Monday, August 4, 2008

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek : 'I had moral courage to admit it'

Despite his DVD sex scandal, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is being touted as one of the top contenders for the presidency in the upcoming MCA elections. Fresh from winning the Batu Pahat MCA division seat uncontested, he tells TAN CHOE CHOE that MCA members have to decide whether to judge him by his public performance or his private actions.

Q: Speculation is rife that you're gunning for the No 1 post.

A: I thank the people for their confidence in me. I'm still gauging the support of the central delegates and MCA members. When I resigned (his government and party positions after the sex DVD on him surfaced), I was only a party vice-president. I can stand for vice-president, deputy or president. The thing I have to take into consideration is my ability, whether I can contribute to the reformation of MCA.

Q: There's talk about Team A-Team B factions in MCA led by shadow generals.
A: This Team A-Team B thing has existed from Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik's time. After he retired, Team A and Team B were represented by (Datuk Seri) Ong Ka Ting and (Datuk Seri) Chan Kong Choy respectively. But over the years, (the line of division) has become blurred. The remnants of Team A and B still exist, but the demarcation is not that clear. Some Team A people have gone over to Team B and vice versa.

Q: There's a totally new Team A and Team B now led by former presidents.
A: I don't think it's true. To get Tun Dr Ling involved is grossly unfair. He has said many times that he doesn't want to get involved. It's pure speculation that he's involved.

Of course, in the case of Ka Ting, he's still an MP. There is speculation that he would continue to exercise some influence as a former president, an MP and through his brother (Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan).

We don't know what happens between these two brothers and I don't think we will ever know. So, it will always remain as speculation. But the possibility is there and people will talk about it.

Q: Many people believe Dr Ling's influence is still very strong and that he favours you for the top post.
A: You cannot prevent people from having this perception because he was the president for 17 years and he has been very easy-going, very friendly and he keeps in touch with MCA members.

How influential he is, I really don't know. Whether his personal touch will influence people in their choice of candidates, is still a question mark.

Q: Has he had talks with you?
A: I do contact him over the phone, but more on a social basis.

Q: Has he given any advice or indicated his support?
A: No, not really.

Q: You said the grassroots have forgiven you after the divisional election. Are they ready to accept you if you contest the party presidency?
A: I have considerable support throughout the country. Whether that support is strong enough for me to contest any post, I'm not sure.

There's been a lot of calls that I should stand for one of the senior posts in view of my public performance. They say Johor is a good example (of strong MCA showing) and I've been the state chairman.

In the 2004 general election, we (Johor MCA) scored 100 per cent. This year -- I resigned in January and the election was in March, so Johor MCA was still under me at the time -- despite the political tsunami, Johor MCA candidates scored about 90 per cent (success), compared with a lot of other states where we got zero.

They always say Johor MCA is slightly different from the rest and there's a need to share whatever experience and knowledge that I have to rebuild MCA.

Q: So why is Johor MCA different?
A: One, Johor MCA has always been united, compared with the other states. We have a more solid organisation.

Two, we have very good relationship with other Barisan Nasional component parties.

Three, we have had excellent relationship with the state government. We worked together to solve a lot of Chinese problems, from allocation for Chinese schools -- which no other state has -- to Chinese temples and allocation for MCA divisions.

It's the only state where we have a lot of reserve land for Chinese schools. It's the only state that allocates land for temples and (Hindu) kuil.

Q: All these are contributed by MCA's strong standing in Johor?
A: These came about because of the long, continuous interaction between MCA and the state government.

In this respect, I must thank the menteris besar of Johor -- Tan Sri Muhyiddin (Yassin), when I was in the state exco, and the close cooperation which has continued with (Datuk Abdul) Ghani (Othman). So, we don't have incidents of temples being demolished.

Q: How big an obstacle is your sex scandal to your political aspirations?
A: There are two schools of thought on this. One is that when you're a public figure, you're evaluated on your public performance. They feel that I should be evaluated on my public performance.

The other says that when you're a public figure, your private life is also of their concern.

I had the moral courage to admit, apologise and resign from all posts. I could have indulged in self-pity and bitterness and lived a life of bitterness.

Or I could choose to serve the party and the community, which I've been doing for the last 23 years.

Now I'm starting (political career) all over. It's like a rebirth -- from an ordinary MCA member from the branch to division to national.

After I resigned, there were many indications to give me encouragement to continue to serve and optimise whatever strengths I have. From the general election until now, I continue to receive a lot of invitations to officiate at functions.

Q: From within and without MCA?
A: Yes, even non-governmental organisations. I try not to accept too many invitations because I don't want too much public exposure.

Q: The reason being?
A: People (might) say, "this person doesn't seem to regret. He's showing his face everywhere".

Q: So you're repentant now?
A: I have admitted my guilt. I've resigned -- that is like a form of punishment.

I'm willing to start all over again, which means I leave it to the delegates to decide my political destiny, whether my private life is more important than my public performance.

I've publicly admitted my weaknesses. At no time did I try to deny it. At no time did I say it "looks like me and sounds like me but it's not me".

Q: There's talk that there'll be a new (sex) DVD on you should you decide to contest.
A: Every time I criticise the leadership, every time I talk about contesting, this threat of a new DVD comes up.

You can see the connection between my political career and the move to destroy me. It's what we call character assassination. You don't need rocket science to establish this.

Whether it's a new DVD or an old DVD, it's the same. I'm the same Dr Chua, with the same weaknesses, same strengths.

So, I leave it to the delegates to decide if they are willing to allow character assassination to bring down the leaders.

If you look at the country now, people are no more talking about performance. People are talking about character assassination. People are not concerned about what you do, but are more concerned about what you do in your privacy.

Q: But as a public figure and a leader, your private and public actions both reflect you and your integrity.
A: Oh yes, I'm the first to admit it. I never say that it looks like me and sounds like me (but isn't me). I'm the first to come out and tell people what I am.

It is up to the delegates to decide whether to accept my weaknesses and strengths.

Q: Have you overcome any of the weaknesses you admitted to?
A: No, this is my girlfriend of nearly 12 years. My wife is aware of it. She has openly said, "I married my husband. I know he's not a saint. But he's a good husband, a good family man."

Q: Are you still seeing this girlfriend?
: No.

Q: Some say this year's MCA election is between young guns and veterans.
A: I think these are the terminologies given by the press. People have forgotten that when Dr Ling became president, he was much younger than Ka Ting -- he was 43. Ka Ting became president at the age of 48.

It isn't about young guns and veterans. MCA has a large membership. Most of the members who are active are between the ages of 35 and 60. What's the difference between 53 and 58 years old when the average lifespan of Malaysians is about 75?

Q: What kind of president does MCA need right now?
A: We need an MCA leader who has the support of the members, who is aware of what's happening to the party and the Chinese community.

We cannot have one who is aloof and out of touch with what's happening with the Chinese community. We cannot have an MCA leader who is weak.

We cannot have an MCA leader who tries classifying every issue confronting the Chinese community as "sensitive" and so says there is no need to discuss it.

In the last three years, we had an image problem (because of this).

Q: Just in the last three years?
A: In the last three or four years, it got worse. They feel that the leadership is weak, unable to articulate the frustrations of the community and unable to stand up for the rights of the community.

There was also a significant shift from MCA being a political party to as if it was an NGO, doing more social work.

Q: Like Cupid Club and life-long learning?
A: Cupid Club, crisis-relief squad, tuition centre ... rather than doing political work. That's the truth. My president hates me for telling the truth. I call a spade a spade and I dare to debate on it.

If MCA wants to change, it has to be a real political party focusing on politics, economics and education.

These are the three core issues that affect every Malaysian, more so the Chinese who are worried about their position in the country, their political rights, their sharing of the economic cake and educational opportunities.

The other issues are equally important, but they can be done by NGOs. We can co-operate with NGOs. We can support them, fund them, advise them.

MCA should regain its traditional role as a political party. It must not only be vocal.

However vocal MCA becomes, it can never be more vocal than Lim Kit Siang because he has been in this business for the last 30 years.

It is not a question of being vocal. It's a question of how effective you are in solving problems.

Q: But even after the March general election, MCA has not changed any of its problem-solving tactics.
A: To say that there is no change is not true. There were attempts but I would put it as too little and too late. After the election, there was a lot of scepticism.

Q: Does the new president have to be seen to be able to stand up to Umno?
A: The new president must be able to articulate the frustrations of the Chinese community, its needs and the three core issues that I've listed --- politics, economics and education.

The Chinese know that we (MCA) are not the know-all; that we do not have a magical wand that can solve all problems.

Even Umno has a lot of problems confronting the Malay community. But as long as you champion their rights, I think they're more than happy.

But if you keep quiet in the name of sensitivity, then people cannot accept MCA any more.

Q: What do you think you have to offer to MCA members if you were to go for any of the top posts?

A: If we want to rebrand or reform MCA, you must have a leadership which is not out of touch with the members and the community.

It must not be based on empty slogans -- beautiful Chinese slogans which you and I may not be able to understand. For your information, they're all taken from Taiwan.
Two, we cannot sing the old tune anymore, which is "you vote us, you get political stability". We got whacked (on March 8) but there's still political stability.

You vote us, you have power- sharing. There's no need to have MCA for power-sharing. They can go through DAP and Pakatan Rakyat for power-sharing.

And we offer good services by looking after roads and drains and garbage.

The people want more from us. They want to see us as a real political party in power; a party that can solve most, if not all, of their problems.

And we cannot be all Chinese any more. We have to be more multiracial in our outlook and approach in solving problems. While we can champion the rights of the Chinese community, we should make our stand very clear on other issues in this country.

When you talk about the judiciary, the Lingam tape and Hindraf, MCA kept quiet.

This is something which the Chinese community was not happy about.

We cannot continue to move forward by talking only all Chinese and the rest have nothing to do with us. We are a component, a unit in a multiracial country.

So while we continue to be a mono-ethnic party, we have to be more multiracial in our outlook and in our response to solving problems.

Q: How can MCA achieve that?
A: It's with the leadership. If the leadership tries to ignore a problem by saying that it is sensitive...

When Pas and Umno are having talks, MCA should make its stand clear.

One MCA minister says something, another minister says it's no go, but another minister says if you don't infringe on our rights, it's okay.

A strong leadership will clearly state MCA's stand. Whether you like it or not, this is our stand. This is what leadership is all about. But because there's no leadership, everybody talks.

How we interact with Umno leaders, how we bring up our problems to Umno in the cabinet are important.

Q: There is talk that Malaysians, or Malaysian Chinese, are not really concerned about MCA elections because ultimately MCA will still play second fiddle to big brother Umno.
A: Yes. That's why MCA must be more assertive and play its role as a party in government.

Q: So there's a need to review how MCA works within BN?
A: We have to convince Umno that if we are unable to articulate and solve Chinese problems, please do not expect us to deliver the Chinese votes to BN come the 13th general election.

Q: MCA has always been ready to condemn DAP over its alliance with Pas. How do you view the Umno-Pas talks and Perak Umno's invitation to Pas?
A: I've always held the view that if Malay political power is threatened, you'll see Umno and Pas working together. I've said that many times.

I'm not very optimistic about politics being non-racial in this country. That is the political reality of things.

Q: Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew (who is crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat) said, "We get elected MCA leaders who are not true leaders because they don't have popular support." What is your comment on the phantom voters that she alluded to?
A: The MCA membership list is always a contentious issue.

The process of setting up a branch and becoming a member is long and tedious, not transparent, not democratic and sometimes not fair.

If you look at the number of members in an MCA division, it's always the same as the number of Chinese voters in that area.

Do you believe it? I find it unbelievable. In other words, there's padding by some leaders who need the phantom support. So in that sense, Dr Tan is correct.

If we want a list that is good, we should do an audit and verification exercise after the election.



People said...

You had moral courage to admit the 'DVD Sex Scandal', so what?!

The Chinese Community felt you should show your Consciense and voice out your disagreement on the BeeNd govt on the abuse of power, misused the Police force, destroy the Judiciary system in the latest sodomy allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim(DSAI) which majority of Malaysian aware this is the Political Conspiracy against DSAI!

But up to this moment, you repeatedly show to the Nations that you are just a blind follower of BeeNd govt and animal like you CAN'T distinguish the Right and Wrong!

The Nations are mature enough and we DON'T want leader with no basic principle and personal dignity!
You can tolerate with the wrongdoing of the BeeNd govt(to conspire DSAI), that will also meant you can tolerate on the life of any innocent citizen like us!

Then I don't see there is a different between you and a killer!

I hope you can learn from 7 BRANCHES OF MCA PETALING JAYA UTARA!

To the minimum extent, they manage show to the Nations they are more like human being as compare to you!

wanderer said...

You claimed to have moral courage but, you simply, do not have any moral standing. Equally, I can say this to all the MCA leaders. You lot, cannot year after year, kowtow to your Umno masters and betray the Chinese community. If your party has any principle, MCA should have left BN long ago. You people are not performing and what is worst, you drag down the Chinese community else well...always giving them false hopes. We (Chinese) are not listening anymore. Come next GE MCA will be history.

Carling said...


Would you consider joining PKR/DAP and offer your services for the betterment of Malaysia and all Malaysians?
Or you sincerely still think that MCA has any relevance at all in an Umno dominated races-based BN?
I personally never see any future in MCA from day one I started works 20 years ago. I had a cousin who graduated about 10 years ago and he came and see me for advices then. His theory shocked me. He said work experience and knowledge is not important and he is goin to get rich by joining MCA. Dont you agree that this corruption disease has creeped into our young rakyat? What does the future holds if we continue with BN? More and more lazy people who waited for handouts !

kiddokit said...

I think many of your blog visitors are confused about your current actions to get elected as the MCA President. They are mixing it up with how you should be a better Malaysian voicing out pertinent issues of today.

However, to me, I can clearly see that Dr. Chua doesn't need to bother addressing all these issues right now. He only has to do one thing and one thing only -- PLAY TO THE MCA MEMBERS' GALLERY in order to be their President. And it appears many MCA members (save for the 7 MCA Branches with their Press release condemning Badawi's Govt) couldn't give two hoots about the current imbroglio Malaysia is facing.

It does make the many potential candidates tasks much easier when they don't have to tackle heavy national issues in order to win votes. Just talk about the Chinese race ad nauseam and you'd have led the MCA members by their noses. So, y'see, I can understand why Dr. Chua hasn't really bothered to say much about the situation in this country.

koh said...


There is a distinct difference between having "conscientious courage" to admit a "personal wrong" and the political courage to "right" or fight an unscrupulous partner, UMNO.

Believe it or not, MCA leaders will face the full force of karma before the year ends.

I hope some of them will have the courage like you when the shit hits the fan....soon.


colorless said...

Dr. Chua,

Whether of not MCA stays or leave BN, my hopes are all on PR to stop the rot in the country.
But there is one question I would like to ask.
Say that you are currently the President of MCA. If Umno refuse to go multiracialism and GE13 is getting clo or there is a snap election....... what would you do?

ismailtan said...

We will support you all the way, Dr.Chua. All the best to you in the coming MCA election.

NEIL said...

Dr, If what you say can be translated into real action then I think you are on the road to recovery.Everytime politician before they are elected to the post,they can promise you the moon but after they are elected they change from a tiger to a mouse.This time Dr,you must not only be seem to look like a tiger but howl,bite and yawn like a tiger.You see how Lim Guan Eng climb his ladder.He is a man of words,dare to say and do,so that' why the rakyat like this kind of politician.Not like those old MCA comrades who can bark but can't bite.Dr, what you say these few days is quite amazing considering the fact that you blog is been closely watch by MCA spy.If you have the guts to stand up to these "friends'then that is a god start.If in time you get the presidency remember that all you say today will come back to haunt you if you don't translate words into ACTION.

artic turban said...

Reading the article and your admission I woud say, you actualy had the moral courage to admit your mistake. Now the question arises, how many other bn and umno politicians have such brass balls. I would say easily, none.
on another salient point, either MCA CHANGES ITS POLICY OF SLAVE TO UMNO, OR FOREVER HOLD ITS PEACE WHEN ITS BURIED IN THE NEXT ELECTION. We all know what MCA is all about, why it keeps quiet, it all boils down to $$$$$$, to MCA THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE CHINESE STRUGGLE, it is the $$ struggle, its all about the MOOLAH-$$$$, Or else why would have Mca let umno trample all over it. It is a known fact that all govt contract are handed over to umno bumi proxies which in turn sub-contract to MCA CONNECTED PROXIES, who pass it down among its machais, That is the reason Mca lets umno do what it does without raising an eyebrow, let them make all that noise, as long as we get the contracts and make money. THE DAY OF RECKONING ARRIVED ON MARCH 8. Now what is MCA going to do about it, as shown nothing much eventhough MCA GOT EGG ALL OVER its face once the cat was out of the bag that umno had been negotiating with Pas to form state govts, whlist at the same time MCA POLITICIANS WERE CRITICING DAP for being partners with pas. How stupid did mca look sir, stupid indeed, or rathe IN DEED (YOU KNEW BUT WERE JUST MAKING NOISE), Now with the elections we will hear MCA politicians making noise at UMNO, well sir it looks to me it is all a show of the barking dog behind the fence. ALL NOISE AND BULLSHITE WALKS.

Huang said...

Dr. Chua,

I like your views through this interview. Hopefully, you could stand TALL and DO, not just say , things before UMNO leaders who have become very, very ARROGANT. Do you know that UMNO's ARROGANCE was one of the root causes of the political MELTDOWN on
March 8th, 2008 ?

MCA, being one of the original PILLARS of the then ALLIANCE, should be treated with RESPECT by UMNO leaders. Sad to say, MCA leaders were treated with DISDAIN; and what was worse, the MCA leaders DARED NOT speak out when issues affecting the Communities ( not just Chinese ) and the MALAYSIAN people in general.
You have said rightly that the Lingam tape issue, the HINDRAF issue, the Sodomy issue, the detention of 5 HINDRAF leaders in Kamunting Camp, the judge-fixing and case-fixing issues, teh demolition of Hindu Temple by Selangor Government, the multi-million ringgit Klang mansion ( NOT approved ! ), the "bocor " MP, the close-one-eye MP, etc. These are issues which ANY RIGHT-thinking leader would have stirred his or her IRE ! But, like good boys and good girls, MCA leaders kept QUIET!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? This is a matter of PRINCIPLE! If you are NOT PRINCIPLE-CENTRIC, you will not dare raise the issues! " Why bother, as long as my Ministerial post is not affected? " seems to be MCA's MOTTO! So, do you think peopel in general, not necessarily the Chinese, will have ANY RESPECT for MCA leaders ?

RESPECT has to be EARNED. Yes, you are right. Mr. Lim Kit Siang has GUTS aplenty; and had paid a heavy price: he was JAILED, or rather DETAINED for what he said or done. Lim Guan Eng had to suffer for his defence of the 14 -year-old Malay girl in Malacca. PEOPLE will never respect leaders who ABUSE and MISUSE POWER because they are in POWER and thought they could do anything to TRAMPLE people UNDERFOOT. Do you think people will respect the former PM? NOTHING doing! Do you think people will respect who ABUSE power to detain Raja Petra Kamaruddin or Anwar Ibrahim ? Do you think it is ethical to AMBUSH Anwar in his house compound, using several TRUCKS and men in blue MASKED? Is this a POLICE STATE,a German GESTAPO ? the CID Director talked about PROFESSIONALISM ! The Home Minister talked about PROFESSIONALISM! The PM also talked about " NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW" , while allowing his son-in-law to demonstarte at the KLCC when the US State Secretary was an INVITED GUEST of our country! And teh Police were indeed PROFESSIONAL! WHY didn't they ARREST the son-in-law and other UMNO Youth members ? Yes, " NO MAN IS ABOVE the LAW" . PRACTISE it! Do you think PEOPLE are FOOLS ?

The PM wanted Anwar to give his DNA ! His old one could not be used ? EXPERTS had mentioned taht the old one COULD be used! What was he up to ? What are the Police up to ? DNA ( DO NOT ASSUME ) that people are fools!
DNA that people cannot think !straight! DNA that ANWAR's BLACK EYE was " SELF-INFLICTED" ? He nearly DIED in the cell!

Now, WHERE were MCA, MIC, GERAKAN leaders ? Where JUSTICE is concerned, leaders must STAND abd be COUNTED ! If they don't, they are NOT leaders but only in NAME !

I admire for your GUTS when he owned up about the DVD; and I said so in my article in STAR entitled
" He who had not sinned should throw the first stone . " Read it.
You could be a GREAT LEADER for MCA and for the other races! Will you be able to STAND UP to UMNO leaders when CRUCIAL issues coem up ? The test of the pudding is in the eating !

Well, at this crucial juncture of MCA's survival , we need leaders who could tackle head-on ISSUES affecting the NATION as a whole. sad to say, UMNO leaders could not measure up. I think ANWAR is the MAN for the nation! He could BIND the various races and make this NATION PROUD in the eyes of teh WORLD ! MULTI-RACIALISM is the way forward. I still think Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's clarion call
" MALAYSIAN Malaysia " is the RIGHT approach for ALL races.

EVERY Malaysian must have a PLACE under the Malaysian sun! You mention PEE ( Politics, ECONOMICS, EDUCATION ). Yes, you are right!

Wish you all the best to be the MCA President!

S.H. Huang

khims said...

Dr Chua, We are so sick of the BN government, I think you should consider to say bye bye to the party that you have served for 22 yrs.

I "sanjung tinggi" with your high level of courage to admit about your sex affair, but if you are still in MCA, you are no different from the robbers (BN government are robbers, rob ppl money, rob ppl lifes, rob ppl freedoms, rob ppl future generation,) Do you see any future for your son, grandson in Malaysia if you let BN continue to control this country? Join the ppl who really wan to make Malaysia a better place.........

Malaysiansssss Wish-->no more racism

Pearls said...

Well, to me, you have gotten about 80% of the whole works correct. The rest of the 20%, is all about you shifting your mindset. If you are able to do just that, you are way to go!

So, perhaps you might want to exhibit your attempts to shift your mindset in your future postings and we shall see from there? Yes, you have a conscience rite, use it for heaven's sake!

Jackson said...

You are the leader with vision and far sight to turnaround MCA and to champion the chinese interest to make Malaysia a better place to live and work. All man make mistake. Do not look back in the past. What is important in the future. There no tolerance for any repeated mistake be it moral or otherwise. I believe you will be the next MCA President and hope you practice what your preach. Just a request in event you were MCA President, please look at MCA economic arms such as Koperasi Serbaguna Malaysia Berhad and Matang Holding Berhad. Their members look forward for MCA to revitalise MCA link economic activities for the betterment of all Malaysian Chinese. I understand that at there are big "huha" issues facing them to be resolved.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

The person who intrudes into another person's private life, definitely does it with a sinister motive, be it for money or otherwise. He/she is morally bankrupt and a scum of society.

Our private life is our private business. Even public figures (like you, doc) have a right to the privacy of your private life, as long as you keep your discretion and not paint the town red.

I hope you have your reasons for the current stance you are taking in your move to assume leadership in MCA. As long as MCA is in the BN Govt you will continually be torn between your conscience and the threat of expulsion from the BN, when confronted with hard and starkly pressing issues like racism and racial discrimination from UMNO. Each time such a question is posed to you, you avoid or skirt around the question instead of stating clearly your true stance on the issue.

How long can you keep doing this, doc, before your supporters get fed up with you and MCA (which you are to lead in the near future)?

There are only 2 ways out for your current predicament, even should you win the MCA presidency in the coming party polls:

1. Get UMNO to rid the party of racism and racists, and make UMNO accept a truly multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia, where all Malaysians are treated equally and fairly.

2. Failing which, get MCA to support you to take the party out of BN.

Best of luck, doc.

Camon said...



I know your vision/hope/aspiration/etc is to lead the MCA...

The way I see is you have a better future with Pakatan..... Your strong leadership qualities should be focus on helping the Chinese via Pakatan and not MCA or BN.... You are there but have you achieve anything for the Chinese ?????

Datin Paduka Tan is very honest and practical and have good foresight in the political future of Malaysian Politic.... She is like an outcast in MCA and since she knows she cannnot do much in MCA..... she might as well jump ship... This is the type of leader we are looking at.

Doc, with your calibre, why waste time on MCA??? Pakatan needs leader like you and you can set Johore as your bastion and a force to be reckon with....

However I know your heart is with MCA and you will live or die with MCA...... Whatever comment stated please also do consider and I wish you all the best for what direction you have decided.

I admire your GUT ...........

malayamuda said...

Dr Chua,

Join Pakatan. Your immense experience will be wasted in BN.

In Pakatan you may be able to carry out ur vision

Onekampung said...

Dr, I trust that with your experience of working with UMNO and your style and personality, you can get much more done compared with many others, my only concern is that before the MCA central delegates cast their ballot, one would wonder, without a cabinet position, and not even an MP, can you be effective as the MCA President?

Certainly you don't want to be apponted as a senator and go through the backdoor again?

You are putting all central delegates in a dilemma.....

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

as BN culture today, maybe somebody who planned for the DVD will bring you in front of law by the blow job shown and admitted by yourself....

what can you with this?

ssw said...

It is surprising that a learned person like you is trying to wriggle its way out of a moral wrong and has no moral courage to admit that it is wrong to commit such an extra-marital affairs. Morality is the basis of one’s character. If it is flawed, how can one commands the respect of the Chinese community? Ask yourself sincerely whether you are able to hold your head high again serving the Chinese community. It would be wise if you would humbly admit your moral wrong and spend more time doing charity works.

C3 said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Among so many UMNO-BN leaders, I praise you for being different from others for your courage to admit it.

After all, I strongly believe you have been framed by your enemy within the party.

More importantly your sex life with an adult woman who gave the consent to make love to you is of your personal matter.

The issue here is not about your sex life. It is about the future of MCA and your followers.

I see no bright future for current MCA leadership and philosophy. There is no winning formula for MCA because it is still a racial based party and this makes it impossible to mix water and oil together.

Be brave to change it Dr. Chua or MCA is history!


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