Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Education Is Not A Zero Sum Game/ 教育非零和游戏

The strong reaction to the Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s suggestion that UiTm be opened to non-Bumiputeras is alarming, adding to the racially-charged tension of the past week which started with the protests over the Bar Council forum on Muslim conversion issues last Saturday.Tan Sri Khalid in making the suggestion, is saying what non-bumi like to hear.

But I do fear that some interest groups will try to manipulate the issue into a zero sum game between the different races of this country, which is to say that one racial group can only benefit at the expense of another.

This has turned into another divisive issue, which cannot be healthy for the country. If we are not careful, the country will be torn apart by our differences of opinion rather than be united by our common goals.

While I respect the rights of students and various bodies to object to Tan Sri Khalid’s suggestion, it is the angry tone of the protests, as exemplified through various press statements and the placards carried by protesters, which has caused some concern among the majority of all right-thinking Malaysians from all races and religions.

Education is a particularly politicized issue in this country, although it should not be so. What the MCA and its senior leaders should emphasize at this point is its stand on the issue.

The MCA should seek to point out that the common goal for all Malaysians is for the government to ensure the highest quality educational opportunities for all Malaysians, be they Malays, Kadazans, Ibans, Indians or Chinese. Whether or not UiTM is opened to non-Bumipueras is an issue which can be discussed in an open, mature fashion.

While I understand the aversion of most Malaysians and their political leaders towards any racially-charged issue, it is also unhealthy to sweep things under the carpet. I believe the majority of right-thinking Malaysians, be they of any racial group, are not just mature enough but are also sensitive enough to each other’s feelings to discuss and debate issues of concern to everyone.

Name-calling or sloganeering will not resolve matters, unless we are in a competition to see who can shout the loudest. The MCA, as one of the oldest political party in the country, can play a role, to be a beacon of moderation and progressiveness, if its leaders stand up for all Malaysians in times like these.

If other races feel uncomfortable with the Chinese, for example, it is the MCA’s responsibility to assure them that what we stand for is a Malaysia in which all of us are equal partners in this country.

I believe that Tan Sri Khalid’s suggestion should be taken at face value. I choose to see it as a suggestion which everyone is entitled to disagree with, but should be respected. I cannot see how he should be called a traitor, as was suggested in some of the strong public statements in response to his suggestion.

If the institution were to ever open its doors to non-Bumiputeras, it would be welcomed, just as any educational institution associated with the Chinese community always welcomes students from all communities.

I am sure it will promote interaction among students of all races. This is what the Government is trying to do with all sorts of programs. Let us not be distracted by the divisive rhetoric of the past week, whether it is about religion or race. Let us talk about our common goals as Malaysians to ensure the best education for all Malaysians.

Education is not a zero sum game.











Jefferi said...

I personally support the action by the selangor menteri besar khalid ibrahim plan to open the universities to just non bumis. Many interest group already manipulated with lots of issue and it not just education but in social and economic issue. our country has already torn apart not in just racial spectrum but partisan when the pakatan rakyat won the 5 states in the latest general election. Protest made by various bodies occurs because of their own ignorance to self improvement to be able to compete in the real world stages. MCA has long lost his stand of any issue especially regarding on the education issue when they allowed the education system to be altered and changed for some certain people benefits and income. Think about where are your young one got their education. i believe not in local universities. One has to know that bumiputras not just consisted the malays, but other races in sabah and sarawak and huge part of them don't agree with the special treatment enrollment that can render the future generation uncompetitive in the world stages. I believe majority of malaysian are matured enough to think what good and bad for them. It just left some minorities’ ignorance people who still want the current situation to stay so that they can manipulate the people for their own benefits. again, mca as one of the oldest party has failed to protect and fight for its people right and welfare due to the fear losing power and fortune that they has for such a long time. It was getting obvious mca not really relevant anymore because it becomes the tools for some certain of groups to achieve their own propaganda and agenda. Malaysia chinese many times make their stand support for malaysian, but it was short sighted and ignored and the worst being labeled as an anti establishment and other sort of accusation that not fair. It is rare to see a malay political leader that willingly have the guts to say the right thing to its own race people. Selangor menteri besar intention was not as bad as it sound. The greater benefits will be on the malay race when they are no longer protected by this baby bubble that long has been the weakness and barrier to their development and achievement. For the malay races to being able to compete in a real world stages, they have to stop all this unfair policies and with that, respect will be upon them who really capable and done well in respective field. Education is important to spread the interracial values among the multiracial people in Malaysia. A wrong education value among the younger generation will give a bad impact to the future generation and political situation.

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

Tan Sri Khalid 作了一个非常醒目的示范,他当然没有实权改变,但至少他已经看到听到及感觉到非土著的处境,或者,与其说是土著或非土著的处境,倒不如说是国家所面临的危机。遗憾的是,提出这项建议的并不是非土著领袖,但单在整个事件中看到的反应,我们便不难想像,若这项建议出自一名非土著领领之口,后果可能更加难以想像;不过也不一定啦,即便是华人领袖喊话,马来人也不一定会当一回事,毕竟最后的决定也不在华人手上.... 这是相当可悲的政局现状...

受教育和获取人身自由及安全一样,是基本的人权,在10/12/1948 联合国所发布的世界人权宣言中,就已非常清楚的阐述在第26项条文的第1项条款上:"人人皆有受教育之权。教育应属免费,至少初级及基本教育应然。初级教育应属强迫性质。技术与职业教育应广为设立。高等教育应予人人平等机会,以成绩为准。"



as i see it said...

there come this story , long time ago there was one disloyal husband /father who disowned by family . this old man , who unfortunately holding a high post in his communities hope that his good name was not tarnished by his acts .
He was caught with valid evidence by unknown parties ( he claimed that his enemies ), the negotiation to cling on to his power and money earning post failed when the VCD was made known to public first kind of event in this country !!
when things progressed to this stage , anyone with a sound mind will not deny but openly seek a forgiveness from public . He discussed the matters with his boss , his boss of coz very unhappy with his inferior who making a whole lot mess . He has urge this old man to leave the post gracefully , and he did it simply he was asked to do so . Remember , this old man was not willingly leave his post but he claimed that he has the gut to start from the zero ground .OHHHHHHHH,,,,, no no no , old man , u are wrong , u are only start from zero when u leave ur constituency to someothers not for ur son .
1e need leader that has no criminal or blacklisted record , otherwise , the opponent parties will exploited it fully everytime the elections comes .
w need leader that not hypocrit , means manakuk di air keruh , for ur trivial acts and statments that appears . we can concluded ur are the leader that only concerns how u gain political capital each time u open mouth .
we need leader doing what he preached . challenged me if u are not !
yes , we do not elect the " pope" in this coming oct party election ,
but we need leader that we high standart of moral .beside , we are in eastern culture
Don`t asked others like small time division , bahagian leader voice out for u . recently got one stupid bitch that voice her sympathy for u . this will make anger lot more people
u have to understant that ur political career is just end > PERIOD . go la , leave it for good .
nobody wanna see ur ham sap face

buckshots said...

I do not see any reason to open up UITM. Let the in-breeding continue. We all know that they are dumb and need help from the Government.

Why should we, make them smart by pitting their brains with the best brains.

They don't believe in competition So let them be, They have shown their true colors anywhere!

Lets concentrate on other matters that is more important.

jayzap said...

well said, datuk.

It seems that you are more outspoken after you have become an ordinary MCA member.

Never too late. keep it up.

jayzap said...

well said, datuk.

without ministry portfolio seems to have done you good. Now you have more time to take on issues effecting Malaysians.

Keep up the good works.

Ti Lian Ker said...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
bWARe of d UGLY rACe caRd....
I read the NST headlines today "PM SLAMS KHALID OVER CALL TO OPEN UiTM TO NON-BUMIs". it an issue? I thought UiTM had open it's doors to Non-Bumis a couple of years back. Under the Leadership of ULTRa Mahathirism...the Leader himself has shown an open mind..opening doors of progressions...Are we reversing...

MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim merely proposed that 10 per cent of all new student intakes in UiTM be reserved for non-Bumiputreras and foreign students. It's a PROPOSAL. It's worth considering. Think of the exposure and interactions of the Bumiputera students with representatives of all Malaysians of diverse culture,religion and race. this will augur well for their education. What about globalisation? Don't highlight the few that had succeeded and done well from UiTM, it could be due to their foundational education,exposure or family upbringing. What about the general achievements of the rest of UiTM graduates? Have we done a survey on their rate of achievements or failures? Study their background and see the sought of Bumis that had excel in their career by virtue of their ability,personality and education and under what circumstances or environment. What about the 'kataks' in the coconut shell? Time to do justice to their education...give them the necessary exposure and a more complete holistic educational exposure...I thought we have free ourselves from the trappings of race. LIMA PULUH TAHUN MERDEKA? KITA MASIH DIBELENGGUKAN DENGAN PERANGKAP PERKAUMAN...TUMPUKANLAH PADA PENDIDIKAN DAN PELAJARAN YANG JITU DEMI NEGARA! MARILAH KITA MEMBERI SEDIKIT RUANG UNTUK AGENDA PErPADUAN...ADAKAH POLEMIK PERKAUMAN DISEBABKAN PEMILIHAN? ELECTION UMNO atau PERMATANG?? CUKUP! CUKUP! CUKUPLAH! DEMI NEGARA,BANGSA DAN AGAMA!!! DEMI UNTuK SEMUA!!!

UiTM pro-chancellor Tan Sri Arshad Ayub told the New Straits Times that "the existence of UiTM is in accordance with the New Economic Policy to eradicate poverty and restructure the society....."

Hey! Hey! I thought the NEP had lapsed in 1990 and it has been long replaced with New Development Policy. Some people just want to hang on to the past instead of moving forward. What about VISION 2020? Lets move forward and be more progressive. The Bumiputera Agenda are already institutionalized. Stop playing the RACE CARD and think of the next generation. PeNDIDIKAN YANG JITU DEMI NEGARA, BANGSA DAN AGAMA!! You are an ACADEMIC not a POLITIKUS? The Spirit of Holistic Education...Showlah you are a professional..We Malaysians are so caught up with the RACE CARD, we lost a lot of our professionalism.

Tan Sri! Your statements below are also flawed,debatable and defective.

"Malays only made up 35 per cent of the total intake for higher education in public and private higher learning institutions.....The majority of students in critical fields like accounting and pharmacy in public higher learning institutions are non-Malays and in private higher learning institutions , 90 per cent of the students are non-Malays"

We need to put a stop to all these nonsense inciting racial lines of thought as we need to buck-up as Malaysians to put us on the right track in order that we can remain competitive and move ahead.

What about the demonstrations by UiTM sudents? WHERE IS THE UNIVERSITY ACT? WE STOPPED A GROUP OF EDUCATED , CIVIL PROFESSIONALS TO DISCUSS RATIONALLY IN AN ORDERLY BAR FORUM but we allowed disorderly anarchist to be rough and aggressive -to demonstrate over a mere statement of proposal. It's an act of INTIMIDATION by a group of aggressive minorities bullying the SILENT MAJORITY into succumbing to their views and wishes ...maybe there's a puppeteer too!!! MB Selangor doesn't even have the power to approve, implement or execute his proposal. He's just thinking aloud. Where's the spirit of MUZAKARAH? Are we preaching but not practicing? Mana ISLAM HADHARI? Time to stop the dictates of a group of aggressive and loud minorities and listen to the silent rational majority. I believe the demonstrations are orchestrated...DON'T BLAME THE ANARCHIST! WE MOULDed THEM, that way....


Posted by Ti Lian Ker at 8:57 AM 0 comments

Hi&Lo said...

Malaysia's education policy is driven by politics. In fact the portfolio is a stepping stone to premiership.

Politics rules over wisdom. Even the great Mahathir now realises the folly of teaching Maths and Science in Bahasa.

He used to use Japan as an eg that English can be done away with in Science and Maths.

What he didn't tell us was that in Japan the body responsible for translation is multilinguistic and multidisciplinary.

Dewan Bahasa Pustaka does not have the Science expertise and efficiency to translate the works.

Patriot Selatan said...

chua... i believe that the education system should be integrated into one conprehensive system.. only then i believe that it is possible to approach education in a racial manner...

colorless said...

The protest is a proof that they are real dumb and can't figure out that Tan Sri Khalid is trying to help them to be intellectually competitive.
This also proved that our PM-for-all-Malaysian is a racist and preventing their own kind from getting out of the tempurung so that the elite who are educated overseas continue to rule the country in the future.
Come to think of it, why would the non-bumis ever want to study in UiTM whose quality is worthless in the real world.

Pearls said...

Didnt the PM dug his own grave in this matter again? One story after another and yet, this PM keep making the same stupid mistake. What is wrong with this fella?? Dumb is an understatement!! Anyway... I see this PM kena tiang kow kow already...

I dont know what the whole fiasco is about. Education is a right that should be given to every Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. If these people, yes, those dumb ones studying in U don't know what TM (not trademark ah.. get it right)included cannot understand this basic simple concept, than I think this so call U dont know what TM is not worth the fight. Because, look at what this U dont know what TM is breeding!!!!! A bunch of moronic insecure racists!!

How could people call themselves an educator when their thinking can be so narrow and heavily tainted with colours of biasness is really beyond my comprehension. If this is what U dont know what TM is churning out, I dont think the non-bumis should go there.. I dont think this place should be allowed to continue to teach anyone or anything!

Cheong said...

I don't think is a good suggestion to open up to non bumis. Only 10% of non bumis will lead to non bumis to follow the rules and regulation set for bumis since the opening of UiTM. Can non bumis follow the regulations such as wearing songkok and baju melayu during Friday? For me the media is making the issue up to stir the perpaduan of rakyat Malaysia. If possible the media must quote all the statements by MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and not just particular statement to get better sales.

The Son of Asia said...

What's the point of maintaining 100% to Bumiputera while at the same time can't even compete with Universities from Myanmar, Bangladesh, or Cambodia ? (with no disrespect to these countries)

ZORO said...

Now they are using the students to protest on their behalf. I thought the University Act forbidding these kids from carry out demonstration or politic...Worst, they had a police permit to legally doing it! Even the Hiugher Education Minister and Deputy Principal of UiTM joined in to stir up the matter. Double standards plus abuse of power and floundering of the laws, what's the relevant authorities going to do on these future leaders who are definitely don't like non-Bumi Malaysian? Can these non-Bumi Malaysian seeking some sorts of justice by referring it to the United Nation? If American or the Wests are so concerned about human rights in China especially on the Tibetan; how come they turn a blind eye on these non-bumi groups in Malaysia? Again, is it also that they are double standard?

Charlie said...

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