whereby the Leaders are slaves of the capitalist,elitist or loyalist and am just paying lip service to the ordinary folks in the streets , kampungs or new villages. No more ad hoc programmes...grandiose pompous ceremonials...red carpets...promises...Time for a total revamp of our party and it's approach in order that we can continue to be relevant or else we will continue to loose ground...til BN's doomsday....
Is Permatang Pauh by-election a D-Day?

bila larut malam...
lagu dendangan P.Ramlee kedengaran
ingin ku kirim salam...
tiada siapa yang kelihatan
perahu ku tengah tenggelam...
tapi ku tetap penuh kesetiaan
hatiku rasa tak tenteram...
gelora ombak sungguh menakutkan
tiba-tiba ku rasa padam...
jangan orang karam di lautan
di darat kita pula terkaram...
ku doa bangun dalam sinaran
pohon mata kita celik semalam..
Hidup Barisan! Hidup Barisan!

Ti Lian Ker said...

Monday, August 25, 2008
a ReMindeR 2 Mca..
Say what we must...
do what we have to...
power to fulfill a personal lust..
or is it just another tool...
time to fill MCA with class..
let's get rid of the fools..
clear the weeds from the grass..
among the mighty weeds...
some are growing wild...
some have left their rotten seeds.. .
time for us to develope a new style..
a stronger team is very much in need ..
or MCA's death is not too far...
at times we gotta wash our feet..
changes will take quite a while...
when words sync with our deeds..
then we shall have a brighter star.

chee said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

MCA have to reinvent itself to become a Malaysian based party for all races.

If we still keep the racial based political structure, there is no end to the master and slave connection.

I recommend MCA changes its name to Malaysia Community Association and opens its member to ALL the colorful people of Malaysia.

My suggestion may be naive and unthinkable for many old bloods of MCA. Look at PRK, we could see more are joining them to create a better Malaysia.

It is my personal opinion that you are the only Chinese leader who dare to speak out. However, it would be ineffective for you to speak for Chinese people alone. Lets remove the racial barrier and put our hands together to built a solid economy and social system (not social structure!).

Prachai said...

I don't know any MCA people who can handle the heat. First thing, you must be prepared to go to jail by upholding your principles. This, I don't think MCA people can do. The people who joined it are just too weak-willed. Those who are at the top, have riches to worry about.

It's not like we are going to see a Tian Chua in MCA. Nothing will come out right if there is willingness to sacrifice.

The PKR people sacrificed their freedom and they are reaping the rewards now.

Fernando said...

What have you done when you was in the Cabinet ? Pls list it down in order to convince the whole of Malaysian Chinese. Otherwise MCA will become irrelevant, so as you.

If you are really a man who accepts adverse views, pls let my comment appears in this blog. You need to lead by example, if given a chance.

CP Waterman said...

Dr. Chua,
Look what mess BN has created by hastily putting up fuel price by 41% without allowing the matter to be fully debated in the house first especially with respect to the adverse repercussion of inflation on our economy. As a result the whole nation has to suffer a run away inflation currently standing at 8.5%.

Again by hastily dropping the price by 6% just before the PP by election without having the matter to be debated clearly confirms the continue arrogance of UMNO. Do you think prices of commodities & services can now come down so easily???

UMNO is again at the verge of making another hasty decision on DNA bill (just to get at Anwar??? At least this is the general perception of the nation).


I hope MCA can stay clear of this to start showing to the nation that they are no longer "running dogs" of UMNO and are fully capable of walking the talk by demanding the matter to be thouroughly studied by relevant experts in the field & taking in all legal espects of it, then submit a report to be debated in the house before making a final decision. Is this so difficult for MCA to do? Who can take the lead?

traveller said...

Hello Dr Chua

this is off topic, did you catch drcareesp on NST, it wa a ad but the video on pdf was very interesting

google drcareesp

Oink OInk said...

ca waterman said:

I hope MCA can stay clear of this to start showing to the nation that they are no longer "running dogs" of UMNO

history tells us that MCA has always been a running dog of UMNO. Even DAtuk Seri's latest posting does not suggest any strong concrete solution to reinvent MCA should UMNO fails to change.

陈建逢 said...


JP said...

Yg Bhg Datuk Seri,

That's why I said HE is [ 2 faces ]

[the 3rd PARTY]

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.