Thursday, August 21, 2008

Government must be more convincing in arguing for DNA Bill

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The government must not hastily push through the passage of the DNA Bill which has been presented before Parliament, until the matter is properly debated on publicly and its implications are properly explained.

Right now, public confidence in the authorities, be it the police, the various government departments or any new department to be set up to deal with DNA collection, remains very low.

There is widespread concern that the authorities are not ready for legislation making it compulsory for criminal suspects to provide DNA samples.

In conversations with ordinary Malaysians and after reading responses on the Internet as well as after listening to public reaction over the 98.8 radio station's live discussion just this morning, I have found that a majority of the public are not in favour of the DNA Bill.

I reject any suggestion that this Bill is being targeted at Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim because it does not operate retrospectively.

But there is cause for public concern over what kind of safeguards will be introduced by the government in the collection of DNA samples.

Just who will collect these samples? How well will they be trained? How do we know the DNA samples cannot be tainted?

These are some of the questions the people would like to know.

Also, why is the government proposing such wide powers which can be subject to manipulation or abuse.

I am sure the government may have good intentions, but the fact is in today's political scenario, it must work harder to win the battle of perception.

The general perception is that the authorities are generally considered inefficient, corrupt and incompetent. It is a perception that has wide support.

How is the public expected to have faith in the system?

The government must be more convincing in its arguments for the introduction of the DNA Bill.

Leaders cannot just pretend there is no public concern.

We must remember that in a democracy laws are introduced for the benefit of the people.

So the government must explain how the DNA Bill will benefit the public. It must allay concerns.

It must listen to public feedback and possibly tweak the Bill further.

Since the Bill was first mooted as far back as 2001, what is the haste in passing the legislation now?

The government should spend some time publicizing the provisions of the Bill to ensure wider acceptance or to even make sure it is indeed ready to efficiently and impartially administer the collection of DNA.

While I cannot speak for Umno, MIC and other parties in the Barisan Nasional (BN), I find it strange though that none of the senior leaders in the MCA or any of the candidates for the party elections have voiced out their concerns.

It was pointed out by one senior party leader today in The Star that if we are really committed to what we say we should walk the talk.
I am not sure if he was talking about me, but I still believe the very least MCA's representatives and leaders must do is to voice out public concerns over a myriad of issues such as the DNA Bill.

For now, I do not hold any government or party position. All I can do is to speak out thru the blog. The press will not entertain any statement by me

What I don't understand is that there are senior leaders and candidates in the MCA who still say nothing at all, and appear to offer no ideas on how to regain public support for the party. People’s private life is more concern to some of them.

Just as the government should do more to convince the people about the DNA Bill, MCA leaders must also do more to convince the public, especially the Chinese, that it still deserves to be supported.


yatim said...

The silence of MCA, MIC and Gerakan on current major issues and happenings which have direct impact on the ordinary people, specifically on the non-malays and non-muslims clearly shows that these parties are there to serve their master, UMNO.

Nothing has changed since March 08. MCA leaders are busy with their upcoming party election, MIC in the hands of the Semi-Velu and Gerakan with their leaders deserting the party one by one.

I do not see these parties have any interest in serve guarding the basic rights of the non-malay, non-muslim citizens of Malaysia.

cordoba1 said...

Dr Chua,

As a common rakyat, I am inclined to believe that all this express DNA bill passing is a rush job and one cannot be faulted for thinking that there was an ulterior motive behind all this. Agree with you that the silence from MCA is deafening and I am really surprised that after the March 8 political tsunami, MCA is still behaving like everything is normal...yes on the surface it is calm but the undercurrents are strong...if MCA can reinvent itself to fit the aspirations of the Chinese of the post March 8 era, it will be redundant very soon...

artic turban said...

DR.CHUA, you have hit the nail on the head literally.
Ask yourself this simple question and you will get your answers. And don't lie to youself.
Name me 1 politician who has been charged and has spent time in jail in the past 20 years. OHER THAN THE MURDER IN N.S.
What i am talking about is, with all the scandals of losses from the time of bbmb to today, how many MCA, MIC, UMNO or other bn politicians have been charged and sent to jail for corruption, how many HEAD OF MINISTRIES, DIRECTOR GENERALS? the answer is none. so that speaks for itself. BN HAS LOST ALL THE MORAL GROUND IT ONCE HELD. REMEMBER 2004 92% VOTER SUPPORT ON THE PROMISE OF CHANGE OF THE WAY THINGS WILL BE DONE. Go to any govt. dept. and if you were to actually audit all the govt servants and bn politicians, they will not be able to explain how they have earned or collected all that loot. There have been news reports where high ranking officials have been robed at their homes and hundreds of thousands of ringgit in cash have been stolen? The question arises would a sane man keep cash like this at home, or what purpose are banks for. when the MB OF SELANGOR WAS ARRESTED IN AUSTRALIA WITH ALL THAT CASH. I would like to ask this question, what phd or what is his education level, to have worked and earned that kind of riches? where does all this money come from? ARE THE FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE TUN DR. ISMAIL THIS RICH? I am assuming the answer is no. where has all the honesty gone? WHAT HAPPENED TO multi-purpose, maika, is khazanah, epf etc, the piggy bank for loss making ventures? If you can honestly say, yes UMNO and BN is corrupt. and make this stand, I can gurantee you you still have a political future in Malaysia, if not in BN/MCA, than join pakatan- form a party of mca supporters and join PAKATAN. I TELL YOU MCA WILL DIE A NATURAL DEATH, SO WILL UMNO. What happened to you as per regarding your personal and private life is basically forgotten, in fact we may have laughed at first, but SIR it between you and your family. If your family is willing to forgive you, so are we as Malaysians, we are a very forgiving lot, more so with your resignation. that showed guts and brass balls. SO why knock your head against those who fixed you up in MCA, WHY FIGHT TO GET INTO A COLLAPSING HOUSE, BRING YOUR SUPPORTERS AND JOIN PAKATAN. WE WANT A CLEAN GOVT, we don't want to emulate zimbahwe, we want to emulate SINGAPORE. DO YOU THINK WE CAN'T COMPETE AGAINST THE SINGAPOREANS, I have competed against them in the international market and have trounced them, time and again, so much so that I was offered employment in Singapore with a very nice package. I refused and declined. I love my country, but it seems my country does not love me. SO MR.CHUA, What say you, cross-over or sink. I had the privelage of meeting Tan Sri DR. David Tan Chee Khoon after he had retired and was seeing patients at Sentosa Clinic/medical centre, I was his patient and eventhough he was partially paralysed from his stroke and he had anurse in the room to attend to him, he blew my mind away. the questions he asked, my background, what I hoped to achieve, what I hoped to achieve, with a failure in bm for my mce, what were my options, he was very interested in what I thaught. the best part of all this was he kept on making appointments for me to go back and see him, and we would chat. He awakened in me, my political awareness. And the most interesting thing was this, I did not know who he was an what was his part in malaysian history, I just knew him as the chinese dr. tan. Only later was I told who he was and I made something out of my self. What optens do other Malaysians like me have today, hopelessly none.

kiddokit said...

Well, I gotta say "Well done, old chap!". Glad you have gotten this DNA Bill off your chest.

Why would you say the Press wouldn't entertain your request to hold PCs? Anwar himself is no Govt man anymore, but he seems to have no problems calling for PCs.

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. CSL



HOW much $$ will be involve ?
How to manage -- privatize or under government??

WHO? all malaysian , criminal or suspect? have to perform the DNA test.?FREE or charged?

IF there is a doubt on the DNA "result" what can we do?

-- i think private hospital report is not as good as in compare to government report-- in certain way
Take stern action against these jokes if you have proof. investigate them if you have doubt Suspense their license if they are very "wrong".
i believe 99.999% are professional
maybe 0.0001% have make some mistake?

as my teacher used to say
" i mean what i say and i say what i mean"

in 2008 i think you can take DNA sample from many part of a body.

the knife don't kill but the hand hold the knife kill.

Gave the people time ,explain to them the facts,they will understand and can accept the government good intention.

malaysian are wise only absent minded or they are wise so they are absent minded?

Mr. Smith said...

"The general perception is that the authorities are generally considered inefficient, corrupt and incompetent. It is a perception that has wide support."
That is not only a perception but an undeniable fact.
I would wish you follow Toh Kin Woon - get out of MCA and join Pakatan.
I doubt you can do much to redeem MCA's declining fortunes.
One question though: " If you were still the Health Minister would you vote for this Bill"?.
I reckon you have no other choice.

MYblog said...

Very well written, if only some responsible person/party in power will take it up and walk this talk.

Malaysia needs leaders with conscience and accountability, sad to say these are far and few if any

Kenny Gan said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

The proposed DNA bill certainly allows scope of fabrication of evidence if it is not implemented together with tight safeguards.

In first world countries, DNA evidence must be accompanied by a rigid "chain of custody" which refers to the chronological documentation of each step of the handling of the DNA sample to avoid any allegation of tampering or misconduct.

Does the proposed DNA bill provide for this?

By the way, don't be so sure it isn't targeted at Anwar. It can always be made retroactive later.

iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, you dare to response to this? YOU ALL ARE JUST RUBISH.

penyokong PR said...


the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

to my malay and indian friends
come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
behind DSAI.

forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly during nomination day.

just go all out and vote DSAI for he will not only be our MP but also our next PM for all Malaysian.

long live DSAI and may god bless you and your family.


People said...


You find it strange though that none of the senior leaders in the MCA or any of the candidates for the party elections have voiced out their concerns on the DNA issue?

Let me tell you the answer, after the DNA bill pass, your MCA members will frame another conspiracy on you using your DNA!

Better voice out your objection on DNA bill asap!

ZORO said...

You're right!
Why are MCA leaders not saying anything about the DNA Bill?
Either they are ignorant on the subject, or just simply too busy with the by-election in Permatang Pauh co-accusing without convincing proof on Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy. Your successor in the health ministry even "publicly" told his fellow MCA Central Delegates that Anwar had committed the sin/crime of which all matured party member are reluctant to accept the heresay talk based on the dubious circumstances of the case. The accusation is publicly known to be suspiciously untrue.
The most important aspect of the DNA Bill lies with the integrity of the government body that safeguarding the DNA samples of the individual. The concern is that the DNA can be used to prove identity or trace of crime at the crime scene that if under abusive manipulation can unjustly put a person to jail or unfavourable judgement. Some sort of mechanism to prevent the possible abuse and loopholes must be addressed before the parliament endorsement. Once convicted, the convict would have difficulty to overturn the verdict. Government must do more education to public, including the PM who recently said that the DNA sample has expiry period, so that the topic is fully understood and the introduction of Bill will be publicly discussed and thus endorsed with complete consent.

Foo Yoong said...

While highlighting the DNA issue, why sidetrack your concern about what the MCA senior leader talk in the Star? Most MCA politicians are a coward lot and selfish of protecting their own interest. They are known to sideline other members for the sake of their supporters making MCA an exclusive club. Why politicians are so obsess with power? Is it worthwhile when reaching old age, disease such as Parkinson, heart attack etc. is the pay back time for the bad they have done?

Fernando said...

Anwar vs Arif, what would be the vote margin on Aug 26?

4 days left, express yourself @

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

I have often commented my lack of confidence in MCA to bring about change for a better, just and fair Malaysia in your blog and I am still convinced that MCA will eventually end up as a fringe party led by leaders who will compromise their principles, beliefs and values for self-enrichment. MCA leaders will continue to be Yes Men in BN, together with parties like Gerakan and MIC - none will dare challenge the injustice, corruption and abuse of power perpetuated by UMNO.

Why do I say this?

Just look at the future faces of MCA leadership - how pathetic these faces look!

Ong Tee Keat, once a leader well-respected for his independent and honest views and oratory skills. A leader with so much potential and who once carried the hopes and aspirations of many peace-loving and progressive Malaysians. Today as a BN Govt Minister, Tee Keat has compromised many of these principles and values. The old Tee Keat we will never see again.

Liow Tiong Lai is as pathetic as they come - an opportunist who once portrayed himself as a self-righteous man, fighting the injustice of a racist regime. Today as a BN Govt Minister he has completely turned into a pathetic apologist for the unjust policies of the BN Govt, becoming an obedient Yes Man to his UMNO masters. He has forgotten how they once brandished the keris at him and threatened to bathe it in his blood.

Ong Ka Ting - he is no longer relevant.

Ong Ka Chuan - if you think Tiong Lai is pathetic, this guy takes the cake! He is the supreme political eunuch in MCA and his rise in the party will spell the doom of a once great party founded by the late Tun Tan Cheng Lok.

Ng Yen Yen - she only stands out among the MCA Wanita women simply because she has a better sense of dressing. The Wanita wing including her so-called protege Chew Mei Fun, and Chew Mei Fun so-called protege Carol Chew, are a band of bored aunties, clueless to the political developments in the country and have no political point of view whatsoever. They treat party events like a Sunday outing, a picnic and all.

Chor Chee Heung - a master or sifu Yes Man in BN. That's how you can describe this man - nothing more.

Wee Ka Siong - a talented man, intelligent and articulate. His is the only face in MCA that will save the party and yet there are attempts from within the party to destroy his rise through the ranks. He is much better material for any top post in the party, including the President or Deputy President but sadly he is only settling for the Youth Chief post. I guess that's how it works in a BN political party - they always love to put the wrong guy for the job. As long as he keeps to his cause without compromise, he should be an asset to the party - if MCA manage to still stay relevant after the next General Election.

As for you, Doc, I am sorry to say, with all your talent and aptness, most in MCA will want to destroy your political career. You will never convince them that your private life has no bearing on your ability to reform and save the party. They would rather see the party in ruins than to accept what they considered a "tainted" leader. Yet none of us are angels and we all have our own dark secrets - Ha! How pathetic!

NEIL said...

Dr, This DNA bill must be carefully scrutinize so as to maximize its advantages.It must be use to right the wrongs and not the other way round.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.