Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RM 2 million Compensation

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 - A Malay rights group is demanding MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek pay RM2 million in compensation for allegedly questioning the special position of the Malays.

Mohd Apis Johar from the Young Malay Graduates Movement (GGMM) said he was disturbed by remarks made by Dr Chua late last month, in which he said he accepted Malay leadership but not Malay supremacy.

"Before Merdeka, with a stroke of a pen, two million non-Malays were granted citizenship," the group's lawyer Khairul Azam Aziz told reporters.

He added that the money would be donated to any organisation interested in the advancement of the Malay community.

In its notice of demand addressed to Dr Chua, the lawyer who acted on behalf of Mohd Apis, also urged the former Labis MP to retract his statement an issue a public apology.
"The statement of apology must be approved by us on behalf of our client before it is uploaded to your blog," said Khairul Azam in the notice.
He added that they would proceed with legal action if Dr Chua fails to comply with his demands.
GGMM also wants everyone to stop questioning Malay supremacy. Its spokesperson Nik Rizman Sapian said the group is not linked to any political party but merely interested in defending Malay rights.

"For those who question Malay rights as stated in the constitution, we will not hesitate to take action," said Nik Rizman.
Earlier, the small group, who were outnumbered by members of the media, marched from the Ampang Park LRT station to Wisma MCA to hand over the notice.
The notice was received by MCA official Yap Chin Chin, who said that she would forward it to the party's leadership.
Dr Chua's remarks on Malay supremacy has drawn criticism from Malay leaders including Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein who reportedly said that it would be better for BN component parties to join the opposition if they continue harping on the issue.
MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has distanced himself from his deputy by saying the remark is not the party's stand.
letter of demand from lawyer. Click on image for full text...


NEIL said...

Dr, Ask these racist to pay the chinese RM 6,000,000 for what Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo have done to the chinese.
Tell them to shut up!

jararaca said...

Dr. Chua, you no. 1 enemy is not the opp. infacts, they share the same values and vision as MCA.

Your enemy is from your master, UMNO and UMNO's proxy. Again, like gerakan. You are under attack for speaking the truth and making a very moderate and fair statement.

Now, do you have the courage to leave UMNO? at least PPP got the balls.

KoSong Cafe said...

Dr. Chua,

I think it is time to face up to it and test it in court. I am sure millions of people would like to know the outcome of the court decision.

Just wondering if it would have been better had Chua Jui Meng won the party election. Many were impressed by his proposal to take MCA out of its racial set-up and become multi-racial.

So far, it is still the same rhetoric and back down when confronted by Umno. Why put up with something not comfortable?

There is now an alternative coalition to consider.

Anonymous said...

i c MCA is really defending his party leaders...
no wonder no one wants to join MCA, made up of wolves who attack for nothing....

NEIL said...

Dr Also ask Utusan to pay Theresa Kok and all the chinese RM 15,000,000.They can ask you to pay 2 million, why can't we!Those racist are holding the chinese to ransom.Shit!

NEIL said...

Dr, OTK is balless.He should stand by what you have say for it's the truth.To distance himself show that he is only trying to isolate you.He is responsible for causing MCA to be split.He will pay a heavy price for this and he will be answerable to all chinese.

I swear said...

It's Supremists at work again. My blood is red and so are others. This is one reason why we will not have an Obama in Malaysia. Over time, I wonder if they realise M'sia is just a tiny dot in he world map and will be left behind if we do not change. M'sian Chinese (say 6.5 mil), Malay (14.0 mil), Indian (2 mil) and others (4.5 mil, Kadazan, Dusun, Dayak, Iban etc) are individually insignificant and not strong enough to withstand any economic crisis or to prosper within Malaysia alone. If we keep thinking of Malay, Indian or Chinese supremacy without mutual respect and co-operation, we will be economically annihilated within 30 years. Do we want that?

John said...

SL. it is a sad day for Malaysia and also for MCA. Firstly, one race is so caught up with the 'Ketuanan Melayu' issue that they just cannot comprehend and ignore what you are trying to say all this time. In your speech, you have crystal clear declared that you are not against Malay rights that are enshrined in the Constitution, but not on the supremacy of Malays which is never written anywhere. If a nation is to move forward, it must move together as Malaysians, equal in creed and status, and be proud as citizens of this country.
Another sad observation is the quiet response of the MCA President and the party. Your so called comrades appear to distance from you and commented that whatever you said is purely your own opinion. The UMNO leaders are never slow in firing the first salvo and the flax will be intense on you alone. There are calls from certain quarters in UMNO to challenge MCA to quit the BN and join the opposition. Personally, I see why not? It maybe a blessing in disguise for it's been too long that MCA are playing a boyish role in a man's game. I can assure you that many people in the Chinese community will congratulate and support such a move.
All the best, classmate.

南洋閩學網誌 said...

YB Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek
I am not agitated by statement made by Tun Mahatir on Ketuanan Melayu(http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/05/ketuanan-melayu.html)

Because I am of more interest in the content rather than on the title. His intention is to ask malay people to be proactive , be master of their own destiny.

Why at this critical time of world finiancial turmoil we all are still engage in non productive discussion. We must focus more of our attention to solve problems caused by the world finiancial turmoil.

We Malaysian chinese including Chua Soi Lek has never challenged the right of others nor deprive the right of others. We respect ourselve at the sametime we respect other. From the earlier day our ancestor landed in this land until today we has accelpted ketuanan Sultan tanah melayu , we respect local people , keramat (Dato Kong).We are people who want to live in harmony with others, unlike colonialist who had sidelined the Red Indian.All this good value are goodthing that we had inherited from our ancestors. To ensure all this good values persist , chinese stream school must exists to prosper unity

Funniman1965 said...


These are my thoughts:

Bring them on and open up the interpretation of the Constitution in open court. Let's settle this once and for all. Challenge these blokes to sue in court, otherwise stick that stupid thing in their mouth,..I mean shoes.

If MCA don't have the budget for the legal fees, start the ball rolling. I am sure RM1 per Chinese would bring in millions to help.

Leaving BN won't solve the Ketuanan issue. Stick in the BN make sure we are represented.

By the way, finally I see MCA leadership is making the right moves. Dr Chua, I am to see you are working for the Chinese, not necessarily MCA.

UMNO = PIGS said...

Beloved Dr. Chua,

a) No doubt your scandals brought you shame but it's certainly good to see you still place Chinese priorities above self disgrace.

b) If wasn't for you, MCA will have no one left in knowing how to voice out Chinese displeasures.

c) You might have been trapped due to some political conspiracies but I'm delighted to see how you fought back. Keep fighting & MCA will rose one fine day.

d) DO NOT get disillusionized by Tee Keat. We all know what TEE KEAT is good for & we all have NO LOVE for him.

e) DO NOT allow MCA to play 2nd fiddle to those UMNO bullies anymore. When they're right, you compliment them. When they're wrong, you bash & whallop them.

amoker said...

I just think that you are left to the dogs. The vultures are homing in on you as they did on Teresa, Sin Chew chap and the gerakan lady. And best, your boss has chabutted.

Anyway, i do think MCA is irrelavant. And if nobody is helping you, the party is then viewed even worst. all the best.

Pan Zer said...

Few points to note :

1. The law firm which signed that letter is a 2 man law firm. Both graduated from UKM, and law firm does not even have a proper email address. (In other words, they have poor legal representation)

2. The law firm does not represent GGMM, but only that individual, Mohd Apis bin Md Johar (an unknown). (So this is not GGMM suing as widely reported).

3. Mohd Apis is claiming RM2m for damage to his pride. I bet he can't earn that kind of money for his whole ****king life. Even Singapore LKY didn't get that much money when he sued The Star for defamation in the 80s.

4. The last para of the letter where the lawyer said (and pardon my translation) "With this you are reminded not to try and make any additional statement which can worsen the situation and please do not breach the [faith] and understanding and you should learn to respect agreement (oral and written) which were made by our ancestors more than 50 years ago." I believe this last statement is rude, biadab and if someone lodges a complaint with the Bar Council, can potentially get the lawyer in some shit.

Pearls said...

I laughed and laughed when I read the news about this! This GGMM is made up of a bunch of what again? If they are what professionals are supose to be than I must say, Malaysia is indeed in a very sorry state of affair!

So, if I am you, I will just ignore these bunch of turnips. These people cannot even understand and comprehend anything, yet, want to act like some big time Malay rights fighter. Sigh... put their race to shame!

As for your President, ney.. that potato looking one..ney..OTK ah.. well, he should know that by doing what he has done, it is basically to satisfy his own objective and not for the betterment of the race. If so, he wont last very long.

iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, i am very sick with these people, and i am very SICK with you too!

You know why? you sounded like you are just born yesterday, and just join MCAss, and just become their SLAVE?

These idiot been repeated the same kind of nonsense for 10000 times over 50 years!

If you want to fight with them, get your ASS out of MCAss and officially become a freeman (not longer Slave).

Else, what you talk talk talk talk end up still talk talk talk just to earn supporting, you are NOTHING MUCH better than OTK and your "masters".

OK? You get ass out from there, or SHUNT UP!

南洋閩學網誌 said...

Yang Berbahagia Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek

Comment made on MAC 2009 by Tun Dr.Mahatir "http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/12/mac-2009.html#more"

Salam Tun Dr.Mahatir

"Bagi mereka ini generasi akan datang akan kutuk mereka apabila orang Melayu di Malaysia sudah jadi seperti orang Melayu di Singapura di mana mereka menjadi "hamba" kepada kaum-kaum lain. Inilah nasib yang menunggu orang Melayu kerana lebih sedia disogok daripada mempertahan dan memelihara kuasa bangsa."

I really cannot understand why did you used the word "hamba"
when the Malay in Singapore are well respected and treated. If you had omited the word kaumn kaumn lain I would not have objected. Because what you mean is related to DIGNITY of THE RACE.

Every race must have their dignity in order to progress forexample the japanese and Korea can progess fast because they have high respect for their race and their country.

Perhaps my malay language is not proficient enough that I got the wrong undrstanding does the word hamba kepada means inferior to ,then the sentence " mereka menjadi "hamba" kepada kaum-kaum lain " mean they are inferior to other races.Please enlighten me on this issue.

I am not agitated by statement made by Tun Mahatir earlier on Ketuanan Melayu(http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/05/ketuanan-melayu.html)

Because I am of more interest in the content rather than on the title. Tun intention is to ask malay people to be proactive , be master of their own destiny through the mastery of knowlege and skill.
In the case of MCA , the party has encouraged the rakyat to be master of their own through Life Long Learning programe.

Why at this critical time of world finiancial turmoil we all are still engage in non productive discussion. We must focus more of our attention to solve problems caused by the world finiancial turmoil.

We Malaysian chinese including Dr.Chua Soi Lek has never challenged the right of others nor deprive them of their right. We respect ourselve at the sametime we respect others. From the first day our ancestor landed on this land we have been accepting ketuanan Sultan tanah melayu , we also respect local people , keramat (local deities or Dato Kong in hokkien).We are people who want to live in harmony with others, unlike colonialist who had sidelined the Red Indian in USA .All this good value are treasure that we have inherited from our ancestors. To ensure all this good values persist , chinese stream school must exists in Malaysia to prosper unity

artic turban said...

I think the time has come to make a stand, if you look at the Sun Tzu 'art of war', use your enemies attack to your advantage, here is an opening, these UMNO jaguh kampung wannabees, who have progressed in life with handouts and free scholarships through Mara and what not, Btw, I read you speach (preety good i have to say)and there is an 'AGENDA HERE BY SOMEBODY TO CREATE CHAOS' either that or they are plain ignorant and don't understand english. SO these turnips are demanding 2 million, why not answer the charges in court, let it rest once and for all, ask them to show where is the umno political slogan ' ketuanan melayu' writen in the Federal Constitution, and also ask them to show in the unadultered constitution of 1957, where is it written about bumiputras. What these morons fail to realise is this, the british would not have given independance to Malaya if the Malays had demanded for it, IT WAS GIVEN AS A COLLECTIVE..i.e. all races existing in Malaya at the time of independance will be called malayans/sian, and those born in the federation henceforth & after that will be automatic citizens. The time has come to set the record book straight, from the so called rubbish propoganda history books which have been written by umno, mind you with the very loud silence from the other component parties, namely MCA. SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, like the saying goes THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, or do you not trust the judicary of which Mca is part of the federal govt? Take their challange and lets see Umno backtrack asking the clowns who are actually looking for free handouts in the form of funding for PRO GOVT. ngo. to withdraw the suit.
They made the first move, but their attack is so harebrained it is a simple case of outchickening these chickens.
Is this the best example of the NEP SCHOLARSHIPS AND PATRONAGE POLITICS. OR is the a prelude to OPS LALLANG MODUS OPERANDI, CREATE FRICTION, BUT ARREST THE OPPOSITION. Where is the united MCA? they should be standing behind you, but instead there is a tunder-clap of silence? Why is that, are you now the anak tiri in MCA?

tommcruise said...

Dr Chua, I am always questioning if there were no MCA participating in the Merdeka negotiation would Malaysia be a different country today? As a post Merdeka generation, we are sadden by the lopsided deal agreed by MCA on our behalf and until today MCA is struggling to fight for a better treatment between races, far cry from rectifying the mistake made by the past leaders. However, it is commendable of you speech to raise the issue, please keep your faith to the end, your political enemy within MCA may capitalising the moment but you have more outside and within the party supporting you. As the things goes, I am sure you will knock that wimp out and resuming the president post in next party election.

指南山人 said...


Mca Station 18 Ipoh said...

Dr, saya dapati ramai orang telah beremosi dan tersinggong terhadap penyataan Ketuanan Melayu tanpa menyedari bahawa ia adalah kata-kata kunci untuk menyedari antara kaum Melayu terhadap orang Melayu sendiri dalam arena politik UMNO. Slogan ini tidak boleh dipakai apabila membuat tuntutan politik dalam BN sebab BN adalah kepunyaan ramai bangsa; iaitu Bangsa Malaysia. Setiap bangsa Malaysia ini adalah cermerlang dan unik dan daripada keturunan berlainan. Mereka sesama mempertahankan MALAYSIA dan ujudnya Kemerdekaan. Kemerdekaan ini hanya boleh berlaku dengan sokongan semua lapisan rakyat dan Britian pada masa itu. Oleh itu, saya memterjemahkan penyata slogan Ketuanan Melayu ini adalah untuk menyedari sekalangan orang melayu terhadap susunan politik kaum Melayu sahaja.

Mca Station 18 Ipoh said...

Dr, I think someone who has gut, authority and seniority like the politician in BN to speak out and clear the air. The phrase Ketuanan Melayu is for the understanding of the political influence Malays. It is particularly directed to the Malays themselves' to distinguish amongst Ketuanan Politik dan Ketuanan Hamba Politik. A division of the Malays in particular in the UMNO politic arena. Nothing to do with us. We are not Malays. We are bangsa MALAYSIA. Why bother.

YouShow said...

OTK is Out To Kill ..... Beware, Dr. Chua! He will be the most happy person in MCA (Make Chinese Angry) if you are attacked by UMNO or supporters of UMNO.

Out To Kill hopes to borrow the knief from UMNO to kill your political career. That's why he is watching and smiling behind you. I don't think Out To Kill has got the big balls to stand up to UMNO and tell them to stop attacking you.

What are you waiting for? Why not meet up with Zaid Ibrahim and hold hands together and cross over to PKR?? Why wait for Out To Kill or UMNO to take action against you?? Wait no more. The roads are made by people who walk through them.

PoliBug | 波力拔克 said...

NEIL, is it possible to know you as i really like your writing! knock to me at polibug@gmail.com

南洋閩學網誌 said...

YB Dato Dr.Chua9
Prophet Mohamed taught about brotherhood among human being
And his disciples were loved and respected by Arabian and Jew
Jesus Christ said thou shalt love thou opponent
And King Constantine became his disciple
And Gospel was transmitted all over the world.
And Christmas became part of our live.
Buddha expounded that all being has the potential to become enlightened after he got enlightened
SAI BABA said OM SAM RAI Love all, Serve all. Hurt never, love ever
宮澤賢治は [決シテ瞋ラズ,イツモシヅカニワラッテヰル] と歌った
All great teachers teach us to love each other.
And to have compassion

How fortunate we are living in this land of blessing

Under the patronage of our King full of wisdom and compassion

Where thousands of beautiful flowers blossoms

And thousands of bird sing together to cheer up our live.

Long Live Our Kings ,Our Country and Our People


tc88 said...

I want to know which law school the lawyer graduate from. I will tell all my friends not to send their children to this law school?

Is there a case against a Malaysian who gives his opinion without offending any particular group, when the speaker gave his interpretation of the social contract.

Going back to the days of Tunku, when the Alliance formed the govt., UMNO focused on politics leaving the economy to MCA. Hence from the on-set, the Finance Minister and the then Commerce and Trade Minister has been nominees form MCA.

So what is wrong with your interpretation that the Chinese accepts Malay leadership but not as their masters. No one should accept another as their master, not even employee and employer.


shltplnk said...

tc88, I bet this lawyer graduated in Malaysia =)

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.