Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Installation Dinner of MCA Segambut Division in Tropicana 蔡细历:拉近疏离关系, 国阵成员党各州区会领袖要多交流

I’ve attended the Segambut MCA Installation dinner 2 nights ago. I said that 2009 could be a very tough year for Malaysia, especially on the aspect of economy and politics.


On the economy front, the U.S. financial crisis has become a global problem, affecting a lot of countries including Malaysia.


Malaysia is very dependent on trade, export of manufacture goods and primary commodities. Hence, all sectors will be affected. Bank Negara is optimistic that we can achieve 5% growth in Malaysia, which is quite commendable in view of many countries go into recession.


Next year, we predicted to achieve 3% growth. Going into 2010, it will be anybody’s guess.


It is obvious that we are unable to achieve an economic growth of 6% per year under the 9th Malaysia Plan. As rightly pointed out by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, this will definitely affect the 2020 vision.


Oil contributes about 40% of the country’s revenue. The 2009 budget is based on USD120 per barrel. Today, oil is trading at less than USD50 per barrel. Hence, our national revenue will be badly affected in 2009. However, the 2010 country’s revenue may be even worse than 2009 if the country’s primary commodity and oil remain depressed.


The economy slowdown will definitely cause reduction of new jobs (there are about 200, 000 new jobs every year). There will be increase in retrenchment and unemployment rate will go up next year.


The MCA Government Policy Monitoring Bureau has said 3 weeks ago that government should come out with mechanism to monitor any retrenchment exercise. This is a good opportunity to reduce our dependency on foreign workers.


The training scheme announced by the government should be publicized and that the training scheme should be as what I’ve said in my previous post in this blog titled “Dependence on Foreign Workers”


How the government handles the downturn can make or breaks the government. This will be the Achilles heel to test the BN leadership, especially the Deputy Prime Minister.


People want the government to:

1) Reduce the burden and suffering of rakyat, especially the poor in view of inflation;

2) Reduce the cost of doing business

3) Help all sectors affected by economic downturn

4) Continue to strengthen the competitiveness of Malaysia economy, which is a very open system.


Malaysia is too dependent on trade and investment. Hence, it is important to continue to liberalize investment climate and ensure a friendly economy business environment. Hence, there is the need to reduce bureaucracy. This is very important in order to continue to enjoy economic growth despite the slowdown.


As for political front, of course we have to face the by-election in Terengganu. A win will be a moral booster for BN. A lost could be very demoralizing.


I share with the audience what I say in the BN meeting that to reinvent BN is not just statement and slogans. There has to be positive action; state leaders and the grassroots should also be involved.


Often there is hardly any meeting at state and division level. So, BN leaders become strangers despite having common objectives. We may not be in the best of friendship but we are not enemies since we have common agenda to serve and win the hearts of rakyat.


I talked about UMNO wakil rakyat, both Parliament and State Assemblyman who hardly visit Chinese area after the election and did not give peruntukan to them. As a result, this leads to disillusion.


Hence, they find that there is no difference, at least at the local level to vote for PAS. When Chinese vote for PAS, it is not an endorsement of PAS agenda but rather a protest vote.


Therefore, it is important that UMNO leaders at all levels must engage with non-Malays. This makes sense since the President and Deputy President become Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and not just leaders for Malays and UMNO.


In the same way, MCA should not talk all about Chinese problems. It should have a more multiracial approach towards problem solving. We can be a Chinese based party but with a more multiracial outlook. Ideally, Malaysia politicians should be issue centric and not ethno-centric. 

在上周的国阵最高理事会会议,我提出国阵成员党的州和区会(区部)领袖不仅鲜少来往,有些甚至素昧生平互不相识, 而巫统领袖和非马来社群的关系也很疏离。




南洋閩學網誌 said...

YB Dato Dr. Chua Soi Lek
Sangat bersetuju dengan pendapat Dato Seri bahawa:
Kerjasama bukanlah terhad pada kerjasama antara pemimpin peminpin
parti komponen sahaja ,tetapi juga antara akar umbi parti parti.Kerjasama bukan terhad dalam hal politik sahaja,malah dalam kegiatian kegiatan sosial ,budaya dan pendidkan sahaja.Satu cadangan arahkan semua cawangan MCA ntuk memulakan KELAB MEMBACA BUKU ENGLISH dan jemput rakyat yang berbilang kaum untuk menyertai program ini.

Masyarakat bersatu padu adalah satu konsep yang disebutkan oleh Confucious, ahli falsafah handal bangsa China dalam bukunya bertajuk Rakaman Istiadat. Confucious berpendapat untuk mewujudkan satu masyarakat yang aman dan progresif, pentadbir mesti memberikan keutamaan kepada kebajikan rakyat. Pegawai kerajaan mestilah terdiri daripada golongan berilmu, berkebolehan dan berbudi pekerti. Pegawai kerajaan mesti ikhlas untuk membentuk satu masyarakat berbilang budaya yang harmoni. Dalam satu masyarakat yang ditadbir dengan sempurna, orang tua meneruskan perjalanan hidup mereka sampai titik akhir penuh dengan maruah dan kegembiraan, orang dewasa yang sihat diberi peluang untuk bekerja dan menunjukkan kebolehan mereka, manakala anak diasuh dan dididik dengan baik. Orang yang kurang bernasib dan kurang berkeupayaan pula diberi jagaan. Setiap orang diberikan tugas dan dihormati, setiap keluarga hidup dengan sejahtera. Tidak ada orang yang suka membazirkan sumber pengeluaran dan juga tidak ada orang yang mahu menyorok sumber pengeluaran untuk mencari kekayaan. Tidak ada orang yang enggan berusaha dan tidak ada orang yang berusaha semata mata untuk kepentingan diri sendiri saja. Masyarakat yang mempunyai ciri itu, digelar sebagai masyarakat yang bersatu padu. Kerajaan menunjukkan pencapaian yang baik dalam usaha untuk mempertingkatkan taraf hidup rakyat , mewujud masyarakat yang aman dan maju

yakuzanam said...

dear dr. chua,

you are right when you said next year's biggest challenge for the nation would be economic and politic issues.

economically, i believe the economists have predicted and have been talking about this for the past few months. it's something that we can hardly avoid as an individual but to be more wise in spending, preparing for the worst scenario. inflation, paycuts, retrenchment and etc. keep more cash whenever possible. avoid spending too much on credit card.

politically, really looking forward for some re-branding of coalition front, barisan nasional. a bit disappointed though with the lack of initiatives by bn's leaders to address the great loss of march 08 election. instead of re-branding the barisan nasional's image as one coalition that focuses on multi-racialism, the timing also coincided with the parties election that in the end led to further 'un-syok' when the leaders campaigning to pull votes.

it shall be an on-going problem in barisan nasional until umno (being the largest party within the coalition) completes their party election 'peacefully' by next year.

people in kuala terengganu shall decide in the by-election. barisan and pakatan shall be able to predict and gauge the level of supports from rakyatS by then.

吾説八道 (芳伯林) said...

6.爱党,就是要勇于支持弱势群体正义的行为,就是要敢于反对贪官权贵的横行霸道。 7.爱党,就是要能够接受别党、对本党合理的批评而敢于反对这个组织不合理的制度。  

Ban Tiek said...

I do agree with Dr.that Chinese vote for the opposition as a protest vote against UMNO. UMNO is rotten. So is BN.

magenz said...

Dear Datuk Seri,

I have been following yr articles and am impressed that you still have the character of a leader for the masses. it is indeed a real fact that is hard to swallow that racial politics is very much entrenched in our country. Being brought up in a small town with mixed races surrounding our home, I am very much into the spirit of 'Muhibbah'. This legendary term must be a prayer in every politicians. We are not Malay, Chinese neither Indian in our own country. We are Malaysians. I have great brothers in my Chinese and Malay neighbours. I attended every functions by them. My fav food is 'Loh Bak' and asam pedas. I have Chinese nickname. I speak fluent BM and understand hokkien.
Lastly, Datuk, Hua Hee Tio Hoe.
Kam Siah.

Magentran @ Apoi.Melaka

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I totally agree with you. On the other hand, i think as a malaysian that living in a multiracial, multiculture country, this is inborn, moreover for the politicians. No matter that MP is from which party and what race, he/she is not only serve that particular people but malaysian. Although i am not living in malaysia currently, but i still keep in touch with all my friends in malaysia with regards to the races. We as a normal people also know what and how to do, don't tell me the MPs don't!!??
BTW dr., i am enjoy all your articles in the blog. My grandmother was your supporter when she still alive. She used to visit your clinic quite often when i was young. She told me that Dr. Chua is a good doctor and good man and we must support him. Till now, all my family members that in BP still support you. Keep on the fighting spirit and do more things for malaysian. God Bless!!!!!!!!

NEIL said...

The gov't meddle in the economy in ways that have confused businesses and the community at large.Our country have never recovered from the openness and tolerance it had enjoy during the boom years.Foreign investors have never returned to Malaysia in their pre-crisis numbers.
Institutions matter.Leadership counts.These are not ordinary times.But they won't last forever.How we-as individuals,as family members,as employees and as citizens-respond will determine not only how quickly but in what form we emerge from these tumultuous time.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Dr.Chua Soi Lek

1)Pemimpin pemimpin ,wakil rakyat dan penyokong BARISAN NATIONAL mesti lah disepadukan dengan erat supaya dapat memberikan perkhidmatan yang baik dan berkesan pada rakyat.

2)BN mesti lah mencari titik permulaan baru bagi menguatkan usaha nya bagi membawa kesejahteraan kepada rakyat Malaysia dan membuat sumbangan yang lebih besar pada kurun 21, berdasarkan pengalaman BN mentabir Malaysia selama 50 tahun.

3)Jangan kita lupakan semangat tokoh tokoh yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan
untuk Malaysia, peminpin peminpin yang terdahulu tahu kepentingan bagi mereka untuk berdialog dengan rakyat , berjuang bersama rakyat dan berkorban untuk rakyat.

4)Kita mesti percaya keberanian yang tidak terhad , kebijaksaan yang tidak terhad dan kekuatan tenaga yang tidak terhad adalah daya dorong politik dan semangat democratic ada lah nilai yang terpenting dalam politik

5)Dimana kita berada pun , kita mesti lah berjuang berdasarkan tiga nilai murni yang penting ia itu kejujuran , kebersihan dan keadilan.

6)Perubahan dunia adalah cepat ekoran globalisasi, sebagai satu system yang terbuka Malaysia juga tidak tersingkir dari kesan arus globalisasi.Dalam era yang baru ini BN mesti lah berusaha bersama sama rakyat, dan melalui tindakan dan pembaruan yang sewajar ,mempertingkatkan daya saingan kita untuk mencapai kemenangan untuk semua.

7)Pada Abad 21 BN mesti berusaha untuk mendirikan satu Malysia yang hidup dengan cergas(Dynamik) ,mesti memastikan pembangunan yang berterusan
Utamakan modal insan.

8)BN mesti menyakinkan setiap rakyat , semua manusia mempunyai potensi yang tidak terhad. Semua orang boleh menjadi manusia yang cemerlang , cerah dan berinovatif melalui process pendidikan dan pembelajaran sepanjang hayat. Dan modal insan adalah satu factor yang tersangat penting bagi Malaysia untuk terus mencapai kecermelangan di abad ke 21.

9)Patut lah kita tahu hubungan social kita boleh diibaratkan sebagai bulatan bulatan concentric (titik tengah sama) yang terus berkembang , kehidupan keluarga tak terasing dengan keadaan social tempatan , Negara dan Dunia.
Selama ini kita sudah buktikan yang kita orang Malaysia dapat hidup muhibah dan bersatupadu dibawah budaya yang berbilang. Ini adalah sumbangan yang terbesar Negara kita kepada dunia.Dengan status yang cermelang ini kita akan disanjung tinggi oleh Negara lain dan terus memainkan peranan yang penting untuk memupuk semangat damai di dunia.

10)Secara kesuluruhan BN adalah Perbadanan politik yang mempunyai falsafah politik yang baik, ini adalah penting kerana politik yang tidak berdasarkan falsafah dan idealogi akan menimbulkan kekeliruaan di kalangan rakyat , dan menyebabkan kemelesetan ekonomi Negara. Politik yang tidak relevan dengan kehidupan rakyat , akan menyebabkan rakyat sesak arah.

11)BN perlu lah membuat perubahan dan pembaruaan yang sejajar dengan masa untuk memastikan kita terus mencapai kecermerlangan pada abad 21.Akan tetapi jangan lah kita lupakan falsafah baik yang diamalkan oleh peminpin pemipin waktu kita mencapai kemerdekaan kerana politik yang tidak berdasarkan falsafah dan idealogi baik akan menimbulkan kekeliruaan di kalangan rakyat .

JY said...

As I comment from the point of rakyat, the difference of 5% or 3% economic growth will not give any significant difference to the rakyat, as long as the rakyat do not have any benefits from the economic growth but in fact suffering by the inflation. In order to strengthen the country's economic, the government shall diversify the development in every sectors/industry especially manufacturing, instead of depending on the revenue from primary commodities. 2020 Vision seems not possible if we are still a country with major revenue depending on oil. Agree with Yakuzanam, saving is very crucial. Credit cards may lead to another crisis sooner.

Since Merdeka, politicians used to voice up issues related racial or religion to woo supports/votes. Pakcik makcik, ah pek ah ma, uncle aunty would support any politicians which could able to defend their own races. After 50 years, the scenario now has changed. Sweet talking to a particular races will not works. Everyone know, we are living here as MALAYSIANS. Malaysians need a government to serve the Malaysians EQUALLY. Therefore I strongly agree on Datuk's comment that the wakil rakyat must not engage with his/her own race only but also have multiracial approach towards problems solving.

No conceal, I have been growth in this country with peaceful enviroment and well education provided, I definitely supporting the current government, BN. As most of the malaysians, we are looking forward a rebrand and change in BN, and the voices from RAKYAT are heard by the government.


呉 和豪 said...

YB Dr. Chua Soi Lek

1)"It is obvious that we are unable to achieve an economic growth of 6% per year under the 9th Malaysia Plan. As rightly pointed out by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, this will definitely affect the 2020 vision."

Biar lambat asalkan selamat , jangan paksa paksa untuk capai matlamat ,perlu kita flexible,yang penting rakyat cukup makan ,hidup selesa. Matlamat capai kemudian pun tak apa , matlamat capai tahun 2021---2030 pun maksud nya matlamat tercapai.

2)"Oil contributes about 40% of the country’s revenue. The 2009 budget is based on USD120 per barrel. Today, oil is trading at less than USD50 per barrel. Hence, our national revenue will be badly affected in 2009. However, the 2010 country’s revenue may be even worse than 2009 if the country’s primary commodity and oil remain depressed."

Apa yang Tun Mahatir kata pada satu ketika memang sangat benar , galian dibawah kaki tak penting ,minda adalah lebih penting. Seketika dahulu negara Malaysia lebih kaya daripada JEPUN ,KOREA dari segi PER CAPITAL INCOME ,kerana negari terlimpah dengan getah dan timah ,apa jadi kepada peindustrian timah dan getah hariini.Tidak dapat dinafikan kita adalah ketinggalan dalam aspek Perkembangan modal insan berbanding dengan JEPUN,INDIA.
Apa salahnya kita belajar dari pengalaman India dalam "SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT",saya cadangkan India kerana negara ini mempunyai latarbelakang yang sama dengan Malaysia, berbilang bangsa , berbilang industri dan India juga commonwealth country.

3)The MCA Government Policy Monitoring Bureau has said 3 weeks ago that government should come out with mechanism to monitor any retrenchment exercise. This is a good opportunity to reduce our dependency on foreign workers.

Harus dilakukan secara berhati hati, kerana mereka memainkan sumbangan yang sangat besar dalam pertumbuhan ekonomi negara kita.Kekurangan tenagah buruh akan menjejas prestasi banyak sektor industri.Kita mesti beusaha giat untuk mempertingkat tahat automasi di industri perkilangan, pembinaan ,pertanian dan perusahan servis.

4)How the government handles the downturn can make or breaks the government. This will be the Achilles heel to test the BN leadership, especially the Deputy Prime Minister.

Do not take things for grant , do not be too optimistic, remember hungry workers turn into angry voter.

呉 和豪 said...

YBDato Dr. Chua Soi Lek

1)Every MCA branch should exist for the purose of serving rakyat of all
walks of life.And not exist for the purpose of existing only.To my knowlege many MCA branches are inactive at all.

Make it mandatory for every MCA branch to have activity once a month ,the activities not necessary confine to politic ,but could be social ,educational ,or even lessuire, example
i)Sharing of the view of reading a book on the biography of Lee Myong Bak
ii)Movie appreaciation
iii) Music appreciation
iv)Cooking class
This is the way for us to close to the rakyat and get feed back from them ,please raise up this matter in next central comitee meeting.

3)Do not encourage to transfer member from one branch to another branch, prefebably member should join the branch in the place they are residing , because they know the place better and can serve better.

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