Friday, August 1, 2008

Pressure to BN and PR Component Parties

To administer a multi-racial country like Malaysia with such opposing forces and interests requires compromise and cooperation between the different interest groups, races and religion. The Barisan Nasional (BN) has become and I believe shall always be a model for progressive power-sharing by which Malaysia will always be governed. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Pakatan Rakyat alliance is surely modeled on BN. While Umno, as well as MCA and MIC has its weaknesses, it is still by and large a party of moderates which is capable of evolving and changing, as are its coalition partners.

There is now talk of reform in Umno, MCA, MIC and other BN component party members, following the disastrous showing of the March elections. Whether or not the reforms will satisfy the voting public, time will tell. PAS, on the other hand, is a party which will never change its stripes. That is something I believe in and it is something which even the DAP and PKR surely must know. And of course, Umno must know that PAS will never back down on their aspirations to form an Islamic state.

For now, the DAP and more moderate forces in the Pakatan Rakyat are already finding it hard to curb the more extreme forces within PAS. Can Umno do it? Why would PAS want to join forces with Umno if their influence ends up being diluted? Surely they would only want to join forces with Umno only if they can expand their influence, and to further their cause towards forming an Islamic state.

That is why the Chinese and other non-Muslim communities in Malaysia are uncomfortable with any kind of discussion with PAS. Of course, you could ask then why is it the Chinese threw their support behind Pakatan Rakyat which includes PAS. I believe the Chinese remain uncomfortable with PAS, but have been willing to throw their support behind Pakatan Rakyat because of their frustrations with the BN government. If PAS were to flex their muscles more, I think the Chinese would eventually reexamine their support for PAS. PAS has shown it will exert all sorts of pressure to inject “Islamic values” into society even when it is a junior partner in any state government. The Islamist party pressured the Selangor government into disallowing the sale of beers by a major sponsor at the recent Chelsea-Malaysia friendly match in Shah Alam. The objection was purely based on the presence of Muslims in the stadium. The party has also successfully stopped Indonesian singer Inul from holding her concert in Kuala Lumpur because they deemed her performance too suggestive. All this and they are not even in power in Selangor or KL.

We in the MCA should make it clear to Umno what is the stand and feelings of the Chinese community with regards to any Umno-PAS talks. If we say nothing we give tacit approval to anything which materializes out of such talks.


Chee Yong said...

Mr Soi Lek, Inul concert in Johor was also stopped. But the state is controlled by BN with a handome majority. Why you choose to blackout that piece of info? The difference between Pakatan Rakyat with BN is that DAP and PKR continue to speak up if it disagrees with PAS. This is called healthy discussion among partners. However in BN, I dont see MCA speaking up against UMNO and when MCA MPs go into Parliment, all of you cower and vote according to party whip.

malayamuda said...

Dr Chua,

MCA, MIC, Gerakan should just close shop and go.

In Pakatan PKR can speak up, DAP can speak up and PAS also can speak up but in Barisan you guys are mere followers.

Followers of the master UMNO. BN partner have no guts to speak up. For instance we dont know till today what was MCA's stand on the keris issue, on the body snatching episode, on the nude squat episode....... we just dont know

NEIL said...

DR,Pas is and will never be able to make much headway by itself.The best thing is no political party can survive on its own,so that why as I have said before MCA have to apply considerable force against umno so as to give us some leverage to negotiate.The saying goes..once bitten twice shy.I hope MCA will come out stronger this time to take the chinese into the next century.We can't have those leaders that are selfish,arrogant,and only interest in positions.I personally are very happy to see MCA in the BN but on the other hand I don't like a bit the way MCA is been led and treated by umno.We chinese are not too worried or wouldn't care less about what pas is going to do.To honest it's those liberal muslims that are worried.I think now the pressure is more on the BN than on the PR,becos if BN fail to live up to the rakyat expectations then they will face another Tsunami.The PR are always handy for those who wants to teach BN a lesson.So you see now BN must try very hard to win the confidence of the rakyat but with a weak leadership and everything in a mess,BN is fighting a losing battle.Then the way they treated Anwar,secretly talking to pas,the unfair scholarship grant,etc is also a deciding factor in the coming election.They have disturb the HORNET NEST.BN better get it's act together fast or else it's going to fall apart. A reminder to BN that it's you duty to govern and not to lie to the rakyat.

Prachai said...

The component parties in BN work well because they have all become worshippers of Ringgit. As long as the loot is divided properly, all is well and you just make sure that you can hoodwink the constituents.

The PR people have not come to this juncture yet, hence the occasional discord. In fact, all this infighthing is a good sign that there is CHECK AND BALANCE within PR.

Now, please tell me, is there such a mechanism in BN? Only after BN lost big, does MCA and the rest stand up and "try" to act brave. If only they had done it when UMNO was so bloody arrogant.

Fact is UMNO is tai kor and the rest of the BN component parties can just take it or leave it. Well, usually, they just take the damn $ and keep quiet.

CHee XtheMan said...

stop attacking PR. Umno have made your MCA like a ass licking dog. Chinese DO not need doggy politician like MCA ..... still want to lick Umno ass... Pls lah Dr ..... MCA is a DEAD man working !!

DR SURESH said...

Good day to you Dr.Chua,

Due to work commitments was not able to catch up with all the latest happenings in Malaysia lately.I take this opportunity to thank you for your reply to my comments recently titled "A reply to Dr.Suresh K's comment in "Recognition of Unregistered Medical Degrees".

I will never be convinced as long as you dont explain as to how the authorities in power and the MOH rate some of the local medical/dental graduates who are pathetic in knowledge and practicals,as many of them are also practising privately.Certainly I am speaking
from not only my experience having served in the govt service but also on behalf of my wife,before we decided to migrate.

Let me now come back to the topic here.Now that UMNO has given two hoots to the their component parties and went ahead with secret talks with their sworn enemy PAS ,so what is the stand MCA and other component parties going to take or have taken?Why didn't MCA or MIC being senior partners wth UMNO question the PM on the authenticity of his earlier pledge to be PM for all Malaysians?

How do you all sit down and watch when our disenchanted PM treats the component parties as step children?What happened to all the Malaysian unity talks?It is simply frightening to envisage what will happen to the nation if UMNO were to share power wth PAS for selfish motives,and PAS were to implement hudud laws.Given our tainted judiciary and a corrupt police force working hand in hand with corrupt govt leaders,any one who questions the govt or commits adultery or theft can stand to lose their limbs or even stoned to death.With such a corrupt judiciary with dishonest judges many a dissent will be walking around limbless.Is this what we want?What sort of nation building are you MCA,MIC,GERAKAN fellas are talking about when UMNO has balatantly disregarded the non-malays and chose to go for only malay-muslim unity?Dont you think it's time for MCA,MIC,GERAKAN etc also to hold some secret talks or you fellas going to reprimand UMNO for their racist stand for which BN were buggered in the 12th GE?If MCA,MIC and other BN component parties want to remain significant int he eyes of the rakyat,then this is the time now to reprimand the UMNO scums or do the honourable thing by deserting UMNO,that would mean total annihilation of BN.Dont you think it's time to teach UMNO who have been holding you guys by the balls all these years?As long as you dont do all these, then there is no point in talking about lifting the standards of medical/dental doctors
in Malaysia as I see it as double standard by targeting foreign trained doctors when there are hundreds of poor quality local drs are being produced by our UMNO putras in the name of `ketuanan melayu'.We have already become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world,now I shall wait in great anticipation to see what stand you and your comrades going to take in response to this latest racist stand taken by UMNO and PAS.

Thank You and Regards.

Pearls said...

Your first paragraph is crap. Progressive power sharing? A party of moderates which is capable of evolving and changing?? You kidding me? Let's get real here la.. throughout these 51 years, how often have UMNO bullied MCA or MIC? How many times MCA or MIC have to shaddarp all in the name of PEACE & HARMONY?

Why do you keep harping on PAS? Why do you think PAS is all bad and evil? If PAS is just that, than what about UMNO?? I rather have PAS anytime than UMNO. Dont be mistaken, I am no Muslim or a mad freak but I cannot help but acknowledge the fact that PAS does not pretend to be pally wally with anyone and at the same instance, scream racist remarks like want to bathe the keris in Chinese blood! I dont think it was PAS that has always harp and champion the "WE ARE THE SONS OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE REST CAN GET LOST IF NOT HAPPY"

If PAS is that horrible, I doubt the Chinese in their ruling states will not flee.. So, why are the Chinese still hanging around their State? True, PAS is very set in their belief and ways but nobody should fault them for they have never lied about it unlike UMNO! PAS has always been upfront and consistent in their belief. They have never once betray their belief for power and glory and PAS has never fear about losing unlike UMNO! You saw how PAS made it known of their stand pertaining to any hope of merging with UMNO. No mincing of words or needs... Upfront and blunt!

Please note that the non-muslim in their ruling state has never been curbed. They are free to indulge in their whiskeys or porky pigs as and when they like! This, I cannot say about UMNO run/ran states.

Please la! Of all people you should know better!

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. Chua Soi Lek

Let it be PR or BN. they are just party, which need people support.

Knife don't kill but the hand holding the knife.

why after so many years ,only 2 party system emerge ? it has been too long and too slow.

1st.the rakyat made noise.
2rd. they scold, and curse.
3rd they keep quite.---they wait
... wait... wait.
then they voted.

A wise men ask me are you sure they " voted"?

my god where is the " CREDIBILITY"
--- Ancient chinese used to say

" one promise worth "thousand gold"

" words say can't be chase by fast running horse"

why are there so many "rumor" from so many sources?
whom can be believe ??
what can be believe????

My god
where is the " CREDIBILITY" ?
WHO has the "credibility" ?

Dr. get something done. show us your " credibility"

bye bye ,wish you all healthy.

PoliBug | 波力.拔克 said...

席位是最有力的政治筹码,在得到非回教徒的再次信认之前,马华应该不顾一切的维护他们的权益,就算最终因不受到巫统的尊重而于事无补,但人民会看在眼里!下一次大选选民才会将席位还回给努力的马华!增加马华在国阵的声量!若现在马华因为选绩差而自卑萎缩,那将来... 也没什么将来了....

One more question, Doctor, as we know you are english educated and can't read chinese, i would like to know whether there are any person to translate our opinion from chinese wording to english for you?

People said...

Refer your statemen 'The Islamist party pressured the Selangor government into disallowing the sale of beers by a major sponsor at the recent Chelsea-Malaysia friendly match in Shah Alam.'

Let me throw u a question, as a doctor, do u encourage ppl to drink beer?

What's the problem for disallowing the sale of beer in certain public area?

Even in Formula 1 motor sport, certain country banned the advertisement of the Tobacoo company!

All this because of what? It's to promote healthy lifestyle!
I think I can be more qualify as a Doctor than you!

artic turban said...

I read all the comments above and the conclusion is mca has basically lost its ground tremendously, come next election mca will lose a whole lot more, why can't you get it into your head, for far too long you have let umno step on you, with whip control, to mca the ringgit is god, the supporters just fools. all the comments above basically said the same thing in pr, if you don't like the rubbish being spouted by the other party it is spoken aloud, this is healthy, unlike in bn, what the hell were you'll thinking to let it go easily the keris waving incident, after which you were basically told to shut up by hisshammudin, this is not the way partners talk to each other, this is the way a master speaks to its slave, of which MCA IS.

James Yeow said...

As a Malaysian, I am extremely disappointed with the statement of Mr Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysian Chinese Association youth chief in connection with the resignation of Datuk Seri Wan Azizah.
Clearly, Mr. Liow must have been living in a tempurung. It is the will of the People of Permatang Pauh to elect Datuk Seri Wan Azizah. In her election campaign, she freely admitted that she would hold the office as steward for ANWAR. It is the desire of Datuk Seri Wan Azizah to now give the people of Permatang Pauh, an opportunity to perhaps elect a Prime Minister of Malaysia. The final say will come from the People of Permatang Pauh. Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s resignation is a gift to our nation and a gift of choice to the people of Permatang Pauh. She has held the office in stewardship, and as a steward she recognizes the time has arrived to step down. The people of Permatang Pauh was never lied to by Datin Wan Azizah. She has kept her promise.
The views of the MCA youth, however is not surprising. MCA since independence has served as a loyal is lapdog of UMNO. MCA Leaders have individually benefitted from their leadership by getting fat contracts and giving fat contracts to their families. MCA is filled by a generation of Malaysians that has succumbed to the UMNO divisive methods of classifying Malaysians by ethnic origin for its purposes of ensuring political control.
Malaysians have come to realize that MCA has no real political aspiration; it is merely a loose grouping of crooks whose ideals are to fill their own pockets instead of striving for a harmonious an integrated society.
MCA is the modern running dogs of Malaysian Society. To support MCA is tantamount to supporting racism and to perpetuate racism against Malaysians who had no control over the origination of their forefathers. To support MCA is tantamount to promoting bribery, racism and self interests rather than to render true public service.
I urge MALAYSIANS to be true to themselves and their country.
WHO can understand that we need to integrate our country and end the politics of divisiveness?
WHO can understand that the NEP needs to be reformulated to ensure the prevention of poverty?
WHO can understand that to be in public office is to serve the interest of the People?
CLEARY, UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC would be ALIENS in such political ideals.

koh said...


In politics, there is always a difficult choice a politician must ever make. That is whether he or she be a hypocrite or a liar.

And when Winston Churchill says that "some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party," he was stating the truth.

BN, like MCA and UMNO politicians unlike PAS (been very consistent) so often change their principles for the sake of their parties, is so revealing in their track record. Voters are smarter and wiser, despite pulling the wool over their eyes, they can still distinguish the wolves in sheep clothings.

If MCA is not careful, Malaysian Chinese will prefer an upright and honest Islamic government rather than a corrupted and cruel government. The Chinese civilisation and history is ample proof of the trend. At the moment, don't bank your hopes that the Chinese will forever oppose to an Islamic government. The devil will turn out to be the one you are sharing the bed with and you know which party MCA is sleeping with.

stanley koh

LohSH said...

While MCA can continue to believe that the Chinese remain uncomfortable with PAS, for its own sake MCA has to think that the Chinese are now equally, if not more, uncomfortable with UMNO for its Malay agenda and emphasis on Ketuanan Melayu, as evidenced by the 3/8 election results.

The UMNO-Pas talks can be interpreted as that PAS has been taught the political reality by the voters and PR that it can not push through its Islamic cause through PR, that it is UMNO which is willing to betray the loyalty of its other partners for its own sake and fulfill the wish of PAS.

As usual, it is again back to MCA, MIC and Gerakan to quietly put out a fire set by UMNO which will burn them.

rainbow said...

Dr Chua, Glad you have a blog and allows fellow Malaysians an opportunity to voice up. I wonder how you feel reading all the comments so far? Seemed Very very sad and disappointing from all those who have written in your blog. There is ZERO positive note to you and MCA. A lawyer friend once told me "Conscience, Religion, Law of Parliament.... what are the differences? He said 'every human being owes himself a clear conscience, if that is not realized, he needs a religion to remind him of cause and effect on what he has done, sadly if that does not work, the LAW OF PARLIAMENT will catch up on him/her!! In Malaysia sadly all 3 requirements does not existed in most if not all of the BN leaders. There is no such thing as CONSCIENCE, RELIGION AND LAW OF PARLIAMENT. If he/she takes, I wanted also - hak milik saya... As Raja Petra said "truly no conscience at all..." The BN leaders keep on playing the old record, still running around as 'headless chicken', refuse to admit defect is like having a bed-sore and soon they can't even stand up... My late mother words..."STAND ON SOLID GROUND and WHEN WE DRINK WATER WE MUST KNOW THE SOURCE OF IT (say these in Mandarin to know the meanings). While UMNO continues to play the dirty games on PR, it is appalled to see MCA, Gerakan and MIC supporting along. I see that as 'snake,rats in a pot'(say it in mandarin). The Chen-yue teaches us important values in life, what did MCA learn I wonder? Yes I truly agreed with one of the writers MCA Liow - health minister is a disgrace to make the statement on Datuk Seri Wan Azizah giving up her MP for DSAI. It has come to a time that Malaysians are willing to give DSAI an opportunity for all the MALAYSIAN CHILDREN OF ALL RACES. All the CHILDREN deserved to be given an opportunity before it is too late. Being the x-health minister I am sure you know the mental health status in Malaysia especially for children, with Liow taking over what does he knows I wander when he is not a Doctor? He is adding salt to the wound by using foul words.

Dr Chua, do you know what will save the BN government? Sent all the 'big boys/girls' to National Service - Character Building like what the 17 year old teenagers are going through now. You all need to learn about yourself to be able to become good leaders with teamwork. Dak cukup... jangan buang masa rakayat. Like what Raja Petra said 'even if hudud laws is implemented so what is the fear? People who are corrupted will have their hands chopped off - and Malaysians will see many of the BN leaders/ Ministers without hands!! What is this fear about Islamic state? Please advice other MCA leaders esp Liow, Ong Kah Chuan, Yen2 to watch their CONSCIENCE when they talked.
Read the Quran and understand ISLAM in depth like what I did. Finally I have my late Guru's advice to MCA: Everybody wants to be a Somebody, Nobody wants to be a Nobody, if ever there is a Somebody who wants to be a nobody, then he/she is a REAL SOMEBODY. Instead of Malaysian Chinese Asso it should be ; MIND Control Anger. Malaysia is being plagued by rats and snakes in a pot, what do you think is the medication to be prescribed, maybe you need to help Liow since he studied no medicine!!!
Remember for all the children in Malaysia. I am a National Service trainer in character building - get this training for all MCA leaders if you are sincere to save the children in this country.

rainbow said...

Dr Chua,

Look at the symbol of the 'dacing -scale', it does not even have a base to stand on solid ground. so what do you think happened when it is lopsided? Topple over... It can also be carried all over by Ah Ali, Muthu and Ah Seng. Doesn't matter what is the 'timbang' at the end of the day as we are all 'sama sama kawan ma..."

Please Dr Chua, time to wake up if you truly want to lead again with your clear conscience and rakayat at heart. I also volunteer at the General hospitals and knows that you did improvements after all those pitiful years. But sadly things does not turn out well for you... are you sincere to help Public Health in Malaysia again?
Thank you.

colorless said...

Clearly Umno never change it's stance since 308 and continue to promote racism. PM mentioned Umno being the largest party in Parliment has the right to secretly discuss with anyone in the name of Malay unity, truly an arrogant approach even at the expense of their so called equal partners. Should these so called equal partners help Umno campaign in the Permatang Pauh by-election, then they are truly supportive of Umno racist agenda and truly Umno lap-dogs.

middlelip said...

All said & at the end of it all, what is happening in Msia simply proves the meaning of one common saying, namely, "if one says the same thing to oneself enough times, then in time, one would come to believe that it is real & the truth..."

That is what most, if not all, our so-called Wakil Rakyat & leaders in BN have been & are still practising - sad but true!

May God help the Malaysian people to see the light...

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

You claimed BN is a party of moderates - Have you so conveniently forgotten the racist and threatening shouts from UMNO Youth at their last assembly?

The only moderates in BN are MCA, Gerakan & MIC - moderates because they are only interested in holding on to their pathetic positions in government. UMNO rewards them for their obedience and submission to the racist policies of the country.

If you still believe UMNO (and MCA & Gerakan & MIC) are reforming to address the plight and cry of the rakyat for a corrupt-free and just administration of the Laws of this Country, you are greatly mistaken.

Just read the plight of a foreign spouse trying to obtain PR status in this country after living and raising a Malaysian Family in this country for the last 12 years.

Just read the fiery speech of Mohamad Ezam at last evening's Penang Malay Unity Gathering - if his speech is not racist, what is? And TV3 even showed it on national TV!

Doc, tell me when are you going to start fighting racisim and injustice in this country? Stop being a BN apologist like Ong Ka Chuan, Liow Tiong Lai and Ng Yen Yen (forget about Ka Ting, he hardly says anything worthwhile, if he says anything at all).

sam said...

hello good doctor,

for a better future for all malaysians.

check it out.and sign it.

collosos said...


BN-UMNO-MCA and the rest of the components are nothing but Ultra-rightist political parties.Do not fool everyone by stating that they represents moderates.
UMNO-Ketuanan Melayu Kapitalist
MCA-Ketuanan Cina Kapitalist

The Right also advocates the preservation of personal wealth and private ownership.

The Rightists always in favor of capitalism against socialism. They are all bunch of parasites-leeches who think of attaining power, influences, wealth, social status by wielding money or capital that is created as debt to society.

Only wimps and people lack of confidence will declare themselves moderates, the ones that sits on the middle of the fence, watching which sides will emerge triumphant and then join that side.

That is downright pathethic!!

So declare your stand and principle now,I dare you!!!

You either choose Right vs Left

Majority consumers vs Minority Producers.
Money controls production or Money serves Production.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.