Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interrogation by Sunway Police

I was questioned by a police officer in Sunway Police Station over the Ketuanan Melayu Controvesy. The session lasted about 45 minutes. They were trying to establish whether I was inciting the crowd-made up of about 300 people of all races, mostly mid level executives.

I gave them the text of my speech and hope the police can establish as to the truth or otherwise of the police report lodged by an UMNO Youth Leader.

I have faith in the police that they will know their job.


Chen said...

we are always supports you !

amoker said...

wah, anything the utusan touches turns to gold. The police will rush to do their bidding.

malayamuda said...

what i cant understand in BN is how come the recalcitrant youth leaders of UMNO can always question the President and Deputy President of component parties.

We dont see the Youth leaders of MCA or MIC questioning the President of UMNO

Memang Kurang Ajar !!

Anthony Yap said...

Dr Chua, we are support. Do whatever you think is right. Public is open the big eyes to see. Chinese word say "right won't become wrong, wrong become right" (对的错不了,错的对不了). To all other readers, please open your eyes big and see the big world. Don't always narrow your view. Think globally, work globally. Work something on other thing which will benifit all and country. Don't waste energy on arguing this and that.

NEIL said...

Dr,They should have arrested Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo first becos they are worse than you.Ahmad Ismail can get away with calling Chinese 'squatter',which is more racist.
The police shouldn't have call you in.this shows that they 2 set of rules when dealing with rakyat.Umno is just making a mountain out of a molehill.
As for your timely statement,we the chinese are all behind you and hope that you can be more vocal and daring to stand up for what is right to the chinese.
You have shown to them that we the chinese are not second class citizen and can't be bullied.
As for OTK,he can go and please umno as he wish.What started as a daring and vocal MCA youth chief, now becomes a coward with tail between its two legs.Is that what MCA President should behave,pleasing umno!I think there are lots of people who regrets voting this coward to power.He will face the chinese again and the next election will decide his fate.Instead of standing up for the chinese ,he is standing up for himself.Mca is going down the drain and OTK is fully responsible for this.

Steven said...

a bunch of UMNO Dogs. Double standard practice... How come they don't arrest the Bukit Bendera MP & put him in Jail under ISA.

I swear said...

Dr Chua still have faith in police?

I salute you, Dr Chua.

yakuzanam said...

i do believe that the issue of interrogation by police is juz a matter of procedure since police report has been lodged by groups of un-exposed (macam katak di bawah tempurung) yet narrow minded extremist.

dr.chua, i really dont wish to see any legal action to be taken against you, isa or etc. if yes, i think all the 'sensible' thinking malaysians should really consider to leave this country for good. other politicians like khairy, hishammuddin and worse still, ahmad ismail can speak out their minds anytime, any context and yet no legal action against them. is there a sense of equality and fairness ? or is it because of the level of tuan-ness of their race ?

the act of ahmad ismail has sadly set a 'great' precedent for other politicians (particularly malays) that no matter what they say, they'll only be suspended by their own party. 'good' news is they will be seen as a superhero that has fought for their race till the very last drop of their blood. just imagine, even our deputy prime minister has apologised on behalf of UMNO and yet ahmad ismail is still so arrogant ! well, i guess, it's so obvious then, that there is a double standard procedure in treating different races.

this group of extremist always consists of those who feel insecured about their own position. this group of people felt threatened of their position in the nation. this is pretty much the same scenario when i was studying abroad. we (asians) have been perceived as a threat to the locals and ended up, they opt to act of racism, scold us when we are walking alone on the street at night. so, i guess, those who lodged report against dr.chua feels the same as well. haha. was just a bit curious and wondering if dr.chua can also use the ahmad ismail precedent as the main defence for any lawsuit against you on the twisted issue of ketuanan melayu.

on the other hand, if president otk suspend you, i'll be among the first one to quit mca. mca really 'tara muleh pakai' anymore by then.

most of the extremist has set a 'boundary' within their mind. they just wish to hear without analysing the facts in-depth and opt to take impulsive action.

continue your battle, dr. chua. i strongly believe you do have the backings of NOT only the chinese.

it's sad to see that malaysia is still long way to go in order to be matured in political and social. the malays should not debate about the spirit of malaysian. i believe there are many non-malays are more malaysians than many other malays.

it's really time for the malaysians to stay united, opened and cultivate great respect for others.


kepada semua cina makan babi kat sini

aku Presiden GGMM

Call aku kalau kau berani


KoSong Cafe said...

IGP could have used the quick response of his men to such police reports to support his notion that our police had been efficient.

Btw, in another controversy, we should not be fooled by statistics as the same figures can be used to mislead as well as to inform. With crime rates, there is also the inaccuracy of many incidents not reported, sometimes encouraged by the police themselves.

Anonymous said...


Why bother with MCA, tiada Chinese support already.
Take this opportunity to join Pakatan and regain your maruah that Barisan and ur enemies took away.
God bless.

yatim said...

The Malaysian Police is acting as though rhey a branch of UMNO. Any reports made by the UMNO goons immediately investigated and people called in to give statements. But suprisingly no action taken on all the reports made on the UMNO goons. UMNO goons are roaming around and making all sort of remarks and statement with impunity. What a strange country.
The police is on the payroll of UMNO.

yatim said...

kepada semua cina makan babi kat sini

aku Presiden GGMM

Call aku kalau kau berani


The above remark shows how dumb and stupid these guys. Too bad they are too stupid to understand what they talking about. So, there is no point responding to such idiots. There are too many like these running around this country.

yakuzanam said...

dear mohd khairul (the president of GGMM) ...

if it's for real that's you, could feel your sense of arrogance and ignorance to some extent.

from the way you responded to this blog page, could 'smell' that you are either :

1. still dont get the picture of the whole issue

2. already know the exact picture that dr.chua's statement was being twisted. feeling embarassed that you have over-reacted, reach to the point of no return to face your commrades. thus, typing out this blog now to challenge the chinese community in particular.

is it necessary to do that ? truth is always hard to swallow but it's NOT impossible. well, please be open and accept the truth that you have acted impulsively.

keep your number properly. i dont think we as civilised rakyat BERANI will call you and have verbal war.

joenathan said...

Dr Chua,

What you had brought up regarding the `ketuanan melayu'concept is very true and nothing is wrong with that.But it would have carried more weight if you had opened your mouth when you were a minister.NO?Apart from ketuanan melayu,there were so many other pressing matters to discuss and solve and you kept quiet when it mattered most,afraid that you would fall out with those UMNO facist.Just like that Samy Veloo fool.Now you have been rejected by your own MCA party and made powerless,you are trying to fight them.Dont you call this hypocrisy?Any way I still applaud you for speaking up for best reasons known to you.Keep it up for humanity,s sake.

chong said...

i see ISA is coming.

they really wanna showoff to malaysians; who is master, who is slave.

tc88 said...

The IGP said the police force is short of personnel. Crime is on the rise. Every taman now rush to hire private security firms to guard their taman. Yet the police rush to intervene in this case under the sedition act. Speaking to 300 well-mannered educated professionals in an event paying tributes to talent and professionals in the Kancil Award can be deemed as inciting. what about the Batu Pahat UMNO Youth marching to protest your speech. Have they obtained a police permit to march?

One law for the rest, no law for another. AG, IGP where are you?


malayamuda said...

Khairul [ President GGMM ]

Ini kah bahasa dan tingkahlaku Islam yang di agung agung kan oleh anda !!!!

Patut lah maruah agama Islam parah

bennyloh said...

Why are you still with them? Shit like you gives them the recognition. You guys kill the rest for your selfish material gains. Think, please

Jitu said...


Where are my comments? Why don't you publish it?

Too scared or upset just because I questioned what you said on the police force, base on your previous articles?

Too upset just because someone had commented on your leadership?

Too upset just because I said you tend to be more racist after becoming the MCA No2?

Too upset just because I said you lack the articulating skill?

Too upset just because I told you what you have done is not good for MCA and the Chinese?

Too scared to admit that what you had done is another blunder in your life.

Come on Dr, at your level there is nothing to be scared unless you are too scared to allow your supporters to see all the negative comments on you. I now wonder how many constructive comments not in your favour are not published.

Look at Dr M, he never hide comments not in his favour.

Am harmless. Just giving my opinion on what you have written. I don't think my comments was destructive rather helpful to you.

I was telling you about national solidarity. All I said was 'as a national leader you should not just look at Chinese solidarity because National Solidarity is more important.

Dr, it was never my intention to smear you. I could smear you somewhere else if I want. But my comments as a responsible citizen is better to be in your blogs so that you can response on it immediately.

Anonymous said...

Being too sensitive led to some influential people making use of the police to threaten their own members. This is most unhealthy. But keep blogging because it is also a form of communication.

JY said...

To Mohd Khairul Azam bin Abdul Aziz, the president of GGMM, you showed how well-mannered and gentle you are from your comment. I presume you are the real President of Young Malay Graduates Movement (GGMM), I would now dare to announce to everyone that, THE ORGANISATION THAT CLAIMED TO DEFEND MALAY'S RIGHT IS MERELY UNCIVILISED!

To Jitu, who claimed that his comments had been removed. If this the real case, I feel sympathy on you. I would imagine how extreme is your words if the comment from the YB President of GGMM was not removed but yours. My above comment to GGMM shall goes to you as well! Am gald to see your comment that finally been published in this post.

The country is moving forward, but the thinking of people is shrinking. The 'Malay Supremacy' mentioned in the talk brought the concept of Master & Servant relationship, component parties of BN to accept Malay Leadership, not Malay Supremacy. Isn't this a clear and easy-understandable statement? The UMNO Youth Leader who over-reacted and made a police report, and the GGMM, shall I said these are the people who are inciting the community??

Yap Chong Yee said...

Hello Dr Chua !

Let me Praise you for your courageous utterance on an issue that your constituents, the Chinese really care about but most of us dare not speak about or face ISA detention; and for that I find in you a sincere representative for your people. I retgret that the general membership had been effectively misled by the present President of MCA, this Tee keat fellow. I had written in a comment in Malaysians Unplugged that you need to take the Presidency from WHAT Tee kiat, because Tee kiat is an bloody opportunist and like all the other Presidents of MCA sells his arse to the UMNO. Allow me to speculate that you Dr Chua looks like you are sincere.

Do not expect FAIRNESS from UMNO because they have so perverted Malaysia for themselves that they could and will do anything; and it is for this reason that I support Dato Seri Anwar to take government. Life is not about getting fame and riches as the be all and end all; there is more hapiness in finding peace and HUMANITY than fame and fortune. What is a Datoship or a Tan Sri worth. Is it worth selling your arse for ? I say to you that you need to DISLODGE UMNO FROM GOVERNMENT and the people too want a change of government as the election of March 8 demnstrate.

There are some respondents asking you to form your own party, BUT IT IS MY OPINION THAT THIS IS SELF DEFEATING, you cannot organise fast or effective enough to be a 2nd "MCA"; WHAT HAS TO BE DONE IS TO TAKE OVER MCA AND THAT IS BEST BECAUSE THE NEXT ELECTION THE OPPOSITION WILL WIN POWER IF BN DOES NOT CHEAT WHICH I SUSPECT THEY WILL. I PERCEIVE the general MEMBERSHIP of MCA wants a courageous leader who will want MCA to break away from the Barisan National. This is the best opportunity for the Chinese to find fairness for themselves from their government; and that is only possible if the opposition alliance take government and the opposition can only take government if MCA throws in their lot to/with the opposition.

This is the one time when MCA can truely save the Chinese from the oppression of UMNO and that bullshit Ketuaan Melayu. Take the Presidency of MCA and take MCA out of Barisan National.


Yap Chong Yee said...

My response to Jitu or whatever. From my perspective Jitu, Dr Chua IS DEFINITELY NOT "SCARED OF YOU"; why should he be scared of you ? He does not know you and your statements are not particularly erudict nor could in any way sufficiently sophisticated to likely bruise the feelings of Dr Chua. What have you said that is in any way insulting to Dr. Chua to cause him to HIDE ? I think he most probably find your writing so lacking meaning and boring that they were not worth replying. I do not speak for the good doctor but that is how I believe is the reason why Dr. Chua will not give you the time of day.

No inche Jitu, Dr Chua is not scared of you, NO REASON TO BE, are you the Minister of Home Affairs that you can slap him with an ISA detention order ? If you are not then why has Dr Chua to be afraid of you ? YOU ARE GIVING YOURSELF TOO MUCH CREDIT FOR HAVING NOTHING !

JITU GO SCREW YOURSELF ! You don't mean shit !

Darick said...

u got d nation support ! keep d fire burning ! OTK was being cornered & ur action these days has proven to b over shadow OTK !
'keong yuet loh yuet lat' (older ginger is hotter)
rakyat only notice CSL is MCA & MCA is CSL ! siapa dia 'lan si' OTK? apa dia buat so far?
hidup CSL ! Hidup MCA !

yakuzanam said...

to yap ...

agreed with you in some of the aspects but not ALL.
the part that i dont agree is probably the part that you supporting DSAI and urging MCA to leave BN.

leaving BN now might not be the right timing for MCA and other component parties. there are still rooms for improvement. there are still good leaders in UMNO.

until today, personally, i feel that alternative front, PR does not have a concrete struggle and most importantly, the bond between the components within PR is still pretty much loose. there seems to be vague idea on how DAP and PAS will tolerate among each other and in the end, what would be PKR's stand to mediate between the two ? eventually, PKR will need to put on a racial face to satisfy the majority population (malays). imagine, issue of ketuanan melayu has sparked silly wrath among the extremist. malaysia is still far behind in-term of dealing with the concept of multi-culturalism. even if the top leadership in DAP and PAS could tolerate on their difference, what about their grassroot leaders and members ? they have decided to join DAP and PAS for their partys' manifestoS. they will juz abandon the parties if they found the parties deviate from their manifestoS.

so, in the end, how would a government of loose pack sustain and lead the nation ?
time is needed until they are ready. DSAI's struggle is pretty much individualistic oriented.

for UMNO, MCA and MIC (racial-based parties), they will have lots of hardwork to do in future development of the nation's political direction. they have bigger task than JUST MERELY fighting for their own race BUT they should start to educate their members on idea of multi-culturalism.

education system needs to incorporate more syllabus or modules to educate the young generation, hoping that we can have less people like Mohd. Khairul. "sikit-sikit bagi orang talipon nombor ... cabar sini cabar sana." rather silly.

no hard feeling, yap. also very much agreed with your reply to our self-highly regarded chap, jitu

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