Friday, December 19, 2008

Bravo to the government!

Finally, the common sense prevails. Bravo to the government! I have just been informed that the Cabinet has decided to put on hold the decision of selling of IJN stakes to Sime Darby.  


Ban Tiek said...

The Government has decided to drop it because of the by-election in Kuala Trengganu. It will definitely diminish the chances of winning the seat if the government goes ahead with the plan. The deferral is the result of the public outcry.

呉 和豪 said...

Dato Seri

Pembelanjaaan untuk perkhidmatan perubatan awan kepada rakyat harus dianngap sebagai sebagai pelaburan, kerana kita adalah asset bagi Malaysia

cybervista said...

Yes, they stop because of by-election ...

As per Mahathir's post also ...

10. I seldom oppose privatisation but this is one instant when I feel privatisation is the wrong thing to do.

11. Leave this institution as it is. It is our pride and it is doing a good job as it is.

12. The Barisan Nasional Government is not too popular today. Why do something that may give the opposition another issue to belabour the Government.

thunderkajang said...

Definitely there are pro and con to sell the IJM stake but most important is the majority view from public in this matter. As a reponsible and acountable government, any decison made must follow the public's majority view or other wise rakyat will prefer to select a government who will execute and perform according to their view! So does rakyat's view to any organization including political party! You wont rakyat's confident and trust, you are the winner!

Lau Hock Chai said...

let IJN be itself we do'nt want the second TNB happen. money is money . who care when THE CEO pay was not enough?

yatim said...

There is nothing to be bravo off, Mr. Chua. It is just matter of the timing. Just because the KT by-election is around the corner, The UMNO goons decided to delay the grand robbery of the IJN. Just wait, the issue will crop up again and will be hushed up without anyone knowing. So much for the corrupted BN government.

sinleong said...

Chua, you should just shut up. Robber tried to steal from us then decided to postpone stealing from us until further notice. You say bravo to the robber?

cybervista said...

No worry. I strongly believe that BN will lose in this coming by-election. Their (UMNO) propaganda and manifesto of "ketuanan Melayu" is no longer working.

kyototan said...

Will this follow the Helicopter fate to be move on once the economy is in better shape? Only different is one is to purchase and this is to sell.

Darick said...

pls tell off ur MCA VP LTL (Minister of Hell) !

OTK baru cakap nak speed up 'transformsi MCA' tapi d moment Najib announce take over of IJM by Sime, LTL said OK OK OK !!!!

inikah 'Transformasi MCA oleh OTK'?

dulu Yesman ! tapi after transformasi OTK, MCA juga Yesman !

it's just a new 'shirt' for MCA under OTK but it's d same o'body!

only DrChua & team r saying & doing d right thing for d nation & communities !
kongsi kongsi.....!!!!

JY said...

I pay you respect, Mr Yatim. Your words sounded confident with the planning of UMNO towards the 'grand robbery' of IJN. I believe you are one of the GOONS who contribute to the 'corrupted government' as you mentioned.

Imagine, when the government make final decision to sell IJN, the opposition parties who are so aggresive when making noise, also I'm sure people like Cybervista and Mr Yatim would be darn excited to condemn the government when there is a chance. Now the selling was put on hold, these people sound unhappy and relate the good news with KT by-election. Common sense, what these people want??

This is indeed a good approach to reevaluate the privatisation of IJN, which I believe a very good improvement to the government as they are willing to listen to the RAKYAT instead of making their own decision by selling without taking care the concern of RAKYAT.

We hope the government will reconsider and reject the selling of IJN, as 呉和豪 mentioned, the RAKYAT are the assets of the country, take the expenses as an investment. Social resposibility must always be on top of priority.


tualang3 said...

Thank you Dr Chua. The heart-felt fighter in you has won over the heartless people who want to sell IJN.

Ronald Reagan, former President of USA once said it `if it ain't broke, why fix it?'

If there is no problem with IJN why sell it?

I don't understand the logic of government selling it to Sime Darby. But I can undertsand the logic of Sime Darby wanting to buy IJN.

I agree with Datuk Ibrahim Ali in asking Sime Darby not to intefere with IJN but instead open up their own `jantung' business from scratch. If they Sime Darby has heart of a true citizen, with the money and assets they have,I think that is more logical.

NEIL said...

Dr,Don't count the chicken before they are hatch.This bravo will not last long.With just a blink of an eye,IJM will surely be in Sime Darby's hands.It's only a matter of time.
It's the government duty to provide its citizens with proper health care and we owe the gov't nothing.It's they who owe us!
Get it right ,Dr!

jararaca said...

dr chua,
today, your boss report of PKFTZ is a totaly white wash and shameful!
what bother to spend millions for an indep report if the place is so successful as claimed.

He promised to "tell all" really make a mockery of the rakyat. the same old MCA.

iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, if a samseng come to your house yesterday, ask you to transfer your money to his bank account, then, next day the same bully come to say he has changed his mind because his slave advice him not to do so.

SO, ARE YOU THE ON HAPPY, CRY and THANKS TO HIM because he is SO NICE that did not take your money?


BN is the "ghost", and now want to be pretended to be "human" too?

YOU ALL WANT TO PLAY BLACK FACE AND WHITE FACE, and think we people are idiot?

We are NOT.

Jeffri said...

Diharap dakwaan Amin Iskandar hanyalah retorik politik yang nak menjatuhkan kerajaan. Beliau membuat andaian bahawa penangguhan ini adalah taktik kerajaan untuk menarik sokongan dan undi PRK di Terengganu. Apabila selesai PRK, maka kerajaan akan meneruskan penswastaan ini. Diharap ini tidak berlaku...

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

No Bravo to the Govt!


Isn't it obvious - the KT By-Election is just around the corner!

In the first place, whoever first suggested this ridiculously greedy plot out to be shot!

Then we have Pak Lah & Najib proudly announcing the Govt's approval for the Sime takeover; and hurridly retracting the 'approval' the very next day, when it was so bloody clear that this takeover of IJN by Sime, will give PAS a walkover in the KT By-Election.

Then we have your MCA's Liow Tiong Lai telling us that nothing will change if Sime takes over IJN. Come on, Tiong Lai, who are you trying to fool? Now that he's wearing the Health Minister's coat, he is singing to His Master's tune. What kind of a leader is this? Do you still want us to believe and support your MCA Party?

Seriously, what has gotten to you guys, Doc? Left your brains at home, each time you guys leave the house?

PL said...

There's nothing bravo what the government did. Infact, the government should have properly advice SD to drop the idea totally before it gets public. No...what we got was the half-past six comments from PM & DPM considering the proposals with conditions when knowingly such plan by SD will make the rakyat suffer more.

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