Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beta Agonist, again?又闻长肉剂








Press statement 

We fully support the latest action by MOH and Veterinary Department against pig farmers who abused the usage of Beta Agonist in pig rearing. 

Since this is a food safety issue, the MOH have to be stringent in dealing with this abuse. 

Although only a small number of pig farmers are involved, it will tarnish the image and shake the confidence of consumers about pork consumption. 

The MOH and Vertinary Department should:

1) Prevent the tainted pigs being sold in the open markets - for a fixed period.   A quarantine or blockage is necessary to enforce this ruling;

2) Name of farms involved in the abuse should be announced.

3) A repeated offender (3X) should have his license revoked.

4) The Livestock Association should practice self-regulation by expelling the farmers involved if they are members of the association.

5) MOH and Vertinary Department should ensure its enforcement officers are professional in its investigation.


Felyx said...

Dr Chua there is no doubt that during your tenure as Health Minister you have done alot. Previously enforcement were lacking. The same goes to the relevant ministries where foodstff were not properly checked, namely pesticides in vegetables and formadehyde or other chemicals in seafood. The govt should realised that a healthy citizen will cost them less in the long run.

If you scan the obit column in the daily papers you will find that people and dropping like flies, ostly below the age of 50 and of CANCER! The majority are Chinese. This is my observation and I hope someone can come out and prove me wrong because I dont have the statistics. Speaking of statistics. Does the health ministry keep a list of untimely deaths in hospitals, both public and private?

In fact the Consumer Association of Penang has been highlighting the case of beta-agonists for years. Since the govt does testing the best way to catch the culprit is to catch the suppliers who are eager to trade people's lives for the sake of money.

Hit the sellers and farmers hard and they will squeal out who suppliied them the drugs. Fining them is simple. Include jail terms as well and no one will dare to do take the risk to supply any more.

el said...

actually, our county force all foodstuff factory have their own lab, which is not deniable. but what is the use for that if their don't know what to do with it? kungfu tah half only lah. sad to this chinese culture.

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