Monday, February 2, 2009

A.Kugan – A Hero or Criminal? 古甘-是英雄或罪犯?

The death of A.Kugan, a suspected car thief has created a controversy that has the potential of becoming a racial conflict.

The circumstance of A.Kugan’s death led to speculation that he was victim of police brutality. A.Kugan was a suspect and until proven in court, he is innocent.

While it may be difficult to illicit information from the suspect, the right of the suspect should be respected. The police have not done a good job in explaining his death and this must have led the victim’s family to demand a second post mortem.

A healthy young man should not die while in police custody. What causes his lung to have fluid (probably a pleural diffusion) should have triggered senior police officer to probe further since a healthy person would not have fluid in the lung without an underlying cause – infection, trauma and etc.

Failing to identify this must have triggered the family outburst.

The 2 Deputy Ministers have no choice but to be at the mortuary on the requests of A.Kugan family members. They are doing their work as MP and if they have not shown up, they will be bombarded by the family members and public. To their credit, their intervention led to the Deputy Prime Minister to request for a 2nd post mortem.

When it comes to 2nd post mortem, the police have been very defensive rather than helpful to manage what is obviously a PR disaster by the police.

This only serves to provoke anger among family members and public. The police have a job to do; they should be doing it well and beyond suspicion of a possible cover up about the actual cause of death of A.Kugan.

The harsh statement by the Minister of Internal Security only serves to ignite more anger.

Of course we all agreed that issue like this should not be politicized or assume a racial overtone.

The poor handling of this case certainly serve to strengthen the Hindraf claim of marginalization of a particular ethnic group in our country.

Common sense and professionalism should prevail. The police need badly a PR course in handling the press and aggrieved family members.

Arrogance and the know-all attitudes among some police offices will only further alienate public co-operation with the police.

Let’s hope that the 2nd post mortem will shed more light into A.Kugan’s death. Whoever is responsible for his death should be dealt with promptly. Only then it will serve to restore some confidence and respect among the people towards our police force.

Meanwhile, the police and the doctors involved in the post mortem should be allowed to do their work.

















Shiok Guy said...

Dear CSL!

Congratulation in MCA election! I know you will be back!!

You need to look into your colleague My Syed Hamid.. His comment and my feedback here..

Shiok Guy

I swear said...

Kugan is neither a hero nor a criminal.

He is not a hero as he has not done anything heroic. So like most people, I do not worship or idolise him.

He is not a criminal as he has not been tried in a court of law and found guilty. So I sympathise with his family.

He was just a victim of brutality and suspected car thief.

amoker said...

Both CPO and the doctor who did the first post mortem should take responsibility and resign. Such incompetence.

justpassingthru said...

can you please explain why as health minister you failed to resolve the queebn elizabeth hospital tower block problem. do you know poor planning has created a mess in health services in the general hospital for sabah. please oh please explain that to we sabahans. i know they say you were a go getter in solving health matters but u failed at qeh.
sorry for going out of the topic

telur dua said...

The answer to your question is neither. He is just a criminal suspect and must be accorded due process of the law.

Kugan is just a Malaysian who died under mysterious circumstances while in Police custody. This is what the people are disgusted with, nothing more.

吾説八道 (林伯芳) said...

May GOD bless the true.

afn21896 said...

A suspect is entitled to the due process of law.

No country should have its police force assuming the role of prosecutor, judge and executioner.
I don't pay tax nor help to develop this country so that a Mugabe type tyranny can be sanctioned.

No one is glorifying Kugan.
He had unfortunately became the igniting point of the rakyat against police tyranny.

shltplnk said...

Have you ever heard of a doctor doing the post mortem then challenging the government? Apparently not in Malaysia!

bantiek said...

The police are not above the law. Whoever has committed a wrongdoing should be brought to book. The first autopsy said that there was fluid in the lungs and the cause of death for the second autopsy is yet to be known.I wonder if it takes that long (1 month)to know the result. Should there be any glaring disparity between the two autopsies, the Health Minister is held responsible to give an explanation. Was the first autopsy conducted professionally or was there any cover up ?

chchoo said...

We should remain focus on the actual issue. Someone (and possibly more) lost his life under police custody, and this brutal act (or accident) must not happened again. It has created fear among the public and we are losing confidences on our protector whom we should have trusted most. Let's not let others deviate our attention on the real issue. We need to look deep into the detention procedures and ensure that whoever detained by the police has the right to inform their friends and relatives in the first instance, and may be for medical reason as well.

Old Fart said...

It is because the police force is made up of drop-outs and idiots that to them the only means of eliciting information and/or confessions are through brutal force and barbarism.

Why is intelligent questioning not eliciting any information? Simple answer, there is lack of inteligence or intelligent people among the ranks of the police.

In all reality, the PDRM is really no better than a licensed set of hooligans and thugs who are allowed to operate within what is purportedly a legitimate way.

anil said...

Dr. Chua,

I agree with Shltpink's comment. With so many suspects died while they were in the custody, so far no doctor (as far as I know)who perform the post mortem did challenge the authority (either the govt. or the police). They are just do the formality without even looking for clues or evidence of wrongdoing.

Then who made Kugan a hero in the first place? It is the attitude of the top police officers and the comment of our Yameni home minister who speak without commonsense that people feel more angry. They tend to make things become more complicated. Do you notic ewhenever our Yameni home minister speaks, people become more angry. Just like Ahmad Ismail's case, he said the purpose of detaining Tan Hoon Cheng under ISA is to protect her....... How illogic and no sense! I wonder how and why he can become a minister.

Vesu said...

DS , Kugan is a suspect and he cannot be a hero ; he was a victim of police act because he was not tried in the court but was 'murdered' in lock up.
Our Pontian MP cum home minister asked the public not to hero worship Kugan ; I think people are not hero worshipping him, similar statement was released when Bentong Kali was shot. Look , a criminal is a criminal - we do not recognise their role and strongly condemn it BUT as home minister he should ensure that police conduct is proper and according to procedures - police is human too - we dont call them satan like what he suggested . so for a senior minister to come out with such a statement is really a SHAME

Mike said...









Darick said...

Shit Hamid always talk rubbish:
- Sin Chew arrested under ISA, he said is for her 'PROTECTION'

- Kugan death in polis custody was an issue of HUMANTARIAN & of POLIS BRUTALITY/MURDER !!!
& Kugan was not tried in court then how can he's a criminal?

but we as Rakyat would to thank Hamid & his regime for their arrogant & oppression to d nation & united d Rakyat...... wait till nex GE, Rakyat's court will sentence regime 'DEATH' !!!!!

Low said...

The PR of polish should have a blog like this to explain and for everyone to response. This will definitely promote tranparency and accoutablity.

Low said...

The PR of polish should have a blog like this to explain and for everyone to response. This will definitely promote tranparency and accoutablity.

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