Sunday, August 17, 2008


The MCA election campaign should be a battle of ideas, so that party grassroots can vote for the best team to save the party and chart its direction for the future.

Instead, a quick glance at the Chinese and English newspapers will show you that nothing of the sort has happened.

The message being sent to the Chinese community is that the MCA is a party with no ideas.

Instead of ideas, the campaign so far has been speculation about who is taking on whom for which post.

It is about whether there is a Team A or Team B, and more crucially it is about personal attacks.

Sure, I accept that morality is an issue, as was mentioned in a story I read the other day. But what I did is out there in the open. I have never said that my apology wipes clean any slate.

But frankly what I would rather talk about to party members and Malaysians in general are the real issues the MCA has to face.

The MCA has lost the support of a majority of the Chinese community. That is a fact which none of the declared candidates want to address.

So I would like to hear from the declared candidates for the top posts from the presidency downwards to let the party know how they propose to regain the support of the Chinese.

As I said before, I will have to take some responsibility for the state the MCA finds itself in, where it is seen as a weak party which does not stand up for Chinese interests or represent and articulate the aspirations and frustrations of the Chinese or other communities in the country.

But I think nearly every candidate in the party elections will have to share in the blame as well for why the Chinese are not supporting the MCA.

We are now being seen as irrelevant. While the Pakatan Rakyat parties rule and debate national issues, the MCA talks about irrelevant issues.

As I said before, the MCA will need to be seen as a party which can stand up equally before its partners in the Barisan Nasional (BN).

The party needs to be a catalyst for progress so that BN can return to its original form of partnership where no single Malaysian, regardless of race or religion, is left behind.

We need to engage Umno in dialogue to talk about the future direction.
We need a leader who can rebuild our party into a cohesive team which will not be bullied by anyone.

I would like to see a great battle of ideas out there in the current election campaign, ideas on how to rebuild MCA.

Now that many of us are not even involved in state or local governments, we should have more time to put forward ideas for the future direction of the country and the party.

Perhaps we as MCA members should demand those declared candidates to come out with some concrete manifesto.

Declaring a candidacy is easy, but justifying it can be much harder.














leerock said...

Dear Dr.Chua,
I absolutely agreed with you that manifesto declared by candidates is importance,its time to show that who really can commit the realpolitik to the nations and party's members,not only have statement on the newspaper.

as i see it said...

Dear ham sap choy

when u said something like that it does not give u any advantage that u are the leader that can guide MCA . U have no credibility or morality to become the role model of the follower , except those cronies of beneficiary group ( who find hard to get goverment project )
your menu of people who in the same team are loser who rejected by people last election , u wanna example ,( ling hsien loon , the one who has " eat , drink and party" policy . u always said the MCA dun have the big agenda for chinese communities , then u have this people as ur team member . ronald lim , who lose to PKR with PJ selatan , many more .which i think some of johor MP seat lost bcoz of ur scandal .
Congratulation if i were from PKR for u to guide MCA , by next election , MCA can be like MIC , by then u can be no longer relevant like sammy velu .

陈志昊 Brian Tang Chee Hau said...



penyokong PR said...


the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

to my malay and indian friends
come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
behind DSAI.

forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly during nomination day.

just go all out and vote DSAI for he will not only be our MP but also our next PM for all Malaysian.

long live DSAI and may god bless you and your family.


P/S you say it right MCA is irrelevant

Janitor said...

If MCA wants to be relevant in Malaysia it has to stand up for all Malaysian rights and Chinese rights alone.

vin said...

Dr Chua,just one question for can we (chinese) accept you to become MCA chairman. People will said that I see the MCA Chairman's dick and his x-ray shy our chinese people going to face, you need to consider oue chinese face not your face. so my opion is stop election chairman for MCA. 道德 is very important for chinese people.

keykok said...







PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

我个人对于翁诗杰向你进行的人身攻击感到非常厌烦及反感,那让我看到一个非常可耻的政治动物,不在实质的政务及政见上花心思,反而只专注于利用一些牵强附会的情绪煽动,企图言论谋杀自己的政治对手;如果这种低劣粗糙的手段继续在党中蔓延,我很难想像已经身受重伤的马华,还有什么希望重新出发?!其实,波力认为蔡医生你根本不需要回应这种劣质的言论,因为我们甚至可以预见到他可能会对你今天所发布的这张文贴再次耍弄嘴皮子做出"对号入座"的评价,或者利用到峇东埔助选的"经历"来回应你这张帖子只是为了转移焦点的破坏性言论!否则,他就是在变相的对号入座了... 且让我们拭目以待。





NEIL said...

Dr, The chinese community is losing their patience with all these bickering.I think we chinese for now will vote for any chinese or multi-racial party that can truly stand up for the rights of the chinese.We are all desperate for a strong VOICE, a voice that can drown all those racist remarks make by umno and others.Time is running out and I'm afraid in not a distance future we will find that VOICE by hook or by crook.

Pearls said...

Now you know why MCA is doomed?? Sigh..... need I say more??!!!

veryDL said...

key kok,






PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...


1. 马华的权力结构及主流媒体影响力再再的成为非当权派领袖言论的绊脚石及抹黑工具,蒙蔽了党同员获取资讯的权力。

2. 评论总会长候选人在马华的传统看来形同家丑外扬,实则是马华对领袖的习性包装及领袖本身没有听取反馈的勇气,只要不涉及人身攻击,波力看不出评论总会长所应有的职能并没有任何问题,相反的,这更能有效的强化相关人士的领袖内涵及承担!(说句难听的,关于翁诗杰的道德操守,连你我都知道有哪些不可见人的课题,没有理由蔡医生会不知道,但他至今只字不提,早已给足面子了!)

3. 即便是我们的总会长,不掌国政实权后都无法和首相沟通,您认为高傲如斯的翁,会有兴趣和蔡医生面谈讨论党政国策?别忘记他是一个连潜在竞争者都不放过,不惜以作人身攻击煽动党员情绪来打压对手的人!对不起,小弟无法苟同!



vin said...

蔡先生,在我们华人的文化和思想,道德 是 非常重要的。你个人的道德 已经让我们华人蒙羞了。你认为我们可以让一个赤裸裸,他做爱的样子做马华的领导层吗?蔡先生你可以接受你的道德行为吗?

koh said...


The feedback on the bottomline that MCA is no longer relevant is grim and daunting. For a fact when leaders like you were enjoying popularity and power, nothing was done on what you are saying now. MCA has like UMNO 50 years in power and the forefathers had contributed which many older generations had accepted this fact. But in the late 80s up to Abdullah's tenure, no MCA leaders had the guts to tell the PM in the face on the rot of the system. The arrogance, and abuse of powers: in life somethings are irreversible and the reality is showing.

Maybe in 10 the meantime, bear the agony of thirst after eating the salted fish.

Honestly, I don't see the Chinese voters (non-partisan) coming back in droves to support MCA unless UMNO really reforms. The latter, impossible and MCA's future in the coalition under the thumb rule of UMNO will be hellish.


PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...




Lum said...

Dr Chua
are you sure you can do this ==>我们需要一位可以重建马华、能内聚全党力量勇拒他人欺凌的领袖。you take what said (negotiable) with UMNO

keykok said...











ZORO said...


sky billionair said...

so you should lead the team to layout you view and policy instead of waiting for them.

Michelle said...

Dear all commentators,

I strongly think that whoever that condemn Dr Chua bcoz of his private life is purely unfair to him and to all m'sian chinese. His private life 'IS' his private life,,,why is his private life being recorded & circulated nationwide? Why not the authorities in-charge find out who's the mastermind? I agreed with Dr Chua that this is 'CHARACTER ASSASSINATION'! If u guys in his shoe, do u think this is trepassing people privacy!...Worst is MCA leadership wanna put him under disciplinary board...i guess...chinese saying 'throw stones into the well whenever a person falls in'...

U guys scared of SHY...wan FACE!!...what is SHY what is face when we chinese in malaysia nowadays don't have one! We are lower class citizen compare to 'B'!!! All chinese knew it feel it!!! We wan to change the traditional MCA leader who always being the 'YES MAN' a leader who got BRAIN & GUTS!!! DARE TO SPEAK AGAINST FOR THE BENEFITS OF MALAYSIAN CHINESE!

Till now, the president candidacy is CSL & wise choice is definately CSL!!! I wan a chinese leader who can REALLY WORK FOR THE CHINESE...instead of a leader who BETRAY THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE...i call him 'NATO'..he got that look!..if one day someone holding a sharp ancient weapon pointing to the chinese...dare the betrayer stand out to fight or i believe the betrayer will WRITES TO APOLOGISE (reason for apologise unknown)!

We must not forget 'NOW, WE NEED TO SAVE MCA TO SAVE MALAYSIAN CHINESE NOT ONE BUT MILLIONS OF US' if we choose a NATO leader...all malaysian chinese will become 'NANO'...No Action No Talk' in this country!!!

Pls be more mature, dont always think of pride,,,sometimes we need to swallow the pride & fight back even our last drop of blood!

Thanks buddies..hope u guys take this positively

Dear Dr Chua,
MCA grassroots & malaysian chinese always stand by you. All my friends are ur supporters! me too! Fight for our chinese rights!


from 'M'

colorless said...

The fate and relevance of MCA is not decided by who leads it but decided by Umno itself....a fact I challenge you to deny. It does not benefit Umno if any of its component parties has equal standings.
Give me a good reason why the Chinese should support MCA if PR is treating us more fairly and equally.

Janitor said...

Dear Dr.Chua,
No matter what party one belongs to, ones true conscience must come before the rest. You can't ignore the very feeling that is the basis for our humanness. Without that we are nothing but a mere object of flesh and blood. Please read the Harris Ibrahim’s letter, it made me cry and the very notion is what made me to support Anwar.

You see the reason for yourself at his site and if you could please help us make the changes:-

kiddokit said...

To Michelle:

I'm ashamed that you are a Chinese! To say that we shouldn't have to SAVE FACE is akin to slapping our parents and their parents for teaching us wrong. Has anything bad ever happened from someone who SAVED FACE? Perhaps we may put our tail between our legs, but at least nobody got hurt -- just our pride.

Let me repeat to you many Chinese out there who still don't get it -- NO PERSON WITH A SEX VIDEO TO HIS/HER NAME IS GONNA BE A LEADER OF MINE. Never mind if the video was taped furtively. You can call it character assination all you want.

But the fact stands -- Dr. Chua has committed adultery and is an unwilling porn star with his mistress of 12 years (that was his admission on how long he's known her in an interview some time back).

Another fact stands -- a full-time politician and full Minister has no business saying his life is private. You have dedicated your life to public service and your actions MUST be exemplary to the public's scrutiny. If you want to do doggy with your wife, that's fine (that much I can agree it's private), but not when it is doggy and blowjob with a mistress of 12 years! Your unwholesome conduct is definitely up for public scrutiny.

Enough of this stupid bullshit that many Malaysians are mouthing off recklessly that all politicians' lives are their private affairs. You really wanna go private? Then get off the public rail track.

In any other country, a Minister found conducting unsavoury affairs would resign willingly without much prodding. Yes, to Dr. Chua's credit he did resign, BUT after much prodding. And now he wants us to erase those unsavoury acts from memory and have him led us? When that DVD is still out there? You want non-Chinese out there laughing at your face that they know what size and dick length your MCA President cum leader of the Chinese people is? The jokes and laughter will never cease. Has it ever ceased against Samy Vellu's unimaginably fake hair? Of course, that's mild in comparison to a sex video.

I want a leader who has a good record of public service and untarnished and irrefutable actions -- in and out of the bedroom. Not too hard for the Chinese to understand, right?

Yes, by all means, let's SAVE FACE. Our great many elders, whether Chinese or non-Chinese, have led their lives believing in this.

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. CSL

in my opinion , we " talk "

man on the street, party member, blogger. talk for the fun and stress release.?

It is time we "plan" " "present" and "act"

we used to "talk ", and argue base on news from rumours , internet information so call insider informations, political announcement,daily paper......

VERY seldom i see concrete statistic , proof, propose action and follow by continuous action.

every body know the PROBLEMS, you ,i, students, old man....
so what????

Nothing ! so keep "TALKING"

sad to "talk"

LohSH said...

All public figures are voted in through the ballot box.

We can use our own moral standard to judge a public figure’s moral value and credibility and decide on how and to whom we will cast our vote.

But we cannot impose our own standard onto others.

No one public figure has ever been voted in with 100% votes. Public opinions on a public figure are never unanimous. What matters is the majority’s opinions and support.

The fate of a public figure should be decided through the ballot box, unless he/she commits a criminal offence.

No one knows whether or not those voters who supported Dr Chua before would agree with the opinion that he is no longer fit to be a leader after the exposure of the unlawfully taped video, or would have supported him again if he were to stand for the 3/8 election.

Dr Chua is now entitled to contest for any post in the coming party election.

People who support Dr Chua for any political position have all the rights to cast their votes in favor of him based on their own criteria and judgment. Likewise those who think he is morally unfit to hold any political or public position are entitled to their opinion and decision.

While some American may laugh at Bill Clinton, some don’t bother.

Moral issue is a subjective matter.

The votes decide. The majority prevails.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Don't have to bother how people see you as long as you know what to do for the country. The people that condem you on the issue is just that he/she doesn't have a better idea or vision to help the party and country. Therefore, he/she keep saying the same thing with i think is useless, which this kind of person don't earn our respect. So Doctor, go ahead to do what you think is good for the party and country which people will realise that you are the right person to choose.
God bless you.....................

Michelle said...

My dear kiDdoKiT,

i dun blame u if u stil dun/ refuse to understand the MCA scenario precise the lower class citizen of malaysian chinese now...u r too NAIVE! u see things too NARROW!

u seems like looking urself too hiGh too PeRFeCt!!! i hope u never did ANYTHING wrong,,,if not u got to SLAP ur own face NOT UR PARENTS or THEIR PARENTS! pls ask ur families n friends n bosses n all people in the world MUST NOT give u even a single chance to survive! Whether u r working for people or urself a boss, make make make sure u always KOREK! KOREK! KOREK! once SALAH...HABIS lah...i respect ur philosophy!

BUT, BUT, BUT, u r alone, kiDdoKiT!

I support CSL! We support CSL! support really counts eh!

goodbye my dear kiDdoKiT!

Socrato said...

I challenge you to make this one of your manifesto :to lead MCA out of BN if UMNO continues to forsakes the principles of BN and carry on their ways of racism and extremism.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.