Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Racial in a Multiracial Pakatan Rakyat?

As some of you may know, I appeared live on RTM2's What Say You programme on Sunday to discuss the consequences of Umno-PAS talks on multiracialism in Malaysia. While it was a lively discussion, what is clear from the response to the programme is that the Chinese in Malaysia no longer see things from a narrow racial perspective. The MCA must evolve along with the Chinese community in articulating such views.

As I said on the programme, the MCA may be a Chinese party but our outlook must be multi-racial. We must be issue-centered. The issues the Chinese are concerned about today cuts across racial barriers. These issues include the economy, corruption, Hindraf and equal access to educational opportunities. That is why the concept of Malay unity has sparked some concerns among the Chinese community. The Chinese have responded strongly in favour of the purportedly more multi-racial approach of the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

While I do not believe the Pakatan Rakyat is better placed to unite all Malaysians, it is nevertheless necessary for us in the MCA to respond or else we will be painted into a corner as a coalition which represents narrow racial interests. The concept of Malay unity in the form of any Umno-PAS alliance is a turn-off to most Chinese voters because it suggests other races are precluded. The presence of PAS in Pakatan Rakyat is less of a concern because PKR is multiracial and the strongest party. It is our responsibility to ask UMNO if they realize they risk alienating non-Malays permanently.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) concept is still the only way for Malaysia to progress together as partners. But right now, the copycat version in Pakatan Rakyat appears much more appealing to many Malaysians because the different members –DAP, PKR, PAS – seem to have an equal say in the direction of the alliance, and are united under Anwar Ibrahim. Many voters stopped supporting the original – BN – because Umno appeared too powerful, and the other partners appeared to have less say in the direction of the country. We in the BN will have to work hard to change this perception. And this must be done together as partners.

The fragile co-operation between Pakatan Rakyat is possible because of Anwar Ibrahim. I cannot imagine how it will work in the longer term.


artic turban said...

DR Chua, when UMNO changes its stanse of master over MCA and all other conponent parties, in both practise and reality, wake us up meanwhile this thought comes to mind, when pigs can fly, when cat grow horns...etc,etc.. get the drift. SO why don't you suggest MCA JOIN PAKATAN AS AN EQUAL PARTNER. but with one clause, no more corrupt politicians, no more crony companies with inflated commisions, do you think MCA can change from this mind-set

barry said...

Dear Dr Chua,

MCA is no longer a relevant party, having been a lap/running dog to UMNO. For years, MCA chose to hide like little pussies whenever the monkeys in UMNO made threats to kill Chinese etc. What did it do? NOTHING! The Chinese people are sick and tired of racial (racist) politics. We are tired of being 2nd class citizens, quietly submitting to the monkeys in UMNO.

I personally think you should retire from politics. I have heard that your adversaries in MCA have video recordings of you and a Malay girl, so unless you want to further embarrass yourself and your family, you should become apolitical. Help those who need help, and if you must, the many poor Chinese who still look up to you.

笑看风云 said...

Dear Dr. CSL
No one can denial party claim to be representing their races have to work to other races to live, run the country.
let it be PK or BN .

The point is after so long .-------
The people has a 2nd choice

3rd choice from Sabah and Sarawak.???

NEIL said...

Dr, It's wrong to suggest that umno is too powerful.It's just that umno is been lifted to that height by all the beggar parties,gerakan,mca,mic and all the east malaysian parties.All these parties thought that by keeping quiet and subscribing to the ideology of 'malay malaysia'they will be rewarded with all the Datuks,Datins and money spinning contracts.That's why their mouth are sealed when THAT GUY started waving the keris and challenging the chinese much to the amusement of those fanatics.Before that also that No.2 guy said he wants to smear the keris red wth chinese blood and all these while mca kept quiet.The mouthpiece of the chinese community has suddenly been make dumbed by the so call 'malay uprising'.Where was mca at those critical moment when the chinese needed them most?Those big mouthed politicians that the rakyat trusted and voted for them wholehearted were no where to be seen.So on march 8,the chinese community fired the 'GET LOST' missiles at them.There is no turning back and believe me the chinese are not that easy to forgive and forget when they are constantly been shame and abused.You being a chinese know that the FACE is the most important thing the chinese can't afford to lose.Three things the chinese people can't be negotiated is (1) the wife got rape (2)to lose face or shamed (3) to lose their children.All these will make a chinese insane.As you say PARTNERS there must be mutual respect for each other in the governing of this multi racial country.Equal rights must be the slogan of the day and not racist altitude.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

In the final political race
No more issue on different race
With more important matters to face
To do otherwise will be sheer disgrace

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050808
Tue. 5th Aug. 2008.

colorless said...

"because Umno appeared too powerful, and the other partners appeared to have less say in the direction of the country. We in the BN will have to work hard to change this perception."

Dr.Chua, MCA is already blinded by $$$$ and bread crumbs from Umno. This is the reality MCA wouldn't openly acknowledge....not a perception. My friendly neighbour whom is Gerakan Chief in my area proudly claimed Gerakan to be a reformer with BN. Look what happened to them. Whether PR is better placed to unite all Malaysian are not, time will tell. But one thing for sure, Umno will never change as proven by provocative and racist statements from Umno MPs even five months after 308.....and our weakest PM in history can't rein in on them. What makes you think the next Umno PM or yourself in MCA can change them. It's better for MCA to be outside BN rather than constantly under the threat of BN-Whip in Parliment and depriving your chance to voice the rakyat greviances. We are tried of being 3rd class citizen in the country where we were born and will die in.

Fernando said...

Which party do you think will form the next government of Malaysia ?

Express your view @ votingmalaysia.blogspot.com

ZORO said...

There's simply no fairness in BN with UMNO dominating the coalition with their Ketuanan Malayu attitude and mind set. They have to relearn what respect is all about. They have to think Malaysian than just Malay. Obviously they don’t think they are Malaysian. If they think this is a Malay land, then it should be called Negara Malayu; and not Negara Malaysia. They are moving in the wrong direction, and backward.

MCA has been spoiling this fellow “partner” for too long by being especially too lenient and tolerant with UMNO. By the way, I think the other Malaysians should reassess their perception of the legitimacy of UMNO representing the Malay race group. Now, the monopoly of politic in Malaysia has already been broken, people just willing to take risk of letting PR to grow against the arrogant BN as an alternative. They had seen the consequences of giving too much power to one group for too long simply for the sake of “stability”.

I just wonder how long the die-hards in MCA would last with no positive outlook of changes from BN especially UMNO. Maybe MCA should make sure itself initiating changes first before waiting for UMNO to make any significant change in the near future. It would take ages to do it and looks like they are more of the recalcitrant.

ZORO said...

To Mr. Barry,
MCA is in crisis of looking for competent leaders to become successors in various high posts, are you suggesting that MCA be "converted" to a Moral Uplifting Society Organization that hypocritically talking about the so-called morality only? With due respect, the present emerging leaders are just too "green" compared to MCA's main counterpart in the BN coalition. The best combination is equal proportion of the Senior, Middle Age, and the Youth leaders. There's no need to "flush out" the senior generation yet.

ken said...

Dear Dr Chua

I think u are too numb! MCA no time to change and this is too late. No one wanna to listen MCA bluffing. MCA already kick out from Chinese community. Chinese want to change, this is inevitable. Look at the ppl around u, we want reformation! We have been fooled for 50 years not for another 50 years, life don't two 50 years, not many ppl can live over 100 years. If PR can't unite Malaysian, BN never unite Malaysian, under BN other races except Malay is second grade citizen; even majority of Malays also not treat equally. Time for MCA out from BN, MCA has 2 choices: u wanna be a man or wanna be a dog. U no hope to stay in BN, the titanic will sink very soon.

But bet u, MCA no gut to leave BN because of 2 reasons, first with 15 parliamentary seats MCA will be the smallest Party in PR, so they hope BN can hit the PR in next election. Second, the leaders can't give up their minister post, even they just a dog in the cabinet but only can bark outside but not inside the house.

Camon said...

Dear Doc,

If what 'Barry' say/rumours have some element of truth.... I fear for the worst....

Do you think your fellow member would accept you with the new rumour that you have with the 'malay girl'

So how many time you are going to say sorry to us.... resign... then start all over again !!!!

Don't even think of joining Pakatan .... You would be a liability to whatever party you join... The best alternative is to enjoy your retirement and at the most be Advisor to whoever needs your advise.,,, That the best for the moment until you can find a remedy to counter the latest rumour...if it is really true... you yourself knows the truth.. So please do not let your supporters, friends, family suffer the shame again.

Politic is so dirty...... that is why I never join any political party....

Funniman1965 said...

Datuk Seri,

We all know the arrogance of UMNO. We all know how corruption can be where absolute power is seen. We also know how fragile PR is and its loosely connected ideologies.

Politicians are all the same. The have nots will promise the moon and stars until they come into power. They would criticise the incumbents to just gain political points.

MCA is no different. On one hand they try to show that they are fighting for the Chinese, on the other hand they cahoot, maybe involuntarily with UMNO on one too many mega projects.

We cannot eliminate corruption totally but I think we can reduce it by clipping its wings. BN is corrupt but PR is no saint either.

This brings us back to this Corruption question. How can MCA under these conditions make itself relevant in the eyes of the Chinese community?

CP Waterman said...

I like Ken's description & challenge on MCA:-
1) MCA is a dog that can bark outside but not inside the house.

I'm afraid this is the overall perception of MOST if not ALL Chinese in the country.

2) MCA wants to change to be a man or continue to remain as a dog?

I think it will take a VERY bold leader to effect that change & bring about a new image of MCA to the community.
Now, who is that brave leader?

RaymonD said...

Dear DR Chua, u were up there with the MCA when keris waving incident happened. The rest of the 2nd fiddle party members are the same.

If you really wished to help, u can keep a low profile at BP to train the future MCA members on how to serve the nation properly.

Jeeivan said...

Dear Dr.Chua,
Pakatan Rakyat may have differences and they may not be perfect. But the Bottom line is MCA,MIC and Gerakan have lost their credibility and trust with rakyat Malaysia. As long as you are seen as UMNO servants you will never earn the trust of us. Perhaps it's time for you to learn some lesson from Dr.Tan before it's too late.


Ah Chin said...

At least you think that there is 'cooperation' among the parties in PR, albeit a 'fragile' one. In contrast, one can easily see that the type of bonding in BN is not 'cooperation' at all. It is more like 'obedience' of smaller component parties to their master called Umno. BN exists purely on the terms dictated by Umno and the humble acquiescence of other parties to these terms. Short of such subservience from the minions, BN will crumble. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other minions in BN have no reasons to brag and feel proud at being a member of BN. How can MCA be issue-centric when its master is not? How can it look after the interests of the rakyat when it has to get the approval of the mater for its every action? The Bandar Mahkota saga in Cheras bears testimony to this fact. While the residents suffered, the BN minions like MCA, MIC and Gerakan just sat by and kept mum, because some Umno bigwigs had interests in the highway concessionaire. Thanks goodness PR came into power and in the end it was the PR people who solved the problems of the residents. Doctor, I am sure you know that recent survey has indicated most people prefer PR to BN because the former can help them. So doc., give credit where it is due and stop casting aspersions on PR. Give PR a chance to perform, even if you think its bond is fragile.

Pearls said...

tsk! Tsk! Tsk!... didnt I say you have to shift your mindset if you are to make things happen?? Sigh..

Yah, I agree with ahchin.. You gotta give PR a chance. You gotta give credit when it is due to PR. You gotta wake up to the fact that BN is a has been and they have no one to blame but themselves. Look at all the incidents engineered by BN that have happened or still happening since March 08. To say that it is an insult to every Malaysians is very mild.

Yes, PR is not all polished and good at the moment but at least they are trying very hard to do things right. For that, they deserve a chance.

The Son of Asia said...

What would be the margin between PKR and BN in the coming Permatang Pauh by-election ?

Test your judgment @ votingmalaysia.blogspot.com

Tan said...

Man to Man talk....The board room meetings in the high powered offices of Kuala Lumpur can be a tough mental battle for even for the most seasoned veterans.
After that many a mentally tired man would go for the 5 stars spas and a "massage" by beautiful ladies.What happens in a rooms is a open secret to everybody.The sessions will help the men to recover enough spirit for dinner and karaoke.It will drain out all bad feelings against one another in the company.
Man has been like this since time immemorial from Rome to China.

Tan said...

DNA Bill..There is a time and place for everything.Learn from the past,ponder on the present for a better future.In the past legally beheading a person would be a good way to put fear into aspiring criminals.In ancient Charles Dicken England thieves are hanged in public for all to see in order to create fear among all the populace.
But in the modern civilised world of 2008 such legal metting of justice are no more acceptable.
What does the first world countries doing about the DNA subject ????

Tan said...

MCA politics???
I think all of you in MCA should watch the DVD series Romance of The Three Kingdoms of pre Great Wall China.Chinese politics like chinese wars means out playing each other according to Sun Tzu Art of War for the ultimate winning goal.
I think you are making good moves.Your arch rivals moves are "ELEMENTARY" my dear head doctor.
He had lost the war.He is just trying to win another battle to boost his dying ego.
For you you have to decide whether you want " TO BE or NOT to BE "
a champion for Malaysians of Chinese origin.
According to history a high percentage of Malaysian Malays are of Indonesian origin.
Everybody knows that most Malaysian Indians are of India origin.
WE are all loyal Malaysians.

Tan said...

Choosing the right man for the right assignment at the right crucial time.
1.When your beloved teenage daughter is going for a heart transplant you have to choose a star heart surgeon with a proven track record of many successes.
2. When your beloved teenage son is wrongly charged for abetting a party girl murder you have to choose a star criminal lawyer with a proven record of winning many such cases.
3.When your beloved MCA is going for something which will determine the political future of all Malaysian Chinese today and tomorrow you have to choose a man that have a WIN and WIN political agenda and a very successful track record.

Your future is in your hands today.
Make the right choice for yourself,your family,your society and your beloved country Malaysia.

Tan said...

The Peking Opera Players have intrigued the Chinese people all over the world for almost a thousand years.The heroic actors would put up a great show of a big fight over everything evil in this world.But no emperor whether sane or insane would ask the lead opera general to lead his real army into a real war.
I am not sure whether any of the MCA leaders are inborn opera players putting up a fake brave fighting spirit in this best and the worst of times for Malaysian Chinese.
If I can identify him I won't support him.

Tan said...

Ahmad Case,
If you ask those people who has served under senior white man administraters during the pre Merdeka times about their attitute it would be " Arrogant Insensitivity to other people's feelings. "
When I saw Ahmad on TV last night he exhibited a smiliar white man arrogant behaviour pattern that he had dug out from pre Merdeka times.
Ask him to emulate our Merdeka Hero, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, a great man who served all Malaysians with love,understanding and humulity.

Tan said...

Learn from the yesterday life of Hang Jebat of Melaka..for Ahmad case of today..
Hang Jebat was a greatly respected hero of the Melaka Sultanate until the days he betrayed the trust of the Sultan and the respect of the people by his " I don't care for anybody or anything at anytime " behaviour.
He was put on a fight to death duel with his best friend Hang Tuah.He died and his executioner Hang Tuah shed tears for him.The interest of the country had to overide all their personal interests and their personal best of friends from childhood relationships.
A guilty minority has to be sacrified to ease the wrath nof a whole population.In all the other Asian kingdoms since times immemorials high ministers were often executed if they wrongly the people.
In year 2008 execution is no more accepted in politics.He could justed be sacked and nobody would be interested to hear his racist remarks anymore.

Tan said...

Rises and Falls of great Asian Civilizations.
If you travel around Asian countries you can see the relics of what was formerly great civilizations which has lasted for thousands of years.But one generation of foolhardly politicians can reduce them to ashes and dust.The cost is the spilled blood of millions of innocent people.
It was the same for the Great Moslem Civilizations in Middle East,the Pharaohs of Egypt,the Roman Empire,the different Chinese dynasties etc etc,
Our beloved Malaysia is only 51 years old.The different fighting factions should make homage visits to all the cemeteries of our fallen heroes.You can see the names of Malays,Indians and Chinese freedom fighters.Many of them were young men who gave up their prime life to fight for Merdeka.They were happy and willing to die so that we can be free Malaysians today.Make sure our fallen heroes from all races had not died in vain.They wanted a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

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